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The Blockchain and Us: Conversations about the brave new world of blockchains, cryptoassets, and the token economy

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Cedric Waldburger - Why Education Is the Killer App for Blockchain Technology

Cedric Waldburger speaks about being part of the team that later became Dfinity, leading growth at the company, why education might be the killer app for blockchain technology, his motivation and approach to storytelling, differences between Dfinity and other blockchain startups, starting his first company at age fourteen, why mentors are so important, measuring his life in quarters, productivity tools for entrepreneur, his investment theses, why he doesn't normally invest in ICOs, investing...


Joey Krug - Why Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Education, and Government Are Ripe for Disruption

Joey Krug speaks about evaluating investments at Pantera Capital, why healthcare, finance, energy, and government are ripe for disruption, why too much money is bad for entrepreneurs, why location matters for funds but less for projects, how incumbent tech companies deal with blockchain technology and tokens, why blockchains won't transform information, why people don't care about their privacy and how to overcome that, why progress is much faster than we notice, how Augur got support for...


Jesse McWaters - Why Blockchain Technology Might Become Less of a Binary Idea in the Future of Finance

Jesse McWaters speaks about analyzing the impact of blockchain technology on industry and society at the World Economic Forum, disruption vs. collaboration in the financial sector, why blockchain technology gives people a license to image a future without constraint, the role of established financial institutions in the cryptoasset space, why the road of blockchain entrepreneurs differs from those in the FinTech space, how the blockchain narrative changed in recent years, blockchain...


Peter Hody - How Journalists and the Financial Press Stay Objective About Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

Peter Hody speaks about his work as a journalist covering the financial sector, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, vetting crypto and ICO stories, staying objective, the role of marketing and PR firms in the crypto space, the role of advertising and paid content in the online media, quality of reporting on cryptocurrencies in the mainstream press, how clickbait distorts the story about cryptocurrencies, crypto news platforms, how the decline of Swiss banking helps market...


Hubert Ritzdorf - Why Hacking Smart Contracts is Easier than Hacking Web Servers

Hubert Ritzdorf speaks about automatic auditing of smart contracts, why almost all smart contracts have bugs, specs of smart contracts, the hacks of the Parity wallet, skills necessary to hack smart contracts, why hacking smart contracts is easier than hacking web servers, GDPR and blockchains, challenges for smart contract platforms, being a blockchain entrepreneur in Switzerland, why he avoided an ICO for his own company, and much more. Hubert is the co-founder and CTO of ChainSecurity, a...


Niklas Nikolajsen - Why Cryptoassets Will Soon Be Part of Every Bank's Business

Niklas Nikolajsen speaks about Bitcoin Suisse and its amazing journey, why "there will be no difference between crypto-finance and finance, it will only be finance", his early cypherpunk days and Bitcoin evangelism, the importance of timing in entrepreneurship, why he understands the hesitation of banks to work with new industries such as cryptocurrencies, how all assets will move onto blockchains, why "making decentralized exchanges illegal is like making gravity illegal", how the...


Lars Thomsen - How a Futurist Looks at Blockchain Technology

Lars Thomsen speaks about how crypto and blockchain technology entered his work as a futurist, why it takes a long time to understand what new technologies can do, how futurists work, why blockchains will be at the core of everything, why most companies might miss the opportunity, use cases for cryptocurrencies, the future of work, techniques to imagine possible futures, future-proof skills, and much more. Lars is a leading futurist and founder of Future Matters. He has been working with...


Saifedean Ammous - Why Bitcoin is the Hardest Money We Ever Had

Saifedean Ammous speaks about his book "The Bitcoin Standard", why thriving economies need hard money, the concept of time preference, comparisons between bitcoin and gold, what bitcoin could do for the world economy, how Austrian economics and bitcoin go together, why it took years for him to understand Bitcoin, why he's a self-chosen outcast in academia, why bitcoin might not replace gold after all, and why Bitcoin is neither good nor bad but simply a technology. Saifedean is an academic...


Ron Resnick - Why Blockchain Standards Create New Business Models for Companies and Developers

Ron Resnick speaks about leading the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), how he goes about creating standards, specs and certifications for blockchain applications, why companies join and what they plan to do with Ethereum, why some companies "get" blockchain technology and others don't, how the wide adoption of blockchain technology could unfold, why there might be more than one forerunner in the blockchain space, how blockchain standards create new business models for developers, why...


Daniel Doll-Steinberg - How Blockchain Technology Redefines Entrepreneurship

Daniel Doll-Steinberg speaks about how blockchain technology has changed entrepreneurship, London and Switzerland as blockchain hubs, the race of territories to become blockchain epicenters, advising companies to use blockchain technology, hedging legal risk in ICOs, assessing founding teams of ICOs, characteristics of successful blockchain entrepreneurs, misunderstandings of established industries of blockchain technology, the Atari Token, and much more. Daniel is the CEO of Blockchain...


