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714: How Tech Startup HealthBank is Aiming to Improve Healthcare

Healthbank is a Swiss co-operative company that allows individuals to own and control their own health records. What the company is currently doing is moving it's private keys/ownership data to blockchain so that no matter where you are - you will be able to prove that you own and access your medical records. The company already has established architecture and customer base of 200,000 people and their health records. It has now also partnered with a company called “Thryve” in Berlin,...


713: 33Across - Technology Built to Capture Attention

33Across is an advertising technology company focused on solving the challenge of consumer attention. Their Attention Platform is the first programmatic solution to unify high-impact creative, quality supply, and true technology-driven scale. Delivering superior audience engagement to brands and providing publishers with the ability to drive incremental revenue, the platform results in greater efficiency and a better consumer experience. While online ad spend grew to $88 billion last year,...


712: Exploring Trends and Opportunities in Mobile Advertising With PubMatic

PubMatic is a publisher-focused sell-side platform for an open digital media future. Featuring leading omni-channel revenue automation technology for publishers and enterprise-grade programmatic tools for media buyers, PubMatic's publisher-first approach enables advertisers to access premium inventory at scale. Processing over twelve trillion advertiser bids per month, PubMatic has created a global infrastructure to drive publisher monetization and control over their ad inventory. Since...


711: The Music Technologist That Ozzy Osbourne Calls "The Rocket Man"

Few people in the world of music technology can claim the amount of experience and credits that David Frangioni has amassed. Frangioni is the recipient of dozens of gold and platinum albums as technical consultant, engineer, and/or programmer, for work with the Stones, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Sting, Bryan Adams, Journey, Styx, Shakira, Rascal Flatts, Ozzy Osbourne, Cher and hundreds more. He was the in-house engineer in five of Aerosmith’s records and built their recording studios and...


710: Apttus Begin a New Chapter Under Thoma Bravo

Apttus has a reputation as a global gold standard for Quote-to-Cash (QTC) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. Apttus’ innovations include Max, the company’s Applied Artificial Intelligence that enables enterprises to achieve superior business outcomes. I have followed their journey for some time and covered their Accelerate event for the last couple of years. But, since this years event, things have changed at Apttus. Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity investment firm,...


709: Connected2Fiber - Turning Locations Into Connections

Connected2Fiber Founder and CEO Ben Edmond discusses the trends impacting the future of the telecommunications industry from not only a technological standpoint but also from a go-to-market perspective. As the leader of one the industry’s major go-to-market platforms for connectivity professionals, Ben talks about how certain trends will specifically impact connectivity-dependent organizations. There have been numerous mega-trends emerging in the past few years that will impact the...


708: Voxnest & Dax Create Audio Monetization Opportunities For Podcasters

On today's tech podcast, I chat with Francesco Baschieri, President of Voxnest and Founder of Spreaker. Podcasting solution provider Voxnest, recently announced a partnership with DAX, the world's most sophisticated digital audio advertising platform, that will bring publishers in the UK a turn-key solution for creating, monetizing and distributing digital audio. The deal brings together the expertise of the two companies to enable current publishers of audio content to grow audience and...


707: Blynk - IoT for Arduino, ESP8266/32 and Raspberry Pi

On this daily tech podcast, we explore a different industry every day and how it's being transformed by technology. Today I want to explore how the Internet of things (IoT) is paving the way for a new digital world where everything has an always-online connection. I invited Pavel Bayborodin, CEO and founder of Blynk onto the show to learn more about how they have become one of the most popular IoT platforms. Throughout his career, Pavel has been involved in defining innovative products...


706: The Smartphone Projector Uniting Different Generations of Storytelling

Natalie Rebot is a Google software engineer turned entrepreneur that created a new device which can be used with your smartphone to upgrade traditional bedtime story telling. Moonlite is described as the first mini bedtime story projector reader that attaches to almost any mobile phone and uses its flash to project imagery onto any surface. The idea grew organically from Natalie's bedtime ritual with her 3-year-old daughter, Chloe. After using the flash on her smartphone to create...


705: LegalTech - Intellectual Property Protection for Cannabis Brands

Early in his career, Attorney Neil K. Juneja became dissatisfied with the direction of his career in the legal field. At other firms, clients are billed by the minute, treated like just another number, and too often waste valuable time and money on sub-par intellectual property law solutions that leave them exposed and vulnerable to lawsuits. He wanted to create something different – so he did. For Neil, being a lawyer is about supporting people and their dreams. Whether it is business,...


