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Trying to be a parent AND a gamer is tough, we juggle so many different things that sometimes the gaming gets forgotten. We will talk about gaming, being a parent, cooking, fitness, shoes, whatever comes up because we know that when you're a Mommy you wear a million different hats, and not all of them are geeky.

Trying to be a parent AND a gamer is tough, we juggle so many different things that sometimes the gaming gets forgotten. We will talk about gaming, being a parent, cooking, fitness, shoes, whatever comes up because we know that when you're a Mommy you wear a million different hats, and not all of them are geeky.
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Trying to be a parent AND a gamer is tough, we juggle so many different things that sometimes the gaming gets forgotten. We will talk about gaming, being a parent, cooking, fitness, shoes, whatever comes up because we know that when you're a Mommy you wear a million different hats, and not all of them are geeky.




The Mommy Gamers 191: From One Quest to Another

Marcia and Mike team up for another episode of The Mommy Gamers Podcast this week! Video game chat is extra heavy with discussions about Apex Legends, Trials Legends (how many legends games are there?) Atlas, ToeJam & Earl, Fallout 76, and more. They also chat about how Bowser has taken over at Nintendo. Marcia complains about how Tetris 99 tricked her into using their online service, and Mike chats about his new gig at Microsoft!


The Mommy Gamers 190: Always Go For the Penis

Episode 190 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast has a weird title because Marcia played SCUM and is fixated on one small, or not so small, portion of the character creation process. We wish Carrie a belated birthday, and update everyone on the "Ellie" from Overwatch story from Episode 188. The ladies also chat about Mrs. Maisel, Super Animal Royale, and the Resident Evil 2 demo.


The Mommy Gamers 189: The M&M Show

Episode 189 of The Mommy Gamers podcast presents to you something different for 2019. A monthly podcast with Marcia and Mike Robles, one of our sometime regularly writers who also does cool stuff in the gaming industry and has a cool radio announcer voice. Mike and Marcia chat about goals for the new year, gaming, and more!


The Mommy Gamers 188: All the Things

Carrie and Marcia kick things off with their very first podcast of 2019, and because they haven't recorded in a while...well let's just say the chat topics are a lot. Gaming covers Fallout 76, Transference, Atlas, and the Overwatch eSports controversy surrounding "Ellie". The ladies catch up on television and movies, introduce two new writers to The Mommy Gamers editorial crew, and just to keep things strange, male sex robots. Thanks for listening and if you like the show make sure to...


The Mommy Gamers 187: Sorry Not Sorry

Carrie, Elaine and Marcia bring all the interesting news stories to the podcast. Fortnite dance lessons at a UK dance studio. Hasboro releasing parody versions of classic board games. Mystery Date: Catfished edition? "Botched" Operation? And of course someone brought up that thing about climbing up Zeus's...thing in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The ladies also chat about Call of Duty BO4, Battlerite Royale, and more Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Keeping in theme with October they also discuss...


The Mommy Gamers Episode 186: All the Magikarp

This week Carrie swears that Hurricane Florence brought in a wave of Magikarp in Pokemon GO resulting in her snagging a red Gyarados. When she isn't out there catching them all, Carrie has been busy with the new Destiny Forsaken content. Marcia is excited about Fortnite Season 6, but also took a break from llama hunting to try out the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The ladies also talk about Sony enabling Fortnite crossplay on the PS4 and the Telltale Games shutdown. To make sure this...


The Mommy Gamers 185: Get Good or Grind

Elaine is back this week! This is not a drill! Brace yourselves for the awesomeness that is Elaine, Carrie and Marcia bringing you the best in video game news, television and movies. To make this episode even more finger licking good, they chat about how one lucky person could win $11k in a KFC baby naming contest. Video games, weird news, and sarcastic mommies. What more could you want in a podcast?


The Mommy Gamers 184: Plugging Ourselves

In Episode 184 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast Carrie and Marcia chat about back to school, new video games, and their summer TV & Movie favorites. We also put a call out to our community asking parents what their guilty pleasures are once the kids all go back to school. You all had great answers. We read them all out and gave you all a little shout out at the end of the show! Marcia had a blast lately with Overcooked 2 and the new World of Warcraft expansion; Battle for Azeroth. Carrie...


The Mommy Gamers 183: Gnat Season in the South

Carrie and Marcia are back with tales of summer in the south. Gnats, video games, movies and all the things that go along with having a herd of kids on summer break. This episode is a short one, but a good one. Enjoy and we hope you're enjoying your summer adventures as much as we are.


