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Untangled is a podcast exploring the IOTA Ecosystem and beyond. Every other week we talk to experts within their fields about how distributed ledger technology can benefit in real world use cases.

Untangled is a podcast exploring the IOTA Ecosystem and beyond. Every other week we talk to experts within their fields about how distributed ledger technology can benefit in real world use cases.


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Untangled is a podcast exploring the IOTA Ecosystem and beyond. Every other week we talk to experts within their fields about how distributed ledger technology can benefit in real world use cases.







In the nineteenth episode of Untangled we are talking to Fabrizio Rovati, SW Platforms & Cloud Director from STMicroelectronics, also just known as ST. ST and IOTA have been partners since summer 2019 and are especially focusing their mutual efforts around the realm of Internet of Things, also just known as IoT. ST is a big, global company with close to 50.000 employees worldwide, and is Europe’s biggest semi conductor company. In the interview with Fabrizio Rovati we most importantly talked...


Supply Chain: Food Safety & Retail Transparency

As we heard in the Global Trade & Supply Chain episode of Untangled a few weeks back, supply chains are complex systems that currently lack transparency. Increasing supply chain transparency is a tricky task and exposing this transparency to consumers is even more difficult. But what if consumers could demand transparency? Today, consumers want to make informed choices about the products they purchase. Particularly in the food and fashion industry, provenance data can help consumers assess...


EDAG Citybot & Smart Parking

In the third episode of the second season of Untangled we are back in the realm of futuristic mobility solutions. EDAG is a German company operating on a global scale with offices all around the world and one of the world's largest independent development partners to the automotive industry. Now EDAG and IOTA are cooperating on two solutions to solve current problems of mobility in the cityscape. The EDAG Citybot is an autonomous car that can drive around controlled enviroments and through...


Global Trade & Supply Chain

5% of the global GDP is at stake, but regulatory and procedural challenges remain. Global Trade & Supply Chain is expected to be go through monumental changes due to distributed ledger technologies and other emerging technologies. But it is not an overnight operation to unlock the full potential of the ledger. Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst and Blockchain Lead at the WTO Economic Research Department, Pashupati Pandey, Senior Technical Officer at Complicance and Facilitation in the WCO, and...


Smart Wallets & Future of Mobility

Automotive and mobility are among the sectors predicted to undergo the most drastic changes throughout the next decade due to IoT and digitalization with Mobility-as-a-Service growing, vehicles becoming their own autonomous agents, and ever-increasing amounts of data being collected and shared between vehicles and other parts of the infrastructure. The first episode of the second season shines a light on some of those changes, specifically the Smart Wallet developed by Jaguar Land Rover....


Supporting Digital Infrastructure of the IOTA Economy

In this episode of Untangled we are talking to Dan Simerman, the new Head of Financial Relations in the IOTA Foundation and Frank Zhou, founder & CEO of Zeux, a banking and payment app that recently partnered with IOTA. We talked about why tokens are part of distributed ledger technologies, the future use of cryptocurrencies and what it will take for cryptocurrencies to reach mainstream adoption.


Fraunhofer Platooning

In the thirteenth episode of Untangled we are exploring a use case of platooning. Jonas Brügmann, Nicolas Ruhland and Matthias Babel from the Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab of the Bayreuth University has developed a business model for vehicles to organise themselves in a platoon. Only the leader of the platoon will be controlled by a person, while the rest of the vehicles are driving autonomously. By using the Tangle, the platoon leader can get compensated in real-time for the leading efforts....


Nature & Wildlife

The twelfth episode of Untangled is exploring how we can restore the quickly disappearing forests of the planet and how we can build new sustainable systems to provide a good life for both animals, plants and people. Willie Smits from the Masarang Foundation in Indonesia is talking about his efforts to rebuild the rainforest on Borneo after it was devastated by the palm oil industry. And Jan-Peter Doomernik, Enexis, and Sam Butler are giving insights on how to create new and out-of-the-box...


Odyssey Hackathon feat. Digital Identity

In the eleventh episode of Untangled we are visiting the world’s biggest blockchain and artificial intelligence hackathon Odyssey, which is the peak of the year for the organisers from Dutchchain, an open innovation program. To hear more about the event, we interviewed the founder himself, Rutger van Zuidam. And to hear more about why the Dutch government takes part in a hackathon and how the development of digital identities is moving ahead, we also interviewed Wouter Welling from the Dutch...


