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Elon Get's Political and Settles the Star Wars/Star Trek Debate

Without getting too specific Elon takes a side regarding the current immigration situation at the border. He also shows pride and support for his Tesla crew and what they've currently accomplished. Plus, there's a bit less activity on social media between Elon and his girlfriend Grimes even though she still popped up on her own. Finally, the Musk calls out his favorite Sci-Fi movie of all time.


Elon Takes a Break...From Twitter

Elon get's into a lot of trouble because of his tweets, so he took advice from a fan and went silent on Twitter for a while. Also, claims that Tesla's stock is shorted and Elon accusers get schooled. Plus, a strange bitcoin contest, giveaway or maybe a prank has been mentioned by Elon multiple times and it's causing some confusion.


The Utopian Anarchist

Elon spent Father's Day weekend explaining his political and social philosophy via twitter and came out in the end proclaiming to be a Utopian Anarchist (We don't know what that is either). Also, updates from Tesla as Elon posted a photo of a new dual motor Model 3, rolling off a completely revamped Tesla assembly line that the team rebuilt in just 3 weeks. Plus, The Boring Company posted a video of a Tesla launching through their still under construction tunnel underneath Los Angeles at...


Elon Musk...A Modern Day Lex Luthor or Tony Stark?

When us mere mortals are frustrated by the traffic during our commute we just complain to our friends about it. Not Elon, when you're Elon Musk you launch your own boring company to create an entirely new commute underneath the city, minus the traffic. It all started with Los Angles, then Baltimore, and now Elon is taking on Chicago traffic as the Boring Company adds Chi town to its list of cities for underground high speed travel. Also, some questions on Elon's intentions as a...


Tesla Layoff Aftermath and Balancing Autonomy VS Driver Safety

Elon Musk had some inspiring words to the good people he unfortunately had to lay off at Tesla this week. Also, Elon is stuck between a rock and a hard place as he responds to negative feedback from drivers about the new autopilot update. He's got a tough job in that he has to satisfy drivers who seek real autonomy while maintaining safety standards set forth by federal and state regulations.


Tough Choices And A Family Affair

It's never easy delivering bad news to your employees, which is exactly what Elon had to do. He made the difficult yet necessary decision to cut 9% from Tesla's salaried (white collar) work force. The company also made the decision to stop selling Tesla solar roof products through Home Depot. Corporate recalibration is difficult but Elon was motivating as always when he tweeted "We will persevere and move forward." The Musk family was right there to support Elon via twitter with stories of...


Musk Time Management Techniques And Life On Mars

At the most recent Tesla shareholders meeting, some thought his Chairman and CEO role might be wasn't. He did however admit he could use some help with time management, which he's not the best at. Also, We have yet to hear Elon comment on NASA's announcement about the discovery of carbon molecules on Mars, which means the red planet could have supported life. This is music to Elon's ears as he is desperate to colonize Mars. Wonder if this will get him tweeting about sending...


Flame Throwers and Rocket Propelled Roadsters

It was a busy weekend for Elon! He starts off by handing out The Boring Company's first 1000 (non) flame throwers. Then announces a planned enhancement for the Tesla Roadster which includes rockets that use compressed air! Finally, Elon makes sure to remind everyone that he hasn't forgotten about launching his own reporter rating site.