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Our Moore's Lobby Podcast serves an elite global audience of engineers, technologists, and executives with a goal to educate, empower, and entertain. We discuss the technologies and engineering behind the hottest industry trends as host Daniel Bogdanoff guides you through the human stories behind the world's most inspiring organizations and leaders. Tune in every other Tuesday for new episodes.

Our Moore's Lobby Podcast serves an elite global audience of engineers, technologists, and executives with a goal to educate, empower, and entertain. We discuss the technologies and engineering behind the hottest industry trends as host Daniel Bogdanoff guides you through the human stories behind the world's most inspiring organizations and leaders. Tune in every other Tuesday for new episodes.


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Our Moore's Lobby Podcast serves an elite global audience of engineers, technologists, and executives with a goal to educate, empower, and entertain. We discuss the technologies and engineering behind the hottest industry trends as host Daniel Bogdanoff guides you through the human stories behind the world's most inspiring organizations and leaders. Tune in every other Tuesday for new episodes.






Ep. 46 | Microsoft VP Marcus Fontoura on Architecting Azure, the “World’s Computer”

Marcus Fontoura has spent time at many of the world’s leading technology companies including IBM Research, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. In this episode of Moore’s Lobby, Daniel goes on a deep dive with Marcus into Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure. In this episode, they discuss the hardware, software, and infrastructure behind what Marcus considers to be the “world’s computer.” By effectively integrating both hardware and software, they are enabling other engineers and...


Ep. 45 | The “Ideal Switch”? GE’s Spinoff, Menlo Micro, Looks to Disrupt the Power Industry

Chris Keimel may have dreamed of being a veterinarian, but he is undoubtedly making a bigger impact on the world through his work on micro-electromechanical systems, also known as MEMs. In this episode of Moore’s Lobby, our host, Daniel Bogdanoff, speaks with Chris about his career developing cutting-edge nanotechnology. Chris recounts the technology development behind their Ideal Switch and the creation of Menlo Micro, a company that traces its lineage and name back to Thomas Edison, “The...


Ep. 44 | Blue Origin’s SVP Brent Sherwood on Engineering to Live and Work in Space

3… 2… 1… Liftoff! In this episode of Moore’s Lobby, a veteran of the aerospace industry, Brent Sherwood, Blue Origin’s Senior Vice President of Advanced Development Programs, discusses the barriers and breakthroughs for all nations, companies, and people to (literally) get outta’ this world. Sherwood shares how his childhood dream to “build cities on the moon” led him on an unorthodox journey to become an aerospace engineer and one of the world’s leaders in the field of space exploration....


Ep. 43 | Mark Papermaster: The EE and Exec Behind Apple, IBM, Cisco, and AMD’s Success

The decades of perspective Mark Papermaster offers in this episode of Moore’s Lobby is something to pay attention to: from reminiscing on the early days of microprocessors to bringing the iPhone and iPod into the pockets of millions as humanity’s first “mini computers.” Papermaster provides a throwback to the epic AIM Alliance (Apple, IBM, and Motorola), a deep dive on AMD’s APU (accelerate processing unit), the breakdown of the buzz around designing “chiplets,” and how AMD learned to “punch...


Ep. 42 | Groq CEO and Ex-Googler Jonathan Ross on the Petaflop AI Chip and First Ever TPU

In this episode of Moore’s Lobby, Daniel speaks with Jonathan Ross whose journey as a hardware and software engineering expert is revolutionary and something to behold. Ross is a self-described “successful college dropout” with entrepreneur DNA who designed Google’s first TPU (tensor processing unit) and was a $10B idealist for X - the moonshot factory. After believing he was done with chips, Ross founded Groq and is now their fearless CEO leading the creation of some of the most ambitious...


Ep. 41 | Qualcomm’s VP of XR Hugo Swart Explains How VR, AR, MR, and Metaverse Will Change The World

The Metaverse is coming! It may be a virtual universe, but it has to run on real, physical, high-performance hardware. Tech mega-giant Qualcomm, led by Hugo Swart, is developing the chips behind new XR technology that has “the opportunity to change the world”, similar to the smartphone era. XR, for those still trying to catch up with the terminology, stands for “extended reality,” a concept that encompasses VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and sometimes MR (mixed reality). In...


Get Ready For Season 4 of Moore's Lobby

Season 4 of Moore's Lobby serves up conversations with some of the most fascinating leaders in the electronics industry. Join host Daniel Bogdanoff as he geeks out with CTOs, inventors, engineers, and more about the hottest trends and most interesting technologies that are changing the world.


Ep. 40 | AWS VP of Engineering Wayne Duso on Managing ⅓ of the Internet's Cloud Storage

A huge amount of the internet—up to a third of it, in fact—is run by Amazon Web Services. But the cloud, as Wayne Duso puts it, is not magic pixie dust. It works because of the blood, sweat, and tears of engineers. Hear all about it in this Season 3 finale of Moore's Lobby. Wayne Duso is one of the leading minds behind AWS, someone deeply familiar with the technical challenges and heavy responsibility of handling a third of the internet’s traffic and data. AWS runs some of the top online...


Ep. 39 | General Motors’ Vehicle Chief Engineer on the Tech and Passion of Automotive Design

Everybody knows cars are becoming more like computers than mechanical devices. Few know this better than Mark Allen, Global Vehicle Chief Engineer at GM, a company that’s been defining the American automotive business for a century. As an engineer who is also a car nut raised in the heart of American automotive manufacturing, Mark has a long view on the history and challenges of vehicle design. The engineering that goes into making modern cars has changed enormously, to the point that Mark...


