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Conversations with Every Day World Shifters, Truth Seekers, and Rule Breakers

Conversations with Every Day World Shifters, Truth Seekers, and Rule Breakers
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Conversations with Every Day World Shifters, Truth Seekers, and Rule Breakers








Conquering Business as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with Amy Hayes

This week’s episode is for all of my fellow multi-passionate peeps! When you’re multi-passionate - especially when you’re a multi-passionate creative, it can be really difficult to laser focus on one thing. Have no fear, help is here! This week’s guest is Amy Hayes, co-founder of The Global Creator Studio and she’s dedicated to helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs grow their business. Grab the full episode notes on


How to Master Your Money and Tackle Your Debt with Whitney Hansen

This week’s guest is Whitney Hansen. Whitney is a millennial finance expert, financial coach, speaker, and host of the award winning podcast, The Money Nerds. She has been featured on GoBanking Rates, CNBC, ESPN, Yahoo! Finance, Ally and frequents local news channels. After paying off $30,000 in 10 months, hacking her way to a $472 MBA, and buying her first home at 19, she discovered her love for helping Millennials take control of their financial life. Grab the full episode notes here:...


Motherhood: Selflessly Selfish, Balance and CBD with Liz Carlile

Today’s guest is so full of light, inspiration, and is so down to earth. Liz Carlile and I got real about life, motherhood, and she even gave me breakdown on CBD oil. Liz is an Entrepreneur, TedX Speaker and the founder of Motherhood Unstressed. Grab the full episode notes on


Reflection & Celebration: 1 Year of Podcasting with Lauren Smith

POP THE CONFETTI! It's time to celebrate! Nearly one year ago to the day on August 22, 2018, the Master Your Mind Business and Life podcast was launched. Today’s episode, is a solo episode in honor of the one year anniversary. I’m sharing my reflections on what I’ve learned on this journey, sharing some of my favorite thought nuggets from guests, and even letting you know what you can expect as we head into year 2 of the podcast. Be sure to listen until the very end because you’ll learn...


Breaking the Stigma Behind Anxiety and Depression with Matana Jacobs

This week’s guest made it part of her life’s mission to be an advocate for mental health; through her podcast, Hope to Recharge, Matana Jacobs is proving that community is vital to recovery and that together we can break the stigma around depression and anxiety and bring HOPE to the world. Full episode notes are found on


Unlocking the Secrets of Your Birth Chart with Natasha Weber

This week, I’m joined by one of Australia’s leading Astrologers, Natasha Weber AKA "Astrotash," is a professional Astrologer with a special interest in birth chart analysis. She is the resident astrologer for myBody+Soul, Australia’s #1 health and wellness site. Astrotash writes horoscopes for Mamamia and was thrilled to speak at the Soul Star Festival in Melbourne Australia recently. Her articles and astrology research have appeared in international publications across the globe. Grab the...


Mastering Content Marketing with Mallory Majcher

Can you believe this weekly podcast has been fueling the lives of people all over the world - I’m talking 64 Countries - every week for 50 weeks?! I’m excited that the 50th episode aligns with a topic that I have lived and breathed for most of my adult life. And that’s marketing! I loved getting to know this week’s guest, Mallory Majcher. Mallory has nearly a decade of experience in marketing strategy and leadership. Throughout her career as a communications director, Mallory partnered...


Grief and Loss - The Truth with Sherile Turner

This week’s topic is one that can be quite difficult to talk about.Loss and Death are sometimes viewed as a taboo subject. Something we shouldn’t talk about; we might feel as if we have to hide our feelings. This week’s guest is no stranger to the podcast. Psychotherapist, Sherile Turner, is here to is help us understand what grief is, how we can heal, and how we move forward. Grab the full episode notes on


Letting Go to Grow with Lauren Smith

originally had different episode on my launch calendar for today, but decided to do a last minute solo episode. I find myself more willing to open up and share through these episodes, the more I do them. This just proves that confidence is built through repetition. Speaking of repetition, This week’s episode has been brought on by a repeating topic that has been ever so present in my life - and probably yours, for the past few weeks, and that’s letting go. I don’t want to give too much...


