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Episode 285: Convenience vs Security

We follow up on Breaker and the difference between CryptoKit and Swift Crypto. ‘They know us better than we know ourselves’: how Amazon tracked my last two years of reading. Jaime's adventures in cloning to a new Mac. Apple Pay on pace to account for 10% of global card transactions. Watch apps are getting iAP in watchOS 6.2. Open Banking. Why the iPhone Killed BlackBerry. Open Source Licenses in 2020: Trends and Predictions. The Shapes of Code. Picks: The Apple Color Commentary by Steve...


Episode 284: The Accidental Security Podcast

We follow up on the Xserve height, W-8BEN, and the Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter. YouTube Music/Premium has 20 million paying subscribers. Microsoft Teams goes down after Microsoft forgot to renew a certificate. Beyond the Valley book. Apple updates with a proper mobile website for iOS and Android. (Hypothetical) Multitasking fix for iPadOS 14. Apple wants to standardize the format of SMS OTPs (one-time passcodes). - Introducing Swift Crypto. Dashlane's...


Episode 283: Limited Edition

We follow up on rack mounting the Mac Pro, the Macintosh Office and HyperCard. We follow up on providing tech support for apps and services. After a decade of drama, Apple is ready to kill Flash in Safari once and for all. There’s an Apple Car for sale — but it's not the one you think. Apple’s first iPad was revealed 10 years ago today. Everything we know about the iPhone SE 2. Apple hits 1.5 billion active devices with ~80% of recent iPhones and iPads running iOS 13. Sheets don’t inherit...


Episode 282: Rack 'Em Up

We follow up on AD and BC, HomePod in use, Dominic Monaghan, MacWorld Boston and Swift Developments by FoS Andy Bargh. Apple’s rack-mounted Mac Pro variant is now available to order. Download New Microsoft Edge Browser. Fun With Charts: A decade of Apple growth. Kids Hack AirPods. App tracking alert in iOS 13 has dramatically cut location data flow to ad industry. Where programming languages are headed in 2020. State of Mobile 2020. Wealthsimple looks to be Canada’s Apple Card,...


Episode 281: The Best of SwiftUI so far...

Starting with our initial reactions at WWDC to our latest trials, we re-visit SwiftUI. Apple Swift UI Tutorials. Incorporating SwiftUI's Principles in All Your Code. 3 Steps to Prepare Your Apps for SwiftUI, Combine, iPadOS, Project Catalyst, and Any Other Leaps in the iOS Industry. Understanding @State in SwiftUI. [Fracking] SwiftUI - Everything you need to know to adopt SwiftUI. SwiftUI Essentials: Creating and Combining Views. The Swift Behind SwiftUI. SwiftUI Changes. Advanced SwiftUI...


Episode 280: This Is Not Your Mother's Star Wars

We're back with fact check on Mac OS X Lion and Adobe InDesign. We chat about the Oura ring and the No Year Zero debate. In the Follow Up; 50+ iPadOS 13 features, Update to Notarization Prerequisites, Updating Apps that Use Web Views and Wallet by Waterfield Designs. Why I quit using the ObservableObject in SwiftUI. Write a build phase script. How Are You Prioritizing Gen Z? 'Completely unsustainable': How streaming and other data demands take a toll on the environment. iPhone 11 Pro’s...


Episode 279: The Trough of Disillusionment

As the 2010's end, we debate when the decade ends. We fact check iOS 13.3's fix on UWB bug and ATP increments. We follow up on TCC, and the $100K Mac Pro. iDevices get key-based protection, webAuthn, IBM Workgroup Updates on, Hype Cycles, and a cheaper Apple Arcade cost are also covered. We look back at the last 10 years of Apple innovation, news and changes. Amazon, Google, Apple and the Zigbee Alliance to develop connectivity standard. Picks: Swift For Good, Fork - a fast and...


Episode 278: Introducing the Mac Pro Max

We find out what Jaime was up to last week. Our fact check covers using the Switch Pro Controller, the other Margret Hamilton and line feed printers. We also talk about Mr Dressup and remember Caroll Spinney. We follow up on the iPhone 11 Pro’s Location Data Puzzler, App Store Connect Holiday Schedule, BMW's CarPlay about-face, 59 Shortcuts for Emacs 23.2.1, and Fourier transform for dummies. The Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are now available for order. We continue on the ethical...


Episode 277: Math Porn

This week Alexis Gallagher returns to geek out on iOS and math. Prompted by askMTJC from Mike Hendley we discuss using keyboards on the iPad and Macs. 7 Awesome Open Source SwiftUI Projects To Inspire You. Mini LED technology will be coming to MacBooks and iPads in the near future. Apple will release at least four new iPhones with 5G and OLED displays. Apple launches Apple Music and well as App and Games Awards. Do we care about new HomeKit integrations? It is now too late to order...


Episode 276: Ok Boomer

This week we chat about views that seem to be broken in iOS 13. We fact check on Digital Darkroom. WeWork hits a snag and we add some of our favorite Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Dad Jokes and other trending memes populate the show. iOS 14 may be rebased with incremental updates with feature flags. X-rays reveal a shutter button on the iPhone Smart Battery Case. We discuss Andy Ibanez' post on new search APIs in iOS 13. Rumor has it that Toronto's Eaton Centre will get a larger Apple...


