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An introduction to everyday organisations and people who want to learn to podcast

An introduction to everyday organisations and people who want to learn to podcast


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An introduction to everyday organisations and people who want to learn to podcast




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Trail for the podcast with no name yet

Please excuse the interruption, I just anted to tell you about my new podcast which you can find at davysims.com. It·s about creativity, innovation, technology, media and investment and should be available every Thursday. In the first episode I talk to Ross Moffatt about a project he runs called Pop Up which works with young musicians in Northern Ireland. Also there are tow musicians he works with, Sonja Sleator and Stuart Lunn. In the second episode I’m talking radio with U105 station...


Podcasting for Journalism Students promo

I have thought about distributing this through the podcast, but as people expect an audio file, not a PDF, I decided it was better to post this PDF here and allow anyone to download it … for a short time at least It is available on Kindle and as a paperback The book is for young, trainee, or student journalists not specialising in broadcast media. It is an introduction to “making content”, podcasting and broadcasting whether you want to understand production on a professional level or...


Irish Times Podcasts

Let’s start with some history and some dates. The Times (the London Times if you like) was named in 1788, the Times of India 50 years later in 1838. The New York Times was … 1851. The Irish Times started in Dublin in 1859. Like the Guardian Newspaper – which is owned by the Scott Trust – the Irish Times Trust gives the publisher greater scope than those with more commercial obligations. In the digital age, it was one of the first 30 newspapers in the world to go online when it had the...


Episode 21 - The Story So Far

As we reach episode 21 … this is the story so far. In September 2016 Belfast journalist Malachi O’Doherty was the first voice on the first episode of what was then called “Podcasting For dot dot dot”. He talked about how digitising and archiving his work – audio and photographic – has changed the way people access it Now the podcast is part of a project with two books Podcasting for Communities and Podcasting for Student Journalists. Along with this blog they are a guide for anyone...


No Such Thing as a Fish

Just before we start ... I’ve just published the second book in the Podcasting For series – Podcasting for Journalism Students – it on Amazon for Kindle and you can get links and more information here. Davy Without wanting to sound like I’m singing Burt Bacharach … If you see me walking down the street and I start to laugh before we meet, I’m probably listening to the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast Fish is more than a comedy podcast, though. It is witty and interesting and there is...


Barbara McCann - Journalist and Broadcaster

Barbara McCann has been a journalist in radio, television and print since the late 1970s. In this edition of “Podcasting for … (communities, journalism students, anyone interested)”, we talk about interviewing and writing for radio (and podcasts). Along with reading, writing, recording and editing, Interviewing is one of the key skills for podcast and radio production. I write about them all in the book Podcasting for Communities. I also wanted Barbara to share some tips on writing for...


Trail - Barbara McCann - Journalist and Broadcaster

Barbara McCann has been a journalist in radio, television and print since the late 1970s. I interviewed her for the Podcasting for Communities series and in the next episode Barbara discusses interviewing. Along with reading, writing, recording and editing, Interviewing is one of the key skills for podcast and radio production. I write about them all in the book Podcasting for Communities. I also wanted Barbara to share some tips on writing for radio. She told me about the first big...


Maxine Mawninney talks about interviewing

As an anchor on the BBC News channel, Maxine Mawhinney probably spends more time interviewing than anything else. The interviewees will be in the studio or remote – somewhere else in the country or really, anywhere in the world. Sometimes they will be in a different studio, or on Skype or a phone. She will talk to correspondents, reporters, eye-witnesses, politicians, business people … anyone. And news being news, Maxine might not get much notice about who she is about to quiz and what...


Maxine Mawhinney - Broadcaster and Journalist

This is Podcasting for communities – the starter’s guide to podcasting and community radio production. You can subscribe and download from iTunes, Siticher, Tune In and Libsyn. Did you know if you have a high voice – you can lower it using a tube of Pringles? BBC News Channel anchor Maxine Mawhinney explained how and why those crispy snacks can improve your microphone skills. In the next full length episode of podcasting for communities, I’ll be talking to Maxine Mawhinney about...


Review: Opinion iPhone App

A friend – a journalist with decades of experience – asked me about starting a podcast – but nothing too complicated. She needed a simple podcasting tool that didn’t require a lot of setting up, carrying equipment, or lots of faffing around. I had a look around for something that is new, uncomplicated and effective. I found Opinion – an iPhone app from a Swedish company. It is as good a place as any to start; better than most. Advantages: Disadvantages: My initial impression was...


