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Ep. 51: Erica Peterson, founder, entrepreneur, and mother

Abbey Rennemeyer interviews Erica Peterson, the founder of Moms Can: Code and Science Tots, and Founder Gym alumna. Erica started her career in biology, but after being told that she should leave her graduate program once she became pregnant with her first child, she started to look for other options. Three years ago, inspired by her desire to understand how her children were learning, she founded Science Tots, a non-profit that helps introduce children to the world of STEM. And just...


Ep 50 - Sacha Greif, designer, developer, and open source creator

Quincy Larson interviews Sacha Greif, who's a designer, developer, and prolific open source project creator. Sacha created the Vulcan.js framework, the daily design newsletter, and so many other important projects in the developer community. Most recently, Sacha started the State of JavaScript survey, where he asks developers a ton of questions about which web development tools they use. He just finished the third annual survey, and soon he'll release the results from the more...


Ep 49 - Lyle Troxell, software engineer at Netflix and radio show host

Quincy Larson interviews Lyle Troxell, who's a senior software engineer at Netflix. Lyle has hosted his own technology radio show for the past 18 years, and now he hosts the official Netflix podcast, too. Lyle's parents were artists and a part of the 1960s hippy movement. Lyle didn't enjoy school, and in middle school he dropped out so he could focus on learning math and electronics. He eventually went to community college, got a 2-year degree, and did some basic web design work at a few...


Ep 48 - Ali Spittel, creator of Zen of Programming

On today's episode, Quincy Larson interviews Ali Spittel. She's a Washington DC-based developer and artist. Ali runs the popular Zen of Programming blog, where she writes about design, data visualization, and other programming topics. She talks about how her interests in political journalism lead to a passion for data and data journalism. Ali also talks about her love of Python. She reads the poem "The Zen of Python" and talks about how it has influenced her programming style and her...


Ep. 47 - Laurence Bradford - interview with the creator of

On today's episode, Quincy Larson interviews Laurence Bradford. She's the creator the blog and podcast, and the Newbie Coder Warehouse Facebook group. As a college student, Laurence was so technologically illiterate that her school made her take a remedial computer class. This made her doubt that she had a future in technology. And she ended up studying Economics instead, and moving to Asia to work in economic development. Years later, Laurence decided to learn some...


Ep. 46 - Alexander Kallaway - Interview with the creator of 100DaysOfCode

On today's episode, Quincy Larson interviews Alexander Kallaway, the creator of the #100DaysOfCode challenge. In addition to talking about the 100DaysOfCode challenge itself - a challenge which, at this point, thousands of people have taken - Alex and I also talk about how he and his wife moved from Russia to Canada to advance their careers, and how he used freeCodeCamp to gain the skills he needed to get his first developer job. Alex is an incredibly motivated person, and in this...


Ep. 45 - Dropout turned Software Engineer Dylan Israel - developer interview

Dylan is a software engineer, YouTuber, and creator of several programming courses. Quincy talks to him about how he dropped out of college, drove from California to Florida, and hustled to get his first developer job. On top of that, you'll learn how he was able to leverage a few job offers to get a massive raise at his current company. Quincy Larson: Dylan's YouTube channel: Learn to code for free at: Intro...


Ep. 44 - How to land a top-notch tech internship - and tech job - while you're still in school

Are you trying to get a jump-start on your tech career while you're still in school? Have you found that perfect internship - or job - but you're not sure how to approach it? If so, this is the resource for you. Michael discusses how to craft your résumé, how to prepare for interviews, and much more. Written by Michael Deng: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article: Learn to code for free at:...


Ep. 43 - Interview with Simple Programmr's John Sonmez

In this interview, Simple Programmr's John Sonmez talks to Quincy Larson about how he got into programming, and how he transformed himself from being shy and somewhat lazy into the kind of person who can run marathons and publish YouTube videos almost every day. Find Quincy Larson on Twitter: Find John Sonmez on Twitter: Learn to code for free at: Intro music by Vangough:...


