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It's a new podcast about Technology and Internet news. It's mainly a talk show with occasional reviews.

It's a new podcast about Technology and Internet news. It's mainly a talk show with occasional reviews.
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It's a new podcast about Technology and Internet news. It's mainly a talk show with occasional reviews.




S4A Podcast EP. 12 | The Best From WWDC 2018 + THE ASUS ROG PHONE!

WWDC 2018 was this week and tons of Apple announcements came, but no need phones, iPads, or any device at all. But there were updates with iOS12, Watch OS 5, TV OS, and Mac OS X Mojave. Asus then announcement some crazy hardware. The ROG Phone is a more powerful Nintendo Switch-like phone with an HDMI dock, Controller attachments, and a Nintendo DS-like clamshell attachment called the Twinview Dock. Not to mention an attachable fan and desktop dock. They are literally taking phone gaming...


MoviePass Buys Movie Studio! + Why all the privacy emails? | S4A Podcast EP. 11

Just when Moviepass is running low on money, they do the unthinkable and spend more buying a company with plans of forming a movie studio. Have you received an email or 7 about companies updating their privacy policy? So has everyone! Where are all these privacy policy emails coming from? On that note we also learn about someone selling his Facebook data on Ebay. Also Apparently Apple knew about bendgate before it happened and we explore the most popular websites today! And lastly Titus...


Is Facebook a Monopoly? + YouTube Red is now YouTube Premium | S4A Podcast EP. 10

A new group called Freedom from Facebook has emerged and wants Facebook to be broken up because they claim they have a monopoly and way too much power. YouTube Red is changing lots of things and is now YouTube Premium. Red has a new phone coming out soon that is really interesting, but the price starts at a whooping $1300. And really odd - consumer reports can't recommend the Tesla Model 3 because of some safety concerns. Timestamps: 1:03 YouTube Red is being replaced 4:06 Is Facebook a...


S4A Podcast Ep. 8 | Does Unspoil Me work? + Brainwavz IEM Review | Season 1 Finale

Does unspoil me work? After giving it a try were coming up with mixed opinions but yeah it doesn't really work as advertised. Also we have tried the Brainwavz IEMs from the massdrop grab bag and we want to share our opinions of them and which ear tips are our favorite. Lastly, we are taking a break from the podcast to reevaluate it's future. It will most likely come back but it will be different. Let us know what you think. Audio Podcast Links: Anchor:...


S4A Podcast Ep. 7 | Massdrop Grab Bag Unboxing + MoviePass CEO Comments About Tracking

We bought into the Brainwavez IEM Grab Bag and we unbox them to see what we got. We're guaranteed something valued at the price of the buy in, but there are plenty of chances of getting something even better! The MoviePass CEO, Mitch Lowe has commented on the recent developments that they are tracking our data. People have been uncomfortable since we got details on how much they might be tracking. Several YouTubers are under fire from a recent Dyson Ad campaign where they each had a...


Should Companies Pay You For Your Data? ( Podcast EP6 Excerpt)

Companies want your data, but should they pay you for it? Whether they should or not, some companies actually are and to them it's not really worth that much. Audio Podcast Links: Anchor: (Download the Anchor app and you can send me a voice question/comment that might make it in next week's show!) iTunes: Soundcloud:


MoviePass tracks more than you think...

The MoviePass CEO has recently stated MoviePass tracks you on your way to your movie and leaving your movie. We discuss if this matters and why people are upset. If you have questions or want to leave feedback: Audio Podcast Links: Anchor: (Download the Anchor app and you can send me a voice question/comment that might make it in next week's show!) iTunes:...


Let's Discuss Up and Vanished (Bonus Episode)

We discuss the Up and Vanished podcast with complete spoilers and give our thoughts. We are not experts and the opinions here should be taken as such. Also our hearts go out to everyone impacted by this tragedy - we hope justice is served soon and peace comes to though who were hurt. If you have questions or want to leave feedback: Audio Podcast Links: Anchor: (Download the Anchor app and you can send me a...


Let's Discuss Serial Season 1 (Bonus Episode)

Serial is a podcast that ends with a lot of questions, and although we don't have real answers, there is a lot to discuss. In this bonus episode of The Search For Awesome Podcast, Titus and Mikee discuss the case and whether we think Adnan is guilty or innocent and if he should have been convicted with the known evidence. This is full of spoilers so if you haven't listened to Serial, you might want to do that before listening in. If you have questions or want to leave feedback:...


S4A Podcast Ep. 4 | Our Favorite Podcasts + Apple Homepod Leaving Rings on Wood Furniture?

Apple's Homepod is leaving rings on Wood Furniture. We discuss how this might have happened and is Apple stretching themselves too thin to catch glaring mistakes. Google Project Zero has found a bug in a competitors software - Microsoft Edge. Project Zero is a company run by Google that finds bugs in other companies software and we discuss how we feel about a company like this. And we end on our favorite podcasts and what makes them special. Mikee's favorite is The Message and Titus' is...


S4A Podcast Ep. 3 | The Most High Tech Olympics Ever + Our Favorite Podcasts (honorable mentions)

This week we discuss the most high tech olympics ever - the 2018 Winter Olympics - and there was a lot here. Drones, AR, VR, 4k HDR content. Also Casey Neistat interviews a the YouTube CBO and discusses issues with YouTube. We also go through many of our favorite podcasts that you should listen to including Serial, Up and Vanished, Freakonmics and S Town. Next we talk about our very favorites! Titus runs by Mikee tech he might want with his kids in mind - Circle. A device that allows a...


S4A Podcast Ep. 2 | Elon Musk Launches His Car Into Space + Our New Podcast Equipment

Elon Musk just launched his Falcon Heavy with his 2008 Tesla Roadster on top! This is just a week after launching a flamethrower with the Boring Company. We need to discuss why Elon Musk's company's does these things. After the big game, This Is Us did something I had never seen before and it was super high tech! Amazon recently took ads off their prime phones - these were phones they were selling at a discount so they could put ads on the devices - bit of an odd move. We discuss Analogue...


S4A Podcast Ep. 1 | Casey Neistat Leaves Beme + How MoviePass Is Changing Everything

This is our very first The Search For Awesome Podcast! We discuss Casey Neistat Leaving Beme - the startup company that he started that was purchased by CNN for 25 Million Dollars last year - and why its not such a bad thing. We discuss MoviePass and how it's terms of service are changing and what it means for the Movie Theater Industry as a whole. And not to mention how Titus thinks they may become profitable and take over the movie industry. Titus shares his small review on the service...