Ep. 38 | Comedy, Shocks, and Educating EEs on YouTube with ElectroBOOM's Mehdi Sadaghdar

"Want to subconsciously learn while being entertained?" says the ElectroBOOM YouTube page. "Then subscribe!!" Mehdi Sadaghdar is well-known for several things: his YouTube videos, his habit of accidentally shocking himself in said videos, his sense of humor, his impressive unibrow. But Sadaghdar is also one of the few electrical engineer celebrities alive today and he's made a name for himself by creating electronics educational videos on YouTube. Just as his YouTube page promises,...


Ep. 37 | Hypergiant and Colossal's Ben Lamm on Industrial AI and Resurrecting Woolly Mammoths

Turning science fiction into engineering reality is a complex business, but Ben Lamm has made it into a career. In this episode of Moore's Lobby, Daniel chats with Lamm, a serial entrepreneur who has founded several technology and science startups all through his 20s and 30s. One of these companies is Hypergiant, which helps governments and companies integrate cutting-edge AI into their aerospace, defense, and infrastructure. Now, Lamm has set his sights on bioengineering, where he's...


Ep. 36 | Cryptography in the Cloud Age with Intel Federal's Steve Orrin

Steve Orrin (self-described former hacker and undeniable math zealot) stands firmly at the crossroads between the public and private sectors, precisely where cybersecurity intersects with them both. From his viewpoint, it's a myth that the government is slow to adopt progressive technologies. Or, more accurately, reality resides in a nuanced gray area where Predator drones are outfitted with cutting-edge security and, somehow, painfully slow cloud adoption is actually a blessing in...


Ep. 35 | The Impact of Chip Shortages on the Electronics Industry

In this Industry Tech Days Keynote, we have an all-star panel of industry experts to talk about the ramifications of the global chip shortage and what lessons we can learn from them. You'll hear from Dave Doherty, President and COO of distributor Digi-Key Electronics, Steve Sanghi, Executive Chair of semiconductor manufacturer Microchip Technology, and Michael Knight, Corporate Senior Vice President of Business Development of distributor TTI.


Ep. 34 | The Latest from the Lab: How IBM Research Is Inventing What's Next

2021 brought us the first functioning 2 nm chip, a milestone accomplished by a team at IBM Research, one of the foremost research institutions on the planet for the electronics industry. In the upper echelons of this prestigious group is Dr. Jeffrey Welser, the Vice President of Exploratory Science and University Partnerships for IBM. In this episode of Moore's Lobby, Dr. Welser talks with Daniel about everything from quantum computing to CMOS devices to neural networks.


Ep. 33 | From Autonomous Golf Carts to Semis: The Journey to the Self-Driving Truck

Two engineering students developed an autonomous golf cart system to transport people across campus. One accelerator program and a lot of engineering later, the same two engineers founded Embark, an autonomous trucking company that rapidly grew into a $5 billion endeavor. In 2018, when the company was only two years old, Embark claimed an industry-first: a 2,400-mile coast-to-coast journey for an autonomous truck from LA to Jacksonville, Florida. For the first time in many people's minds,...


Ep. 32 | HP's Journey from Birthing Silicon Valley to Powering 21st Century Entertainment, Aerospace, and Remote Work

What do Lady Gaga, DreamWorks, and SpaceX have in common? Would you believe us if we said the answer was tech? In this episode, two top HP execs talk about the unexpected ways this giant in the industry has gone from the inventors of the inkjet printer to Oscar-winning staple in Hollywood, healthcare, and some out-of-this-world applications. Joining Daniel in the Lobby today are Jim Nottingham, Global Head & General Manager of HP’s Advanced Compute & Solutions, and Bruce Blaho, HP Fellow...


Ep. 31 | NASA Astronauts Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins Talk Engineering at 17,000 mph

In their conversation, Victor, Michael, and Daniel will discuss what it's like to walk in space, the technologies that are propelling space exploration, and the importance of engineers in making aerospace history.


Ep. 30 | Arduino Goes Pro: Disrupting the World of Automation

Arduino recently announced a monumental change in its new efforts towards producing affordable, scalable hardware for industrial automation applications. Hear the how and why of Arduino's jump from the hobbyist bench to the factory floor.


Ep. 29 | NVIDIA CTO Michael Kagan on the New Age of AI and Supercomputers

The advent of AI is forcing us to rethink the way we design hardware and changing the way we think of processing. After all, data-hungry applications are processor-hungry applications. In this episode of Moore’s Lobby, Daniel speaks with Michael Kagan, the CTO of NVIDIA, a tech giant and household name in processing. Kagan’s career spans foundational work across Intel, Mellanox, and now NVIDIA as they forge new technologies to enable accelerated compute. Learn about the three core pillars...


Ep. 28 | How DARPA Stops IC Hardware Hackers in Their Tracks: Insights from Serge Leef

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. How do you get hardware engineers to attend a seminar about security? Tell them it's a free buffet and then lock the doors behind them before you start the slide deck. To put it mildly, security is not hardware designers' favorite topic. But with millions of unsecured devices in the market, it's quickly becoming an issue the industry can't ignore. Join our new host for Season 3, Daniel Bogdanoff, for this episode of Moore's Lobby that kicks off...