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The day's tech news, every day at 5pm. From, Silicon Valley's most-read news source. 15 minutes and you're up to date.

The day's tech news, every day at 5pm. From, Silicon Valley's most-read news source. 15 minutes and you're up to date.


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The day's tech news, every day at 5pm. From, Silicon Valley's most-read news source. 15 minutes and you're up to date.








Tue. 03/02 – iPhone 13 To Go Notch-Less?

Is the iPhone about to lose the notch and join the hole-punch universe? Whole bunch of new features for Microsoft Teams, and also a new Microsoft smart-speaker. Instacart has a monster raise. Grimes has a monster NFT sale. Discovery+ is an interesting dark-horse in the streaming wars. Oh. And “fly” drones. Sponsors: Links: Kuo: iPhone 13 series to feature smaller notch, 120Hz display, larger batteries, moreAll 270 US Apple Stores are open for...


Mon. 03/01 – Instagram Launches Live Rooms For Group Broadcasts

Instagram launches Live Rooms for group broadcasts, which, depending on how you use it is either basically FaceTime for Instagram, or another shot across the Clubhouse bow. Is the micromobility space revving up to roar back to health? Are US-based drone makers about to step into the void left by DJI? And Chris Dixon tries to contextualize NFTs for us. Sponsors: Links: Instagram launches ‘Live Rooms’ for live broadcasts with up to four...


(Bonus) Techmeme Experience On Clubhouse

Chris Messina and I go deeper on some of the news of the week.


Fri. 02/26 – Twitter Does ALL The Things (Even $$$ For Tweets)

Twitter just wants to give us everything all of the sudden, including charging for tweets, sort of groups based on interests, and even blocking and muting accounts. Google gives devs a Sleep API. Why has LastPass decided to piss everyone off all of the sudden? Why Xiaomi is the up-and-comer to keep your eye on. And of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: use code TECHMEME (all caps one word) at checkout Links: Twitter announces paid Super Follows to let you...


Thu. 02/25 – The Biden Administration Addressed The Chip Shortage

The Biden administration signs an executive order addressing the chip shortage. I’ll tell you why this is evolving into a big deal. Coinbase files its S-1 so we get to look under the hood of their business for the first time. Paramount+ reveals pricing and content details for the first time. And timely interesting raises in the Ethereum space which means: NFTs. Sponsors: Links: Biden Orders Broad Supply-Chain Review Amid Chip ShortagesCoinbase Reveals...


Wed. 02/24 - Facebook Defends Its Stance In Australia

Facebook defends its stance in Australia. MicroStrategy doubles down on its stance vis-à-vis bitcoin. Is “Sign In With Apple” the new stick the antitrust folks might use to beat Apple with? But conversely, have you noticed that social networking has gotten hella competitive lately? What does that mean for anti-trust arguements vis-à-vis Facebook. Oh, and a skateboard for AR glasses. offer code: TECH Links: The Real Story of What Happened With News on...


Tue. 02/23 – Australia Caves To Facebook

Australia caves in to Facebook. PlayStation is planning a big new push in VR. The Mate X2 keeps the foldable dream alive. The weird new malware infecting Apple Silicon Macs. And let’s use NBA Top Shot as a lens to explain NFTs. Sponsors: promocode: Links: Facebook to reverse news ban on Australian sites, government to make amendments to media bargaining codePlayStation CEO says PS5 will get its own VR headset, explains console supply chain shortfallHuawei’s...


Mon. 02/22 – Spotify’s New “HiFi” Subscription Tier

Spotify’s new HiFi subscription tier. Clubhouse has security concerns. Apple is king of the smartphone hill once again. Maybe the biggest survival story of the Covid-19 era is about the IPO. And is the Facebook news ban pushing Australians into the arms of the news publishers themselves? Sponsors: code: techmeme for 20% promocode: techmeme Links: Spotify HiFi is a lossless streaming tier coming later this yearClubhouse Chats Are Breached,...


(Bonus) The State Of VR Right Now

As mentioned, for my birthday this year I got my first VR rig, an Occulus Quest 2 because if an Apple AR/VR thingy is coming, if Facebook continues to invest in VR, then I figured it was time to, you know, not be functionally inexperienced with the space. I have a little bit of crypto to understand the space. Looking to get my hands on some NFTs to understand the space. I’ve got an onlyfans account to understand the dynamics of what works in the creator economy. And that’s the only reason, I...


Fri. 02/19 – UK Supreme Court Officially Smacks Down Uber

Uber has lost one of its most significant independent contractor battles, in this case, in the UK. The Android 12 Developer Preview is here. Office 2021 is coming. And of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: offer code: Links: Uber loses a major employment rights case as the UK’s top court rules its drivers are workersAndroid 12 developer preview is available now with many under-the-hood updatesApple Is Working on Magnetic...


