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A technology podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. We cover gadgets and software, freeware, shareware, photography, security and we get pretty geeky at times. We welcome listener contributions and have a strong community who have named themselves the NosillaCastaways.

A technology podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. We cover gadgets and software, freeware, shareware, photography, security and we get pretty geeky at times. We welcome listener contributions and have a strong community who have named themselves the NosillaCastaways.
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A technology podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. We cover gadgets and software, freeware, shareware, photography, security and we get pretty geeky at times. We welcome listener contributions and have a strong community who have named themselves the NosillaCastaways.






NC #736 Soulver, Fitbit vs. Apple Watch for Wheelchair Users, Security Bits

Weekly Tech News Hour radio show with AllisonPS 80podcasting@bartificer.netzkarj@me.comWill Soulver Solve a Problem for You?Security Bits – 15 June 2019


NC #735 Tesla Repair, Why AltConf, WWDC Keynote, WWDC State of the Union

Tesla Tech - How to Get Your Tesla Repaired After an AccidentWWDC Adjacent - Why AltConf is CoolWWDC 2019 Keynote ObservationsWWDC 2019 State of the Union Observations


NC #734 Write by Hand, Tesla Tech - Repairs, Security Bits

Chit Chat Across the PondWrite by Hand When You Need to ThinkTesla Tech - How to Get Your Tesla Repaired After an AccidentSecurity Bits – 1 June 2019


NC #733 Samsung Accessibility, DTNS, Clockwise, Powerbeats Pro, Tesla Tech on Charging, Keyboard Maestro Field Gide, EVs and Sound

CCATP with David Woodbridge on Samsung AccessibilityAl on DTNS: On Clockwise:'s Powerbeats Pro ReviewElectric Vehicles Will be Required to Make SoundMacSparky Presents — Keyboard Maestro Field GuideTesla Tech - How Long Does it Take to Charge?


NC #732 Sorry for a Company, Tesla Tech App, Security Bits

CCATP #593 — Bart Busschots on PBS 78 — is.js & Bootstrap PopoversShould You Feel Sorry for a Company?Tesla Tech - There's an App for ThatSecurity Bits – 16 May


NC #731 - Happy 14 Years, MacVoices Road to Macstock, TextExpander Tutorial, Linux on Windows, Wyze Sense, Tesla Model 3

MacVoices #19136: Road to Macstock - Allison Sheridan On The Evolution and Creation Of Her PodcastTextExpander Tutorial on ScreenCastsOnlineWyze Sense and Happy HourTale of Two


NC #730 Omni 20 USB-C Power Bank, HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB-C Hub, Security Bits

Omni 20 USB-C Power Bank to Charge Full Size Laptops (and More)Traveling Live Show with HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB-C HubSecurity Bits – 3 May


NC #729 Logitech Crayon, 8 bits to a Byte, GOSPACE Supercharger

CCATP #591 — Kaylee Dayo on Building JavaScript Games to Teach English in JapanDTNS 3519 - Facebook Too Big for its BreachesOne Crayon is Better Than Two Pencils8 bits to a


NC #728 Macstock Discount Code, Dyson V7 Motorhead Vacuum, Tiny Tip, Security Bits

Time to Sign Up for Macstock Expo — With a Discount Code!I'm in Love With My VacuumDyson V7 Motorhead Vaccum on AmazonTiny Tip - How to Text to Android Phones from Your MacSecurity Bits – 19 April


NC #727 Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones, iPad mini, 1Password

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones — by Allister JenksDoes the New iPad mini Have a Place in Your Digital Life?How 1Password's Family Plan Saved the


NC #726 Pzizz Sleep and Focus, Previous Recipients in Apple Mail, Security Bits

Pzizz — Sleep and Focus Aid App by Allister JenksHow to Permanently Get Rid of a Contact's Email Address on macOSSecurity Bits – 5 April 2019


NC #725 AirPods 2 Just Work, Owl Car Cam, Netgear EX8000 Mesh Extender

Use "podfeet" for $10 off Macstock pricing, TextExpander Evangelist Jeff Gamet joins me on Chit Chat Across the Pond. AirPods 2 "just work" and didn't give me any good stories to tell. I've got a review fo the Owl Car Cam. And finally I'll talk about my justification to buy a new Netgear EX8000 mesh range extender, and teach you about using RSSI to measure relative signal strength. Warning, there's math in this episode! Please consider supporting the show at


NC #724 Sonova/Phonak Listening Device, Solo NY Region Backpack, WD Drive with WiFi, 2019 iPad Lineup, Security Bits

I was on the SMR Podcast this week. CSUN interview with Sonova/Phonak about their Assisted Listening Devices. My review of the Solo New York Region Backpack. Allister Jenks explains how well the Western Digital WiFi-enabled hard drive helps him. I try to help you decide which iPad to get with my 2019 iPad lineup comparison chart. Then Bart is back with another terrifying installment of Security Bits.