Dolfi Mueller - A Recap of Zug's Bitcoin Experiment and How it Energized Switzerland

Dolfi Mueller speaks about the Bitcoin experiment at the city of Zug in Switzerland and how it energized the local government and an entire region, learning lessons from the experiment, how banks (still) deal with Bitcoin companies, how the blockchain ecosystem in Zug is developing, why blockchain black boxes undermine confidence, a pilot for a digital ID on the blockchain, and how the city has changed over the last decades in the face of globalization. Dolfi Mueller is the mayor of Zug, a...


Luzius Meisser - Bitcoin's Early Days and its Eternal September, Bitcoin Association Switzerland, and Why Regulation Kills Innovation

Luzius Meisser speaks about the early days of Bitcoin and the evolution of a thriving ecosystem in Switzerland, the professionalization of the ICO market, challenges in the foundation model for ICOs, the Swiss FINMA guidelines vs. other European guidelines, the Swiss blockchain taskforce, how the law around cryptocurrencies evolves, the question if bitcoins are data, Bitcoin's "eternal September", why there may be too many different blockchains, why many tokens will go to zero, how he...


John Hargrave - Marketing Basics for ICOs and Blockchain Projects

John Hargrave speaks about marketing basics for ICOs and blockchain companies, email lists, misconceptions of blockchain entrepreneurs about communications, creating good marketing content, "create once, use everywhere", video vs. written content, deciding on which channels to use and which ones to avoid, "talking points", how to avoid infomercials but instead create value, how to build trust, viral mechanics, and why the "white paper has to die". John is the CEO of Media Shower, a media...


Luis Cuende - How Digital Jurisdictions Help Us Escape 1984 and Take Back Control

Luis Cuende speaks about the inspiration for his startup Aragon, raising over $100 million in his ICO, how he plans to create a digital jurisdiction that isn't bound to the borders of a single country, how governments manipulate citizens, how he explains the need for digital worlds, which narratives inspire people to reclaim their freedom, societal challenges in the Western world, why jobs are a thing of the past, why he thinks governments should try universal basic income, how blockchains...


Mathias Ruch - From Dot-Com Entrepreneur to Blockchain Investor and Enabler

Mathias Ruch speaks about beginning his career in the dot-com boom, becoming an investor, enabler and facilitator of the blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland, leading the Blockchain Taskforce of the Swiss government, why blockchain technology presents the most important opportunity of his life and for Switzerland, how he screens investments in blockchain companies, entrepreneurial characteristics, why passion eats strategy for breakfast, what he would do differently as an entrepreneur today,...


Tone Vays - Analyzing the Price of Bitcoin

Tone Vays speak about his approach to technical analysis of the bitcoin price, why other cryptoassets can't reach Bitcoin, relevant time frames for analyzing the bitcoin price, which companies in the blockchain space make sense, ICOs (mostly why they don't make sense), Bitcoin as a working example of decentralization, proof of work, real assets on the blockchain, starting his own business, what would happen if Bitcoin went away, getting information about cryptoassets from podcasts and...


Tom Lyons - How to Tell the Story of Blockchain Technology

Tom Lyons speaks about the importance of storytelling in the blockchain space, how to develop narratives for good stories about technology, how blockchain startups can go about communicating their projects, the meaning of "thought leadership", how to explain technology to people who have never heard of it, his work in a decentralized organization like ConsenSys, communicating the vision of a company, differentiating use cases and offerings, content articles vs. video, how blockchain...


Michael Sidler - How the Blockchain Disrupts Venture Capital

Michael Sidler speaks about how blockchain technology and ICOs impact venture capital, how he analyzes investment opportunities in the crypto and blockchain space, characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, why he prefers "movies to snapshots", the importance of a good network, which themes in the blockchain space he finds most interesting, tokenizing portfolio companies and VC funds, how VCs compete with ICOs, new business models that blockchains enable, what's missing in most white...


Joe Lubin - The Future is Decentralized, and Why Decision-Making is a "Big, Fuzzy, Hairy, and Messy Thing"

Joe Lubin speaks about his vision for a decentralized world and the role Ethereum and ConsenSys play in it, what most people misunderstand about Ethereum, why it is hard to imagine what blockchain technology will do for us in 2025, why silos are coming to an end, how hierarchy and decentralization go together, what the blockchain space needs to become more trustworthy, which skills are relevant in the decentralized future, and what he would be doing if Ethereum and ConsenSys didn't...


Thomas Naegele - A New Blockchain Law in Crypto Country Liechtenstein

Thomas Naegele speaks about Liechtenstein's new blockchain act, how the country plans to become a global blockchain and crypto hub competing with Malta, Gibraltar, Singapore, Bermuda and Cayman, the blockchain startup scene in Liechtenstein, how blockchain companies from abroad can start a business there, how people can educate themselves about cryptocurrencies, bringing his experience as a software developer into his law practice, his PhD thesis about token economics, keeping current on the...