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A brief guide to AI and Machine Learning (continued)

Following on from our last episode, this week we will turn the spotlight onto the game changer that is machine learning. It's a big topic to cover in under half an hour, but we take on the challenge, along with our special guests, to cover everything from how it works and its relationship with AI, to how the machine learning revolution has been enabled by the cloud and the power of accessible data. To finish off, we will take a look at the perception of these disruptive technologies in...


A brief guide to AI and Machine Learning

Today we’re going to jump right into two of the hottest topics in technology - AI and machine learning. We hear these terms bandied around in mainstream media all the time, but what do they actually boil down to? Show notes (hyperlinks available on most mobile devices) Useful Links Mindshare Huddle event - The Journey to Post Human Do Not Pay - The chatbot designed to fight your parking fines for you. Joshua Browder also wrote an article on medium to announce the fact he was open...


How to hire in a world where unicorns don't exist

Following on from the last episode of Pi & Mash, we're mixing things up, turning the tables around and taking a look at how technology companies can ensure their teams have all the skills needed to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. We'll also myth-bust the idea of the ever-elusive unicorn candidate and find out what our guests have to say about job hunting in this ever changing industry.


Tech in colour

During the next two episodes we will be taking a step inside the Ocado Technology offices to find out more about the opportunities available in technology today, taking a closer look at the ever evolving industry culture from both sides of the interview table. In such a fast paced, quick changing environment, technology is requiring an ever growing range of skills, and they're not always what you would expect...


Just Say No!

This episode delves into the dreaded to-do list. Featuring guests Susannah and Anna; experts within product management, who want to wave goodbye to backlogged work for good, and AJ, who explores the psychological ramifications of an unmanageable list of work undone. Maybe we could all see ourselves saying no to ever-growing workloads after this episode of Pi & Mash.


A Universal Language

A discussion with Celine Boudier, team lead of the Code for Life initiative, reveals the importance of teaching children how to code at a young age. We explore how we can start introducing these all important life skills, discuss Code for Life’s accessible and engaging coding games and find out why you should never give up on your dream of managing a robotic football team. Useful Links Code for Life - An education initiative with a mission to create free open source games and teaching...


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