704: ISG Reveal The Impact Technology Is Having on Business

ISG (Information Services Group) is a leading global technology research and advisory firm. A trusted business partner to more than 700 clients, including 75 of the top 100 enterprises in the world, ISG is committed to helping corporations, public sector organizations, and service and technology providers achieve operational excellence and faster growth. The firm specializes in digital transformation services, including automation, cloud and data analytics; sourcing advisory; managed...


703: The Partnership Transforming The Healthcare Industry With Blockchain

On episode 584 of this podcast, I spoke with Marcus Whitney, the Nashville-based investor, entrepreneur, and president of Briovation. We discussed blockchain and the emerging developments in health technology. Briovation is focused on analyzing, investing in, and providing open-source blockchain technology to healthcare companies nationwide to nurture innovation and create unity within the space. The Tokenizing Health announcement also includes the public launch of Solaster, Briovation’s...


702: WHIRL - The Blockchain-Powered “Pay It Forward” Crowdfunding Platform.

WHIRL is a blockchain-powered “Pay It Forward” crowdfunding platform. What we do is create a whirlwind of mutual self-help around the world. Anyone can launch a campaign regardless of purpose, banking status or borders. Their principle is simple: donate to others – then submit your own fundraising campaign! Fundraisers raise money without shipping rewards or asking friends and family for charity. Backers earn karma points which impact their own position in WHIRL’s launch queue. Their...


701: GYANT - How Doctors Augmented by AI Are Here to Help You

GYANT offers a suite of asynchronous virtual care solutions that were created by practicing physicians and providers. They understand that any solution that interacts with patients must be delivered with compassion, demonstrate empathy, and engage sympathetically. In a nutshell, GYANT addresses and treats the most prevalent yet manageable illnesses that comprise the vast majority of primary care visits (e.g. flu, UTIs, earache, flu etc.) saving money, time, and worry––and making the...


700: The Tech Startup Story Behind Ansarada's AI Powered Platform

Sam Riley, CEO of Ansarada, a company helping PE/VC firms, large corporations, small companies, their advisors and everything in between manage all their business-critical events like IPOs, M&A, funding, property management, etc. Ansarada has over $35 million in revenue and harnesses the power of AI to apply data and learnings over 20K deals taken place on its platform to predict outcomes of deals. With customers like Google, JP Morgan, KPMG, Deloitte, Minter Ellison, Sony, Pivotal and...


699: The Quantum Computing Threat to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and other blockchain powered currencies are under constant security threat from hackers and other agents Adam Koltun, an Evangelist for the Quantum Resistant Ledger, has expertise in the emerging field of blockchain, and how it relates to quantum computing. In today's tech podcast, we discuss the basics of quantum computing (bits vs qubits etc.), the limitations of quantum computing, and how it intersects with blockchain technology. New security features to protect against Shor’s...


698: Talking Ouroboros and Cardano With Aggelos Kiayias, IOHK Chief Scientist

IOHK is the leading blockchain research and development company behind top 10 cryptocurrency Cardano. They have also recently announced that it will present its research on Ouroboros Genesis at ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security. The research tackles critical challenges that exist in proof-of-stake protocols and this latest version of Ouroboros, the algorithm powering Cardano, represents a significant milestone on the roadmap of research that began with Ouroboros and was...


697: The Story of Lorem and How it Raised $2.5M To Build The Future Of Work

Lorem connects businesses owners to a curated, professional network of freelance website developers and designers who can build or improve their website, blog or online store. Founded in 2017, Lorem is the only on-demand freelance marketplace that rigorously vets the experts on its platform and integrates with the most common software tools used by business owners on a daily basis. The online platform recently secured $2.5 million to expand its on-demand freelance marketplace. Lorem’s...


696: Privacy, Protection and Decentralized Data - Introducing Loki

2018 has seen major corporations fall victim to hacks and the harvesting of customer information. Millions of customers of some of the most trusted names in business: Cathay Pacific, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, have had everything from their email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card details fall into the hands of nefarious actors. However, as cybercriminals become more sophisticated -- novel solutions are being developed which may prove effective in combating the hacks and online...


695: How Tobii Pro Sprint is Bringing Eye Tracking to UX Design

I recently discovered a new eye tracking tool to help UX designers create websites tailored to how people behave online. Through Tobii Pro Sprint, UX designers can conduct online eye tracking studies on test subjects as they navigate a website (live or in the design testing environment). Their gaze patterns offer an authentic, objective view on online behavior, revealing the “why” behind a particular action. This insight can be used to optimize a site to make it more user-friendly and...