The Mommy Gamers 182: All the E3

This week Marcia and Carrie are once again joined by the lovely and talented Robert "The DCD" Workman. Carrie and Robert attended E3, Marcia is super jealous, and they chat about every thing E3. The ladies are thrilled that Lucifer was picked up by Netflix. The gang chats about tons of new video games, E3 stuff, and much more.


The Mommy Gamers 181: Creative Juices

Fans of The Mommy Gamers Podcast might have noticed all the creative juices flowing on our website lately. Mike Robles and Brittany "Brie" Haddock join the show this week for what we hope to make a regular monthly segment. Brie and Mike introduce themselves to the community, and chat about all the great content they've been creating lately. Marcia is here too this week, but more as a sort of ringleader as she attempts to keep this fast paced, hilarious crew on track. This is exactly the...


The Mommy Gamers Episode 180: #SaveLucifer

This week Carrie has been lured back into Destiny 2 with the new content recently released. Marcia still has an unhealthy obsession with Fortnite and chats about Season 4. The Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta is live too. But with State of Decay 2 releasing this week will Marcia find another new game to love? The ladies also talk about the World Air Sex competitions, making this podcast land firmly in the mostly not safe for work category again. And last but definitely not least,...


The Mommy Gamers 179: Blue Waffle is Delicious

Episode 179 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast has Blue Waffle in the title, and we suggest not googling that. With that disclaimer out of the way, this week we start things things off with jokes about spring, or the lack thereof. Carrie explains why Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands in the latest update made her weepy. My Time at Portia is back on Marcia's active play list again, with their March new content update. And Mike Robles is back as a guest again. They also...


The Mommy Gamers 178: Pickle Juice Slushies

This week Marcia and Carrie talk about the new Pickle Juice Slushies from Sonic, Star Wars the Last Jedi, Fortnite, Lucifer and much more!


The Mommy Gamers 177: Of White Russians and Crunchy Doritos

This week Marcia and Carrie bring some Doritos to the podcast to discuss the trending lady-like Doritos topic. As you'd expect they chomped down on their Doritos in the most non-ladylike fashion. Keeping with the junk food theme the ladies also chat about a nutritional study claiming pizza IS a healthy breakfast choice. Gaming talk covers Staxel, Super Lucky's Tale, Halo 5 and a lot more. Listen to Episode 177 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast for that, and the story behind the white russian in...


The Mommy Gamers 176: 360 No Scope Titty

Here's our very first episode of 2018. Finally! We explain all the craziness that has been happening to both Carrie and Marcia and we have Mike Robles back on as a guest. This episode is full of gaming chat, movies, noisy babies, hair pulling, and news stories about pee. Just what you've come to expect from our show.


The Mommy Gamers 175: Baby Needs A Biscuit

Carrie and Marcia present to you the final podcast of 2017. We have enjoyed bringing you yet another year full of entertaining conversations about gaming, hot topics, television, movies, and butts. This week the ladies talk about the hot garbage mess that is PUBG on Xbox One, the Fortnite 50 vs 50 Battle Royale mode, Predator on Ghost Recon, and Star Wars Battlefront II. Marcia once again paid good money to check out the latest shenanigans from the folks at Cards Against Humanity, sharing...


The Mommy Gamers 174: The Twitch Stream Strikes Back

After a nearly two year hiatus, The Mommy Gamers Podcast is back on Twitch for a live recorded show. Carrie and Marcia brush the dust off their cameras and kick things off with a little getting to know you session. Game chat this week was pretty lively as Carrie had some downtime thanks to a nasty case of mastitis. She played ELEX, Turing Test, and Cuphead. Marcia actually gave Destiny 2 a chance, but is still obsessed with Fortnite, and went off on some rant about eating a bush. We're...


The Mommy Gamers 173: Robert's Special Sauce

By now you've probably heard at least a little something about the whole Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce McDonald's thing. One of our favorite people ever, Robert Workman aka TheDCD, has been a pretty major player in the recent media hype about this coveted sauce...and we loved him before he became sauce famous. Carrie, Marcia, and Robert talk about how Robert's sauce journey has changed him (just kidding...he's still the same awesome guy he's always been) and they talk the usual games,...


The Mommy Gamers 172: All the Butts, All the Plugs

This week Carrie and Marcia are joined by Mike Robles. In addition to being a Dad and a gamer, Mike writes video game reviews for Marooners' Rock. Mike's previous work as a community manager for some pretty big games gave he and Carrie a lot to talk about. Everyone talks a lot about the Ghost Recon Ghost War PVP Open Beta, Destiny 2, the Fortnite Battle Royal drama and much more.