Hannover Messe 2019

For the tenth episode of Untangled, we went to the Hannover Messe in Germany. Out of the more than 6000 exhibitors at the industrial trade fair, several of them were using IOTA as their underlying data processing structure. To hear more about it all, we talked to Thorsten Kroke, General Manager at the product standardization consortium, eCl@ss, and Jörg Nagel, Director of Technology and Operation at Neoception. We also talked to Director of Partnerships in the IOTA Foundation, Holger Köther,...


Smart Cities: Energy - Part II

The ninth episode of Untangled is the second of two about the concept of Smart Cities and energy distribution's upcoming transition. This episode focuses specifically on consumer centric solutions and how better sharing of knowledge and failures must be established to succeed with the goal. The guests on the episode are the same as the previous one: André Bryde Alnor, Market Developer at Energinet's Digitalization Department, Danish operator of energy infrastructure and Patrick Driscoll,...


Smart Cities: Energy - Part I

In the eighth episode of Untangled we are digging into the substantial topic of Smart Cities with a specific focus on the energy sector and the immense challenges residing therein. To uncover what the cities of the near future will be like to live in and how they will be shaped, we are talking to André Bryde Alnor, Market Developer at Energinet's Digitalization Department, Danish operator of energy infrastructure and Patrick Driscoll, Project Developer at the Norwegian University of Science...


IOTA Research Council & Department

In the seventh episode of Untangled we are continuing in the realm of research and are talking to the IOTA Foundation's new Director of Research, Moody Alam, and one of the IOTA originals and author of the IOTA Whitepaper, Serguei Popov. They are giving an overview of what the Research Department was and is, and an introduction to the IOTA Research Council. They also have some words and numbers to share about the progress of their top priority, Coordicide.


Research Summit feat. Coordicide & Attack Analysis

For the sixth episode of Untangled we went to Barcelona to follow the IOTA Foundation Research Summit 2019. The entire Research Department was for the first time ever all gathered in the same place and many fruitful discussions, ideas and possible solutions came out of it. The two main topics at ReSum were Coordicide and Attack Analysis, which Alon Gal, Research Scientist on the Coordicide Team, and Bartosz Kuśmierz, Research Scientist on the Attack Analysis Team, will discuss on this...


Connecting Hardware Sensors with the Tangle

In the fifth episode of Untangled we are exploring how to combine hardware sensors with the Tangle. We are talking to Daniel De Michele, founder of XDK2MAM, about their grant winning project and the future need for more code writers. We are also talking to IOTA Ecosystem Director, Lewis Freiberg, on why the IOTA Foundation does not produce hardware, how the Foundation supports those who do and what it takes to get a grant from the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund.


Indoor Mapping & Localisation

In the fourth episode of Untangled we are exploring the domains of indoor mapping and localisation. Mapping and localisation has reached incredible levels of accuracy over the years, but indoor mapping is lacking far behind. To find out why that is and how it can be improved through the use of distributed ledger technologies we are talking to Georgios Pipelidis, co-founder of NavIndo, a Munich-based start-up dedicated to indoor mapping and localisation. We are also speaking to Bhaskar...


New Industrial Business Models

In the third episode of Untangled we are exploring how distributed ledger technologies are and will be playing a role in the fourth industrial revolution and how they are part of creating completely new business models within industrial manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We are speaking to Simon Jegelka, Managing Director in the German flood protection start-up topocare, and to Daniel Trauth, Leader of the Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen and Chief Engineer and Department Head at the Laboratory for...



In the second episode of Untangled we are examining the current challenges in the health care sector and exploring how the Tangle and distributed ledger technologies can ease the upcoming paradigm shift of truly digitalising health care. We are speaking to co-founders Andre Fialho and David Hawig from the health care start-up, PACT Care; Jakob Uffelmann, Director of Innovation at sundhed.dk, the public Danish health care portal, and Navin Ramachandran, eHealth Lead in the IOTA Foundation....


Electric Vehicles

While climate change continues to cause worry among scientists all over the world, we explore how the Tangle can be utilised to reach new levels of data and resource sharing in the realm of electric vehicles. In this episode we are talking to Harm van den Brink from ElaadNL and Terry Shane from the bIOTAsphere about how they are using this novel technology to accelerate the evolution of electric vehicles.