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Chatting to some of the biggest thought-leaders in the tech space at the moment, about what they do to win and how. If you enjoy this show, make sure you listen to our other show OfferZen Audioblogs! :D

Chatting to some of the biggest thought-leaders in the tech space at the moment, about what they do to win and how. If you enjoy this show, make sure you listen to our other show OfferZen Audioblogs! :D
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Chatting to some of the biggest thought-leaders in the tech space at the moment, about what they do to win and how. If you enjoy this show, make sure you listen to our other show OfferZen Audioblogs! :D








Interview with Themba Chakela, DimensionData: Why HR Best Practices Don’t Work in Tech

Best practices are useful ways to get to a solution faster, but when it comes to HR and tech, some wisdoms don’t always apply so neatly. Themba Chakela, Human Resources Executive for Dimension Data Systems Integration, has been in the HR and tech industries long enough to know where they don’t stack together well. In order to work around the pitfalls of conventional HR wisdom in the tech space, he uses a questioning mindset, which aligns HR models to the organisation and, thus, puts people...


Interview with Marlon Parker, RLabs: Tech Solutions Built by a Community, for a Community

Many social issues within South African underserved and marginalised communities are complex and nuanced. This makes it hard for external forces to provide tech solutions with real social impact. Marlon Parker, founder of Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs), sees tech as an enabler and an equaliser: By providing tech skills training to young people in these communities, RLabs works to generate value from within the community, and empower those who ‘live’ the problems every day to build tech...


Interview with Dean Broadley, Designing Humans: Why Self-Awareness Builds Better Tech

South African tech companies invest a lot of money into their products, but Designing Humans Founder, Dean Broadley, thinks they don’t invest enough time or money into the people who build them. With a focus on building environments and mindsets that encourage ‘humanness’ in tech, Dean shares why he thinks self-awareness is more important than coding ability, how he teaches people to be ‘full-time humans’, and what impact that’s had on his tech teams. Read the blog post...


Interview with Adrian Moisey, Salesloft: How DevOpsDays Sets up Value

Adrian Moisey, former VP of Engineering at SweepSouth, and now Salesloft engineer, is a huge advocate for attending tech meetups. As one of the organisers of Cape Town’s DevOpsDays, he’s learned that the way a conference is set up affects the value people get out of it. Using his experience organising DevOpsDays conferences, he shares how he thinks about creating 10x value. He talks about speaker-sponsor-attendee value through mingling, putting together a curated line-up of speakers, and...


Interview with Benji Meltzer, Aerobotics: How Niche Focus Helped Us Win in Agritech

The agriculture sector is hard to break into as a tech startup, especially when you’re working with data that’s incredibly hard to access. Aerobotics CTO & Co-Founder, Benji Meltzer, shares his lessons on creating a ‘new market’. He talks us through the importance of maintaining a ‘niche’ focus early on, solving one person’s problem first, and how this feeds into building credibility and trust with early adopters. Read the blog post here!


The Future of Work: Why There’s No Diversity Without an Inclusive Mindset

There is a clear disconnect between companies struggling to fill their ever-growing demand for tech talent, and how difficult it is for people from non-traditional backgrounds to enter and thrive in the industry. But, as a community, how do we solve this problem? Our latest panel discussion revealed that we need to start by changing the way we think about our team’s diversity. That said, we discussed many other interesting topics on the evening. If you’d like to hear more, you can check out...


The Future of Work: Empowering Underserved Communities to Thrive in Tech, "Work Readiness"

At OfferZen, we believe that talent is universally distributed but opportunity isn’t. Underserved South Africans often struggle to thrive in the tech workplace, even if they have the correct technical skills, because they are not ready for the challenges that the workplace presents. We asked Baratang Miya, CEO of GirlHype, and Alwyn van Wyk, Chairperson of Younglings Africa, about what it means to be work-ready and how we can collaborate to improve inclusion in the tech space. If you missed...


