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SKA Africa Telescope and Multiboard PCB design

Overview: Omer Magoub, Electrical Engineer for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Africa talks about the project and shares how he got started in the field of PCB Design. Join Omer and Judy Warner for a conversation on Multi-board PCB design in the context of extremely sensitive devices. Show Highlights: The goal of the Square Kilometre Array is to be the largest radio telescope in operation. Bigger and more sensitive Project scope - built in South Africa and Australia Mercat is 64 /...


Model Copper Roughness Properly, a Discussion with Bert Simonovich

Overview: Bert Simonovich is founder of Lamsim Enterprises and an expert in innovative signal integrity and backplane solutions. He holds two patents and author of several publications. Anyone involved with the design and fabrication of high-speed circuit cards and backplanes or people who needs to estimate PCB transmission lines losses will find value in the paper Bert shared at DesignCon 2018, “A Causal Conductor Roughness Model and Its Effect on Transmission Line...


What is PCB design? With Kelly Dack and Judy Warner

Overview: What is design? Have you been inside a board house? Join Altium’s Judy Warner and Kelly Dack, CID+, for a lively conversation about PCB design and becoming educated in the field. From CID and CID+ to visits to your fab house, learn how to learn for PCB design and where some of these resources are available today. Show Highlights: Design has to do with a breadth of knowledge. The design tool is only as good as the breadth of knowledge of the designer. Eric Bogatin’s PCB...


RF and Microwave PCB Design with John Bushie from ASC

What material do I use? Many PCB designers ask this question. This is an episode about RF and Microwave PCB Design as well as Design for Manufacturing or DFM and it will help you to understand material choices and where to get answers about high speed laminates. Join John Bushie, Director of Technology at American Standard Circuits and Altium’s Judy Warner in a discussion about High Speed laminates and the exciting world of RF/Microwave PCBs. Show Highlights:


Flex Cost Drivers and Next Gen Technologists, a conversation with Tara Dunn from OMNI PCB

More than ever, people are doing Flex and Rigid Flex for the very first time as industries drive for smaller, more user-friendly devices. Join Altium’s Judy Warner and OmniPCB CEO, Tara Dunn for a conversation on industry trends and cost drivers. Show Highlights:


Jeremy Blum at Shaper Tools and the CNC Router Revolutionizing Hardware Design

Jeremy Blum is working at Shaper, reinventing hand held power tools starting with the revolutionary CNC router, Shaper Origin. Join Altium’s Judy Warner and Jeremy for a conversation on making tools for making things. Show Highlights: The Shaper Origin


From Tapes-ups to ActiveRoute, a discussion with Charles Pfeil and Judy Warner

Charles Pfeil and Judy take a look back on the days of manual design, before exploring today’s very different eCAD competitive landscape and the tools that take designers to the next level. Join Altium’s Judy Warner and Charles Pfeil for a conversation on PCB design, autorouters and the future of software design tools. Show Highlights:


Multi-board Design, a discussion with Ben Jordan and Judy Warner

Join Altium’s Judy Warner and Ben Jordan for a conversation on Multiboard PCB design. Show Highlights:


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