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All the best in gaming, technology and tenuous quizzes from the team.

All the best in gaming, technology and tenuous quizzes from the team.


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All the best in gaming, technology and tenuous quizzes from the team.






Pre-Order Madness

The next generation approaches and the team have been frantically trying to secure themselves a new console in November. Well, some have, other's did it back in May and have breezed through the last few weeks with nary a care in the world. Andy's disappeared into a decorating black hole for this podcast, so you're stuck with Ali and Matt talking for an hour about pre-ordering, new news on the machines that aren't far away, and a few other bits besides. In this episode of the Codec Moments...


The Logitech G923 Show and Other Stuff

It's been at least 6 months since we last did a gaming roundup, so it seemed a sensible time to get talking - we all must have played something, right? Turns out it was mostly the same games and even with Andy on board there's still a heavy racing slant. Ali gets to talk about the Logitech G923, Matt wonders about the sanity of Project CARS 3, and Andy tells us how he's training to be the next Eddie Irvine (it's the most recent F1 driver he can remember). Vehophobes don't worry, we do get...


Xbox No-show Case

On 23rd July 2020, Microsoft hosted another online event that promised to showcase new and exciting games for their new console, the Xbox Series X. Straining with excitement, Ali watched the whole livestream to see if his dreams of ray tracing would be realised this autumn. Little did he realise that things were going to take an unexpected turn... Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast about the Xbox Series X to find out: Why not join our Discord channels to talk games (and...


Getting Back On Track

Really, what did you expect? F1 2020 has been released and we wouldn't do a podcast about it? C'mon! Matt and Ali can't resist the chance to talk about Formula 1, wheel setups and tyre feel on a race track. Don't switch off if you're a casual race fan though, there's some new options in this year's iteration that might appeal. Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments podcast to hear all about: Why not join our Discord channels to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live...


PS5 Reveal-ations

With Sony's press conference on the 11th June 2020 showcasing a huge number of upcoming next generation games, the new DualSense controller, and the all important looks of the PS5, we decided to sit down and capture our thoughts (good and bad) on what we'd seen. Well, we being Ali and Matt... Andy was too busy to watch the event so had to receive all the info via live text message, then sift through what was true, and what we'd made up. There was a lot of great things on show, and a few bits...


PS5 and Series X - Next Gen Natter

In this episode of the Codec Moments podcast which should really have been called "You won't believe the stuff the PS5 and Series X can do!", the team get together to have a chat about everything they know about the next generation of consoles. It turns out that's not a lot, but they do manage to avoid fanboy baiting each other and starting a fight. Of course, with Matt and Ali on the mics there's bound to be some racing game talk, and given the DiRT 5 announcement recently it's no surprise...


Corona Momentum 2020

You wait for ages then two podcasts come along at once! Hot on the heels of the They Live: Assault on Cable 54 boardgame episode (literally 5 minutes after), Andy, Matt and Ali discuss what they've been up to in the first couple of weeks of the countrywide lockdown. How has being confined to their houses affected their gaming habits? Are they starting to go stir crazy? Isn't this just normal for Andy? Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast to find out: Why not join our Discord...


They Live: Assault on Cable 54 Kickstarter

In a very special episode of the Codec Moments Podcast, the team talk to Andrew Aitcheson, one of the co-creators of They Live: Assault on Cable 54 - a table top game that's currently being funded on Kickstarter. As part of Iconiq Studios, Andrew talks us through where the inspiration came from, what the main challenges have been getting it up and running, and what the crowd funding process is like. Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast to find out: Why not join our Discord...


February 2020 Gaming Roundup

We're back in to the rhythm of never having time to get everyone together to record and failing to put out content. In a vague effort to do at least one thing for the Codec Moments podcast in March, Matt and Ali got together to talk about what they've played through February. It turned out to be a very busy month with more games than they realised. Andy's still lost in the depths of his man cave rebuild... Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments podcast to find out: OverpassGRIDWhy not...


A Bit Of Gaming Tech

With it recently being the festive period, it's a time when traditionally the capitalist market goes into overdrive and consumerism dominates. This means usually we here at Codec Moments have been bought something fabulously techie, or have used the season of goodwill to cheer ourselves up with a fancy piece of kit. So it's a bit strange then that only one of us has been on any type of spending spree and treated themselves to new peripherals... like a HOTAS flightstick. Listen to this...


Games to Look Forward To... 2020

It's a scant 10 days into January and we're putting out our second podcast of year... officially more than the last 3 months of 2019. Woo! What's more, it was actually a live broadcast on our own internet radio channel. Oooh, get us catching up with the early Naught-ies. For those that missed the delight of hearing us screw up in real time, here's an edited version that makes us sound ever-so-slightly more professional when we're talking about the games of 2020 that we're interested in. If...


Gaming Quiz of the Decade & Codec Momentum 2019

It's been a long year in gaming, and we're about to make it even longer with our quiz that not only features things from 2019, but from the whole of the last decade. There's also the final roundup of Codec Momentum for the year, and news on what we'll be doing with it in 2020. Join Matt, Andy and Ali for a trip down memory forgetful lane... In this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast, you'll hear: The quiz music theme used in this episode appears courtesy of Purple Planet...


2019's Surprises and Disappointments

Another year has passed all too quickly, and the team find themselves not only staring down another year, but it's another decade too. To psyche themselves up for what the future may bring, Matt, Andy and Ali spend some time looking backwards on what surprised and disappointed them in 2019. As a bonus (or simply a way to fill more airtime if you're being cynical), they also had a think on what from the last ten years has made them coo with delight and groan in anguish. In this episode of...


Codec Momentum - October 2019

Another month goes by, the night's are drawing in, it's getting cold, and it's nearing the end of the year... which means we've been tucked up playing games rather than recording podcasts. Two of us managed to emerge from our sofa's though and have checked out how October's Codec Momentum entrants have performed. Plus, we finally got around to discussing what we think of GRID and Death Stranding. Listen to this month's Codec Momentum update to find out: Why not join our Discord to talk...


Control Spoilercast

We've been playing Control... lots and lots of Control. So much that we've had to spill our guts and make a podcast about everything that happens in the game that made us go WTF! This is true spoiler territory, so listen at your own discretion (or go and play the game, then come and listen). In this podcast you'll hear: Why not join our Discord to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in) – click here. If you think that Discord will make you stare at a...


Codec Momentum - August 2019

It's the latest Codec Momentum update and in the aftermath of Apocalyptic August, the team are here to let you know what they attempted through the month, and what's changed on the leaderboard. How did you do in the heart of the summer holidays? Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast to find out: Why not join our Discord to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in) – click here. If you think that Discord will make you take part in Apocalyptic...


Codec Momentum - July 2019

Five weeks have passed and it's time for the July Codec Momentum update to bring us all up to speed with games completed, games attempted and what's been happening on social media since the last update. Ali, Andy and Matt are all on hand to discuss the events of the last month. Listen in to find out: Why not join our Discord to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in) – click here. If you think that Discord will make you throw your toys out of the pram, then...


The 6th Birthday Special!

We know, we know. We promised a cheap and cheerful clips montage podcast a couple of weeks back and failed to deliver. Well fear not intrepid listener, here it is! As a way of celebrating the 6th birthday of Codec Moments, Andy, Matt and Ali spent some time in the podcast archives rummaging through the episodes to find their favourite bits. Be prepared to listen to unfamiliar theme tunes, poorer quality audio, and Brian singing (if you remember who that is). Stayed tuned to the very end to...


Passing Judgment

What's up!? We promised a birthday episode this week, but that hasn't panned out exactly as we planned. In it's place you're getting something that might be more interesting anyway - an interview with Greg Chun who stars in the Yakuza spin off, Judgment. WARNING: there are some minor spoilers in this interview. Don't get used to this type of quality output, we'll be back with the cheap clips show next week as originally planned. Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast to hear...


Co-Op Gaming

This week's podcast was inspired by the upcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood with the inherent co-op being a big selling point of the game. We intended to talk about it at length, but got slightly sidetracked by a couple of things: 1.) Ali's PC decided to update itself and not be available for recording; and 2.) Andy couldn't stay for the full length of the podcast. At least this meant that we could try out the drop-in/drop-out podcasting features we patched in a few weeks ago. Heading off on a...