The Future of Work: How to Launch Your Tech Freelancing Career

Stepping into the tech freelancing space can be a daunting experience because there are many tradeoffs to be made and complexities to be considered. It helps to first get some advice from those who’ve done it before, so in our latest Future of Work panel discussion, we posed the question: ‘How can you launch your tech freelancing career?’. Here are the top insights that our panelists, Dries Cronje and Inez Patel, had to say about how they got their foot in the door, what it takes to win as a...


The Future of Work: How to Win at Freelancing in SA

South Africa’s tech industry is currently not equipped to handle all the complexities of remote work. This makes it very difficult to get freelance jobs, communicate with teams remotely and mature as a software maker. That’s why we decided to run an event on ‘How to Win at Freelancing in SA’. Our speakers were Florah Chuene, Jahil Khalife and Maia Grotepass, who all have first-hand experience working as freelancers in South Africa. These are the top insights from the night, but you can also...


The Future of Work: Sparking an Innovative Culture

Company culture is an important topic and driver for success in any business. This is particularly true in the tech space, where developers can easily find other opportunities if their environment doesn’t allow them to fully explore their potential. But whose responsibility is it to create a healthy work culture? At our event, ‘The Future of Work: Sparking an Innovative Culture’, we spoke to Quraish Behari, the CEO of Derivco, and Alexandria Procter, CEO and Co-founder of


Interview with Neil Kelly, Luno: Thoughts On Emigrating SA as a Dev

For many South African developers, the global tech marketplace is really attractive: Filled with big opportunities, career growth and stronger currencies. Luno’s Director of Engineering, Neil Kelly, however, hasn’t had this experience. He suggests four important things to consider before making the move abroad, and actually sees a lot of potential to hack career growth locally. Read the blog post here!


Interview with Amy Miller, Google: Even Big Tech Companies Can’t Hack Hiring

Amy Miller, Senior Tech Recruiter at Google, says that recruiting for big tech companies like Google isn’t as easy as everyone thinks it is. This is why hiring is still a core competency at Google, and _not_ just admin work. Amy has decades of experience in tech recruitment and says that even the biggest tech companies have to bring their military-grade hiring approaches to the war for tech talent. In her experience, a successful hire comes down to being hyper-intentional about your hiring...


Interview with Simon Hartley, WumDrop: Achieving Product-Market Fit Without Experience

When trying to achieve product-market fit, two things that normally help are knowledge of the specific industry, and some kind of background in business. However, Founder of WumDrop, Simon Hartley, had neither, but still managed to succeed. What helped him win were end user research, speaking to people who have done it before, and a laser focus from start to finish. Read the blog post here!


The Future of Work: SA and the Global Tech Ecosystem

Exploring the South African Tech Ecosystem Compared to the international stages of tech innovation, South Africa’s tech ecosystem is still in its infancy. This makes breaking into traditional industries and collaborating across sectors incredibly hard. But to grow the local innovation space, players need a proper grip on how it all works. 🚀 At our last Future of Work event, our speakers spoke about the challenges and opportunities around growing our tech community. To hear the full...


Interview with Pineapple: Proactive Software Development & Scoping

Meeting the deadlines and expectations of software projects depend on properly scoping features, algorithms and dependencies before touching any code. This is the step-by-step process Sizwe Ndlovu, Head of DevOps at Pineapple, and his team follow - with a project planner template you can download too! Follow along with the full transcript in the show notes, or read the blog post.


Interview with Travelstart: Data-Driven Interviews & Human Bias in Hiring

Most hiring decisions are typically based off of a ‘gut feeling’. This makes it hard to attribute what ‘worked’ and what ‘didn’t work’ in the hiring process, which in turn affects how confidently you hire someone. Travelstart, however, makes a predominantly data-based decision in their interviews, without removing the ‘human’ touch. Lee Watts, Human Resource Business Partner at Travelstart, says that their quantitative approach, in fact, not only makes interviews much shorter, but also...