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011 – E.J. Chichilnisky

Dr. E.J. Chichilnisky is a Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, where he and his lab are developing a retinal prosthesis. E.J. completed his B.S. in Mathematics at Princeton University, and his Masters in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Neuroscience at... The post 011 – E.J. Chichilnisky appeared first on Loup Ventures.


A New Hope: The Nervous System

Brave early adopters are the hallmark of an innovation set to create immense human value. In this story, the innovation is cutting-edge technology for interfacing with the nervous system, and the brave early adopter is Ian Burkhart. Ian, a young man in his mid-twenties, suffered a C5 spinal cord injury (SCI) during a diving accident […]


Amazon’s Next Massive Market: Healthcare

CNBC reported on Friday that Amazon is building a health and wellness team inside its Alexa division to work on making Alexa a better tool for healthcare. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan recently announced plans for a joint healthcare company focused on reducing costs and improving care for their combined 1.2m employees. The $3.3T U.S. healthcare industry […]

All Technology is Good and Evil

The core insight of science fiction is that all technologies live on a spectrum of good and evil, useful and harmful, and our perception of their place on that spectrum vacillates over time. It’s a truth that we've long known innately but are now being forcefully reminded of in our real world.


Victory Royale! Fortnite is Exploding

Fortnite is a battle royale game, where 100 players parachute onto an island with the goal of being the last one standing at the end. A "storm" serves as a boundary that closes in at set intervals, shrinking the playable area and forcing players closer and closer together. Players begin with no equipment and must scavenge around the island looking for weapons and supplies to give them an advantage over the opposition.

eSports Franchise Economics

We’re bullish on eSports and committed to learning more about the space. The following note is an introductory piece that ‘shows our work’ as we get up to speed. Given the recent explosion in popularity of eSports leagues, we wanted to take a look at the economics of owning of an eSports franchise. As eSports […]

Amazon Go Extends Amazon’s Dominance to Brick and Mortar

After our first visit to Amazon Go, Amazon's automated retail store in Seattle, we're not surprised to hear the company has plans to open up to six more cashierless convenience stores later this year. The automated retail space is getting more and more crowded, but the Go store suggests that Amazon has the pole position.

The Empathy Economy

We believe that automation will make customer service — delivering empathy — the most in-demand job in tech. Humans will need to take advantage of the three core capabilities that robots can't compete with: creativity, community, and empathy, and The Empathy Economy will arise as a result of job loss from automation.

Simplicity Series: Augmented Reality

Last week we wrote about simplicity as a driving force behind the world’s biggest technology offerings. We’re extending our thoughts on simplicity into a series that explores the necessity of simplicity in frontier technology. First, we’ll dive into AR. Simplicity for AR in 2018 must start with a question: “What does AR do?” Not in the literal sense. We all know it overlays digital information on the real world. What the […]


Investing in Enjoy

We’re investing in Enjoy as a counter-automation play on the future of retail. Enjoy enables empathic retail through a personalized product delivery and setup experience.


3 Reasons Amazon Will Buy Target This Year

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, about five times bigger in that space than Walmart and its Jet.com subsidiary. Yet despite Amazon’s deep online roots and dominance over Internet shopping, I believe it will buy Target in 2018.


The Underappreciated Beauty of Simplicity in Tech

Simplicity is underappreciated. In many things. But most obviously right now in our world of consumer technology. Simplicity is a requirement of mass adoption. Look at the iPhone, Google, Amazon, and Uber as examples: The iPhone never shipped with a manual. Turn it on. Press the screen with your finger. It just works. Google gives […]


Apple Readies to Fight for Your Monthly Video Wallet Share

Conclusion. Get ready for another $10 a month drag on your credit card. It’s a rebranded, all in one Apple video and music offering in 2-3 years. An Emerging Area of Investment. It’s no secret that original content will be an emerging area of investment for Apple, given it will boost the increasingly important Services revenue […]


Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Great Founder?

Every VC says they only invest in great founders, but the majority of venture-backed businesses still end in relative failure. Does that mean we as VCs are just bad judges of founders or do we not know what great founders look like? This is a question we’ve obsessed over since we started Loup Ventures — trying to define what makes a great founder and how to test for it. It’s hard.


The Gold Rush of ARKit

When Apple launched the iPhone SDK in March 2008, they correctly anticipated a gold rush for iOS developers selling apps on the new App Store. Another gold rush is about to begin with the debut of iOS 11 and ARKit. Given how the App Store story has played out over the last decade it’s hard […]


The AI Portfolio: Non-Tech Companies Making AI Investments

Special thanks to David Kroger, Steve Van Sloun, and Austin Bohlig for their work on the Non-Tech AI Portfolio. In ten years, every company will have to be an artificial intelligence company or they won’t be competitive. While traditional tech companies have been very forward about their advancements and investments in AI, there are many “non-tech” companies […]


VR Sickness Should Be Mostly Solved In 5 Years

The sickness adoption hurdle. The timing of most tech adoption curves can be anticipated by a combination of cost and utility. The lower the cost, the higher the utility, the faster the adoption. We define mass adoption as 500m or more monthly users. We estimate monthly VR users to be about 25m today. It’s still […]


Swinging for Grand Slams

If we had to sum up our investment approach in one word, it would be non-incremental. Venture capital is a power law game: the vast majority of venture returns come only from a few investments. We believe we have to have the chance to hit a grand slam on every investment we make. Therefore, we […]


The Future of Retail

It’s no secret that online retail is slowly killing offline retail. In Q4 2016, 8.3% of total US retail sales were online (about $103 billion), up from 5.1% just five years ago (about $53 billion). Offline sales were 91.7% of the total, about $1.1 trillion. We don’t typically talk about the percentage sales that happen […]


An Update on Commercial Drones #AUVSI2017

If artificial intelligence is the brains, then robots are the brawn in the future of work. Earlier this week, we attended the AUVSI XPOENTIAL trade show in Dallas, the largest global gathering of unmanned systems providers, robotic software developers, and industry experts. We sat down with 13 executives from some of the leading commercial drone companies. Here […]