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Jon Schwabish | Economist, Data Visualization, and Presentation Specialist

Jon Schwabish | Economist, Data Visualization, and Presentation Specialist


Washington, DC


Jon Schwabish | Economist, Data Visualization, and Presentation Specialist








Episode #220: Aliza Aufrichtig

Aliza Aufrichtig is a graphics and multimedia editor at The New York Times. In addition to covering the coronavirus and elections, she designs and develops stories that demand a bespoke form, often with audio and video. She’s created and maintains... The post Episode #220: Aliza Aufrichtig appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #219: Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark is a co-founder of the data and storytelling tool Flourish, which is now part of the Canva family. By background a data-driven author, journalist and publisher. In this week’s episode of the podcast, I talk to Duncan about... The post Episode #219: Duncan Clark appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #218: Michael Friendly and Howard Wainer

Michael Friendly is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, a Professor of Psychology, founding Chair of the graduate program in Quantitative Methods at York University, and an Associate Coordinator with the Statistical Consulting Service. He received his doctorate in Psychology from Princeton... The post Episode #218: Michael Friendly and Howard Wainer appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #217: Julie Terberg & Echo Swinford

Julie Terberg is the founder of Terberg Design, a creative studio focused on crafting presentations that better communicate with audiences. With decades of experience in the presentation industry, Julie has trusted partnerships with other presentation professionals and valued clients around... The post Episode #217: Julie Terberg & Echo Swinford appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #216: Dr. Claire McKay Bowen

Dr. Claire McKay Bowen is a principal research associate in the Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population and leads the Statistical Methods Group at the Urban Institute. Her research focuses on developing and assessing the quality of differentially private... The post Episode #216: Dr. Claire McKay Bowen appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #215: Philip Bump

Philip Bump is a correspondent for The Washington Post based in New York. He largely focuses on the numbers behind politics and he is the author of the weekly newsletter, How To Read This Chart. In this week’s episode of the... The post Episode #215: Philip Bump appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #214: Karla Starr

Karla Starr is a columnist for Medium and write the newsletter The Starr Report on Substack. She has appeared on NPR and CBS Sunday Morning and has written for The Atlantic, Slate, Popular Science, and The Guardian. She won an award for the Best Science/Health story from the Society of... The post Episode #214: Karla Starr appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #213: Elevate Your DataViz Team

On this week's episode, I chat with the four founding members of the new data visualization mentorship community, Elevate Your DataViz. The post Episode #213: Elevate Your DataViz Team appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #212: Dr. Cedric Scherer

Dr. Cedric Scherer is a graduate computational ecologist with a passion for design. In 2020, he combined his expertise in analyzing and visualizing large data sets in R with his passion to become a freelance data visualization specialist. Cédric has... The post Episode #212: Dr. Cedric Scherer appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #211: Jock D. Mackinlay

Jock D. Mackinlay is the first Technical Fellow at Tableau Software. He believes that well-designed software can help a wide-range of individuals and organizations work effectively with data, which will improve the world. He is an expert in visual analytics and human-computer... The post Episode #211: Jock D. Mackinlay appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #210: Dr. Tyler Morgan-Wall

Dr. Tyler Morgan-Wall visits the PolicyViz Podcast to talk about 3D and animated 3D in data visualization. The post Episode #210: Dr. Tyler Morgan-Wall appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #209: The Flerlage Twins

Ken and Kevin Flerlage visit the PolicyViz Podcast to discuss Tableau and some of the challenges and successes they've had, and how you can go about using the free materials on their website. The post Episode #209: The Flerlage Twins appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #208: Frank Elavsky

This episode of the podcast wraps up 2021. I’ll return in January with all new episodes from the world of data visualization and presentation skills. I hope you have a healthy and happy new year! Frank Elavsky is a software... The post Episode #208: Frank Elavsky appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #207: Tom Mock

Tom works at RStudio, and is obviously very active in the R community. He runs the TidyTuesday project and developed the Grammar of Tables package in the R programming language. The post Episode #207: Tom Mock appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #206: Zen Faulkes

Zen Faulkes, author of Better Posters visits PolicyViz Podcast to talk about creating an infographic or presentation slides or data visualization. Even though it's specific to this one part of data communication, I think there's a lot going on here that a lot of us can learn about data communication. So we talk about Zen's background, coming into this poster area. He talked about his interest in design, working with data academics, what it's like to actually be in a conference poster session...


Episode #205: Steve Franconeri and Jen Christiansen a VisComm Workshop

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m playing the recording from the opening moderated panel discussion between myself, Jen Christiansen, and Steve Franconeri at the 2021 VisComm workshop at the IEEEVIS conference. We (the workshop organizers) asked Jen and... The post Episode #205: Steve Franconeri and Jen Christiansen a VisComm Workshop appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #204: Rebecca Pazos

Rebecca Pazos is a mum of one and a senior data journalist with The Straits Times for six years. Recently, she completed her Masters in visual tools with the University of Girona. She is dedicated to telling compassionate, human-centered data... The post Episode #204: Rebecca Pazos appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #203: Alli Torban

10/19/2021 The post Episode #203: Alli Torban appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #202: Lindsay Betzendahl

Lindsay Betzendahl is a Tableau Zen Master and Tableau Public Ambassador, join us for her visit The PolicyViz Podcast. The post Episode #202: Lindsay Betzendahl appeared first on PolicyViz.


Episode #201: Leland Wilkinson

Leland Wilkinson is Chief Scientist at H2O and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois Chicago visits The PolicyViz Podcast to discuss The Grammar of Graphics, coding, and much much more. The post Episode #201: Leland Wilkinson appeared first on PolicyViz.