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045 New F-22 from MotionRC sponsored by GetFpv

Chris and Andre are joined once again by MotionRC's developer Alpha Enos and test pilots Tony and Evelyn Accurso to discuss the new Freewing F-22 90mm jet. Thanks for listening. Check out our sponsor GetFpv and spend $100 to use our discount code RCAFTERHOURS to receive 10% off your entire order.


044 The lost Seaduck sponsored by GetFpv

Chris and Andre have guest Alpha Enos from Motion RC. No matter what questions we threw at Alpha,deep technical to inside the hobby info he had answers and thats why he is one of our favorite guests. Check them out at motionrc.com Thanks to our sponsor GetFpv go spend $100 and use our discount code RCAFTERHOURS and receive 10% off your entire order. Thanks for listening.


043 Shelf Queen

Chris and Andre are joined in studio with Pat and Scott. Last minute Guest Steve Neill from HK joins us for some updates. check out our sponsor GetFpv Spend $100 and use our discount code RCAFTERHOURS for 10% off your entire order. Thanks for listening


042 A moment of weakness sponsored by GetFpv

Our guest Eddie Black joins us for a fun filled Podcast of whats new in the flying hobby. Andre surprises us with a new purchase. Can anyone guess what it could be? Thanks for listening. For all your Done and FPV needs check out GETFPV Spend $100 and use our code RCAFTERHOURS and receive 10% off your entire order


041 MotionRC with Stuart & Alpha sponsored by GetFpv

We catch up with Stuart Warne who has now joined forces with Motion RC and find out what his new job entails. Alpha Enos joins in with Stuart to give us details on the new Freewing L-39 jet.Tthanks for listening. Please go check out our sponsor GETFPV spend $100 and use our discount code RCAFTERHOURS to receive 10% off your entire order.


040 HK update with Steve sponsored by GetFpv

Steve Neill from HK joins us for some updates on new products,when they should be arriving in warehouses and maybe some hints on what their working on next. Thanks for listening. Please check out our sponsor GetFpv spend $120 and use our code RCAFTERHOURS for 10% off your entire order.


039 arrestor hook sponsored by GetFpv

The RC Afterhours crew are back this time with no guests...so its a bench flying session where they discuss some of the new products that sparked their interest including jets,a cub,mini VTOL,bi-copter and much more. Check out our sponsor GetFpv go spend $120 and use our RCAFTERHOURS discount code to save 10% on your entire order. Thanks for listening.


038 Pilot Ryan & Capt.Mike sponsored by GetFpv

RC Youtube sensations Ryan and MIke join us for their tell all story from how they met,making videos for MotionRC to crashing big foam jets and much more. Thanks for listening and check out our sponsor GetFpv Want to learn more about FPV and Drones click HERE


037 FF 2018 Recap sponsored by GetFpv

Chris is joined by Mike,Andre and David Windestal to find out what went down at Flitefest 2018. Visit our sponsor GetFpv and spend $120 and use our code: RCAFTERHOURS to recieve 10% off you entire order.


036 Bench flying with Steve Neill from HK

The Afterhours Crew, with in studio guest Chloe from RC Safari join Steve Neill from Hobby King to do a little Bench flying and also some updates on when these new HK products might show up. Chloe fills us in some some of the many flying events she has attented this year and gives us her thoughts. Thanks for listening. check out our sponsor GetFpv want to learn more about drones and FPV click HERE


035 Migual Alvarez from Spektrum sponsored by GetFpv

Join us with special guest Migual Alvarez who is a engineer for Horizon Hobby in the Spektrum Radio side of things. Listen in as Migual answers all of our tech questions and find out about his latest crash with an Eflite Opterra. Later in the show we discuss what went on in the last couple of days during Andre's Ohio trip. Thanks for listening and go check out our sponsor GetFpv Want to start flying drones or FPV? Make sure to find out all the info HERE


034 James Burulcich and Andre's trip sponsored by GetFpv

James Burulcich joins the show. You may remember him as the man behind the camera for HK. Now James has joined forces with MotionRC and we find out what he's been up to behind the scenes. Andre made his 3rd trip to Ohio to hangout with the rest of the RC Afterhours gang for some flying time. Listen in to hear about what went down on the first day. Thanks to GetFpv Want to check out more info on Drones and FPV click here


033 Big things from HK sponsored by GetFpv

Join us for this entertaining episode as Steve Neill from Hobbyking joines us to reveal something very interesting. Steve also fills us in on a slew of new planes coming out shortly. Thanks for listening. Thanks to GetFpv go check them out. Curious about Drones and FPV get your questions answerd HERE


032 TiredIron and Alpha Enos sponsored by GetFpv

George Baker AKA TiredIron joins us with Alpha Enos from MotionRC. George talks to us about flying over 653 consecutive days with his over 100 plane assortment. Alpha shares more inside infomation about why some planes never come to see the light of day.The crew ask George why Joe Nall is such a incredible event. Thanks for listening.check out our sponsor GetFpv Help us out Patreon


031 Andy Graber from GetFpv.com

We Chat with GM Andy Graber from GetFpv.com and get a behind the scenes look at how it all started,new products for the future,how to stay ahead of the competition and much more. Spend $120 or more at GetFpv.com and use the discount code AFTERHOURS2018 and recieve 10% off your entire order. New to FPV or Quads check out getfpv.com/learn/ for all your information to get started.


030 1Year anniversary sponsored by GetFpv.com

BIG show for the Afterhours 1 year anniversary! The crew bring back the Swede David Windestal to see whats happening on the other side of the pond. Next the RC Saylors join us to let everyone know the details of there flying event over Fathers Day. last but not least Adam Drain jumps in to discuss what the hot products were from the Weak Signls show. GetFpv getfpv.com/learn


029 Spring Fling sponsored by GetFpv.com

Spring is in the air so Chris and Andre are joined by our friends Scott and Pat as we discuss whats on everyones radar for new products for the up coming flying season. Thanks to all our Patreon people for the support. Please help us out and check out our sponsor GetFpv and all your drone/FPV questions getfpv learned


028 Avios Grand Tundra and Steve Neill from HK

We bring Steve Neill from Hobbyking back to talk about the new Avios Grand Tundra. Later in this episode he fills us in on some really cool products coming soon and may have even dropped some hints on a couple surprise planes.Thanks for listening and go check out our sponsor getfpv.com for more info on drones and FPV equipment check out GetFpv learned


027 What is a P15 sponsored by GetFpv.com

We bring back Alpha Enos from Motion RC to talk about another addition to their 64mm jet series,the very rare and never brought to full concept german P15. If you like scale Heli's then MotionRC has you covered with the partnership with Roban Helicopters. Thanks to Getfpv.com for sponsoring the show All your info for drones and FPV


026 The Gasser

In this episode brought to you by getfpv.com Chris and Mike have Friend of the show Chloe back in studio to find out how many planes she's bought and also to talk more on flying RC Gas planes.Later in the show we talk more on small micro quads. getfpv.com