NC #723 MarsEdit on SCO, CSUN, SleepPhones, Retissa Retinal Projection, Proloquo2Go, Ampere Unravel, Ocutech

We hope you'll join us during Apple's March 25th event in our chat room at My latest ScreenCastsOnline tutorial is on the awesome blogging tool MarsEdit. We attended CSUN’s Assistive Technology Conference and I've got an overview of what we learned along with interviews with Assistivewear about Proloquo2Go, their AAC App, and Ocutech low vision aids, and I'll tell you about QD Laser's retinal projection eyewear called Retissa. Mixed in with all the CSUN talk we've got a...


NC #722 OWC Thunderbolt Dock, GoodTask, Web Accessibility Testing, Security Bits

I start off with what’s supposed to be a review of the OWC 14-port Thunderbolt 3 dock but which turns into a lesson on USB and Thunderbolt speeds and specs but does do a comparison of the OWC against the other docks I’ve reviewed. Then Allister Jenks tells us about the to do app GoodTask 3 that uses your Reminders data. Then I’ll take a deep dive into a cool tool from WebAIM that lets you find out how accessible a website is and how to fix it. Nerdy good fun. The Bart Busschots is back with...


NC #721 Goodbye Honda Bob, Ring, Emmet, Vispero, SureCall Signal Booster, MPowerd Lights, WHILL

We say goodbye to Honda Bob, and you can download his book at [](Https:// We've got a CES interview with Ring talking about their smart lighting and doorbells for people in apartments. Caleb brings us a review of Emmet, a plugin for web developers that makes writing HTML code easier and more efficient. We talk to Vispero about their assistive technologies, and then to SureCall about a cell signal booster for the car that could be a huge help for...


NC #720 Omnicharge, Down Tech Rabbit Hole, Targus Video Docking Stations, Bitdefender BOX, Security Bits

We've got more interviews from CES, starting with one with Omnicharge about their portable power banks that allow us to charge USB-C-enabled laptops directly. Then I'll tell you the tale of the rabbit hole I fell down when trying to use Markdown in a locally-hosted WordPress installation on my Mac so that I could show it in a video tutorial about MarsEdit for ScreenCasts Online. We'll hear about Targus's up and coming video docking stations that will provide more video out than you may have...


NC #719 NiteIze RunOff, Brydge Keyboards, Gear Axis, Square Off Chessboard, GoSun Solar, Wrong About Save As, iOGEAR

Donald Burr returns to Chit Chat Across the Pond after a long hiatus to tell us about how you can build your own 3D printer. We've got an interview with one of my favorite companies, Nite Ize about their new RunOff waterproof containers. We talk to Brydge about their new line of keyboards for the new iPads Pro. I'll give you Steve and my impressions of the Axis Gear smart shade controller from installation to usage (for lazy people). We interview Square Off about their smart chessboard that...


NC #718 Ring of Security, EyeQue, Votion, Axis Gear, GUNNAR Optiks, Security Bits

In this week's show I'll start out with the tale of how I got instantly improved vision by cataract surgery. Then we'll get into more tradition tech with a CES interview of EyeQue, an in-home vision testing system that is supposed to get your prescription and your pupillary distance, eliminating the need to have a vision specialist do it for you. Then we'll talk to the folks at Votion who have their own HomeKit-compatible ecosystem of Home Automation devices and who help other companies...


NC #717 Ohmnilabs, iPad Pro First Impressions, Solo New York, Bootstrap, ALOGIC, B-Secur, PAIBots, Blue Ember

We have a lot of CES interviews interspersed with reviews and stories from me, Kevin and Bart. We start with Ohmnilabs affordable robots and their hope to help those with disabilities. Kevin Allder gives us his first impressions of the 12.9" iPad Pro weighing its strengths and weaknesses. I interview Solo New York about their amazing "lifestyle" bags (spoiler, I really want one.). I'll tell you how I hardcoded the Subscribe to the Podcasts page using the programming skills Bart taught us in...