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Episode 46: RESET 46 - Google Storage, Wi-Fi Woes, Pool AV, and Crypto

RESET 46 - Google Storage, Wi-Fi Woes, Pool AV, and Crypto Echo Connect - Brave Browser -


Episode 45: RESET 45 - Eero Out, Orbi In, DriveSpace, and What Crypto I'm buying

RESET 45 - Eero Out, Orbi In, DriveSpace, and What Crypto I'm buying. Support this podcast and the RESETForums. You get your Crypto fix for free so hit up that Patreon link! Supporting Links


Episode 44: World Backup Day and Burst Mining with Hard Drives

I'll talk to you a bit about World Backup Day and what I'm doing to check my backups. It's more than just data ya know! I'll also be talking with Jim Collison from about how to get started mining Burst coin with the hard drives you have laying around. I did it and it didn't cost me a dime to get started. I'm betting you have a few drives laying around. Synology C2 -


Episode 43: RESET 43 - Amazon, Ring, SmartThings, Surface Pro LTE, Mining Crypto

I do a Patreon givaway at the top of the show! What fun, if you are a Patreon subscriber you better listen! If not, head over to: and get signed up. I have a ton more to give away. I have some gear and I have a question for you. Let's talk about this Amazon thing. Also, SmartThings. Don't I say every episode that I'm almost done with ST? Yes, I do! More of that and a Kickstarter that has been delayed. Surface has a new device and I'll go over what it...


Episode 41: RESET 41 - Netgear Discussion - Arlo, Orbi, Insight, and more

In this episode of RESET I've got a little bit of news for you and I will be discussing everything I learned from Netgear while I was at CES 2018. We will talk SMB, Arlo, Orbi, routers, Circle, BitDefender, and more. That is the podcast but there is a bonus session at the end. I'll wrap with a discussion on my latest mining build and all my thoughts on my hardware and journey to this point.


Episode 40: RESET 40 - CES Interviews

Here is the RESET CES Interview Episode. I've picked out a few show floor interviews that I think you will enjoy. Ring, Abode, Fibaro, Argus, and more. I've also got a couple of conversations with friends Richard Hay, Josh Pollard, and Richard Gunther. It's not the greatest quality audio due to the noise of the show floor but it was fun to put together for you. Enjoy, and I'll chat with you about these in the RESET Forums at


Episode 38: RESET 38 - Figgy pudding in my 14TB Hard Drive

It's the Christmas Episode. Short and Sweet. Talking Amazon, SmartThings, Blink, 14TB Drives, Figgy Pudding, and a question to you whether you want to hear about the cryptocurrency thing. Twenty minutes! Have a great holiday. Share with me what you get! I hope it's not a lump of coal!


Episode 36: Eero Plus, Outdoor LED Lighting, and a Giveaway

This week on RESET. LED Lighting is on my mind. I'll share with you a deal I found on retrofitting outdoor lights. Netgear is getting in the game as well. Eero has a Plus announcement and Amplify has a hardware announcement. QNAP and Synology boxes battle for your dollars as well. Tons in this episode. Thank you ICY Dock for sponsoring RESET Podcast. Check out the GIVE AWAY HERE! Synology DS218+ Synology Moments -...


Episode 35: RESET 35 - Amazon Key, Pixel Problems, and 12TB Hard Drives

How much hard drive do you need? 12TB? Ok! Amazon want's to deliver INSIDE your home, and Pixel has Problems. Episode 35 is sponsored by: StableBit - The $20 camera from amazon. That is what the internet is calling it. I got it for $29.99. Still on Backorder. The $20 door and window sensor Project fi...


Episode 34: RESET 34 - Does SONOS matter anymore?

Let's talk about SONOS, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Max! Big companies and big speakers. What does all this mean to SONOS? Icy Dock MB601VK-B Review - SONOS One - All the new Amazon Devices - ICY DOCK 2.5" U.2 SFF-8639 NVMe SSD Hot Swap Mobile Rack For External 3.5" Drive Bay - MB601VK-B - Amazon Ethernet Adapter for...


Episode 33: RESET 33 - Is it a good time to buy a Surface Laptop?

Is it a good time to buy a Surface Laptop? Seems like an easy answer. I'll chat about that, Ccleaner hack, new Synology boxes, and more. Sponsored by - Get FastMail here - Get 10% off using this link CCLeaner Hack New Synology boxes at this thread -...


Episode 32: RESET 32 Reolink Argus vs Blink vs Homeboy

It's a battle of battery operated cameras! It's the Reolink Argus, Blink, and Homeboy cameras. There is more in these forums - Discuss these cameras as well as Blink XT, EZVIZ, Mini Trooper, and Netgear Arlo Pro. Mike Faucher - Kevin Schoonover - Reolink Argus - Blink - Blink XT - Homeboy -...


Episode 29: RESET 29 Eclipse Prep with Cameras and Drones

Richard Hay drops by to chat Eclipse 2017 with me. I'll ask him about travel to totality, glasses, cameras, safety, and we geek out a little bit on the whole phenomenon. Can you say drone? Patreon - Get your Sticker! Project fi - Sign up for $20 credit - Win Super Site Eclipse Info - Can you cover a camera with Eclipse...