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RawPodcast - Ep40 Eric Savoie - Guest Photographer

Something a little bit different for you all with episode 40. We were lucky to have been blessed with the presence of the one and only Eric Savoie. You may know him as Savo. The Sav or maybe even The Bear. The man is a photography master who over the years has had may accolades thrown his way. One of Rangefinders Magazines 30 Rising Stars and Junebugs Best of the Best to name a few. One we thing we know for sure, every award he's been granted has been well and truly deserved. Were proud to...


RawPodcast - Ep39 New Apple Mac Pro and Questions and Answers

Thanks for listening to Episode 39! While we have you, we'd love it if you could give us a 5 star review or a thumbs up or a like or double tap or whatever these podcasting apps make you do these days? It helps to bump this podcast up the charts and edge us closer to world domination. Or at least dominate a space in the top 1000. Good enough! Done? Thanks! Okay so…. In this episode, we discuss the new Cheese Grater Mac Pro announced at the WWDC2019. A massive price tag but is it worth it?...


RawPodcast - Ep38 - How many weddings are enough

Welcome to Episode 38! We're back again with another episode. As the summer has start we chat about some recent camera issues that Dave was having. Along with that we discuss the question of how many weddings is a good number to shoot… or is that even a valid question. Its not an easy one to answer as you'll hear. Dave also chats about his try out of capture one and how thats going for his editing. We hope you enjoy it folks. We'd love it if you drop by and say hello on our Instagram account...


RawPodcast - Ep37 - A social chat as wedding season begins

Welcome to Episode 37! We're back again with another episode. As the summer begins here in Ireland the wedding season really kicks off. In this episode we give a brief update on the workout challenge from April.. April Agony's results. We chat some about social media and instagram changes and how we use it and how it impacts our businesses. We answer some of the questions we've been asked on instagram and look ahead to the start of the wedding season and the things we're looking forward to...


RawPodcast - Ep36 - The Galaxy Fold. To much to soon?

Welcome to Episode 36! We know what you're thinking…. How did the MyZone March Madness play out? Well, we cover that first. By the way - If you want to get a belt and join in, the offer still works. Get your belt for 50% off at the following link. https://buy.myzone.org/ship/?lang=enGB&voucher=TFIUK001-65 Once you get it, get in touch and we'll add you to the leaderboard. The more the sweatier. This episode was fuelled by copious cups of coffee brewed by Dave's new coffee machine, the...


RawPodcast - Ep35 - Headphones, Phones and Drones

Welcome to Episode 35! We're back with a slightly longer episode than normal. This is because we found out that both of us are afraid of getting murdered in the dark. You'll understand soon enough. (That's not a threat) So, once we got over that and stopped shaking her'e what we covered. Paul got new swanky noise cancelling headphones. Sony 1000XM3 https://www.sony.ie/electronics/headband-headphones/wh-1000xm3 Dave got a much more boring purchase. An Air Purifier…. ohhhhhhhhhhh. Levoit Air...


Rawpodcast - Ep34 - Blogging plus Fujifilm X-T30 and Canon EOS-RP

Welcome to Episode 34! Who likes blogging? Who likes putting together end of year posts? Is it worthwhile? Who watches them? Well, Dave and Paul ask these very questions and more on this weeks episode. Aside from that we discuss the new camera offerings from Canon and Fuji. The Canon EOS-RP https://www.canon.ie/cameras/eos-rp/ and the Fujifilm X-T30 http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_t30/ So, place your bets. How long before Dave owns that X-T30 and the poor X100F...


Rawpodcast - Ep33 - The Challenge of Winter Weddings

Welcome to Episode 33! It's 2019 and we're back! We're in our new podcasting studio, also known as Dave's new office. We ditched the Instamics and reverted back to the old reliable - wired mics. What is the sorcery? So, what did we discuss? Dave's new monitor the BenQ PD2700U 4K HDR Monitor for Graphic Design. 27inches of sheer quality. Dave's new Pixel 3 Phone. This thing can see in the dark. I'm ditching the Fuji's (not really) Paul got a 6 pack thanks to his 5 hour daily workouts and his...


Rawpodcast - Ep32 - Learning to Fly

Number 32 Welcome to Episode 32! Firstly... apologies for the sound quality we recorded in a car .. that was moving.. and it was raining.. we promise to be better next time. This week we talk Learning to Fly. The Irish workshop/retreat on the way back from the learning to fly awards in Belfast. The Pizza place was Pizza Punks Belfast http://pizzapunks.co.uk Check out Learning to Fly at https://www.learningtofly.ie Hope you enjoy the chats. We hope you enjoy it folks. We'd love it if you drop...