Mitch Lafon - Rock journalist and podcaster

The Podcasting for Communities’ podcast is part of a project that includes the podcastingfor.com blog and the Podcasting For Communities' e-book which you can find on Amazon. There are links on the blog: www.podcastingfor.com In this episode, Davy Sims talks to rock journalist and podcaster Mitch Lafon. He has been writing and then podcasting about music since he was 11 years old. One on One with Mitch Lafon offers something that many music podcasts don’t. I have mentioned several...


How long should a podcast be?

How long should a podcast be? When I was about 12 or 13 and at school, a teacher would tell the class to write an essay or a report on something or another and the first question from my classmates would be “Sir, sir” – they were almost all sirs. “Sir, how long sir?” When we were younger the answer would be one or two pages. When we got older the length was measured in words. 500 words was a lot. 1000 words was a punishment. Pity the poor teacher who had to read 30 500 word essays or...


Interview with Malachi O'Doherty

In this series I’m talking to podcasters, producers, writers and broadcasters about their work and their approach to podcasting. In this episode I’m talking to Belfast journalist Malachi O’Doherty who I have known and worked with for around 30 years. His was one of the first voices in this series. For the price a pot of tea and a bowl of soup Belfast’s legendary Book Finders shop and cafe allowed Malachi and me sit for over an hour to talk and think about what it is that we...



Once again we turn our attention to music. I like music. I like music in podcasts. But as I have pointed out on the blog and in earlier episodes, using music is complicated. You can’t use just any song or instrumental, unless you have a license and that can cost a lot of money – see the blogpost on PRS. In an earlier podcast I spoke to Cheyenne Hohman of the Free Music Archive which is a fantastic resource of over 100,000 pieces of music, many of them free to used in a podcast or...


Free Music Archive's Cheyenne Hohman

Lets talk about Music In this edition of Podcasting For I’m talking to Cheyenne Hohman, the Managing Director of the Free Music Archive When I started planning this Podcasting For podcast, I searched around the Internet to find music I could use. I knew expensive licences were needed for using commercial music. Read about using commercial music here in the article about PRS. So I searched “rights free music”. Many of the sites I found offered music that was rights free, but you...


Why should communities podcast?

About 20 years ago some of us had our first experience building websites with Angelfire and Geocities. They gave ordinary untrained people their first chance to be creative on the web. Yes, many of the early websites we built were ugly – well, mine were. They were certainly unplanned and a bit embarrassing. As people developed their skills, so the websites improved. I think that is just where we are now with podcasting. People are hearing about podcasts. They are subscribing,...


Johnny Seifert: podcast and radio producer

There are two versions of this edition. This is the shorter one. The other is the downloadable version. You can find it on Johnny Seifert's page on podcastingfor.com. In the longer version my guest Johnny Seifert spends extra time talking about editing on Audacity. Stick with us, all will be explained. Johnny Seifert is part of the production team at TalkRADIO in London. He is the showbiz expert and a producer on the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast show. For his day to day work, he does the...


Podcasting - where do you start?

Just yesterday, I got a call from a young magazine publisher. He had heard about Podcasting for Communities from a mutual friend and wanted to find out how to start a podcast for the magazine. He said that they had been thinking about it for a while and wanted to ask me about what equipment he should buy. That's where a lot of people think the starting point is. To be honest, so did I at one time. But it is not. The starting point is exactly the same as any other project - you don't buy...


Olly Mann interview

It’s more than 10 years since Olly Mann began podcasting. He’s now one of the most prolific and popular podcasters in the UK. When he and Helen Zaltzman started Answer Me This, hardly anyone knew what a podcast was. When the Guardian stopped making their weekly media podcast, Olly, who was a contributor became part of the team that established The Media Podcast which is still going strong. To The Media Podcast, you can add The Guardian's Tech Weekly, and more recently his new podcast...


Sound recording and microphones - interview with Willis McBrier

This edition of the Podcasting for is all about recording audio. I’m talking to an old friend Willis McBrier – we talk a lot. The conversation is in two parts. First it’s about sound itself, ambience, record levels, psychoacoustics. In the second, we talk microphones and there are some examples of what a podcaster might use. Willis McBrier lectures in Creative Media at Belfast Metropolitan College. His career began over 30 years ago at the BBC as a broadcast and communications...