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Online Privacy: Top 7 Tips From A Leading Expert

In this episode, August talks with one of the world's foremost experts in Cyber Forensics. Bryan Neumeister, head of USA Forensic, helps law enforcement, government agencies and the legal system. He can find erased information on cell phones--your bank accounts, exactly where you've been, the passwords to all your accounts and so much more. He can do the same with your laptop, as well as pick out a single voice in a crowded airport and help identify people on grainy video footage. Bryan and...


Is Internet Addiction Really A Thing?

In this episode, August Brice talks with Dr. Kimberly Young, world-recognized, leading expert and founder of The Center for Internet Addiction. Dr. Young is also a Tech Wellness Expert. Learn more about Dr Young HERE. She has been studying the issue since the late 1990's and she is certain that the internet can be as addiction as gambling and pornography. Think you might have a bit of an internet problem yourself? Then take Dr. Young's INTERNET ADDICTION TEST. It's completely private and...


Dr. George Carlo Shares The New Truth About Cell Phone Radiation

This week, August talks with Dr. George Carlo, who is a Tech Wellness Expert and more importantly, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the potential dangers posed by radiation from our cell phones. Dr Carlo led the largest scientific study on the issue starting back in the 1990’s. The $28 million dollar study, funded by the Cell Industry, began to turn up some troubling results, which George quickly reported. The study was quickly cancelled and the results immediately discredited....