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Learn all you need to start podcasting – the show for novices and more established podcasters – hosted by Steve Hart; author of the book Podcasting Made Easy

Learn all you need to start podcasting – the show for novices and more established podcasters – hosted by Steve Hart; author of the book Podcasting Made Easy
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Learn all you need to start podcasting – the show for novices and more established podcasters – hosted by Steve Hart; author of the book Podcasting Made Easy




Reduce room reverb in your home studio

Hi, and welcome to the podcasting Made Easy podcast. My name is Steve Hart, author of Podcasting Made Easy. Today I would like to talk a little bit about reverb. You can do a quick test for reverb by clapping your hands in your home studio. Clap and listen for the reverb. Now reverb is something most of us who podcast from a spare bedroom or a room in our home can suffer from – when we've got hard flat surfaces. This might be the ceiling, the walls, windows and the door. And perhaps you...


How to find guests to interview

There are plenty of podcasters who do well just sharing their expertise and knowledge via their podcast without having to interview someone else. But if featuring guests on your podcast is something you want to do then that can be very interesting for your audience. It's quite common that people will make contact with you and ask to feature in your podcast, and that's all fine – so long as what they want to talk about aligns with what you are doing. If not; then it is often better to let...


Promote your podcast with a press release

I learned a long, long, time ago that having a great product doesn't automatically translate into great sales or popularity. Those of a certain age will remember the format war between VHS and Betamax home video systems. Betamax was the superior system offering better quality video than VHS – but VHS built the stronger market share with advertising and killed off the rival system. For a while movies were being released in both formats; causing the movie industry a huge headache. I won't tell...


Why you need to market your podcast

When a company makes a box of soap their job doesn't end once the boxes are packed up and placed in the warehouse. That's when the real work starts – advertising and marketing. It's no different than when people are giving away free samples; or free podcasts. They still need to be placed into the hands of consumers who want them or who could benefit from them. In this edition of the Podcasting Made Easy podcast I explain how you can promote your podcast for free and hopefully do a little...


How to interview people on location

While it's all very nice sitting at home making podcasts, there's nothing more exciting than actually getting out to events such as trade shows to interview people. They can be people such as experts in their field who are visiting your town, people you might not normally get to meet. Or maybe you want to do a vox pop asking random people in the street their opinion about something. Whatever the reason, how do you free yourself up from your studio to go do this? I can tell you that it is...


Which microphone should you buy

We've all seen the heated debates online about which microphone to buy; but the truth is there is no correct answer. In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I look at the many factors to consider; the recording environment, the budget, and whether you should use a condenser, dynamic or USB. I say don't buy any - use what you already have and do it anyway. But if you need to buy a microphone then my preference is dynamic.


Do we need to be worried about Apple?

Anyone who thinks the future of podcasting is in decline, or that there are too many podcast, need to think again. In life, as in business, one always has to follow the money and so it is interesting to see that Apple is now trying to sign up exclusive distribution deals with podcasters and to also fund podcast production too. In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I look at a report from Bloomberg that says Apple is approaching mainstream media firms to buy exclusive rights to podcasts,...


How long should your podcast be?

Hello and welcome to this episode of Podcasting Made Easy. I have always been in favour of brevity. I guess it is due in part to my training as a journalist to report news in as few words as possible. It was a hard lesson when I first started out as my editor would tell me to cut my 1500 masterpeice to 450 words. Cut, cut, cut, cut! There is no such demand from anyone when it comes to podcasting; people do ramble on and on for hours at a time in some cases. But frankly, I don't have the time...


Why your podcasts should be mono

If you are blessed with two fully working ears then everything you hear is stereo. By default you will likely record stuff in stereo. In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I explain why it's natural to want to produce podcasts in stereo. But there are some reasons why you shouldn't. Size does matter Stereo MP3 files will be twice the size of a mono version. This is because only half the data is needed to reproduce a mono recording than a stereo one.It's also worth noting that because each...


How to design the perfect podcast logo

There is a lot to consider when it comes to designing your podcast artwork. In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I say that restraint is a key requirement as it is ideal to keep the logo simple and restrict yourself to no more than 2 colours plus black or white. Ideally...use one colour. If you already have a company logo then your job is basically done; you just need to use the existing colours, logo and fonts to create your podcast artwork. If you don't have this then you have a free...


You can podcast for free

When you see that something is being offered for free then you pretty well know there will be a catch somewhere. But not today. If you have a way to record a podcast then you know that once that is done and ready to be released you will likely have to pay someone to host it so it can be heard around the world. But hold on, In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I show that there are free ways to do this. If you are just dipping your toe in the water to see if podcasting is for you – because...


Introduction to the podcast

Hi and welcome to the Podcasting Made Easy podcast with me Steve Hart. It's been a long time coming and follows on the heels of the second edition of my book; Podcasting Made Easy. I have been podcasting since 2009; but have previously worked in radio. Before that I was a nightclub DJ – I was touring the clubs in Essex and Kent at a time when music sampling was invented. I trained to become a newspaper journalist and from the early 1990s I concentrated on my journalistic career. But by 2008...