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22 | Mistaken Identity | RSA 2018: The Search for Swag

Ah, springtime. The birds are chirping, the flowers are in bloom, and the annual RSA conference roars into San Francisco. Join David Lee and Mike Kiser as they review a week full of identity, security, and networking. It’s the next best thing to spending 30 hours walking around the Moscone Center searching for swag. Also explored: supersized security salaries, the Democratic National Committee files a hacking-related lawsuit against almost everyone, and the new hotness: digital identities....


Spartacus and the Right to Privacy

Is there a fundamental right to privacy—and if so, what does it look like practically? David Lee and Mike Kiser explore privacy and the right of end users over their own personal data in the wake of recent news about the reselling of personal data to third parties on the series of tubes that we know as the interwebs. How can security practitioners effectively yell “I am Spartacus!” on behalf of their users. Also discussed: Android users’ call and text data mined by Facebook, 1.5 billion...


20 | Mistaken Identity | Identity is The Opposite of Speed Dating

It’s easy to theorize about security, but the people putting identity programs into practice know firsthand what works and what should be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper Twitter feed. David Lee and Mike Kiser welcome Jom John, Managing Director of simplexiam, the first in a series of discussions with identity implementers about what they’ve seen and heard in the “real world.” Also discussed: Crumple-zone decryption, Facebook data reuse, new SEC insider trading regulations involving...


19 | Mistaken Identity | The Robots are Coming

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) dominates the discussion in this episode of Mistaken Identity. David Lee and Mike Kiser explore the risks and rewards of the looming robot takeover—and how identity is the key to success in both naval warfare and securing automated bots. Also discussed: valid certificates obtained through stolen credentials, a “friend of the show”—the Mirai botnet—finds a new attack vector, and we wonder whether or not marketing knows what we ate for breakfast (they do...


17 | Mistaken Identity | Kylo Ren as AI

Artificial Intelligence can be the perfect tool, but it is created and wielded by imperfect people. What guardrails can be put into place to prevent it from merely mirroring our own biases and prejudices? David Lee and Mike Kiser explore the dark side of algorithms gone awry. Also examined: browser plugin hijacking, software that attempts to predict crime (and fails), and why David can’t find a painting that looks like him through Google’s Art Doppelganger app.


16 | Mistaken Identity | Spectre, Meltdown, and the Identitrain

2018 is here—with an opening salvo that underscores the need for security in every layer, all the way down to silicon. We delve into the world of Spectre and Meltdown, attempt to explain it with a non-technical analogy, and then explore what it means for both chip vendors and the security industry as a whole. Another billion user breach and the current status of IoT preparedness are also in the mix, along with a potential “whistlestop” train trip to the Identiverse conference with an...


14 - Mistaken Identity - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Over the past year, the importance of security has entered the consciousness of the general public in a new way. No longer having to fight as hard for attention, the security community now has a unique opportunity to seize the moment; what should be done? David Lee and Mike Kiser seek to answer this question and more in this episode of Mistaken Identity. Also discussed: bots taking over your holiday shopping, DDOS attacks on the rise, and the FBI, Europol and Microsoft team up to shut down...


13 - Mistaken Identity - What Happens at Gartner

In a quick flashback, David Lee and Mike Kiser review what took place at the recent Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas in the latest edition of Mistaken Identity. A high-level overview of the event (from the sessions, the expo, and the associated after parties) is preceded by a discussion of the recent acquisitions of SkyHigh and Barracuda Networks, the latest OWASP Top 10, and the new United States IOT security legislation called ‘Goldilocks.” The episode concludes with a frank discussion of...


12 - Mistaken Identity - Heightened Awareness

In this episode, the Mistaken Identity podcast takes on security awareness. David Lee and Mike Kiser examine how to promote a security mindset the “humane way”—without the endless infomercials and educational materials created in the mid 1980s that organizations all too often use internally. The latest malware is discussed, including Bad Rabbit and the lurking Reaper Botnet, and we review the recent Estonian national ID issues. The podcast wraps up its examination of awareness with a...


11 - Mistaken Identity - CIO and CISO: Parallel Lives

The Mistaken Identity podcast is pleased to present a very special episode from our archives: David Lee and Mike Kiser welcome current CIO Kevin Hansel and CTO/CISO Darran Rolls as they discuss how the relationship between CIOs and CISOs affects the security of today’s organizations. Cyber Security Awareness month is reviewed, as are the latest US investments in security. Finally, the episode concludes with advice for our younger listeners on how to guarantee future success in...


10 - Mistaken Identity - Live From Amsterdam

David Lee and Mike Kiser take SailPoint’s Mistaken Identity podcast to Amsterdam this week. Recorded live from various Navigate locations, we discuss identity and its impact with a European focus. The discussion revolves around current consumer awareness of GDPR, cybersecurity insurance, and the power of deceit to protect consumer identity. Pour a glass of your favorite beverage and take your spot at the table (or on the boat) and immerse yourself in the Navigate experience. Bonus content...


08 - Mistaken Identity - Blockchain Reaction

David Lee and Mike Kiser are back with SailPoint’s Mistaken Identity podcast, and this week we explore the uncharted region of blockchain. We sort through headlines to find applications for identity governance, along with the latest headlines, including the use of odor as biometric authentication and the charges brought against the WannaCry security researcher hero. We end with the classic back-to-school essay, “What I did this Summer.”


07 - Mistaken Identity: Security Models (ABAC, RBAC, PBAC, Maybach)

David Lee and Mike Kiser are back with SailPoint’s Mistaken Identity podcast, and this week is all about things that end in “BAC:” ABAC, RBAC, PBAC, and Maybach. The pros, cons, and speed of each access control model are in play, along with the latest headlines: NotPetya malware, a potential cyber partnership between Russia and the United States, and the weaponization of the Internet of Things at BlackHat. Startup proposals conclude the discussion (a nod to venture capitalist listeners...


06 - Mistaken Identity - Live from Navigate Austin 2017

On a “very special episode,” David Lee and Mike Kiser host a “live” podcast from the SailPoint Lounge at Navigate. This episode puts you in the center of the action at this year’s conference. Sit around the table as we explore Navigate 2017: discover secrets of dominating the conference app leaderboard with Jeff Gagne, consider what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the Internet of Things (IoT) means for identity and security, hear attendee reactions to the conference keynotes, and...


04 - Mistaken Identity - Requiem for a Password

David Lee and Mike Kiser discuss the latest in security in SailPoint’s Mistaken Identity podcast. On the table this week: the Google Docs phishing scam (alarming), ransomware predictions (prophetic), and a discussion of the current usefulness (or not) of the password. Can the famous quote attributed to American Humorist Mark Twain apply here— “Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated?” Also, we mourn the untimely passing of our newly-created twitter account.


03 - Mistake Identity - Machine Learning

SailPoint’s Mistaken Identity podcast returns with David Lee and Mike Kiser as hosts This episode’s topics include: OWASP Top 10 Revisions, a breach involving 20,000 consumer passwords, an in-depth analysis of analytics, the top five movies of all-time identified, and an update on the hacker named “Forb.”


Mistaken Identity Episode 2

SailPoint's Mistaken Identity podcast returns with David Lee and Mike Kiser as hosts. Guests include SailPoint CTO, Darran Rolls and SailPoint Sr. Director of Product Management, Rick Weinberg. This weeks topics include: cloud bleed, SHA-1, U.S. Justice Department actions, revealing long-lost hacker names.


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