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Episode 17: IT Entrepreneurship

CEO of Mind Katalyst, Carnellia Ajasin, talks about the road to IT entrepreneurship and what she misses about the IT trenches. Find out how Mind Katalyst helps its customers in the emerging technology field and Carnellia’s advice for those just starting in IT.


Episode 16: Hybrid PMO

Agile vs. Waterfall? Why not a hybrid PMO? If you are moving to the cloud and aren’t sure which way to manage the transition, this is the episode for you.


Episode 15: Transition into IT Leadership

Starting out in an IT leadership role? Listen to a leadership newcomer and what he has learned from his transition in IT leadership from IT tech.


Episode 14: DevOps and reinventing yourself

Agile processes, DevOps and reinventing yourself during changes in IT. Lessons learned in technology and how you can apply them to your personal career reinvention.


Episode 13: State of the Podcast

So, I’m the crazy one to record episode 13. State of the podcast. Taking stats, costs, How I do them, Lessons Learned, What happened in June/July, and What's next.


Episode 12: The Intelligent Edge

Talking today about the Intelligent Edge. What’s in development in telecommunications and what the future holds. The switch from a hardware model to software in telecom. Consumers and businesses should benefit.


Episode 11: Augmented Reality Learning

Jesse Clark is here today to speak about his work with Explore Interactive in the Augmented Reality Learning space as well as his own learning experiences in IT. In addition to Jesse’s own advice for navigating the IT work place, he’ll touch on his personal development. This will cover how gaming inspired him to dig deep into technology, security, and eventually augmented reality learning itself.


Episode 10: Transition

Talking about the transition from a large company to a smaller company and the challenges in this transition. How to apply the skills learned in a large environment with rigor to a smaller, nimbler company without impacting quality or culture. Also, the cultural differences in such a transition and how anyone can approach a similar situation or the reverse.


Episode 9: IT Leadership

Talking with Kevin Nicholls today about IT Leadership. Kevin has moved in and out of leadership roles in his career and brings a unique perspective to the challenges IT Leadership faces. We'll discuss how to manage reporting to a non-IT person and how to best use communication skills in those instances. Towards the end of our discussion, Kevin will give his advice on being in IT and how being in IT Leadership is a responsibility.


Episode 8: Home Automation

This is a discussion on Home Automation Systems. With today’s guest Brad Wigginton, we’ll go through how he has gone through several different products over the years and what he has today in two locations…along with the impediments he had to get around. We’ll touch on the security and privacy impact of these solutions and how Brad sees them impacting the workplace now and in the future.


Episode 7: Generations

Welcome back Chris Pesola! Today we’ll be discussing differences between generations in the workplace and how they influence IT as well as how IT impacts those generations. We’ll be chatting about Generation Y (Millennials) and Generation Z. We’ll also touch on Generation X and Boomers and how they all interrelate from a technology perspective. Finally, we’ll get into how the upcoming generations (such as Alphas) may come into play in the workplace and introduce a new idea for these podcasts...


Episode 6: Mentoring and Motivating

This episode is continuing a discussion with Khris Hruska. Khris and I will discuss the need to for mentoring and motivating in IT and how these items have changed over time. We'll also touch on how the cloud, vendor management, and O365 have changed the tech landscape and influence how you can keep motivating others. Both employees and vendors. Finally, we'll get into time management and how mentoring can help others develop this important skillset. It's an episode chuck full of useful...


Episode 5: Technology Change

Today’s guest is Khris Hruska. Khris and I will discuss technology change. How things have changed in his 26+ years in the business as far as people, attitudes, and personal advancement. Khris has been a mentor to many over the years (myself included) and his viewpoints are honest and insightful. Listen in to hear how this ex-military man who had an mind for journalism ended up in IT with the rest of us and found an environment he could thrive in and help others do the same.


Episode 4: Customer-centric IT Part 2

Today’s guest is Chris Pesola in part two of a two part episode. Listen in to hear Chris talk about the Customer Centric IT model he champions in his current company and the benefits of a cloud system. Chris will touch on application churn in IT and how the cloud can help with the churn in a Customer Centric IT model as well as the security implications. We'll also touch on a lecture series Chris participates in as a speaker at Oakland University and how he connects it with the...


Episode 3: Customer-centric IT Part 1

Today’s guest is Chris Pesola in part one of a two part episode. Listen in to hear Chris talk about the Customer Centric IT model he champions in his current company and the benefits of a cloud system. Chris will touch on application churn in IT and how the cloud can help with the churn in a Customer Centric IT model as well as the security implications.


Episode 2: Technology moves are hard to do

Today’s guest is Will Flint. Listen in to hear Will recount his experience with an IT move he performed some years back. You’ll hear how Will and his team overcame some serious issues and a tight deadline…along with an unexpected surprise or two. Show Notes: Guest Background • Today's Guest is Will Flint LinkedIn Profile • Will has 25 years in IT • Interested in things with electricity pulsing through them at 8 or 9 yrs old • Built first computer at 11 yrs old • Started own business for a...


Episode 1: Intro

This is the first episode of the Tby3 Podcast! Talking with the IT people who do the work...although in this episode, it's just me. I provide an overview of the podcast inception and goals. Find out what Tby3 stands for and a few other details about the plans for the podcast. Plus, find out a few personal details about me, your host, Antonio (Tony) Valentini. I’m on a mission to talk with the IT people who do the work. Give it a listen.