Rawpodcast - Ep31 - Blogs and new Mirrorless Cameras

Welcome to Episode 31! Well, we're back… what happened.?? We're sorry! This episode was supposed to be out last week but due to some technical difficulties we had to bin it and start again.. But fear not we're back and sounding just as good as ever…we hope.. In this episode we talk a little about blogging and is it still relevant and why? We chat about some apps to help with getting those blogs out quicker and with better seo. Some links to those apps we mentioned. Storyboard...


Rawpodcast - Ep30 - Nikon Z Slotgate & Mavic Pro 2

The Big 3 0 ! Welcome to Episode 30! Well, what a weeks it's been with Nikon's announcement of their full frame mirrorlessT Z6 and Z7 cameras. That card slot though… Oh, speaking of cards slots and memory cards. Dave mentioned these Tough memory cards from Sony. https://petapixel.com/2018/08/28/sony-tough-sd-cards-are-the-toughest-and-fastest-ever-made/ Then of course - The new DJI Mavic 2 drones. These things look incredible. Will Dave get one. Will Paul get one? How much gear are they...


Rawpodcast - Ep29 - The Nikon Z series Mirrorless heats up

Welcome to Episode 29! The heatwave is over and we've cooled off and regained enough energy to record a fresh podcast for you. So, what have we been up to? Well, Dave has went off and purchased some new tech. Mind you it's not photography related. Midlife crisis alert. Fist up his his "best thing ever"? The Husqvarna Automower 450x. Otherwise known as Robochop. https://www.husqvarna.com/ie/products/robotic-mowers/ And that tender steak thingy? Oh yeah. His Sous Vide machine....


Rawpodcast - Ep28 - Kevin Mullins Photography Fuji-film and the X-Wedding Conference

Welcome to Episode 28! Dave and Paul travel to Bath in Somerset in the UK for the X-Weddings conference. The X-Weddings Wedding Photography Conference is, well, just a bit different from all the other conferences out there. Born from the X-Weddings Facebook Group this two-day conference is aimed at wedding photographers who want to learn from some of the best photographers currently shooting with the Fuji-film system. Paul and Dave then interview a few of the attendees and speakers to get a...


Rawpodcast - Ep27 - Sony A7III Fuji XH-1 and Shooting with one Lens

Welcome to Episode 27! Dave and Paul meet up at Junction Five to Stay Alive and fuelled by two bun-less burgers and strong coffee bring you the latest episode of the Raw Podcast. Well, at last Paul has dusted off the wallet and made a splurge on the Sony A7III. About bloody time. So, find out how he got on with that. It might not be what you were expecting. Dave updates us (again) on his Fujifilm X-H1 problem. We discuss shooting JPEG only as well as shooting with just one camera and one...


Rawpodcast - Ep26 - A Maybe Move to Full Frame Mirrorless

Welcome to Episode 26! In this episode we chat cameras. We find out how Dave is getting on with his Fujifilm X-H1 and we discover that Paul is lusting over the new Sony A7 III (the traitor) Stay tuned as well for Dave's Billion Dollar idea. Keep it to yourself though. It's for Raw Podcast listeners only! We'll all be rich together! Oh and Dave is now a YouTuber. You can find his channel in the links below. Follow @_rawpodcast_ on Instagram. Thanks again folks for listening - and we'd love it...


Rawpodcast - Ep25 - Islanders The Interviews

The conclusion to what has been a brilliant few days at the islanders wedding photography and film conference. Ideally I would have loved to have interviewed you all however there was only one of me and about 250 of you. So settle in and enough the chats of the few I managed to catch up with.. Thanks to... https://www.instagram.com/tomasz_kornas/ https://www.instagram.com/nickokeeffephotography/ https://www.instagram.com/jamshootsphotography/ https://www.instagram.com/_awakeanddreaming_/...


Rawpodcast - Ep 24 - Islanders & Fuji XH-1 review

Boom, Dave's back... After a few lonely days of roaming the streets of Kilkenny and attempting to talk to anyone he could Paul welcomes Dave back to the show. In this episode Dave and Paul have a quick chat and overview about the Wedding Photographers and Videographers Islanders conference held in Kilkenny and how Paul found the whole event. We then get on to the new stuff, Dave talks about his new baby... the XH-1 and how he's finding it. Theres also a mention of Dave's other new babies but...


Rawpodcast - Ep23 - Islanders Special Short Day 2

Second in a series of shorts made at the Islanders Conference Ireland


Rawpodcast - Ep22 - Islanders Special Short

First in a line of short recorded from the Islanders Conference in Kilkenny Ireland.


Rawpodcast - Ep21 - Camera Predictions Wishes and Competitions

Welcome to our first podcast of 2018! It's great to be back. This week Dave and Paul catch up on how their 2017's seemed but more importantly look forward 2018 and what they're excited about. We talk various tech and also discuss their worst purchases. #arselessunderpants Stay tuned for the competition at the end of the podcast but just incase you can't follow Dave's rules through his constant laughing then here you go. Follow @_rawpodcast_ on Instagram. Look for the post with the image of...