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Open city-wide digital festival in Leeds, UK

Open city-wide digital festival in Leeds, UK
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Open city-wide digital festival in Leeds, UK




How NorthInvest Helps to Find the Right Early Stage Investment with Lizzie McCloy

Meet Lizzie McCloy. Lizzie is a Senior Manager in the Growth Team at KPMG, the international accounting and business advisory firm. Through her work at KPMG, Lizzie has been seconded to work at both Nexus at the University of Leeds who we featured in episode 6, and NorthInvest. NorthInvest is a not for profit company that connects businesses to mentors and investors with the aim to promote equitable investment in the North of the UK. Listen on to find out: The importance of a vibrant angel...


Delivering the Power of Data to Non-techies with Anna Sutton from the Data Shed

Meet Anna Sutton. Anna is the co-founder and CEO of the Data Shed. The Data Shed is a data services firm that is on a mission to demystify the world of data and level the playing field, so everyone can play and make data work for them. Listen on to find out: The frustrations in her marketing career that led her to found the datashed. Why the Data Shed works for companies of all sizes. How their new product, the Data Refinery helps companies get a single view of the customer. The success...


Leeds Startup Life with Dr James Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Synap

Get to find out what it’s like to start a tech business whilst still at University in Leeds and what it’s really like to live and work in one of the most supportive tech cultures in the UK. Listen on to find out: Why James gave up a career in medicine and how the intense studying was the forge that created Synap. How medicine was the perfect starting point for rapid learning. How the business developed into corporate learning and how that split the business model. Why Synap now focuses...


Collaboration, Community and World Class Research at Nexus with Chelsea Hardy, Nexus Engagement Manager - University of Leeds

Listen and learn with Chelsea Hardy the engagement manager at Nexus at the University of Leeds. Nexus is £40m investment by the University designed to focus connections, community and support between early stage businesses, R&D departments of larger businesses and the world class research at Leeds University. Listen on to find out: Why the University decided to spend £40m on Nexus. How Chelsea’s experience at a major investment bank helps her to bring innovation to Leeds. The research...


Inclusive Economic Growth by Supporting the Leeds Digital Festival with Eve Roodhouse, Chief Economic Officer at Leeds City Council

Eve Roodhouse is the chief officer for economic development at Leeds City Council where her role covers economic policy, business support, Visit Leeds, Conference Leeds, international relations and inward investment into the city. Her stated goal is to deliver Leeds City Council’s Inclusive Growth Strategy and to aspire to be a beacon of best practice in supporting economic growth that’s inclusive. Listen on to find out: Why Eve switched from a successful career in the NHS to working in...


Health City - Exploring how Leeds is leading the way in Health Tech with Victoria Betton founder of mHabitat

Meet Dr Victoria Betton, the founder of mHabitat. Dr Betton is an expert in teenage mental health and social networks having gained a PhD in 2016 from Leeds University in social media and mental health. She is the founder and managing director of mHabitat a people-centred digital innovation company focused on health and social care. The business has a strong social purpose and is a trading arm of Leeds and York Partnership NHS Trust. Victoria has also recently founded Co Space North a...


Radical Openness with Innovator Paul Connell, Founder of the Open Data Institute Leeds

Meet Paul Connell, the founder of The Open Data Institute Leeds which is a pioneer node of the Open Data Institute. Paul is also the co-founder of The Data City, a company that Uses the web, open data and artificial intelligence to offer real-time insights to justify investments in places, support innovation, growth & employment. Join me, for a fascinating insight into the work of the ODI and how Paul and the ODI are impacting the city region and his ambitious plans in place to extend the...


The Importance of Leeds Digital Festival for Stuart Bullock, MD of BJSS - World Class Technology Consultancy, Sponsor and Event Host

Today we chat with Stuart Bullock the Managing Director of BJSS, a world class technology consultancy headquartered in Leeds. We discuss why and how BJSS supports the festival. Some of the innovative events that BJSS are hosting. What excites Stuart about the festival this year. Current business challenges that BJSS hope the festival will help meet. The importance of young people to the success of BJSS. Find out more about Stuart on twitter at @BullockStuart, BJSS at...


Welcome to Leeds Digital Festival 2019 with Stuart Clarke

Introduction to Leeds Digital Festival 2019 with the co-founder and festival director, Stuart Clarke and host Sanjay Parekh. Keep up-to-date with the festival on twitter at @leedsdigifest Book events and see what's on at https://leedsdigitalfestival.org/.