Episode 275: Another Bit of Entropy

This week we fact check on PBS WNED, David Heinemeier Hansson, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. We follow up on Parallels, Hey! Siri, Jamie Heinemeier Hansson posts her story about the Apple Card credit rating, and Amazon's abandoned AI recruiting tool. We discuss how the Apple Watch has transformed users with autism and CP. Use this handy calculator to find out how much subscriber TV will cost you. Joe Cieplinski's post "About That Keyboard" drives another discussion about the MacBook...


Episode 274: SwiftUI Canvas Attributes Inspector

Sesame Street turns 50. We fact check on Adobe Photoshop, Fresco, Charles Geschke and VMWare Fusion. askMTJC brings us an unusual iOS error message. Roku’s new free WatchOS app lets you control your viewing. Adobe deals with ‘painful’ early reviews of Photoshop for iPad. A tweet about Apple Card leads to a probe of Goldman Sachs. Disney Plus streaming service arrives in Canada with technical hurdles. MacBook Pro 16 inch. SwiftUI Layout System. Swift Server Work Group (SSWG) Annual Update....


Episode 273: The Future Is Scary

This time we have Toolchain, Halloween AirPods, and RIP QuickTime Player 7. Tim Cooks says we may have bundles, Google buys FitBit, FCC passes new Mac Pro, online etymology, we follow up on Apple TV+ trial, GameClub, and PhotoShop on iPad, Apple privacy updates, and Uber car kills jaywalker. You cannot submit Electron 6 or 7 apps to the App Store. Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browser will launch on January 15th. Apple Push Notification Service Update. Apple TV+ first impressions and a new...


Episode 272: Apple's Back

This time we discuss the look of the new AirPods Pro and installing Catalina on an APFS partition. We also follow up on website accessibility, and illustrated guide to OAuth and OpenID as well as in plain English. The confusion around iOS 13 share sheets continues, and we are front and centre in a group photo from iOS Dev UK. Mark reports on Apple's record breaking earnings. GameHub revives old iOS games. Apple warns iPhone 5 owners to update. Apple reveals new AirPods Pro. Apple also...


Episode 271: Cheetos Finger Hot Dog Stylus

This week we follow up on Move the Dial, how AstroPad HQ is dealing with being "Sherlocked", Apple surpasses Microsoft, and apps merged from iPad to Mac have troubles with user charges. We dig into security foibles with Google's Pixel 4 and Samsungs Galaxy 10. Apple Pay has overtaken Starbucks as a payment platform. Apple has implemented OpenID Connect with Sign in with Apple. SoftBank to Take Majority Stake in WeWork. There is a looming EMV "Y2K Moment". Picks: Dracula — A dark theme for...


Episode 270: Who Moved My Dang Cheese?

We follow up on up on Hacktoberfest, finger counting, the Domino's accessibility lawsuit, bundling Apple services, what the T2 chip does, and iOS 13 adoption rates. We discuss how a 14 year old developer got his game on Apple's Arcade. You can now ask Siri to play Spotify music on iOS 13. James Thompson shares his experience getting apps converted to Catalyst. The Apple TV app is coming to Roku. Picks: A SwiftUI Kickstart, Move The Dial, Transporter, Rob Whitaker on Accessibility, and...


Episode 269: Best of MTJC: Devs On the Street — LIVE from WWDC 2019

Recorded LIVE during WWDC 2019: In this special episode Tim interviewed several iOS developers on-site at WWDC thought the conference. Joining us this week are Tom Harington, Jeff Rames, Ish Shabazz, Kilo Loco, Mark Struzinzki, Adam Armstrong, Dru Freeman, Ray Fix, Megan Winter, Anthony Laurence, Ricky de Laveaga, Kendal Gelner, and literally on the street Joe Cieplinski. We discuss the WWDC Keynote, PSotU, SwiftUI, Project Catalyst, Dark Mode, stand alone Watch Apps, Xcode 11, Voice...


Episode 268: Xcode Memory View

We fact check on Apple costs, SR&ED, and Matchbox. In the follow up we name check Worcestershire, the OMG Cable, and the Checkm8 exploit. We review Swift Memory Management and Performance. Swift Playgrounds on iPad adds SwiftUI, iOS 13 SDK and Combine support. Picks: Reverse Interview, Catalina tip - download apps from anywhere, PenBook built with SwiftUI, PencilKit and iPadOS, Xcode Spell Chec, and Combine Function Builders.


Episode 267: Great Developers Paste

We start with iOS 13.1 release date, Bluetooth access notifications, the price of Apple gear in Australia, listening to podcasts on CarPlay, and getting into open source through a hackathon. We follow up on top 10 Apple Arcade games, Google Play Pass rolls out games for Android, iPadOS comes out, and the Alt Store has also come out for iOS devices. The smartphone is in the running for Toy Hall of Fame. The Best iOS 13 Tips and Tricks. Apple says it will make the new Mac Pro in Texas. Picks:...


Episode 266: What Color Is Your Apple Card?

Apple Arcade is now available to iOS 13 users, we discuss this as well as Apple TV+. It seems the US based Apple Card users have an advantage buying Apple gear. The September event is available on-demand via YouTube. We discuss the early iPhone 11 Pro reviews. Does Apple tip the scales in favour of its own apps? Billing Grace Period Now Available in App Store Connect. Podcast app Pocket Casts is now available for free, with an optional $0.99 subscription. Picks: On-device training with Core...