Ep. 42 - How to write a good design doc

As a software engineer, it's your responsibility to write a good design doc so that your team knows how to solve the problem you're addressing. But what makes a design doc good, what should you include, and how should you write it? Angela shares all her tips so you can make your design docs as effective and helpful as possible. Written by Angela Zhang: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article: Learn to...


Ep. 41 - Mistakes I've made as a junior developer - and how you can avoid them

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they're first learning a new skill or tool. If you've just entered the world of programming, chances are you'll make your fair share of mistakes, too. In this episode, Jack discusses some of the missteps he's taken early on in his career, and how you can learn from them and avoid them. Written by Jack Finlay Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article: Learn to code for free at:...


Ep. 40 - The main pillars of learning programming - and why beginners should master them

Learning how to code can be overwhelming - especially if your intro course asks you to build a Facebook clone. But if you focus on the fundamentals, have the right guidance, and develop a strong inner motivation to succeed, you'll master the basics and be ready to move on. In this episode, you'll learn how to do just that. Written by Rainer Hahnekamp: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article:...


Ep. 39 - Learning how to learn: the most important developer skill

Learning to code - or learning any new skill - is hard, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. In this episode, Preethi discusses her tried and true strategies for learning, how to tackle challenging problems, and the methods that help her add new tools to her kit. Written by Preethi Kasireddy: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article: Learn to code for free at: Intro...


Ep. 38 - How to conquer legacy code

Have you ever had to deal with legacy code - code that someone else wrote a long time ago? Are you temped to just rip everything apart and rewrite it? Bill explains why this is a bad idea and how to approach - and respect - legacy code instead. Written by Bill Sourour: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article: Learn to code for free at: Intro music by Vangough:...


Ep. 37 - The Rise of the Data Engineer

When Maxime worked at Facebook, his role started evolving. He was developing new skills, new ways of doing things, and new tools. And — more often than not — he was turning his back on traditional methods. He was a pioneer. He was a data engineer! In this podcast, you'll learn about the rise of the data engineer and what it takes to be one. Written by Maxime Beauchemin: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article:...


Ep. 36 - Explain Bitcoin like I'm 5

You've probably heard a lot about bitcoin over the last few years. But do you truly understand how it works? This article explains the concepts in straightforward language (like you were 5) so you'll never be out of the loop again. Written by Nik Custodio: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article: Learn to code for free at: Intro music by Vangough:...


Ep. 35 - How I went from zero to San Francisco software engineer in 12 months

One day, Sean was working as a route setter at a rock climbing gym in Tennessee. The next, he was driving to San Francisco, without a plan, to start his career in tech. This is the story of his challenging, winding, but ultimately successful path to his first job as a software engineer. Written by Sean Smith: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article: Learn to code for free at:...


Ep. 34 - d'Oh My Zsh

In this episode, Oh My Zsh founder Robby Russell tells the story of how he unexpectedly launched one of the most popular zsh configuration frameworks out there. He shares his process, some mean tweets, and his advice for people starting open source projects. Written and read by Robby Russell: Original article: Learn to code for free at: Intro music by Vangough: Transcript: How I...


Ep. 33 - Code dependencies are the devil

Have you built your app on someone else's code? And beyond that, does the "secret sauce" of your product depend on external libraries or frameworks? While it's tempting to use the latest and greatest tech as soon as it comes out, that's not always a great idea. In this episode, Bill explains why, and what to do to protect your code. Written by Bill Sourour: Read by Abbey Rennemeyer: Original article:...


Ep. 32 - How you can start a career in a different field without experience

Austin had a biology degree, a poor GPA, and a job in the medical field, but he wanted to transition into tech. He had no experience, but he figured out how to gain it quickly and landed offers from his dream companies. In this episode, he shares his advice and methods so that you can do the same. Written and read by Austin Belcak: Original article: Learn to code for free at: Intro music by Vangough:...