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020: Websites and Press Kits - As Game Developers, is it Essential to have a Website & Press Kit for your Mobile Games?

We had an interesting question come in this week from Podcast listener Stuart, so we decided to have a chat about just how essential having a website and press kit is for your games. Stuart says: “I’m half way through building my game and I’m starting to have a think about marketing. Do I need a website and press kit for my game and is it something worth doing anyway?” Great question! We answer this and more... Visit us for the Full Show Notes & Links to all the...


019: App Store Research - 3 Reasons Why Researching the App Store is Critical for Mobile Indie Game Developers.

Browsing around on the App Store has been part of our daily routine pretty much ever since we first started building our games. The App Store is the playground we play in, and thus it’s super important to keep a keen eye on the market. With the Store refreshing each Thursday, it’s always a bit of a buzz to have a good look around at just who the movers and shakers are, and what’s working right now. Visit us for the Full Show Notes & Links to all the Resources: Website:...


018: Motivation - 5 Hacks for Game Developers to Stay Motivated When Developing Games

This week we discuss our Top 5 hacks to ensure you stay motivated during your game development cycle. Keeping energised and focussed is critical to meeting those deadlines, however loose they may actually be. We all struggle with motivation from time to time, it's inevitable, however you can definitely influence your own motivation if you can actually figure out what you want, set and commit to your goals and try and push through those difficult phases. Visit us for the Full Show Notes...


017: Game Success - As a Game Developer, how do you define success for your Indie Mobile Game?

Defining success for any mobile game can come in many forms. You may be just starting out in the business, and, by the very fact that you have built a game and released it on the App Store, can be in of itself defined as a great success. Visit us for the Full Show Notes & Links to all the Resources: Website: We truly do appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen and hope you got some value. If you enjoyed today’s show, it would go such along way if you...


016: Finish Your Damn Game - 5 Common Developer Pitfalls that can stop you getting to Launch Day.

As game developers, shipping your finished game, whether you’re a hobbyist or part of a professional studio team, the goal you should always be heading for is to finish. We all know that at times, life just gets in the way, but there are a certain number of pitfalls you can fall into very easily, and often unknowingly, and this can hinder you releasing your game and often stop dead your project dead in its tracks. Visit us for the Full Show Notes & Links to all the...


015: Game Polish – The 5 Major Aspects of Game Polishing All Game Developers Should Pay Attention To.

So what exactly is game polish? It’s all in the details, details, details. It’s all about mastering the art of fine tuning and learning to be slightly obsessive. Mix this with a sprinkle of OCD thrown in for good measure and you’re on your way to becoming a polishing Jedi. The truth is, polishing your game could in theory go on forever, and the urge to tweak details over and over can seriously impact on you actually releasing your game. So, as game designers / game developers, just when...


014: Game Monetisation - Our Best 5 Ways to Make Money with Games and the best way to Monetise Your Mobile Game.

So you’ve built your game, spent countless hours crafting each and every pixel, polished it to the end degree and now you’re ready to launch it to the world! But, just how are you going to make money from your brand new mobile game? You should be thinking about monetising your mobile game from the moment you start to build, and this can have a big effect on how you actually end up constructing your projects. As game designers and builders, it would be absolutely fantastic to serve up our...


013: The 6 Golden Rules & Principles for Effective Game Icon Design that Every Game Developer Should Know

Your icon is arguably one of your most important assets when it comes to your App Store presence. It is usually the first opportunity to impress potential customers and therefore makes it critical to your overall branding. When speaking about icons, there is without a doubt some best practices that should not be ignored. Often when we think of icon design, less is usually more. However, the icons main purpose is to fully encompass and capture the very essence of your game. Ideally, this...


012: The 5 Factors of Fun you’ll find in Every Game You’ll Play and Game Developers Need to Know

Defining Fun is certainly and tricky one for sure. What is fun for me, could quite possibly not be particularly fun for you. So how do we define fun when it comes to Game Development and in our games? Rather than thinking of the word "Fun" in the traditional sense, we should be thinking about our Games as being an experience, to which fun is an aspect. For instance, let's say we have built a Horror themed game where there's spooky moments, creepy music and scare jumps a plenty. Whilst...


011: Top 5 Reasons why creating mood boards are an essential starting point for game development -

Creating a Mood Board is an essential starting point when you're starting out on any new game / project. What is a Mood Board? Simply put, a Mood Board is a collection of images that you find inspirational, aspirational and aesthetically pleasing all collated into 1 central document that you can refer back to throughout your game development. Using keywords or phrases into google images, other search engines are available, start to cherry pick images that you like the look of, like the...


