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611: The Inspirational FinTech Startup Story Behind Arcus

Arcus is a fintech startup working to create better financial health for individual people and the financial institutions by using technology to build a more seamless, secure, and enjoyable finance experience. Edrizio De La Cruz is the CEO and Cofounder of Arcus and immigrated from the Caribbean to the South Bronx at age 11, and immediately started working, but quickly became frustrated that he couldn’t help his parents make ends meet and manage their finances. However, being so close to...


610: How Outdoor Advertising is Driving Digital and Social Media Engagement

In an age of relentless, singular focus on the digital, DASH TWO flies between the tangible impact of outdoor advertising and wild posting, and the digital resonances these ads trigger in thousands of selfies. The digital and outdoor agency shows clients how to set up this virtuous echo from IRL to screen and back again, using ad techniques as old as the printing press and as fresh as the latest social app. “Outdoor advertising is a big thing because it’s tangible. Digital is intangible,”...


609: How Anova Is Helping SMEs Find Their Way In The Digital World

With years of experience from boutique to big-brand businesses and budgets, Anova has established an excellent reputation in North London due to their knowledge, professionalism, creativity, motivation, and dedication to every project. The team is also passionate about keeping up with the latest technologies that enable them to deliver to deliver tangible results. However, I invited them onto my daily tech podcast to understand how they are helping small business find their way in the...


608: How Smule is Making Music Social, Interactive, And Collaborative Again.

Smule is the leading social network for music powered by a family of mobile applications that allow people to play and sing songs together across the internet. The app has 50 million monthly active users belting out over 20 million songs. At Smule, they believe that Music is more than just listening — music also includes creating, sharing, discovering, participating and connecting. Music is the original social network, with the power to break down barriers, touch souls, and bring people...


607: Reinventing The Document Management Process in the Age of Cloud

I recently discovered a Danish tech startup called Templafy that beat 2500 nominees, to reach five national finalists for the Nordic Startup of the Year award. After hearing the company announce that it has acquired Berlin-based Veodin, making Veodin's popular 'SlideProof' add-in part of Templafy's enterprise communications productivity and governance platform, I invited their co-founder Christian Lund onto today's tech podcast. Templafy brings custom company templates, brand assets and...


606: SyncThink – Concussion Screening Technology & Brain Health Analytics

SyncThink develops revolutionary eye-tracking technology analytics, now in VR headsets, that give medical professionals objective metrics for visual attention and dynamic orientation. Based on 15 years of research and 12 granted patents, SyncThink’s first product, EYE-SYNC, is a 60-second, objective sideline assessment that uses eye tracking to evaluate for ocular motor impairments and vestibular balance dysfunction – the two most common and serious components of concussion. FDA-cleared...


605: Aid:Tech - Blockchain for Social Impact That's A Global Game Changer

Did you know that 2.4 billion people have no identity? Without legal identity, billions of people are without access to the social and financial services that many of us take for granted today. People without legal identity are socially, financially and legally excluded. This global challenge is also a huge opportunity. Triggering an estimated investment of $2-3 trillion a year, the potential value that can be unlocked for society is immense. Markets are already reacting to this substantial...


604: PropTech - How Avail Makes Leasing Easy For Landlords With Tech

Ryan Coon is the CEO and Co-founder of Avail (formerly Rentalutions), the only all-in-one solution designed for do-it-yourself landlords and their tenants. The platform is used by more than 200,000 landlords and tenants across the United States. Ryan has been on all sides of the rental process and has a lot to say about how technology is not only making it easier to be a landlord but also making independent landlords more attractive to prospective tenants. I invited Ryan onto or daily tech...


603: How AI Is Changing The Way We Interact With Brands

CEO of Pendo, Todd Olson talks about how advanced NPS (Net Promoter Score) analytics is shaping the future of product management and how to retain customer loyalty and engagement in a time where customers are demanding insanely great products at the right price. Pendo combines product analytics and qualitative feedback to help product teams deliver software that users love. Several leading SaaS companies like Zendesk, Namely, LexisNexis, and Sprinklr are using Pendo to capture user...


602: Automation Anywhere and Robotic Process Automation

With nearly two decades of experience in robotic process automation (RPA) technologies, the company’s CEO, Mihir Shukla, has been a leading voice and visionary in developing this category. He believes in a future where automation will free up employee time to focus on what people do best – think beyond repetitive tasks, be creative and add value to the workplace. While many aspects of automation are surrounded by negative connotations in mainstream media, I wanted to explore the positive...


