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#35 Ran Segall (Full stack designer & creator, Prospero) - Love what you do, take massive action, and prosper.

We are super excited to have with us today the inspiring Ran Segall - a full stack designer, a creator, and a vlogger. In this episode, Ran shared his amazing insights and knowledge on freelancing, value-based pricing, learning new skills, networking, putting yourself out there, achieving your goals and aiming higher.


#34 David Kadavy (Bestselling Author & Host, Love Your Work) - How well are we connecting with our curiosity?

We are thrilled to have with us today the amazing David Kadavy - Bestselling author of The Heart to Start & Design For Hackers, a creative entrepreneur, and host of Love your Work Podcast. In this episode, David shared his inspiring perspectives and insights on self-publishing, connecting with our curiosity, creative resistance, forming habits and setting priorities for our goals. Wheather you're a creative, an entrepreneur, marketer or just starting out - this episode will give you tons...


#33 Yasmine Evjen (Design Advocate, Google) - What is design if not a way to tell a story

It is our pleasure to present to you the inspiring Yasmine Evjen - Design Advocate at Google, a storyteller and (previously) a Co-host at Material Podcast - a podcast all about Google and Android. In this episode, Yasmine shared her interesting story and inspiring insights, whether you're starting out or not, this episode will give you tons of value.


#32 Quincy Larson (Founder and educator, freeCodeCamp) - The value of free education and building communities

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Quincy Larson - Founder and educator at "freeCodeCamp", where you can learn to code completely for free. In this episode, Quincy shared his insights on focusing passionately on one field, building communities and free education to everyone, on a scale that impacts the world massively even 20 years from now.


#31 Brad Frost (Founder, Atomic Design) - Breaking down design systems to atomic elements

We are honored to have with us today, the inspiring Brad Frost, Founder, and inventor of the "Atomic Design" system. In this episode, Brad shared with us his thoughts and insights about how to build a design system and development collaborative work, and how to implement that thinking in your organization.


#30 Jason Ogle (Founder, - Don't be a "tooler", but a learner

Our guest today is a fellow podcaster, the amazing Jason Ogle, Founder and host of podcast, where he creates and shares inspiring interviews with UX superheroes. In this episode, Jason shared with us his thoughts and insights about how to become an influencer through personal growth and giving back to the community at the same time.


#28 Noah Kagan (Founder, - Have fun, create value and do it consistently

Our guest today is the inspiring Noah Kagan, Founder, and Chief-Sumo at, AppSumo, OkDork, and a unique marketing specialist and business consultant. In this episode, Noah shared with us his best practices and routines for starting a business, and new perspectives on enjoying it and scaling that, into a thriving business or online brand.


#28 Samuel Hulick (Founder, - Find a niche you love, specialize, succeed

Our guest today is none other than Samuel Hulick, Founder, at In this episode, Samuel shared with us the most important steps you should be taking in your organization in order to scale your operation and make costumers successful in your product.


#27 Maria Giudice (Former VP, Experience Design, Autodesk) - Designing to reinvent the future, and leading a cultural change in your organization

It is our pleasure to present to you Maria Giudice, Former VP, Experience Design at Autodesk, founder of 'Hot Studio', and former creative director of product design at Facebook. In this episode, Maria shared with us what makes creative DEO's the futures' new change agents, and how we can learn from that and empower others to lead this cultural change.


#26 Keenan Cummings (Design Lead, Airbnb) - Finding Your Product's Level of Readiness and Manifesting Design systems

Our guest today is the inspiring Keenan Cummings, Team Leader at Airbnb and former Co-founder/Creative Director of Days (acquired by Yahoo!) and the Designers Debate Club. Today, Keenan is also working on a side project called Curiosity Club, a group for experienced creatives to learn new skills together. In this episode, Keenan shared with us why he believes that investing in design systems and investing in your team, not only pays-off, but it is a must.


#25 Khoi Vinh (Principal Designer, Adobe) - Influencing an industry and building a personal brand

Our guest today is none other than Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe and former Design Director of The New York Times. Khoi is the founder of the popular blog,, a true family man, and was named one of Fast Company's "50 Most Influential Designers in America". He is the author of two books and has a long history of launching successful startups and side projects. In this interview, we discussed how writing has helped Khoi, not only in his career as a designer, but also...


#24 Chris Coyier (CSS-Tricks & CodePen) - How to grow a blog and remain true to your audience

It is our pleasure to present to you Chris Coyier. Chris started his journey writing blogs he didn't enjoy, and eventually realized that his passion was actually in coding the blogs and crafting the CSS behind them. He eventually closed down all of his blogs except one, and CSS-Tricks was born. His blog is now one of the largest front-end development blogs in the world and paved the way for his platform, CodePen, which allows developers to share demos of front-end code while inspecting the...


#23 Harry Roberts (CSS Wizardry) - The ups and downs of dominating a niche

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Harry Roberts, the founder of the well-known blog, CSS Wizardry. Harry has built an incredible personal brand and we’ve been following CSS Wizardry for years. We discussed with him exactly how he got started, what made him successful, and what he thinks is the best way to blog, build a personal brand and start a side project today.


#22 Audience-driven product development (in-between-a-sode)

Today’s episode is what we like to call an in-between-a-sode. There are a few days left to apply for our program, The Side Project Accelerator, so I wanted to quickly discuss one of the core philosophies we teach in the program - audience driven product development.


#21 Rizwan Javaid (SPA alum) - How to start public speaking

Today we are joined by Rizwan Javaid, a member of our Side Project Accelerator. Rizwan is a speaker, blogger, and a UX designer who is passionate about transforming ideas into engaging and profitable digital solutions. He is based out of California and works on a variety of projects, ranging from mobile to web, and even his very own side project.


#19 David Okuniev (Typeform) - The musician who turned a side project into a multi-million dollar company

David Okuniev is a former musician turned designer. He is the co-founder and joint CEO of Typeform, one of the hottest young startups out there. David discusses his amazing world-wide journey from being a musician with a record deal to owning a design agency and eventually building a product that was transformed from being a side project into a massively successful startup. Through Typeform David and his team have set the goal of making beautiful tools for human interaction that anyone can...


#17 Matt Mullenweg (Automattic, Wordpress) - The mission to give everyone their own home on the Internet

Matt is driven by the mission to allow anyone in the world to have a home on the internet where they can express their thoughts and base their business. At the young age of 19, bored with his classes at the University of Houston, Matt first discovered his passion for code and writing. His personal blog was reaching more than 20,000 people at the time but the blog software was outdated, so he decided to create a new platform, which is known today as WordPress.


#15: Tal Perry (Citi, Smart Scribe) - The goat herding, algorithm cracking, autodidact

This week we were joined by Tal Perry, a good friend and serial side project hacker. Tal Works at Citi by day as a developer and researcher, and is also working on a new side project called Smart Scribe.


#14: Abandoning fear and getting out of your comfort zone, ft. Jason Bacher & Brian Buirge (GFDA)

Today we are excited to have Jason Bacher and Brian Biurge on the show. They are the founders of Good Fucking Design Advice, an e-commerce store for designers that has taken off to become much more.


#13: Bryn Jackson ( - building & scaling a podcast network to more than 5 million downloads

This is the first episode of the series of 'Scaling a Side Project' where we’re interviewing designers, developers, and creatives that have built and scaled super successful side projects that we admire. Bryn Jackson - co-founder of which features the popular podcasts Design Details, Developer Tea, and others. We will talk to him about the Spec community, and how he built a network of multiple podcasts that scaled to hit the mark of 5 million downloads (!!!) Enjoy!