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48 Hours - Paul's Security Weekly #579

This week, we welcome Mark Dufresne, VP of Threat Research at Endgame for an interview, to talk about how MITRE created their tool and what the MITRE attack framework is! In our second feature interview, we welcome John Walsh, DevOps Evangelist at CyberArk to talk about Kubernetes, DevSecOps, and how to strengthen your container authentication with CyberArk! In the security news, how to use the Shodan search engine to secure an enterprise's internet presence, Apache access vulnerability...


Competitive Horse Racing - Enterprise Security Weekly #111

This week, John Strand and Paul discuss some companies Paul got a chance to catch up with! They discuss GuardiCore and their Application Segmentation, Cyxtera and their Network Security and Software Defined Perimeters, PreVeil’s Encrypted Email and File Sharing, and more! In the Enterprise News this week, Avast launches AI-based software for phishing attacks, Carbon Black and Secureworks apply Red Cloak Analytics to Carbon Blacks Cloud, ShieldX integrates intention engine into Elastic...


Hack Naked News #193 - October 16, 2018

This week, Millions of voter records for sale on the Dark Web, Apple passcode bypass can access pictures and contacts, how Chrome and Firefox could ruin your business, Fake Adobe updates, Microsoft Zero-Day patch for JET bug incomplete, and 5 ways attackers are targeting the Healthcare Industry! Doug White joins us for expert commentary how China used a Tiny Chip to infiltrate America's top companies, and more on this episode of Hack Naked News! Full Show Notes:...


Git On That - Application Security Weekly #35

This week, Keith and Paul interview Garrett Gross, Senior Solutions Engineer at Rapid7! They talk about catching bugs earlier in the process of development, what can lead to certain successes in development, and more! In the Application Security News, Git Project patches Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, Google is shutting down Google+ after 500k accounts potentially affected by a data breach, Facebook wants people to Invite its cameras into their homes, GitHub introduces user blocking...


Keep It Tight - Business Security Weekly #102

This week, Michael and Paul talk about the Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation! They discuss how to automate habits and never think about them again, why it’s important to explain to employees that organizational changes are coming, how journaling can boost your leadership skills, why you need to tell them why, and more on this episode of Business Security Weekly! Full Show Notes: Visit...


Get the Wagyu - Paul's Security Weekly #578

This week, we welcome Lee Neely, Senior Cyber Analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Lab for an interview! In the Technical Segment, Omer Yair from Javelin Networks brings us through his talk he presented at DerbyCon entitled: “Goodbye Obfuscation, Hello Invisi-Shell”! In the security news, new Apple and Microsoft security flaws at Black Hat Europe, CCTV makers leaves at least 9 million cameras public, upset Google+ users are suing Google, US weapons systems apparently can be easily hacked,...


The Land Down Under - Enterprise Security Weekly #110

This week, in the Enterprise News, Paul is joined by Joff Thyer to discuss WhiteHat Security's single page application scanning, Palo Alto Networks acquires RedLock to build out Cloud Security, KnowBe4 boosts security awareness training, Symantec brings workload assurance security to the cloud, and Splunk unveils first IoT platform for Customers! In our final segment, we air a Pre Recorded interview from Microsoft Ignite with Secure Digital Life host Doug White and CTO of Microsoft, Mark...


Hack Naked News #192 - October 9, 2018

This week, Tenable researcher reveals extended MikroTik Router Vulnerability, Wi-Fi versions will get names people can actually understand, don't accept Facebook's 2nd friend request, Google Plus exposed 500,000 users data, weak passwords are being banned in California, and code execution bug in malicious repositories resolved by Git Project! Juxin Dyrmishi Brigjaj of Acunetix joins us for expert commentary to talk about the resurgence of XSS after the big British Airways and NewEgg Hack!...


Super Evil - Enterprise Security Weekly #109

This week, Paul and John Strand interview Mike Gordover, iSenior Solutions Architect at ObserveIT! They discuss the current perception in the market of DLP, how ObserveIT’s solutions differ from traditional DLP, what challenges he faces when combating insider threats, and much more! In the Enterprise Security News, Mimecast offers free training kit as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Microsoft will finally kill off the old Skype client (for real this time), LogRhythm receives patent...


