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Coming Together - Business Security Weekly #110

This week, Matt and Paul interview Brian Carey, Senior Security Consultant at Rapid7! Brian talks about emerging trends that he is seeing with his clients, and how they impact their clients’ security programs, including maturity, roadmap, and recommendations! In the Leadership Articles, Matt and Paul discuss how to collaborate with people you don’t like, the right way to solve complex business problems, what the habits are of successful people, three things to know before you land a tech...


The Bleeding Edge - Paul's Security Weekly #585

This week, how Docker containers can be exploited to mine for cryptocurrency, WordPress sites attacking other WordPress sites, why the Marriott breach is a valuable IT lesson, malicious Chrome extensions, why hospitals are the next frontier of cybersecurity, and how someone is claiming to sell a Mass Printer Hijacking service! In our first Technical Segment, we welcome Marcello Salvati, Security Consultant at BHIS, to talk about SILENTTRINITY, a post-exploitation agent powered by Python,...


Light Years - Enterprise Security Weekly #118

This week, Paul and John Strand interview Mike Nichols, the VP of Product for Endgame! Mike joins us to talk about the MITRE evaluation of Endgame, Open-Source Query Language EQL, and more! In the Enterprise Security News, Ixia extends collaboration with ProtectWise, Ping Identity brings in New Customer Identity as a service solution, Fortinet introduces new security automation capabilities on AWS, Yubico announces YubiHSM 2 integration with AWS IoT Greengrass, and more! Full Show Notes:...


Stuck In My Teeth - Application Security Weekly #42

This week, Keith and Paul interview Aleksei Tiurin, Senior Security Researcher at Acunetix! Aleksei joins Keith and Paul this week for a Technical Segment on reverse proxies using WebLogic, Nginx, and Tomcat! In the Application Security News, hackers are opening SMB ports on routers to infect PC’s with NSA malware, bug detectives whip up smarter version of classic AFL fuzzer to hunt code vulnerabilities, malware & rogue users can spy on some apps' HTTPS crypto, exploiting developer...


Hack Naked News #199 - December 4, 2018

This week, hijacking printers to promote a YouTube channel, fake iOS apps that steal money, Google patches 11 critical RCE Android Vulnerabilities, Marriott hack hits 500 million Starwood guests, and getting Pwned through an oscilloscope! Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for expert commentary to discuss how the "Iceman" hacker was charged with running a drone-smuggling ring from jail, and more! Full Show Notes: Visit...


That's Success - Business Security Weekly #109

This week, Matt Alderman interviews Jay Prassl, CEO of Automox in a Pre-Recorded interview! Jay explains what Automox does, how Automox bridges the gap between ITOps and SecOps use case, and how Automox defines the way to patch systems in the MacOS, Linux, Windows, and MSP! In the Leadership Articles, Paul is joined by Jason Alburquerque to discuss the new math of leadership, how pragmatic leaders can transform stuck organizations, why building a work community is critical, and more! Full...


Donut Jokes - Paul's Security Weekly #584

This week, Wietse Venema and Dan Farmer, the Developers of Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN) Sven Morgenroth of Netsparker will talk about PHP Object injection vulnerabilities and explain the dangers of PHP's unserialize function, and the crew will wrap the show with the Security News! Full Show Notes: To learn more about Netsparker, go to: Follow us on Twitter:...


Back on the Saddle - Enterprise Security Weekly #117

This week, Paul and John Strand to interview Jeremy Winter, Director of Azure Management at Microsoft, to talk about Microsoft's Azure program, what they have built, and how it helps further the evolving roles of Cloud Ops and Cloud Security! In the Enterprise News this week, StackPath launches EdgeEngine Serverless Computing, Alcide advances Cloud-Native security firewall platform, Orkus launches Access Governance platform for Cloud Security, Tufin announces a new Cloud Security solution,...


Good Ol' Days - Application Security Weekly #41

This week, Keith and Paul interview Brent Dukes! Brent is a hacker, and Director of Information Security for an established manufacturing company. He joins Keith and Paul this week to talk about WAF’s, Pentesting, Burp Suite, and more! In the Application Security News, Hackers use Drupalgeddon 2 and Dirty COW exploits to take over web servers, second WordPress hacking campaign underway, USPS took a year to fix a vulnerability that exposed all 60 million users' data, this JavaScript can snoop...


Hack Naked News #198 - November 27, 2018

This week, disastrous Rowhammer bitflips, malicious developer steals Bitcoin with NodeJS module, Germany proposes router security guidelines, Uber fined 148$ Million for data breach cover-up, Microsoft yanks two buggy Office patches, and a malware advertising campaign that impacts millions of iOS users! Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for Expert Commentary to discuss how the FBI created a fake FedEx website to unmask a cybercriminal, and more on this episode of Hack Naked...


