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LeadingAgile's resident Scrum trainer Dave Prior, hosts a weekly podcast that covers all sorts of topics about Agile, Scrum, Organizational Transformation and Leadership. No matter if your new to Agile development or an Agile veteran, Dave and his Guests are sure to make you think about Agile in a whole new way.

LeadingAgile's resident Scrum trainer Dave Prior, hosts a weekly podcast that covers all sorts of topics about Agile, Scrum, Organizational Transformation and Leadership. No matter if your new to Agile development or an Agile veteran, Dave and his Guests are sure to make you think about Agile in a whole new way.
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LeadingAgile's resident Scrum trainer Dave Prior, hosts a weekly podcast that covers all sorts of topics about Agile, Scrum, Organizational Transformation and Leadership. No matter if your new to Agile development or an Agile veteran, Dave and his Guests are sure to make you think about Agile in a whole new way.






How to Get the Most Out of Agile 2018 w/ Rachel Howard and Tim Zack

Agile 2018 is almost here! Whether you’re attending for the very first time, or you’re a seasoned veteran, getting the most out of this Agile experience…all comes down to how you show up. In this episode of SoundNotes, Dave has recruited Rachel Howard and Tim Zack—our Chief Cultural Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, respectively. Together, these three will help you prepare for—and maximize your time in—San Diego. Whether you’re coming to find a new gig, learn new techniques you can...


Addressing Your CFO’s Concerns To An Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation w/ Paul Argiry

LeadingAgile’s CFO, Paul Argiry, will be at Agile 2018 to lead a session on Addressing Your CFO’s Concerns To An Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation. In this episode of LeadingAgile’s SoundNotes, Paul offers a preview of the session he’ll be leading in San Diego. During the interview, Paul and Dave discuss why it’s so important to understand what your CFO’s concerns are when it comes to making the case for—or tracking progress towards—Agile Transformation. They also touch on the level of...


Agile Metrics: The GQM Approach w/ John Tanner

John Tanner is going to be at Agile 2018 delivering his talk entitled: Agile Metrics - The GQM Approach. The session will take place on Wednesday, August 8 at 10:45 AM. If you’re new to GQM, it stands for Goal - Question - Metrics—which has been John’s key area of focus for quite some time. If you’re working towards gaining clarity around what data to collect at the different levels of your organization—and what to do with the information those metrics provide—John’s session is one you...


How to Create a Definition of Ready w/ Rick Austin

Creating a Definition of Ready is one of the best ways to help your Team(s) make sure they’re only committing to work they can actually get done. It’s also one of the best ways for a Product Owner to make sure they’re not going to waste valuable time in Sprint Planning by asking the Team to work on things that aren’t in an actionable state. In this episode of SoundNotes, Rick Austin and Dave Prior discuss how to go about creating a Definition of Ready and why it’s so critical to your...


Transforming the Transformation w/ Mike Cottmeyer

In this episode of SoundNotes, Mike Cottmeyer and Dave Prior discuss how organizational Transformation continues to evolve. The conversation offers a brief preview of some of the things Mike will be covering at his Agile 2018session: “Agile Transformation Explained”http://sched.co/EUF1 During the interview, Mike and Dave discuss how the skill sets needed to lead and shepherd those Transformations have grown to include much more than what we would have expected from an Agile coach several...


Why You Need a Definition of Ready w/ Dave Nicolette

This episode of SoundNotes focuses on Definition of Ready. A few weeks ago, Dave Nicolette created a post in Field Notes that was the result of a current debate in the Agile community about whether having a Definition of Ready helps, or harms our ability to deliver value for the customer. The episode begins with Dave Nicolette explaining Definition of Ready within the context of the LeadingAgile model. After that, he and Dave Prior discuss/debate the the pros and cons of DoR from their...


Configuring Agile Tools to Work for You w/ Jessica Wolfe

If you are working at an organization that is apply Agile practices across the enterprise, chances are, somewhere early on in the transformation a tool was selected to help the teams manage their work and hopefully provide management with some kind of visibility into the work being done. One of the unfortunate truths about the tools is that while they are capable of doing a lot of things, most companies do not invest the time in setting the tool up to work for them. This often leads to...


Capability Mapping w/ Dean Stevens

In this episode of SoundNotes, Dean Stevens and Dave Prior dig into Capability Mapping, how it works and why it is such an important part of the transforming your organization. Capability Mapping is a technique that can be used to quickly gain greater awareness of how an organization does what it does, what processes it uses to do what it does, and where there are opportunities to remove waste and optimize flow. During the interview you’ll hear Dean walk through the steps of identifying...


Tracking and Reporting: What Should the PMO be Measuring? w/ Derek Huether

For any organization moving to Agile, the question of how to handle tracking and reporting is going to present challenges. If you are moving from a traditional environment, there may be an expectation (dependency) on traditional forms of reporting. If you are starting out with an electronic tool, there may be a wide range of reporting options. Just because you an create a report, does not mean you should. If your audience doesn’t know how to digest the information, you may create...


