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Conversations with Every Day World Shifters, Truth Seekers, and Rule Breakers

Conversations with Every Day World Shifters, Truth Seekers, and Rule Breakers
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Conversations with Every Day World Shifters, Truth Seekers, and Rule Breakers








Motherhood, Womanhood, and Mental Health with Sherile Turner

This week’s episode features a conversation that actually outlines many things that not only I’ve struggled with - but I know for a fact many others have struggled with as well. Because Mothers Day was this past weekend, this week is Mental Health Awareness week in the UK and in the US - May is Mental Health Month - I decided to roll it all together and talk about the ups and downs of life, motherhood, and womanhood. Grab the full episode notes on and be sure to follow us...


Intentional Business Growth with Lauren Smith

in the past year, I’ve become more committed to personal and professional growth. In one month… I increased my digital footprint by 427% and 1,276% in two months. These aren’t exaggerated numbers - I have proof to back it up. Oh, and I didn’t spend a lot of money doing so; in fact, it was all organic. In this week’s episode, i’m going to open up my vault of strategies and sliding you a few tips, tricks, and wisdom nuggets that have helped grow my business online and if implemented, might...


Unlocking Your Personality Type with Margi Bush

We talk a lot about ways to grow personally and professionally on this show, and this week - we’re adding another layer to it by talking about Personality Types. Margi Bush of Wisdom Tree Coaching, is this week’s expert. Margi Bush, ACC (ICF Certified Coach) is the President of Wisdom Tree Coaching and is known as the Curiosity Coach. Margi joins me this week to discuss: AND MORE! Full episode notes found on


Childhood Matters with Skyler and Kalli Pearce

This week we're switching things up a bit! In light of Take Your Child to Work Day on April 25th, I decided to show my kids the in's and out's of the podcast realm. My co-hosts AND co-producers this week are my daughters, Skyler and Kalli Pearce. These kids show up to give a message of kindness plus you get a glimpse into their growing minds! Grab the full episode notes on


Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking with Mack Munro

This week, I’m welcoming back one of my favorite and one of my first business mentors, Mack Munro. Mack joined us on episode 5 where we talked about bad bosses and what it means to be a good boss, but this week - we’re tackling a topic that ignites straight up fear in some people - and that’s public speaking and giving presentations For full episode notes visit: Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @MindBizLife


Building Business Through Community with Ashley Meyer

Motherhood can be a lonely road at times, especially when you’re juggling a career or even entrepreneur life. Having a community that rallies around you for support can really help cure the loneliness and empower you to new levels. This week guest Ashley Meyer, founder of the MOMpire, is here to tell us how she’s bringing mom’s and businesses together. Read the full episode notes on Thank you to this week's episode sponsor, Go Mama Go Designs!


Creating Moments that Matter with Jennifer Zumbiel

We often get lost in a world of technology, so much so, that we often forget the importance of a face-to-face conversation. Jennifer Zumbiel of Togather Moments joins me to discuss how she’s helping families make face-to-face communication a priority. If you’ve ever gotten a one word answer back from your kids after asking them a question such as, "how was your day?"… this one’s for you. A big thank you to this week's sponsor, Go Mama Go Designs. Go Mama Go Designs offers the only doctor...


Purpose over Perfect with Lauren Smith

It’s been awhile since I’ve released a solo episode and well… some current events brought on this one. I decided with the last episode of March, to give you guys a break down on some business changes, life changes, and some lessons I’ve learned - that I think you should know, too. To hear all about it, you've gotta tune in, turn it up and let's go! Grab the full episode notes on and be sure to follow us on Instagram @mindbizlife.


Conscious Relationships with Stefanos Sifandos

Today’s guest has quite the story when it comes to his journey of growth, Stefanos Sifandos joins me for a conversation discussing healthy masculinity, what it means to be a 'good man', conscious relationships, and more. Grab this week's full episode notes on


Practical Numerology with Felicia Bender

This week’s episode is with an expert that I follow closely. If it weren’t for this expert, I likely wouldn’t know or understand Numerology in the same capacity that I do. This week’s guest, is Felicia Bender PhD. Felicia is known as the Practical Numerologist; Felicia is an author, public speaker, and passionate evangelist for the power of Numbers who helps you understand the power of numbers in your life and how they can effect your past, present, and future. Full episode notes found...


