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Technically Speaking is a podcast by Harrison Wheeler about BIPOC designers, entrepreneurs & technologists sharing their unique stories of triumph and resilience at the intersection of product design.

Technically Speaking is a podcast by Harrison Wheeler about BIPOC designers, entrepreneurs & technologists sharing their unique stories of triumph and resilience at the intersection of product design.


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Technically Speaking is a podcast by Harrison Wheeler about BIPOC designers, entrepreneurs & technologists sharing their unique stories of triumph and resilience at the intersection of product design.






Voice Content and Usability with Preston So

Technically Speaking is a podcast by Harrison Wheeler about BIPOC designers, entrepreneurs & technologists sharing their unique stories of triumph and resilience Episode description In this episode of Technically Speaking, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to web designer, content management expert, and author Preston So about the new user experiences in web design enabled by spatial and spoken content. He explains why the web is in the middle of a massive transition and how you can be part of...


Leadership, Individuality, and Balance with Aastha Gaur

In this episode of Technically Speaking, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to UX Director at Google Aastha Gaur. She takes us on a journey through the different teams she’s been a part of in Google, how the insides of this enormous company work, and the story of how she got into UX Design and leadership. Join this conversation and have a sneak peek into the job of the people who make our online user experience flow effortlessly in our day-to-day! Jump straight into: (01:35) - Aastha’s work as...


Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler Trailer (Season 4)

The next season of Technically Speaking is on the way featuring (May-Li Khoe), Co -Founder Maker Space (Mathew Barnes) - Design Director, AWS (Aastha Gaur) - Design Director, Google (David Dylan Thomas) - Author, Design For Cognitive Bias (Rafe Chisolm) - Senior Designer, Twitter (Preston So) - Author, Voice Content and...


The Creative Process with Mathew Barnes

It is Friday and the end of the Technically Speaking Podcast broadcasting from the San Francisco Design Week. To wrap it up, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to artist, beer enthusiast, and design veteran, Mathew Barnes. Mathew shares some of his 24 years of experience in the design world, plus he tells us how he discovered his passion for beer. Join to discover this expert’s creative process and have a sneak peek into a live beer tasting! Jump straight into: (01:35) - Who is Mathew Barnes?...


Identity and Transformation with Julia Fernandez and Jacob Hernandez

Welcome to day 4 of the Technically Speaking Podcast at the San Francisco Design Week. This time our host Harrison Wheeler talks remotely with Julia Fernandez and shares the stage with Jacob Hernandez to talk about the power of transformation. Julia is a Product Design Intern at Facebook and the Co-Creator of Students of UXD; Jacob’s current position is Senior Product Designer at LinkedIn on the Equity Team. Tune into this profound conversation around the power of design and its link to...


User Experience Research Corner and Clubhouse

In this episode of the Technically Speaking podcast live on the SF Design Week, our host Harrison Wheeler talks to the UX Research Corner crew, a 30k+ follower Clubhouse room where they talk about the nuances and intricacies of the UX research field. Tune in and learn how these awesome women opened up the conversation on tech and built a community through such an innovative space as is Clubhouse. Jump straight into: (01:35) - Who is the diverse crew from UX Corner? Favorite whiteboarding...


The Revision Path with Maurice Cherry

It is the second day of Technically Speaking at the SF Design Week. Our host Harrison Wheeler takes the stage today to talk with Maurice Cherry, host and creator of the Revision Path Podcast, an award-winning weekly showcase of black designers, artists, developers, and digital creatives from all over the world. Join in and listen to Maurice talk about the design world, his journey creating this project, and the lessons he has learned from talking to over 400 guests on his show. Jump straight...


Wellness Through Storytelling with Mercy Bell and Alyssa Hart

In this first-ever Technically Speaking live stream from the SF Design Week, Harrison Wheeler talks on stage with Alyssa Hart and Mercy Bell, the creators of T4ke Care, a unique virtual wellness event and platform. Join in and listen to Mercy and Alyssa’s journey creating this beautiful multi-sensory project built on heartwarming human stories. Jump straight into: (01:36) - Who are Mercy Bell and Alyssa Hart? The journey that led them into the wellness world and creating T4ke Care. (07:02) -...


Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler Trailer (Season 3)

Season 3 of the Technically Speaking podcast is dropping soon recorded live during this years, San Francisco Design Week. Harrison Wheeler has discussions with a host of guests including Maurice Cherry, Mercy Bell and Alyssa Hart, Mathew Barnes, Julia Fernandez, Mathew Barnes, Aladrian Goods, Anj Cheng, Nannearl Brown, Anna Kuforiji, and Priyanka Mohan. Support this podcast


The First Year with Harrison Wheeler

Harrison Wheeler reflects on the first year of the Technically Speaking podcast; from software, hardware, post production, guest selection and whats next. Support this podcast


Influence from the Past, Present, and Future with Maurice Woods

Todays guest is Principle Designer and Executive Director of the Inneract Project that is now 16 years running strong Maurice Woods. We discuss the origins of the Inneract project and its mission to empower underrepresented youth through design education and opportunities to explore design in career and life. During the show we reflect on how his professional basketball career played Brought on the duality of existing in different spaces and how the mentorship of the prolific Seattle based...


Self Empowerment and Advocacy with Lily Konings

Lily Konings and I have a wide ranging conversation about the importance of empowerment. Back in December Lily played a major role as the founder of the Lift Her Wealth conference which touch on financial literacy across personal finance, retirement, investing and more. It all started out of a viral tweet that resulted in 15 speakers, and more than 4,300 sign ups. We'll dive into some her learnings throughout the process and what's next. Later in the show, we talk about the importance of...


Building Better Connections with Kat Vellos

Todays conversation is around connection. Around 60% or so of Americans were reporting, feeling lonely on a regular basis. What do we do when we don’t have the physical connection in a socially distanced world. In this episode my guest is Kat Vellos, creative, facilitator, and author of the book, We Should Get Together. We dive into her journey from designer to entrepreneur, the importance facilitation and the four seeds of connection so you want to stay tuned in....


After Hours: Design Ethics, Accountability, and Blowing Up The Table with Theresa Slate

You thought I was only dropping one After Hours segment on you. No, I've got to, you know, in this one, it's one of my favorite guests on the show. It's Theresa slate. She's a design lead at Northern Trust in Chicago. So this segment is an extension of episode 12, around Enterprising Innovation. And in that discussion, we sent her around building out of legacy systems, enterprise experiences, and the challenges associated with that. Our discussion naturally touches on three areas. The first...


After Hours: Building Pathways with Farai Madzima

We are back for our third installment of After Hours. If you all aren't familiar with the concept of after hours, it is essentially an extension of episodes that we've recorded throughout our past seasons. In this case is a continuation of my conversation with Farai Madzima on the Craft of Management. We reflect a bit on my journey into design and management. And the importance of paving the way for underrepresented groups into careers of design. As always, If anything comes to mind, you...


Where Are The Black Designers with Mitzi Okou

Black designers make up 3% of the entire industry.That was the report that came out of the 2019 AIGA design census report. That includes graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, UX designers, a wide sweeping set of roles. This number is also the foundational problem addressed by an initiative turn movement called where are the black designers? It was co-founded by my guests in this episode, Mitzi Okou. We walked through exciting developments in her career and the origins behind the,...


Students of UXD with Vicky Vo and Julia Fernandez

What does the path of getting into UX design look like? Julia and Vicky share their experience moving into the design industry around and their motivation to start their group, Students of UXD to help empower the next generation of aspiring designers. They'll share tips on where to start and how you can get involved in the group. Students of UXD Website - ( ) Instagram -


Enterprising Innovation with Theresa Slate

My guest is Theresa slate and she is a multidisciplinary designer in diversity and inclusion consultant. Who's been crafting meaningful experience. In a range of industries, including consumer electronics, retail, and healthcare. She supported organizations, both in-house and outside as a consultant, which we'll get into. She'll take us from school in Cincinnati to Seattle, Palo Alto and Chicago where she is currently a design lead at Northern Trust. We dive into designing systems at scale...


The Craft of Management with Farai Madzima

I have the pleasure of speaking with Farai Madzima. He is a design manager at Shopify and the founder of South Africa's premier design conference, PixelUp!. Today's theme. The craft of management. Farai takes us in his meandering path to becoming a user experience designer as well as his transition into management with some helpful tips. I'm sure folks that are going into a leadership pathway are sure to take some value out of But don't take my word for it. Here's him in his own words. "When...


After Hours: Executive Coaching Q&A with Brooks Scott

Welcome to another segment of After Hours on Technically Speaking. In this segment, I have a Q&A with executive coach and founder of Merging Path Coaching, Brooke's Elliot Scott. During the Q&A, we touch on authentic vulnerability, giving your manager feedback, and building better connections with your team. Now, this was recorded back in the early days of a shelter in place. And when everyone was getting ready to work from home. It's fascinating how many of the topics we covered still hold...