Faith, Family, and Football with Arthur Moats

Today, whewwww Lordy today - I’m going to have to try and keep my excitement at bay because we have Retired 9 Year NFL Veteran, Arthur Moats on the show! Arthur Moats announced his NFL retirement on June 10, 2019. Prior to this, Arthur played for the Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Arizona Cardinals. Arthur joins me to discuss faith, family, and of course - football. Tune in and turn up this episode and be sure to check out this week's episode notes found on


The Feeling of Freedom with Lauren Smith

It’s the first week of the month and you know what that means… solo episode! I’m actually really excited for this episode because we’re talking about freedom. In this episode we're talking about not only what freedom means, but also how freedom feels. Tune in and turn it up on your favorite podcast app! Grab this week's episode notes on


Protecting Your Brand with Andrea Sager

Copyright & Trademarks, oh my! Protecting your brand is a MUST in the business realm, but navigating this process can often times be murky water for business owners. This week I’ve brought in brand protection lawyer, Andrea Sager. Andrea talks us through trademarks, copyrights, and other tips and tools business owners need to protect themselves. Full episode notes available on


Finding Your Place of Power with Ebony Smith

I became aware of this week’s guest when I was working on behalf of The BaliSpirit Festival. Although it’s been a few years since then - her mission and story left a lasting impression in my mind. Ebony Smith is a transformation speaker, yogi, and founder of Yoga N Da Hood! Ebony is making waves not only in her community, but she’s exactly what I would describe as a world shifter. Grab the full episode notes on


Transform Your Life with Lucy Liu

This week’s guest is joining me from the other side of the world, literally! I’m introducing you to Certified Life Coach, Lucy Liu. Lucy is helping women in life transition get unstuck, beat overwhelm, see clarity, set new goals, live a happier life and thrive! Grab the full episode notes on and be sure to follow us on Instagram @MindBizLife


Intentional Business Growth Pt. 2 with Lauren Smith

I made a promise a few episodes ago that I would provide you at least 1 solo episode per month, and with this being the first week in June, I decided to just go ahead and give it to ya! This week, we're back with another episode to help you grow your business with intention! A listener wrote me an email asking a great question about business growth and I couldn't help but to take it to the podcast to answer! View the full episode notes on and be sure to follow us on...


Finding Your Twin Flame with Sama Amlashi

I’ve always been extremely interested in this topic. Love and relationships leave so much to unlock and uncover, but it wasn’t until I was told by a psychic that I met my Twin Flame at a young age, did I really begin to question what this term was. On this week’s episode, we’re meeting with Sama Amlashi, Live Student at Twin Flames Ascension School, Vice President of Sales and Ascension Coach at Twin Flames Universe. Sama and I discuss: Grab this week’s episode notes on


Financially Free with Kumiko Love

Budgeting is something I think we all in our mind, know we should do and want to do, but most of us have trouble executing it. Although I am extremely savvy, I know I can do better when it comes to budgeting and saving. That’s why I’m bringing an expert to help us navigate our finances and budget better. Kumiko Love is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, successful business owner, blogger, and mom to her 6-year-old son. Her unique, practical and fun budgeting method and techniques have...


Motherhood, Womanhood, and Mental Health with Sherile Turner

This week’s episode features a conversation that actually outlines many things that not only I’ve struggled with - but I know for a fact many others have struggled with as well. Because Mothers Day was this past weekend, this week is Mental Health Awareness week in the UK and in the US - May is Mental Health Month - I decided to roll it all together and talk about the ups and downs of life, motherhood, and womanhood. Grab the full episode notes on and be sure to follow us...


Intentional Business Growth with Lauren Smith

in the past year, I’ve become more committed to personal and professional growth. In one month… I increased my digital footprint by 427% and 1,276% in two months. These aren’t exaggerated numbers - I have proof to back it up. Oh, and I didn’t spend a lot of money doing so; in fact, it was all organic. In this week’s episode, i’m going to open up my vault of strategies and sliding you a few tips, tricks, and wisdom nuggets that have helped grow my business online and if implemented, might...


Unlocking Your Personality Type with Margi Bush

We talk a lot about ways to grow personally and professionally on this show, and this week - we’re adding another layer to it by talking about Personality Types. Margi Bush of Wisdom Tree Coaching, is this week’s expert. Margi Bush, ACC (ICF Certified Coach) is the President of Wisdom Tree Coaching and is known as the Curiosity Coach. Margi joins me this week to discuss: AND MORE! Full episode notes found on