Hack Naked News #191 - October 2, 2018

This week, Robocallers get huge fines for spoofing phone numbers, 100,000 home routers used for Brazilian hacking scam, 85 reasons to update your Adobe PDF software, 9 NAS bugs open LenovoEMC, 5 major Security updates for Chrome extensions, and Twitter bans distribution of hacked materials ahead of the US midterm elections! Sven Morgenroth of Netsparker joins us for expert commentary this week on the most recent Facebook hack! Full Show Notes:...


Bring Yoga Pants - Application Security Weekly #34

This week, Keith and Paul talk about landing a job in Application Security! They discuss attending local meetups and conferences, practicing your coding skills, getting educated by World Class security researchers, doing your homework, and much more! In the Application Security News, Facebook discloses the loss of at least 50 millions access tokens, Google admits to allowing hundreds of companies to read your email, FireFox Monitor will alert you when your accounts have been Pwned, Microsoft...


Smash The Van - Paul's Security Weekly #577

This week, Paul interviews Mike Nichols of Endgame, Keith McCammon of Red Canary, & Shawn Smith of Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union! Carlos Perez deliver the Technical Segment on How to Operate Offensively Against SysMon, and the crew will wrap the show with the Security News! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!


Extreme Ownership - Enterprise Security Weekly #108

This week, Paul and Matt Alderman talk about Threat and Vulnerability management, and how Cloud and Application security's impact on vendors can help with integration in the Enterprise! In the Enterprise News this week, Bomgar to be renamed BeyondTrust after acquisition, Attivo brings cyber security deception to containers and serverless, Symantec extends data loss prevention platform with DRM, ExtraHop announces the availability of Reveal(x) for Azure, and Cloud Native applications are at...


Don't Hit Me Up - Application Security Weekly #33

This week, Keith and special guest host April Wright interview Ron Gula, Founder of Tenable and Gula Tech Adventures! They discuss security in the upcoming elections, how to maintain separation of duties, attack simulation, and more! In the Application Security News, Hackers stole customer credit cards in Newegg data breach, John Hancock now requires monitoring bracelets to buy insurance, the man who broke Ticketmaster, new security settings available in iOS 12, State Department confirms...


Hack Naked News #190 - September 25, 2018

This week, WordPress sites backdoored with malicious code, Google's forced sign in to Chrome raises red flags, Newegg is victimized by Magecart Malware, a Woman hijacked CCTV cameras for Trump's inauguration, Bitcoin DDoS attacks, Cybercriminals target Kodi for Malware, and a Security Researcher is fined for hacking hotel Wifi. Jason Wood joins us for expert commentary on Google Chrome's "dark pattern" of poor privacy changes, on this episode of Hack Naked News! Full Show Notes:...


Double Shot - Business Security Weekly #100

This week, Michael is joined by April Wright to interview Scott King, Sr. Director of Strategic Advisory Services at Rapid 7! In this two part interview, Michael and April talk with Scott about transitioning into his role at Rapid7, ICS Security, the best practices to understand how these systems work, holding accountability, and how legal and security share common goals! Full Show Notes: Visit for all...


An Infinite Door - Paul's Security Weekly #576

This week, Paul interviews Mike Ahmadi, Global Director of IoT Security Solutions at DigiCert! Apollo Clark delivers the Technical Segment on Threat Hunting in the Cloud! In the Security News this week, Senate can't protect senators staff from Cyber Attacks, Equifax fined by ICO over data breach that hit Britons, US judge allows e-voting despite hack fears, Zero Day in Internet connected cameras, US Military given the power to hack back and defend forward, and AmazonBasics Microwave works...

Duration:02:47:41, AmazonBasics, and FBI - Paul's Security Weekly #576

Senate can't protect senators staff from Cyber Attacks, Equifax fined by ICO over data breach that hit Britons, US Military given the power to hack back and defend forward,and AmazonBasics Microwave works with Alexa! Full Show Notes: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:


Threat Hunting in the Cloud, Apollo Clark - Paul's Security Weekly #576

Apollo Clark goes through inventory management, access management, config management, patch management, automated remediation, logging and monitoring, and deployment tools. Full Show Notes: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:


Mike Ahmadi, DigiCert - Paul's Security Weekly #576

Mike Ahmadi oversees IoT security solutions and technical implementations for DigiCert customers across various verticals that include industrial, transportation, smart city, consumer devices and healthcare. Full Show Notes: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: