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Welcome to The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson

Welcome to The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson
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Welcome to The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson






How to Request Assistance from FastTrack

The FastTrack organization is a large group of expert engineers who specialize in helping all types of organizations deploy Microsoft 365 apps. There is simply no group in the world with more specialized skills on this subject, nor is there anyone else with greater access to the innerworkings of the platform. How do I request FastTrack assistance? To make a request for assistance from FastTrack, first go to FastTrack for Microsoft 365. Once you're there, click on the "Sign In" prompt,...


Cloud Connecting with Co-Management

Getting cloud connected with Co-management adds new functionality to your existing Configuration Manager deployment, without changing how you already work. When you enable co-management, you immediately begin benefitting from the cloud. You can apply that value to your existing management infrastructure and processes. In this co-management Blastoff series, you'll find how you can quickly drive new management value. Co-management is built to create features and tools you can use right now.


Moving From Hybrid MDM To Microsoft Intune

If you missed the memo over the summer, as of 14 August 2018, hybrid mobile device management (Intune integrated with Configuration Manager) is a deprecated feature with support ending on 1 September 2019. For more information on what this means, check out this documentation. The short version: Intune standalone is now Microsoft's recommended deployment topology and it is required for Co-Management. From this point forward, if you want to enable Co-Management, you must move from an...


Upgrading to Windows 10 to Enable Co-Management

As you work towards onboarding your organization to Co-Management, a significant hurdle for some teams is getting Current. For Co-Management, Windows 10 1709 (released in January 2018) is required. Your organization may be in the process of planning or implementing this update, and, once you are updated and Auto Enrollment is configured, your clients will be automatically enrolled to Co-Management. The great news is that upgrading Windows 10 is enabled by default! In most cases, upgrade...


Configuring Devices in Azure Active Directory

If your environment currently has Windows 10 devices locally domain joined, you will need to Hybrid Azure AD join your devices before you can enable Co-Management in ConfigMgr. Hybrid Azure AD joining your devices is a process that automatically registers your on-premises domain-joined devices with Azure AD. For more context on this process, check out the Introduction to device management in Azure Active Directory, as well as this documentation about How to plan your Hybrid Azure AD...


Using Windows Autopilot with Co-Management

Unwrapping a new PC is incredibly exciting, but we've all felt a bit of dread when thinking about how long it will take it get all our settings and apps just right so that we can start being productive. Co-Management solves this device provisioning problem with Windows Autopilot. Whether you are looking to set up and pre-configure new Windows 10 devices, or reset, repurpose and recover existing devices – Autopilot provides a simplified experience for both IT and the end user. Autopilot...


Embedding Co-management With Azure Active Directory

There's no simpler way to say it than this: In the cloud, Identity is the new control plane. This fundamental principal of security and management means that securely connecting users to applications and resources (no matter where they exist or how they are used) is what will set apart world-class organizations. This huge shift in how we approach IT is embodied by Azure AD. Azure AD allows you to seamlessly link your users, devices, and applications – across both cloud and on-premises...


Client Health Monitoring with Co-Management

The health of our network is directly connected to the health of the devices moving in and out of it. Intune has the unique ability to talk to unhealthy clients and act as a watch dog for your organization, even when a client is not on your corporate network. When you use Co-Management to combine this power with ConfigMgr's ability to report back 98% of known healthy clients, you can detect, assess, and provide great visibility across all clients, in real time. Intune also adds the support...


Using Co-Management to Execute Remote Actions

IT must be able to ensure that every device they manage is reachable – no matter where it is – whenever it connects. IT must also provide each device and device user with everything needed to stay productive while protecting the apps and data being used. With the device actions supported by Intune, these critical functions can be solved (as the name implies) remotely. Why you need it: Remote device actions give IT unparalleled management controls on the device without interfering...


The Security Benefits of Conditional Access

Simply put, Conditional Access is EMS flexing its might. Surprisingly often, regular uses of ConfigMgr overlook how much they can use Conditional Access (CA) and take advantage of the simple, cloud-attached benefits. CA is a perpetual-motion machine which ensures that corporate resources are only accessed by trusted users on trusted devices using trusted apps. It has been built from scratch in the cloud and, whether you're managing devices with Intune or extending your ConfigMgr...


How Microsoft uses Condtional Access - Endpoint Zone 1812

In this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson you'll hear from Microsoft's Chief Information Security Officer, Bret Arsenault, about how Microsoft protects it's employees mobile devices.


What is Desktop App Assure and Manage Win32 apps with Intune: Endpoint Zone 1810

To learn more about Desktop App Assure: To request assistance with your apps today:

JAMF integration with Microsoft 365 - Endpoint Zone 1808

Coming up in this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson Brad talks to the CEO of JAMF software, Dean Hager. Brad and Dean discuss the JAMF Casper integration with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft 3365 [01:00] Some context on JAMF [03:40] "We're Apple guys" [07:40] Whiteboarding ow JAMF and Conditional Access work together [10:45] Demo [17:00] Insight into where the JAMF / Microsoft partnership is going next


EBF onboarder for Microsoft Intune - Endpoint Zone 1807

Coming up in the show we'll be taking a look at how you migrate to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Intune and we'll take a deep dive into an amazing tool; EBF onboarder for Microsoft Intune. [02:06] - Millions of devices are migrating to Microsoft 365 [07:00] - Understand how you consolidate your security with Microsoft 365 [08:50] - How many users are using EMS? [10:00] - Nico shows us EBF on boarder for Intune [15:12] - EBF on boarder demo [21:30] - Looking at some of the top deploying...


Conditional Access with WDATP - The Endpoint Zone 1805

Coming up in this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson. We take a look at feedback through Gartner's Peer Feedback. Brad and Simon deep dive into how conditional access works and how Windows Defender ATP integration protects your organization. You'll see end to end demos, architecture whiteboards and learn how Microsoft 365 simplifies your management and defense of your organization so you can explain it to others. [00:45] Gartner Peer review - Config Manager is recognized by...


Windows 10 co-management with Intune and ConfigMan - Endpoint Zone 1804

Coming up in this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson is a deep dive into co-management which allows a PC to be managed with both Microsoft Intune and Configuration manager simultaneously. We also take a look at changes to Conditional Access and the new Company Portal app for iOS. [00:56] - How good is Windows Defender? Windows Defender Results walkthrough [05:21] - Why are enterprises moving to Windows Defender? [09:22] - What did we learn from visiting some customers in...


Endpoint Zone 1803

In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson the duo talk about what's happening in the EMM space right now; How schools like Davidson Academy are using Intune for Education and Windows to deliver better learning. We take a look at the Intune Managed Browser and Azure App Proxy experience that gives you a simple architecture to access on-prem resources and highlight the new Intune Managed Browser CA experience. Brad and Simon also look at co-management with Configuration Manager...


The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson [1801]

In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson, Brad and Simon talk about what happened in 2017, how much changed and how much usage of Microsoft Intune grew. How the world of IT is changing and IT is now on the cusp of modernizing the workplace. Brad and Simon also look at some of the Windows Defender enhancements that have landed in Intune. [00:25] Brad and Simon talk about the amazing year that was 2017 [01:22] Did Intune grow in 2017? [spoiler: you bet!] [02:26] 100%, 200%,...


The Endpoint Zone [1710]

In this episode of the Endpoint Zone we talk about a huge past month of releases in the world of Intune and Enterprise Mobility and Security, thanks to Microsoft Ignite. Lots of demos in this show, including: Demo: Brad and Simon talk about moving from traditional to modern management with co-management. [05:00] Demo: macOS management through a partnership JAMF came roaring in at Microsoft Ignite [10:00] Demo: Conditional Access improvements that help you move away from a perimeter based...


Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson [1703]

In this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson you'll find a bumper crop of demos of the latest and greatest Enterprise Mobility + Security features! OneDrive for business policy integration in the Office 365 console, custom dashboards with PowerBI, Conditional Access policy that lets you express organizational risk tolerance, device compliance and the new Intune on Azure Console. Brad and Simon also talk through the latest information about the Enterprise Mobility Market including...