010: Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Creating Killer Converting App Store Screenshots.

With just a few precious seconds to grab players attention, your screenshots need to pack a punch and convince them to hit that get button. As the old adage goes, " A picture is worth a thousand words" and for your App Store screenshots, this is most certainly true. This week we discuss how to create enticing, informative and exciting screenshots so you can master the art of how to fully show off your games potential. Our Top 10 best practices for designing your killer visuals will guide...


009: Our Top 5 reasons why your goal should be to sign a mobile publisher deal with the first 10 games you build.

This week we discuss the plans and goals any Indie Game Developer should follow when making games for the mobile platforms. Be it the Apple App Store, GooglePlay or Amazon, our advice is always the same whether you're an absolute beginner or have been making games for a while, head for that Publishing Deal. There's a multitude of benefits for teaming up with an established mobile game publisher when launching your titles, the most arguably is traffic. Without a solid User Acquisition ( UA...


008: The Top 7 reasons why you should add a preview video to your Appstore page – and the one reason you probably shouldn’t.

In today's show, we answered Podcast listener Brad's question on should we add a Game Trailer to our Appstore product page. With this in mind, we put together our Top 7 reasons for adding an App Preview on the Appstore and the 1 reason why you shouldn't. Generally speaking, adding a game trailer, or App Preview Video, to your Appstore Store pages is a positive move. Although screenshots allow you to showcase your games best moments, there's really no substitute for seeing the game in...


007: The Top 10 ways to add Surprise and Wonder to your games.

In this episode, we compiled our Top 1o ways to add Surprise and Wonder moments into your games to create emotional reactions from your players. We all want our players to fall in love with our games, but what elements are you actually creating within your game to delight them? Are you making them smile? Are you making them jump out of their skin? Are you creating instances of "Wow?". Here's our Top 10 key elements you can think about implementing to really hook them in and secure your...


Spotlight: Trey Smith Interview – Buildbox Founder with 65 Million Downloads

In this special Spotlight episode, Kevin sits down with Buildbox CEO and Founder, Trey Smith. Trey began his game building journey back in 2011 with the launch of Kolo's Journey where he met and hired now Buildbox CTO Nik Rudenko. This was the beginning of the hugely popular Game Building company that is now Buildbox, along with a wildly successful Mobile Gaming business which has now amassed well over 65 Million downloads. Securing multiple publishing deals with the Giant Publisher...


006: The Top 16 mistakes that most new game developers make

In this episode, we compiled our Top 16 mistakes that we see many new game developers make when first starting out. We break down each part we identified and discuss what to look out for and how avoid these common game development pitfalls when you're learning how to build, design and structure your games. Highlights, Quick Wins & Takeaways: Cloning existing games way too closely Buying stock and mix and matching artwork / styles Making your game too big & too complicated Creating your...


005: How to come up with the perfect name for your next hit game.

Naming your game can be super tricky! Coming up with that all encompassing killer title can waste hours and have you scratching your head trying to settle on that perfect branding. This episode covers the importance of coming up with a name that truly reflects the nature and tone of your game. Your game title should completely set your potential players expectations before they even download it, and how a mismatch here can lead to disappointment. Using some online tools to aid in your...


004: Game level design Tips, Tricks & Ideas. Overcoming creative block.

What happens when you’re all out of ideas when designing levels in your game? I’ve done the platform that moves left to right, I’ve done the platform going up and down, now what can I do? What can I do to overcome my creative block? In this episode, we sit down and go through some of our techniques, along with some resources that we use to pull from when the creative juices just aren’t flowing. Using a combination of all these tactics should mean you’ll never get stuck again. Highlights,...


003: How long does it take to develop and make a mobile indie game?

How long is a piece of string when it comes to figuring out how much time you need to put aside to make, develop and actually ship your new indie game? In this episode, we reveal our process for setting internal deadlines and timescales when we start to make one of our "snackable" casual mobile games. It will always depend on the overall size and scope of the game you're building, which is something to consider in the very early planning stages, and can really influence the overall games...


002: Graphic direction, where to buy art packs & the 4 pillars of style.

Your game needs graphics, well yeah, go figure! But what style do you choose for your game and what happens if you're no digital Picasso? In this episode, we chat about ensuring the art direction of your game matches the mood and feel correctly. Where to go online if you're looking to purchase game art, backgrounds and game packs. What are the 4 most tried and tested art styles that consistently get featured by Apple in "New Game We Love" and why if you choose one of these, you're more...