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Interviews with leaders in South Africa's ICT industry.

Interviews with leaders in South Africa's ICT industry.


Johannesburg, South Africa


Interviews with leaders in South Africa's ICT industry.








What a truly modern telephony system can do for your business [promoted]

Euphoria Telecom is a South African company on a mission to change the perceptions of what telephony solutions can do for your business. This episode of the podcast is geared towards answer the question: “What more can I expect from my telephony provider?” Nic Laschinger, chief technology officer at Euphoria Telecom, explains why, in 2021, your choice of telephony solution matters, how cloud-based systems help and the advantages of using modern communications systems. “Customers are under...


Meet the team taking CipherWave to new heights [promoted]

In this episode of the podcast, we meet the executive team of South African Internet service provider CipherWave. The podcast explores the company’s solutions and how it works with customers, as well as its plans for 2022, including empowering customers in a self-service environment. Led by CEO Wayne D’Sa, CipherWave has a young executive team who are making waves in the local ICT industry.


How to profit from the rise of the connected home [promoted]

Aravind Pai, partner expert in the product development team in Bangalore for Radisys, joins the podcast for a fascinating discussion on connected homes and businesses. Radisys forms part of Jio Platforms, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries. With the constant rise in price of basic utilities such as electricity and water, an answer the problem lies in effective utility management. Pai discusses potential solutions using the Radisys toolset to simplify and...


Interview: Revix CEO Sean Sanders on why there’s still time to get into crypto [promoted]

Revix founder and CEO Sean Sanders returns to the podcast for a multi-faceted information-sharing session on cryptocurrency investment. Sanders, who has just returned from another round of fundraising abroad, touches on a range of subjects, including how to begin investing in crypto and what should be done from a regulatory perspective. A big part of the episode is about debunking the myths surrounding crypto investment and why Sanders believes that it should be part of an investment...


Digital transformation shouldn't be scary, say AWCape and Sage [promoted]

Sage partner AWCape has not been immune to the impact of digital transformation. Selling various “as-a-service” offerings, the company has embraced the change to what’s needed from Sage business partners and what customers want. Newly appointed AWCape MD Jeff Ryan talks in this podcast about the company’s own maturation and explores some of the challenges faced by South African businesses when considering cloud applications. Gerhard Hartman, vice-president for medium business for Sage Africa...


Is a managed service provider the answer to your IT headaches? [promoted]

In this podcast, Dylan Horsten, CEO of MySky Networks, examines the role of a managed service provider (MSP) in today’s volatile business environment. IT networking, security, support and guidance all form part of the MySky offering, and Horsten talks through the options. With the MSP market becoming more competitive, customers are now have more choice – and MySky is there to welcome them. Horsten talks about the team, the importance of culture and how a skilled, focused and agile partner...


Creating a cloud-ready infrastructure with Dimension Data and Dell [promoted]

What does it take to build a cloud-ready infrastructure, and how can Dimension Data and Dell Technologies help you do it? We answer those questions in this podcast interview with executives from both companies. TechCentral is joined by Mark Louw, alliances manager at Dimension Data, Frans Taueatsoala, cloud product manager (private cloud) at Dimension Data, and Steve Clewlow, alliance director at Dell Technologies, to unpack this important topic. Louw kicks off the discussion with his views...


Nik Steffny, e4 chief commercial officer, reflects on 20 years of rapid change [promoted]

Nik Steffny, chief commercial officer at e4, joins the podcast for a wide-ranging discussion on developments at the company – and in South Africa’s IT sector more broadly. Steffny, who has been with e4 for almost 20 years – he joined soon after its founding – looks back at how the company and the industry have changed in that time, and particularly in the last 18 months as Covid-19 forced a radical shift in the way people work and the impact its had on digital transformation. Steffny also...


Inside the fascinating world of video surveillance technology [promoted]

In this podcast interview, Rudi Potgieter, executive head of Guardian Eye at Vox, talks about the immense opportunity for enhancing video surveillance footage to add real value. With over 2 500 petabytes (1PB = 1 000TB) of video being created every day, the time for automation is here. Potgieter examines the maturing of security monitoring technologies, from screen review to tripwire alarms and into the realm of deep-learning automation. With the cloud services that are built into Vox’s...


Compliance vs data protection: A wedding or a war? [promoted]

Kris Budnik oversees cybersecurity across all channels at First National Bank. He joins this third episode in an Ava Security series of podcasts to talk about compliance versus data protection. The conversation, however, covers a wide range of topics, including what’s involved in running a security team for a large bank. Budnik also provides tips on responding to security incidents and who should be involved and touches on the role of users and security engineers – both of whom need to work...