Manifesting Your Desired Life with Liz Smith

Manifesting is a term we discuss a lot on this podcast, but we haven’t had an episode dedicated to it specifically. This week, you’ll meet Liz Smith. Liz is known as the "Millennial Manifestor”. Liz is Writer and creator of the Wellbeing Wednesdays blog as well as the Millennial Manifestor YouTube channel. Grab the full episode notes on


The Era of Virtual Reality with Michael Berman

This week’s episode is wildly fascinating - it combines imagination with technology and dreams with reality. That’s right, we’re talking about Virtual Reality. Today’s guest is Michael Berman; Michael has a plethora of Virtual Reality businesses that range from 3D Virtual Reality Tours for businesses and real estate to proprietary VR experiences in Elder Care Facilities, and even one in Meditation. View the Full Episode Notes on


Owning Your Confidence with Sandy Grigsby

To embody confidence, means to embody power. Owning your confidence can be quite a struggle for some, and that’s why I’ve brought in TedX Speaker, Personal Brand Photographer, and Confidence Catalyst, Sandy Grisgby. Sandy is the Founder of Brio Five, LLC, a leading brand photography studio focused on personal branding and self-empowerment. Sandy loves to guide people on discovering their power, owning their confidence, and making a difference in how they show up for and impact the...


Where to Penetrate a Woman with Jake Woodard

You’re listening to episode 26 of the Master Your Mind, Business ,and Life podcast. This episode’s name is already causing some chatter, which actually - makes me even more pumped to know you’re tuning in to listen! This week's guest is Life Coach, Jake Woodard. Jake Woodard discovered his intuitive gifts through the deep spiritual and physical pain he endured early on in life. He uses his powerful life experiences as a way to teach others how to eliminate suffering. He is an Author,...


The Power of Yes with Reese Evans

You’re listening to episode 25 of the Master Your Mind, Business and Life podcast. Do you know how much tapping into our subconscious is linked to our ability to overcome and step into our power? Well, you’re about to find out with this week’s episode! I’m introducing you to Reese Evans, Master Life & Success Coach of Yes Supply. Reese is trained in NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques,and of course Life and Success Coaching. Get the full episode notes here: Be sure to...


Unlocking Your Soul's Purpose with Melissa Habibi

I cannot even believe this is the last episode of January! Time is zooming by, and if you’re anything like me, you’re just now getting into the groove of the New Year. Similarly, I also have had a couple road blocks and speed bumps; along with some questions when it comes to my purpose. That’s why I brought in this week’s guest - Soul Healer and Spiritual Business Coach - Melissa Habibi! Melissa’s talking to us about how to unblock the souls purpose and really tune in, on a deep way. Find...


Dreaming Big, Living Tiny with Tiffany the Tiny Home

I stumbled across Tiffany the Tiny Home through a Facebook post. They had tagged one of my former clients, WindStorm Products, in a post and once I started reading about the tiny home… I couldn’t stop! Tim Davidson and Sam Cosner are the owners of Tiffany the Tiny Home. This Tiny Blue Bungalow home on wheels has been featured on HGTV, Business Insider, AOL, MindBodyGreen, WayFair, and more! Tim and Sam join me this week to discuss their tiny home lifestyle, and everything that went into...


Permission to Prosper with Agnes Kowalski

We’re half way through the first month of 2019, and it’s time we talk about MONEY. They way we look at money, the way we talk about money, and heck – even the way we make money – all link together. There’s no one better to talk about this with, than wealth therapist, Agnes Kowalski. View the full episode notes on and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @mindbizlife


Fully A.L.I.G.N.E.D with Lauren Smith ft. Sherile Turner

Hey friends! Welcome back to another episode of #MindBizLife! In one day, I went from having the most bizarre dream, to having a clear vision of what I’m supposed to do next in life. Lucky for you, I’m breaking it down in this week’s episode PLUS sharing some BIG news that you don’t want to miss! Tune in on or on your favorite podcast app! Follow Along on Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:...


Living an Empowered Life with Amanda Scocozzo

Happy New Year! Now that we’re fresh in 2019, we’re all getting a little more focused in on planning and executing goals. Goals can be hard to define as well as achieve - sometimes we lose the drive and motivation, other times we make crappy goals that really don’t align with what we want. I’m guilty of both! That's why I brought in this week’s guest, Amanda Scoccozzo, who’s here to teach us how we can stay focused and create achievable, smart goals. Full Episode notes available at:...