601: MuzeRoom The App Delivering News For The Artist You’re Listening to

Australian based tech startup MuzeRoom recently launched an app that delivers music news for the artist you are listening to. When streaming through Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play MuzeRoom will automatically display music news for the artist that is currently playing. A companion service to streaming services, MuzeRoom enhances a users listening experience by bringing them closer to the artists they love. Co-founder Ronan Mason explains - “I love using the likes of Spotify and Apple...


600: Lisk Academy - An Educational Platform on Blockchain Technology

The most recent quarterly index from Upwork, identified blockchain development as the most highly coveted skill in the freelance job market, growing more than 6000% since Q1 last year. However, the sudden spike in blockchain jobs comes at a time when blockchain education offerings are still quite limited, creating a chasm between supply and demand for proficient blockchain developers. Lisk, the decentralized blockchain application platform recently launched the Lisk Academy with the goal of...


599: Email Security: Why Impersonations are Still Phishers’ Weapon of Choice

Today's guest on our tech podcast is Kevin O’Brien, CEO of GreatHorn. Phishing continues to be a primary security problem for businesses. Think of all the spoofed emails you probably get from people asking for banking instructions or ‘invoice confirmation,’ messages from ‘banks’ that look surprisingly legit but ask for your credentials, and notes from ‘friends’ that look real but have an attachment that wasn’t expected. GreatHorn is an email security company that was a finalist in the 2017...


598: How An Unproven Entrepreneur Built a Cybersecurity Unicorn

On today's tech podcast, I am proud to share one of the most inspirational tech startup stories I have heard after recording nearly 600 interviews. Andrew Rubin is the founding CEO of cybersecurity unicorn Illumio Andrew’s fast and unconventional rise in Silicon Valley from a small business owner in St. Louis with little security background only five years ago to fast-tracking Illumio to “unicorn” status just six months after launching out of stealth in 2014 is exceptional. Of the nine...


597: Software Advice On How SMB Can Future-Proof Themselves With AI

In order for businesses to maintain a competitive advantage in the years to come, SMB's need to introduce AI into their sales processes sooner rather than later. Although AI may seem like something well beyond an SMB’s needs—the truth is that AI already plays a major part in sales team operations. In fact, by 2020, 30% of all companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes. Software Advice is a Gartner company that was an obvious choice for me to invite...


596: Ronan Leonard, The Mastermind Guy Shares His Startup Story

Ronan Leonard built a video meeting (Mastermind) platform using webRTC. As he doesn't write code he went through 3 developers who could not get it to work. I wanted to find out more about how he struggled with finding the right people to bring his vision to life and how other startup founders can learn from his experiences. We also discuss how at just 23, he helped rescue passengers and fellow staff when the cruise ship he was working on as it sank off the wild coast of South Africa. The...


595: How Solar Technology Works, How Its Evolved, and the Future of Solar

On this show I am passionate about covering as many topics as I can about how technology is transforming multiple industries and hopefully together we can learn a thing or too along the way.We are all surrounded by technology but seldom think about the challenges this can bring. We have already spoken about the industrial internet of things this week and the challenges of getting connectivity to an oil field in Nebraska, but today I want to demystify the world of Solar...


594: NFL and Sportscastr Embrace Blockchain to Connect With Fans

The digital transformation of sports continues to take shape As NFL embraces blockchain with the latest SportsCastr and FanChain deal. SportsCastr, a live-streaming platform that allows anyone to become a color commentator, announced today that the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), via its athlete-driven accelerator the OneTeam Collective, has acquired a minority stake in the company to power live, interactive video content for fans. Through this partnership, active and former NFL players...


593: How The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Is Revolutionizing Oil, Gas etc

We have all heard of the internet of things and how it is beginning to transform businesses and smart cities are starting to take shape. But what about traditional industries such as oil, gas, and agriculture that are stuck in remote locations with extreme weather? These traditional industries have been blamed for clinging to an antiquated and inefficient approach. But despite the technological challenges of these remote locations, companies are turning to the Industrial Internet of Things...


592: Stronghold & IBM Create New Stablecoin Built on Stellar

Tammy Camp entered the crypto scene back in 2011 by joining Jed McCaleb on the Stellar project. She has enjoyed a phenomenally successful career and was also a previously a Partner at 500 Startups, but it's the future that she is building that really excites me. Here in 2018, Tammy is the founder and CEO of Stronghold, which is the first Silicon Valley venture-backed fintech startup on distributed ledger technology. The exciting company is also hitting the headlines for all the right...