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S1E1 In Search of Safety Retrospective

3 weeks ago with we started our journey with our first episode “In Search of Safety”. Shortly after each episode is released we will bring together some contributors for a discussion inspired by the issues raised. This was originally streamed live on 5th April 2017. If you haven’t yet listening to the first episode, then go back and listen to it first as there may be spoilers! We had a fascinating discussion covering many areas on how to foster safety and things notice in unsafe...


S1E1: In Search Of Safety

In this, the first episode, we take a journey to find a definition of safety. To find this, we intersect story telling, interviews and in-depth research, taking us on a journey through abusive environments to improvisational theatre. Learning about safety, engagement and what happens when they don’t exist. And, we might just discover a few universal truths along the way. Featured on this episode: Arlo BelsheeCarina C. ZonaDoc NortonEsther DerbyJohanna RothmanJoshua KerievskyLinda...