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The Blockchain and Us: Conversations about the brave new world of blockchains, cryptoassets, and the token economy

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How Blockchain Technology Could Keep Humanity Human - Anne Connelly, Singularity University

Anne Connelly speaks about using blockchain technology to make a social impact and why very few projects actually use the technology in practice, teaching blockchain technology to executives at Singularity University, stories and tools to convince people of the merits of blockchains, how she advises companies, bro culture in tech and why diversity and respect are important in the blockchain space, hopes and fears of the future of blockchain technology, why coding should be an essential...


Just Keep Your Head Down and Build - Jason Goldberg, Open Simple Token (OST)

Jason Goldberg speaks about building OST, how apps with millions of users can tokenize, how market conditions affect blockchain adoption, unrealistic assumptions and anti-narratives in the crypto space, advantages for software companies to build token models into their products, why the hotmail moment for blockchain technology might happen in 2019/20, why some tech firms fail to see the threat of blockchain technology, keeping a balance between technology and real life, the importance to...


How Blockchains Could Create Community Consciousness - Toni Lane Casserly,

Toni Lane Casserly speaks about her project and her goal to create a new notion of community, how identity could be the foundation for a new form of governance, the role of the media and why much of crypto and blockchain coverage is advertising in disguise, the concept of holocracy and universal basic education, political liberation through cryptography, why she doesn't read the news, anarchy vs. voluntaryism, self-mastery, and much more. Toni Lane is a core founder at several...


Why Some Blockchain Ideas Can't Wait - Aparna Krishnan, Mechanism Labs

Aparna Krishnan talks about her research company Mechanism Labs, mentoring women in blockchain at She(256), dealing with the bro culture in the blockchain space, her experience growing up under Internet censorship and how it shaped her interest in cryptography, building up the education department at Blockchain at Berkeley, what she observed teaching introductions to the technology, takeaways from her Thiel Fellowship, and much more. Aparna is a Thiel Fellow and the co-founder of...


Why Blockchains Empower a New Social Contract for the Digital Age - Don Tapscott, Blockchain Research Institute

Don Tapscott speaks about his vision of a new social contract for the digital age, the coming transformation of physical assets into digital, why leaders of old paradigms are cynical about change, why privacy is not dead but the most important foundation of freedom, portable forms of digital identity, downsides of the digital age, universal basic income, why there's nothing wrong with government but with bureaucracy, the crisis of democracy, education and media literacy, why the tech...


Blockchain Identity and the Importance of Ethics - Monique Morrow, The Humanized Internet

Monique Morrow speaks about The Humanized Internet, self-sovereign electronic identity and credentials on the blockchain, her plans for a personal digital lockbox, ethics in technology, how she avoided the innovator's dilemma as Services CTO of Cisco, why decentralization and trustless consensus might be a myth, where blockchain technology fits in with other deep tech, how small countries like Switzerland can keep up with the global tech arms race, China's plans to become the AI leader in...


The Human Story Behind Blockchain Technology - Matthew Allen, Zurich Bureau Chief/Business Reporter at Swissinfo

Matthew Allen speaks about his work as a business reporter in the Swiss crypto and blockchain space, fascinating angles of crypto projects in the press, how human stories trump tech stories, how he makes sure he's avoiding writing about scams, filters to deal with the deluge of information, how entrepreneurs can get coverage for their projects, how building in stealth mode helps projects get media attention, why the story of "being the first" no longer works in the blockchain space, merits...


Why Crypto Funds Have to Become Tech Companies - Ryan Yi, CoinFund

Ryan Yi speaks about conducting investment research and due diligence at CoinFund, metrics he looks at in new investments, financial models for valuing tokens and projects no tokens, the concept and facets of generalized mining, how it aligns stakeholders but also has a dark side, how generalized mining changes the function of crypto investment funds, how many decentralized projects need central planners at the beginning, if blockchain products are public goods or not, and much more. Ryan...


Why China Will Be the World's Largest Token Economy - Tony Tao, X-Order, Neo Global Capital

Tony Tao speaks about his blockchain research and investment company X-Order, the beginnings of Bitcoin in China, how complexity theory explains tokenomics, how data influences venture capital, how blockchains create value by creating niche demand, the value proposition for decentralized exchanges, what he looks at in due diligence when investing, China as a location for blockchain projects and why it will be the most innovative space for token economics in five to ten years, his...


Why Blockchain Technology is Transformative and Irritating - Monty Munford, Mob76

Monty Munford speaks about his work as a tech advisor and writer, his adventures at the Malta Blockchain Summit interviewing John McAfee, how blockchain companies can improve their stories, blockchain companies in the UK and how Brexit affects them, the development of the blockchain ecosystem, characteristics of valuable tech companies, promising applications of blockchain technology, getting his wallet hacked, frustrations with blockchain technology, what should change, and where he sees...


What Blockchains and Linux Have in Common - Phil Zamani, Aergo, Blocko

Phil Zamani speaks about his blockchain projects Aergo and Blocko, the blockchain ecosystem in South Korea, differences between open source in Linux and blockchain technology, why blockchain consortiums might fail, why there are still few production systems live on blockchains, how non-software companies can go about getting started with pilot projects, what he learned from working with large corporations on blockchain projects in South Korea, why data needs to be shared to be most...


How Digital Scarcity Helps Artists and Creators - Eric Elliott, Author, Developer, Mentor

Eric Elliott speaks about creating the verifiable web with, how fact-checking information has evolved since PGP, why we're not in 1998 with blockchain technology but in 1968, why people don't yet use decentralized applications and why that is OK for the moment, the future of AR/VR and blockchains, how artists and creators can benefit in a new economy that digital scarcity and artificial intelligence make possible, lessons from the music industry in dealing with technology, why the...


Why Executives Need Blockchain Literacy - Alison McCauley, Author of Unblocked

Alison McCauley speaks about writing her book "Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business", about the importance of blockchain literacy for executives, why blockchain communities need organizations on their side, how organizations can get started with blockchain technology, how to take blockchain ideas into the pilot stage with possible use cases, why companies will soon have competition from their own customers, how collaboration replaces the zero-sum game of many business...


The Antifragility of Cryptoassets - Alexander Bulkin, CoinFund

Alexander Bulkin speaks about combining social sciences with blockchain technology at CoinFund (which he co-founded), why crypto funds are becoming tech companies, the antifragility of cryptoassets, cryptoeconomic primitives and the challenges with developing them, why you don't need one blockchain to achieve network effects, how blockchain technology could enable decentralized marketplaces, the drawbacks for crypto businesses in the United States, the power of communities, and much...


Trent McConaghy - "Hey Zuck, Let's Tokenize Facebook!" How Blockchains Could Stop People Farming

Trent McConaghy speaks about creating a data economy with Ocean Protocol, token engineering and design, bringing artificial intelligence to the blockchain, how Facebook could tokenize itself to melt into the user community, why AI researchers often miss the most mundane solutions, how we're moving from nature 1.0 to nature 2.0, smart decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), how DAOs could provide universal basic income (UBI), Estonia's blockchain initiatives, token engineering,...


Ryan Jesperson - How Blockchains Could Solve the Tragedy of the Commons

Ryan Jesperson speaks about his journey to becoming the president of the Tezos Foundation, his outlook for Tezos and its technological innovations. He explains Tezos' on-chain governance and how it could solve the tragedy of the (digital) commons, how he organized the Tezos community in a petition to hold the foundation accountable, dealing with adversity and personal criticism, making sure the foundation stays decentralized, what makes Tezos a blockchain 3.0, Tezos' baking ecosystem and...


Cedric Waldburger - Why Education Is the Killer App for Blockchain Technology

Cedric Waldburger speaks about being part of the team that later became Dfinity, leading growth at the company, why education might be the killer app for blockchain technology, his motivation and approach to storytelling, differences between Dfinity and other blockchain startups, starting his first company at age fourteen, why mentors are so important, measuring his life in quarters, productivity tools for entrepreneur, his investment theses, why he doesn't normally invest in ICOs, investing...


Joey Krug - Why Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Education, and Government Are Ripe for Disruption

Joey Krug speaks about evaluating investments at Pantera Capital, why healthcare, finance, energy, and government are ripe for disruption, why too much money is bad for entrepreneurs, why location matters for funds but less for projects, how incumbent tech companies deal with blockchain technology and tokens, why blockchains won't transform information, why people don't care about their privacy and how to overcome that, why progress is much faster than we notice, how Augur got support for...


Jesse McWaters - Why Blockchain Technology Might Become Less of a Binary Idea in the Future of Finance

Jesse McWaters speaks about analyzing the impact of blockchain technology on industry and society at the World Economic Forum, disruption vs. collaboration in the financial sector, why blockchain technology gives people a license to image a future without constraint, the role of established financial institutions in the cryptoasset space, why the road of blockchain entrepreneurs differs from those in the FinTech space, how the blockchain narrative changed in recent years, blockchain...


Peter Hody - How Journalists and the Financial Press Stay Objective About Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

Peter Hody speaks about his work as a journalist covering the financial sector, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, vetting crypto and ICO stories, staying objective, the role of marketing and PR firms in the crypto space, the role of advertising and paid content in the online media, quality of reporting on cryptocurrencies in the mainstream press, how clickbait distorts the story about cryptocurrencies, crypto news platforms, how the decline of Swiss banking helps market...