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The official podcast for Blubrry Podcasting and their plugin, PowerPress.

The official podcast for Blubrry Podcasting and their plugin, PowerPress.


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The official podcast for Blubrry Podcasting and their plugin, PowerPress.








Podcasting Future Valuations

Did you know that in 2018 podcasting was responsible for $479 million in revenue? The podcasting industry is predicted to break the billion mark in 2021, and in this episode MacKenzie discusses podcasting future valuations overall. The episode starts with a quick recap on Apple changes; nothing to worry about, this is an Apple years in the making. MacKenzie discusses advertising and how the entire industry needs to try something a bit more creative to continue growth if they'll make it to...


Podcasts Within Educational Institutions

After a long hiatus, the PowerPress Podcast is back. For the most part school is out for the summer, but we're here to talk about a podcast that works at Penn State University. Before they get to that, MacKenzie and this episodes co-host discuss subscribers. There is quite a bit of misunderstanding of how subscribers are calculated for podcasting, and this will give a better explanation and insight into these numbers - or lack there of. Jenna Spinelle, co-host of Democracy Works for the...


Learning How to Podcast As You Go

Not everyone is fit to host a podcast, not at the beginning at least. There is a lot of learning that goes into hosting a podcast, writing show notes, finding guests, learning how to interview, the list goes on and on. But the guest this week, Lara, was aware of what she was getting into with a strong background in marketing. They discuss attending events, with the perspective as an attendee and exhibitor, and how they've been the fish out of water before. It's easy to get overwhelmed or...


Set A Podcast Schedule, Stick To It.

Sometimes, podcasting is as easy as setting a schedule and sticking to it. Sure, there are a myriad of other factors that go into the production, publishing, etc. but there is no show if you can't sit down and record. Sarah Duncan and Pamela Walker-Dees know a thing or two about managing schedules and they decided Monday evenings were their go-to recording schedule for their podcast, Motherhood on Tap. And in the theme of setting schedules, we might have reordered this one a bit too early....


The Purpose of Your Podcast

People create podcasts for lots of reasons, such as to discuss their favorite whiskeys with their friends, or review the latest Cavs game. Others, are a bit more serious and every once in a while it's important to evaluate the purpose of your podcast. Kendall Ann Byrd started her show, High Heels and Heartache, to help women recovering from all kinds of unhealthy, toxic or abusive relationships. Almost a year later she is sharing episodes about once a month on topics that range from...


Your PowerPress Podcast – ppp81 and yp49

While the cat is away, the mice will play. MacKenzie is at PodCon and Todd is out at an undisclosed location so Mike and (guest host) John Hankins, from the the Blubrry support team, do a combined episode of Your Podcast and PowerPress Podcast. Welcome to Your Podcast, THE official Blubrry podcast! AND PowerPress Podcast! Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at PowerPressPodcast.com. We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review 😀 News: Android Auto: Finally...


Podcast RSS Feed Misconceptions

An RSS feed is crucial for a podcast, in fact without one you technically don't have a podcast, you're just sharing audio. Regardless, they're not as simple as they sound always, and there are many RSS feed misconceptions out there that podcasters don't necessarily release they're falling for. Mike Dell, from Blubrry's support team and Your Podcast, joined MacKenzie to discuss the introduction of Pandora into the podcasting industry, in a much larger way than the past. As time goes on,...


Continuous Change in Your Podcast

If one thing is for certain, it's change and the same can be said for anyone that has a podcast. The latest episode of the PowerPress Podcast talks about continuous change in your podcast. It might not always be on the forefront of your mind but shows do evolve from influence from guests, podcasters, listening to other shows and specific self guided direction. Starting out discussing how frequently podcasters are not always their best marketing team turned into a much longer discussion of...


Why Does Your Podcast Matter

A great followup to the last episode, we discuss why someones podcast matters and the reasons behind starting one and ending one. Jason Lustig, host of Jewish History Matters, started his show about a year ago and is currently in it's second season. He's in academia so he sees a significant reason to focus on historical topics and setting goals for your show. When he was researching how to start his podcast and what you should do he gravitated towards advice from NPR, as they're well known...


The Role of Podcasts in Education

People listen to podcasts for many reasons, one of which is for their education. The role of podcasts in education has become more prominent in the past few years as well, with schools adding it to their curriculum and sharing lectures out as podcasts, etc. Angela Betancourt joined MacKenzie to discuss her new show Five Things You Didn't Know, and her experiences with podcasts in school and outside of the classroom. They start out by discussing the benefits of adding podcasts to the...