Tools for maximising profitability and resilience for small businesses [promoted]

Sage Africa and Middle East vice president for small business Viresh Harduth returns to the podcast for a discussion on how, despite everything that has happened over the past 18 months, the small business sector in South Africa remains resilient and vibrant. That’s according to new Sage research that shows that, despite the recent turbulence in South Africa, including the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, smaller enterprises remain optimistic about the future. Of the small businesses...


How Investec is driving a security-focused internal culture [promoted]

Aashika Bava, head of security awareness training at Investec, believes cyber-awareness programmes are crucial in the fight against cybercrime. In this episode of the podcast, brought to you by Ava Security, Bava unpacks what’s involved and why Investec appointed a senior manager to drive this area of its business. “Compliance is not the aim; rather it’s about changing behaviour and impacting the culture,” says Bava. Bava explains that her team’s aim is to impact users in a positive way to...


Security starts with your users. Ava’s Ran Pugach explains why

Ran Pugach, chief product and development officer at Ava Security, joins the podcast to unpack the role of users in the world of cybersecurity. The first episode in this three-part series focuses on the very real insider threat posed to organisations by insiders. Users, Pugach says, are not cyber experts -- this is a domain for specialists. But users can have a big impact on an organisational security profile. In the podcast, he shares the three-step prevention process employed by Ava –...


Acer GM Glenn Du Toit: Companies should not be ignoring Chromebooks [promoted]

If you think Chromebooks are not for you, then it’s important you listen to this podcast with Acer Africa GM Glenn Du Toit. With the baked-in security of Google, a clean interface, and supported by a company that is geared to service, Du Toit explains why companies shouldn’t be ignoring Chromebooks. Du Toit talks about how the cultural shift within his organisation - from chasing numbers to constructing meaningful solutions - has had a big impact and why investing for the future has been...


Why Standard Bank is betting big on the ‘platform economy’

Banks are facing more competition today than ever, and much of that competition is coming from left field – from non-traditional competitors such as mobile operators and technology giants. The implications, says Standard Bank Group, are dire for financial services institutions that are unwilling to adapt their strategies to compete effectively in what it calls “the platform economy”. The banking group recently published a new research paper, called “The Power of the Platform Economy for...


Cloud apps: The difference between thriving and surviving in 2021 [promoted]

PJ Bishop, vice president for services at Sage Africa and Middle East, is well positioned to discuss the tools that make a tangible difference to the life of a business owner, and the impact they have on profitability and the bottom line. In addition to his role at Sage, PJ speaks about the technology he uses in his side-hustle – a practice encouraged by Sage, so its employees deeply understand the needs of its customers. If you have any doubt about introducing cloud applications to your...


How insight-led user experiences can drive growth [promoted]

After a successful period in the UK, Nicholas Durrant returned to Cape Town to cement and grow Bluegrass Digital, offering insight-driven user experiences, innovation and technology to drive business growth for a global market. In this podcast, Durrant offers a view into the modern services business, often referencing the production line, which is geared towards consistent, high-standard delivery. Founded in the 1990s and built on a foundation of software engineering, Bluegrass Digital has...


Wayne D’Sa on a new era for CipherWave [promoted]

Wayne D’Sa is CEO of connectivity provider CipherWave. In this episode of the podcast, he unpacks his plans for the business, including its strong play into the voice space. The company has strong offerings as an Internet service provider, cloud provider and voice partner. In the podcast, D’Sa explores how CipherWave develops and retains talent, with an emphasis on promoting from within, thereby creating a culture of excellence in the organisation. D’Sa goes into detail regarding...


How technology is transforming the customer experience in SA [promoted]

The technology landscape in South Africa has changed enormously in the past decade, helping make the country a hotbed for innovation in contact centre analytics. That’s the view of Frank Sherlock, vice president of international operations at CallMiner, and Peter Flanagan, MD of Genii Analytics, who joined the TechCentral podcast to talk about why they’re excited about the opportunities in the local market. Sherlock kicks off the discussion with a view on the shifting dynamics in the South...


Interview: EOH CCO Ziaad Suleman on the promise of Brics [promoted]

The Brics formation of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (Brics) offers South African companies – from small businesses to large enterprises – with unprecedented access to markets that make up more than 40% of the world’s population. That’s the view of newly appointed EOH Holdings chief commercial officer Ziaad Suleman, who was speaking to TechCentral in a podcast interview. Suleman is chairman of the Brics Business Council 4IR and Digital Economy Working Group and shared his...