Thu – 02/18 – Facebook Calls Australia’s Bluff; Google Pays Off Murdoch

I’ll do my best to explain this Australia situation with Facebook and Google. SpaceX is our interesting raise today. Nvidia unveils a line of chips just for crypto. Does Apple want to set the standards for 6G? And if remote work is the future, why is Big Tech still building so much office space? Sponsors: Links: Facebook restricts users, publishers from sharing news content in AustraliaFacebook calls Australia's bluffSpaceX Funding Round at $74 Billion...


Wed. 02/17 - Epic Games Takes Its War With Apple To Europe

Epic Games takes its war with Apple to Europe. But Apple wins a skirmish in North Dakota of all places. New York sues Amazon over worker issues. Google maps will now let you pay for parking. Some tangible numbers about the recent NFT explosion. And why the new headphone emoji look suspiciously like AirPods Max. Sponsors: Links: Epic Games files EU antitrust complaint against AppleApple wins victory as North Dakota votes down bill that would regulate app...


Tue. 02/16 – Bitcoin Crosses $50k

Bitcoin hits its latest, biggest milestone. A OnePlus cofounder’s latest startup is: Nothing. But it bought something: Essential. I’ll explain why this “who’s on first” routine might be interesting. Why government antitrust action has a tendency to open the litigation floodgates. And if you’ve been hearing about that new app Dispo, I’ve got an explainer for you. Cause that’s what I’m here for. Sponsors: Links: Bitcoin Jumps to $50,000 as...


Mon. 02/15 – First Look At xCloud Via Browser

We’ve got our first look at how Microsoft plans to bring xCloud to every device, even iOS. Is Facebook building a smartwatch? Maybe because they’re so pissed at Apple? Is everyone trying to scupper the Nvidia/ARM deal? And why I failed to mention that Paramount+ is the new entrant in the streaming wars. Sponsors: Links: Here’s a first look at Microsoft’s xCloud for the webFacebook Plans Smartwatch With Focus on Messaging, HealthFacebook Meets...


(Bonus) Is Silicon Valley "Over?" With Bloomberg's @noahpinion

If you want the single best person in economics twitter to follow, it’s Noah Smith, Bloomberg’s Economics Opinion Columnist. If you want to him, its @noahpinion, by the way. If you want a great substack to sign up to, try… the free article this week is called Triumph of the HODler’s… I hope I remember to link to it in the show notes. It’s the best summation I’ve read of what’s going on with Bitcoin at the moment. But also, as you’ll hear, he has a great new podcast...


Fri. 02/12 – Google Adds Pixel-Exclusive Photo Editing Features To Google Photos

Google adds some photo editing features to Google Photos that maybe points to a larger subscription play. Is Apple’s new AR app for TV+ a sign of things to come? Disney+ numbers are amazing. Apple Watch estimated numbers are impressive. And of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Google Photos gets new paywalled editing features for Google One subscribersFirst Apple TV+ AR app launches with ‘For All Mankind’ backstory through...


Thu. 02/11 - Facebook Wants To Copy Clubhouse Too.

Facebook wants to copy Clubhouse too, and meanwhile I got to try out Twitter Spaces last night. Did Microsoft make a run at acquiring Pinterest, and would the government let that happen? Is Peacock the sick man of the streaming wars? And an interesting raise around the creator economy. Sponsors: code TECHMEME at offer code TECH Links: Facebook Is Said to Be Building a Product to Compete With ClubhouseMicrosoft approached Pinterest about a...


Wed. 02/10 – TikTok Pardoned By Biden?

Maybe… the whole TikTok kabuki theater is at its endpoint. Salesforce thinks the whole concept of the “9-to-5 workday” is at its endpoint. More smoke around the Apple Goggles fire. Why you need to get hip to the concept of non-fungible tokens. And why cops have gotten hip to playing Sublime songs to prevent you from filming them. Sponsors: Links: TikTok Sale to Oracle, Walmart Is Shelved as Biden Reviews SecuritySalesforce declares the 9-to-5 workday dead, will...


Tue. 02/09 – Amazon To Release An Alexa ‘Command Center?’

Amazon is ginning up a new Echo device that’s like a dashboard for your household. Big changes to Android leaked to the internet. Reddit raises a big round. Mark Cuban is gunning for Clubhouse. And I’ve been warning y’all of industrial hacking. We almost had a big disaster down in Tampa Bay. Sponsors:, promocode: offer code TECH Links: Amazon Plans Wall-Mounted Echo as Smart Home Command CenterThis may be our first look at Android...


Mon. 02/08 – Tesla Buys Bitcoin While Elon Sends Dogecoin To The Moon!

The singularity is near, cause all our meme stories are colliding. Tesla has bought a ton of Bitcoin while Elon is tweet-pumping Dogecoin. Clubhouse is blocked in China. Cold water on the Apple Car story from Hyundai itself. TikTok is skipping directly to an ecommerce buildout. And Xiaomi’s big new global flagship phone. Sponsors: promocode: Links: Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin, plans to accept it as paymentClubhouse is now blocked in China after a...