From the Founders’ Mouths: International Podcast Day

Steve and Dave Lee, founders of International Podcast Day, joined MacKenzie to discuss the 5th annual celebration, occurring on September 30th. A day dedicated to the power of podcasting for not only creators but listeners and enthusiasts, Blubrry is participating in two different sessions dedicated to teaching podcast practices. Before they delve into the celebration they spoke of some recent changes in the podcasting industry. Slate's Panoply network announced they'll no longer be...


Learnings the Ins and Outs of Podcasting

Podcasting has quite a learning curve for most when they're first getting started. Fortunately, there are some people out there to help others learn, or just hand off to someone more experienced. Dan Thibeault, is a podcaster himself, created Fast Twitch Media to help other podcasters. He offers services for a variety of podcast tasks such as graphic design, content marketing strategies and social media. Before learning of Dan's podcast experience they discussed an article from earlier...


PowerPress Plugin 10th Anniversary

The PowerPress plugin is officially 10 years old as of August 2018. The free WordPress .org plugin created and offered by the Blubrry Podcasting team has had many iterations over the years and the main developer, Angelo Mandato, joined MacKenzie to chat about these developments. RawVoice Inc, Blubrry's parent company, started in 2005 right after podcasting began, and we've focused on paid and free services for podcasters ever since. With over 60,000 active installs, Blubrry's plugin is...


So, What Happened At Podcast Movement

Another year, another whirlwind at Podcast Movement, this time in Philadelphia. In attendance as always was Tim McGowen, not a podcaster - yet - but a huge podcast junkie. A friend of the Blubrry team he's prepared to start a podcast but hasn't done so just yet, but he knows all about the podcasting community. He joined MacKenzie on this episode of the PowerPress Podcast to help her recap and give his opinion on how the event went, what stood out to him, etc. Check out the blog post on our...


Repeat: Everyday Superhumans

Everyday Superhumans was the featured podcast last fall and with the recent office move, MacKenzie decided to go ahead and share a great past episode as opposed to releasing a lackluster new one. Who knew an office move could cause so much disruption to a podcast schedule? Read below to find out about Everyday Superhumans and catch their episodes from 2018 as well. Non-profit organizations – have you ever thought about how many there are just in your neighborhood? Kyle Smith of the...


Expanding From Blogging to Podcasting

Managing your finances is a challenge that must be met on a daily basis, but Gwen and J from Fire Drill Podcast - Financial Independence, Real Estate, have taken this to a whole new level. Gwen from the podcast joined MacKenzie to talk about the growth from two bloggers to a podcast and the challenges and new opportunities that stem from it. The episode begins with a quick discussion on new Google Podcast app in the future, that is essentially a shortcut. Next up they talk about why Gwen and...


Universities Using Podcasting to Reach the Community

Creating and reaching a community can be done via a podcast and that is exactly what the University of Colorado has done with CU on the Air Podcast, a podcast started by the University Relations department in 2017. Canva, and how the tool can be utilized by podcasters was a focus point of conversation between Ken and MacKenzie, and the importance of learning new skills. Going back to the podcast, they talk about how Ken McConnellogue and his team release episodes monthly discussing and...


Colin Gray Tells All on His New Podcast Web App, Alitu

It's been quite a while since Colin Gray was on the show, but he came back with lots of new things to talk about in podcasting. He's known as the Podcast Host and the man behind multiple podcasts. Based in Scotland, he is familiar with all the hosting companies and has been involved in podcasting one way or another for many years. Most recently he came out with a production app titled, Alitu. Released earlier this year as a web app, it spent considerable time in beta testing and will be...


Podcasting Tips from Expert Gary Leland

To improve podcasting you have to go through some trial and error. The episode opens discussing secrets that make some podcast hosts better than others. Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, Gary Leland, chatted with MacKenzie about what he has accomplished and seen change in the podcast industry since he started back in 2004. He's been involved in podcasting in a multitude of ways and is involved in the Podcast Hall of Fame ceremony at Podcast Movement later this summer. They wrap up by mentioning...


Licensed Music for your Podcast via SourceAudio

Podcasters can now purchase licensed music for their podcasts via SourceAudio and Blubrry. This new relationship comes from the increased risks associated with using licenses for music that do not pertain directly to podcasts. SourceAudio is providing great discounts to podcasts that come through Blubrry. Podcasters can purchase a monthly subscription or a buy out for a single track. Doug Reed and Greg Riggle join the show to explain why this is such an important part of moving forward in...