Creating a Definition of Done w/ Tim Wise

One of the most important things you can do to help your team be successful is to ensure they have a Definition of Done. Once you have it, you need to revisit in in each Retrospective meeting to make any updates and you need to explain it to the Stakeholders in every Sprint Review. A Definition of Done is more than just Acceptance Criteria. These are the conditions that must be met for your organization to safely release work into the wild. This is especially critical if you are working...


What Do You Do When the Team Can’t Break the Work Down? w/ Tim Wise

For Development Teams transitioning to Agile one common challenge is breaking the work down into small vertical slices that can go from a Post-It Note to shippable product in 2-3 days. Most of the time, (there are always exceptions) the issue is not that the work cannot be broken down, but that the Development Team is accustomed to looking at the work in a more traditional way and they are not able to see how they could break it down into smaller actionable elements that can be developed...


Agile Myth Busting: Is There Really No Documentation in Agile? w/ Anil Jaising

One of the common misconceptions about Agile is that there’s no documentation. This simply isn’t true. The second line of the Agile Manifesto reads: “Working software over comprehensive documentation” This doesn’t mean that we don’t have documentation. It just means that the folks who created the manifesto did not see the value in delivering the documentation at the expense of delivering working, tested software. In a recent Certified ScrumMaster class in NYC, one student raised an...


The 2018 North American Global Scrum Gathering w/ Dr. Jeff Sutherland

This week, at the 2018 North American Global Scrum Gathering, the Scrum Alliance and Scrum co-founder, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, announced the creation of a new joint venture to train, coach, and promote Scrum@Scale. Scrum@Scale is an extension of the Scrum Framework that is designed to deliver business Agility across an entire organization. Dave Prior had a chance to sit down with Jeff during the Scrum Gathering and ask some questions about his partnership with the Scrum Alliance,...


Becoming a Journeyman w/ Dave Nicolette

A few weeks ago Dave Nicolette put up a blog post in FieldNotes called “Putting the Journey Into Journeyman” (https://tinyurl.com/ybehorv7). I really enjoyed the post and wanted to ask Dave some additional questions about the idea of a Journeyman, how to reach that state, and what happens once you get there. In this episode of SoundNotes, Dave and I discuss what a Journeyman is, and what a Journeyman isn’t. We discuss the skills LeadingAgile expects from a software Journeyman, how to know...


What’s the Difference Between Scrum and Kanban? w/ Jessica Wolfe and Derek Huether

In almost every CSM or CSPO class that Dave teaches he gets asked to explain the difference between Scrum and Kanban. So, in this episode of SoundNotes, Jessica Wolfe, Derek Huether, and Dave take turns responding to the question and detailing some of the main differences between two of the most popular approaches to Agile. If you’d like to reach out to Jessica, Derek or Dave for more—here’s their contact info: Contacting Jessica If you’d like to contact Jessica you can reach her...


Is Culture Really the Issue? w/ Mike Cottmeyer

“Culture is just the boogeyman people use when they don’t know how to articulate an organizational change management strategy that executives will buy into.” ~ Mike Cottmeyer In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile CEO, Mike Cottmeyer shares his thoughts on why we need to stop blaming culture when organizations are unable to adopt Agile. During the interview, Mike and Dave dig into the reasons why many of the organizations that struggle with Agile are dealing with deeply rooted...


Business Intelligence Report Creation in Scrum

This episode of SoundNotes features a question submitted by a student in one of Dave’s recent CSPO classes. Maheesh’s question centers on how to apply Scrum on a project that involves BI reporting and ETL. Since Jessica Wolfe and Derek Huether both have far more experience in that type of work than Dave does, he asked them to help him respond to the question. Here’s the question we got from Maheesh: “As a Product Owner for a BI reporting platform I typically get requests for new reports...


The Importance of Empathy in Agile w/ Tim Wise

After co-teaching a CSM class in Atlanta earlier this week, Tim Wise and Dave Prior sat down to talk about Empathy in Agile. During their conversation, they dug into why empathy is such an important factor in developing an Agile mindset, working with teams, building trust, and helping your organization adopt an Agile approach to work. Tim and Dave also offer some advice on: Links from the Podcast The Responsibility Process by Christopher Avery Contacting Tim


Why You Need a Vision Statement

This episode of SoundNotes is all about Vision Statements. Dave Prior offers his thoughts on why they’re so critical to the success of your team and how to go about putting one together. One of the most important things a Product Owner can do to help the Development Team deliver value for the customer is to make sure they have clarity on the context of the problem they are trying to solve. If the Dev Team is just being given User Stories, and there’s no understanding of the problem-space...


Introduction to Leading and Lagging Indicators w/ Derek Huether

In this episode of LeadingAgile’s SoundNotes, Derek Huether and Dave Prior take on the topic of Leading and Lagging Indicators. During the podcast they discuss how Key Performance indicators can help guide you towards an understanding of what to track with the expectation that it will create a certain result in the future (leading indicators), and what to measure in order to confirm if that result has in fact occurred (lagging indicators). One example they touch on in the podcast is: if...