Evidence of Absence - Business Security Weekly #108

This week, we welcome Richard Seiersen, former Chief Information Security Officer at Lending Club and Twilio to talk about his CISO experience, and the book Richard co-authored called, "How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk"! In the Leadership and Communications segment, the million-dollar question of cyber-risk, risk assessments essential to secure third-party vendor management, how digital tech is transforming business ecosystem, and more! Full Show Notes:...


Shutting the Brain Off - Enterprise Security Weekly #116

This week, John Strand makes his triumphant return to join Paul and interview Rick Fernandez, Senior Sales Engineer at LogRhythm to talk about Choosing the Best Option for MSSPS! In the Enterprise News this week, Israeli cybersecurity company Tufin plans Nasdaq IPO, F-Secure boosts endpoint detection and response, Mimecast joins IBM Security app exchange community, and Awake Security debuts Network Traffic Analysis Platform to detect risks! In the Final Segment, we air some interviews we...


Buffet Overflow - Application Security Weekly #40

This week, Keith and Paul interview John Kinsella, Vice President of Container Security at Qualys! John discusses Qualys’ Container Security, continuous discovery, and tracking for containers and images! In the Application Security News, Instagram leaks passwords to the public, Clickjacking on Google MyAccount Worth $7,500, James Wickett's thread on Open Source SAST options, an advanced search tool for sensitive information stored in GitHub repos, and more! Full Show Notes:...


Hack Naked News #197 - November 20, 2018

This week, what happens when support won't change your password, Gmail glitch Phishing Attacks, stopping the Infiltration of Things, Make-A-Wish website serves a Cryptojacking Script, Instagram exposes user passwords, and DirtyCOW is back in backdoor attack targeting Drupal Web Servers! Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for expert commentary to discuss how Ford is eyeing the use of customers personal data to boost profits! Full Show Notes:...


Better Connected - Business Security Weekly #107

This week, we welcome Michael Pleasant, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Open Security for an interview! They discuss transferring from Marine training to a business environment, and his company Open Security! In the Article Discussion, Special Guest Co-Host Jason Alburquerque joins me in studio to discuss Six ways you can establish which goals are important, How to diversify your professional network, the impact of perception and bias on leadership, and more on this episode of...


PCI Piñata - Paul's Security Weekly #583

This week, we welcome Jon Buhagiar, Network+ Review Course Instructor at Sybex for an interview to talk about Network Operations! In the Technical Segment, we welcome back John Moran, Senior Product Manager at DFLabs to talk about IncMan SOAR and how DFLabs Automation & Response platform helps automate, orchestrate, and measure CSIRTs and SOCs! In the Security News this week, 7 new Spectre/Meltdown attacks, Hacking ATM's for free cash is easier than Windows XP, AI can now fake fingerprints...


A Picture of the World - Enterprise Security Weekly #115

This week, Paul and Matt Alderman interview James Wickett, Head of Research at Signal Sciences! James talks about how security is moving to the application space and web applications! In the Enterprise News this week, AlgoSec delivers Native Cloud Security Management for Azure, HP Reinvents customer experience with Ping Identity, what mid market security budgets will look like in 2019, and we have some acquisition & funding updates from ForeScout, Dragos, Netskope, Duality, and more! Full...


Boston Accent - Application Security Weekly #39

This week, Keith and Paul interview Brian Kelly, Head of Conjur Engineering at CyberArk! Brian focuses on creating products that add much-needed security and identity management to the landscape of DevOps tools and cloud systems. In the Application Security News, DJI Drone Vulnerability, Hackers are increasingly destroying logs to hide attacks, Adobe ColdFusion servers under attack from APT group, understanding Open Source Code use in your business, and more! Full Show Notes:...


Hack Naked News #196 - November 13, 2018

Vulnerabilities in SSD Encryption, Bypassing Windows UAC, Botnet Pwns over 100,00 routers w/ ancient security flaw, Google hit with IP Hijack, and 1 thing you can do to make your internet safer and faster! Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for expert commentary to discuss how Phineas Fisher got away with hacking Team Hacker! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes! Visit...


Crawl to the Office - Business Security Weekly #106

This week, Matt and Paul interview Dario Forte, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of DFLabs! Dario explains his journey to the position he is in now, DFLabs recent press release about Open Integration Framework, and what it allows people to do when it comes to the DFLabs platform addressing SOAR! In the Article Discussion, Matt and Paul talk the key to better focus and higher productivity, living your life on purpose, why people are willing to do more meaningful work for less money, the...