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Two angry web developers complain about life in development hell

Two angry web developers complain about life in development hell
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Two angry web developers complain about life in development hell




Episode 97: Hot For Teacher

As we slouch along towards episode 100, we do something we normally don’t do and have a guest on to try and sell a book they’ve written. This time out we spoke with Dane Hillard, who is in the process of finishing a book about Python programming for folks who are new to programming. Dane shared his experiences writing the book and why he feels there is a gap in help out there for folks who are looking to add programming to their problem-solving toolkit. Do these...


Episode 96: Chimps and Snakes and Boots

Ed and Chris started talking to each other again over a series of tubes, with the end result being another episode of the podcast. This time around we discussed some weirdness we had been noticing with our episode announcement mailing list, TIOBE and popularity contests, building things for our hobbies, and the never-ending street fight of complexity vs. churn. Do these things! devhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes TIOBE...


Episode 94: Shaking Off The Rust

It’s been a while since our last episode, but this time Chris and Ed go together in the same room down in Pawnee, Indiana to record an episode. Between Ed making faces at Chris while recording and Chris' totally messing up who wrote the testing blog post he went on and on, it was clear /dev/hell is not in the groove. In this episode Ed talks about some of his personal struggles that led to a long absence, Chris asks about what to do when the time frame for your goals doesn’t align with...


Episode 93: 40 Attendees Enter, None Leave

Chris has finally moved his vast grumpy empire to it’s new location, so it was time to record an episode and get their hands on that sweet, sweet Patreon money. In this scintillating episode we talk about deliberate change in your life to achieve a new set of goals, along with upcoming conference appearances. Chris also reveals a dark secret about his new adopted home town and Ed mocks Chris for temporarily confusing two Lous. Do these things! Patreondevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate...


Episode 92: JSON and The Argonauts

“…and that’s why this podcast is rated M for mature” Chris and Ed talk about their thoughts on what might have to change once you become “internet famous” and a reminder that even if you have made mistakes in the past, you can choose to correct them in the future. We also include a new segment called “What toys did we buy?” to reflect how the hosts numb the pain of every day living through conspicuous consumption. Thanks to Chance Garcia for allowing us to bring another health issue to...


Episode 91: Check the police blotter in Mountain View

Chris and Ed do an extremely rare daytime recording of the show on the American Memorial Day holiday. But why is a Canadian not working on an American Holiday? You’ll have to tune in to find out why along with some thoughts on mentoring and why the current crop of browser-centric testing tools are completely shit. Thanks to Ben Ramsey for his poetry choice and Chance Garcia for allowing us to bring another health issue to people’s attention. Do these...


Episode 90: Same As It Ever Was

Chris and Ed talk about Ed’s new laptop and his decision to transition to do OSMI full-time. They also talked about their new Patreon that’s helping them find sponsors for the podcast. Do these things! Patreondevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes OSMIhis new setup


Episode 89: Selling Out Never Felt So Good

Chris and Ed decided to push themselves out of their comfort zone and talked to Laravel community superstar Matt Stauffer. We talked about Matt’s experience writing a book for a major publish (with an animal on the cover and everything), asked the question “does consistency in code matter for OSS projects” and Chris sadly muted his mic while Matt and Ed discussed the Analogue NT Mini gaming console. Do these things! sponsorsWonderNetworkOSMIGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate...


Episode 88: Ocho Ocho

A short-ish episode this time out where our Dynamic Duo went guestless and talked about their recent conference experiences in Salt Lake City, Antwerp, and Miami. sponsorsWonderNetworkOSMIGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes wiped outSunshinePHPLoopConfYouTubePHP Benelux


Episode 87: Asking Questions Down Under

This time out we asked our listeners to submit some questions because we are tired of winning so much and wanted to let others get in on it. Along the way Ed talked about a recent computer-related purchase he made on eBay while Chris talked about one the earliest science fiction short stories he can remember while feeling incredibly old at the same time. Don’t worry, Chris' ego let him know he was not old and is still awesome. Do these things! sponsorsWonderNetworkGrumpy LearningOpen...


Episode 86: Necromantic Spies and Imagined Corporate Friends

YOUR 2016 PHP PODCAST OF THE YEAR from simpleprogrammer.com Welcome to the very first episode of 2017! We’re back after a nice break for the holidays and ready to get back to being insightful and unfiltered. In this episode we talked about the concept of “programming as craft” with Chris and Ed having a great discussion about what should follow after the phrase “programmers need to learn empathy.” Ed also released some music, and is donating all the proceeds to OSMI. Chris was sad that...


Episode 85: Brand Dilution As A Source Of Happiness

Welcome to our end-of-year episode! It has been probably the most gratifying year in a long time for both Chris and Ed. Chris' work at Mozilla has really changed his perspective on the value of the open web and his future. Ed finally got the chance to sink his teeth into a true leadership role at GraphStory and with a lot of help OSMI became a non-profit poised to continue doing excellent work in the field of bringing awareness to mental health issues. Crazy travel schedules, the last...


Episode 84: Whiny Feedback Loops

Chris and Ed record a very quick show to talk about Ed’s latest conference adventure, the launch of some new stuff from OSMI, and Chris talks about feedback loops, hoodies that don’t fit, and the end of TrueNorthPHP. Do these things! sponsorsWonderNetworkGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes DevSpace 2016donations-welcome ebooksOSMIEternal WeekendClockwise


Episode 83: Sasquatch Uses PHP

Pacific Northwest PHP co-organizer Tess Mero joins Ed and Chris to discuss her work organizing one of the newer regional conferences, Joomla, and what the hell does Cisco have to offer PHP developers. Do these things! sponsorsWonderNetworkGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes blogTwitter accountBig FanCisco DevNetThinkfulJeremy LindblomJoomlaOpen Source TrainingMike StoweCisco SparkTropoPacific Northwest PHP


Episode 82: Open 24 Hours, Just Not All In One Day

In this scintillating episode Chris and Ed shift gears and talk about their own experiences working “in the open”. Chris is very fortunate that everything he does at Mozilla gets open-sourced while Ed talks about his experiences back when he was running Spaz. Do these things! sponsorsWonderNetworkGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes MozillaMozilla Services GitHub repoemployerGraph Story repoTestPilotsecurity breachiOS Neo4J...


Episode 81: It Feels Good To Be A D-List Internet Superstar

This time around Chris and Ed attempt to shame you with their D-lister activities and ability to purchase things they want but don’t need. We cover PyOhio, the long-anticipated php|cruise, and some useful gadgets they’ve incorporated into their work flows. Do these things! sponsorsWonderNetworkGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes PyOhiotalk from PyOhioHenge Dockphp|cruiseRoost Laptop StandWinnersTom Bihn bagtravel gear guide


Episode 80: Lifestyles of the Moderately Privileged and Internet Famous

This episode, Chris remembers his feline companion and Office Manager who passed away recently. Then we get into an insanely long discussion of travel tips and horror stories. Do these things! http://omhs.ca/sponsorsWonderNetworkGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes NexusTSA Pre-checkE-passportmap of LAXphp[cruise] 2016


Episode 79: Unlikely Hero Fails to Press Mute

This time out we spoke with Noelle Daley who shared her experiences at New Relic moving developer relations to being a developer via a programming bootcamp. We also discussed Ed’s latest round of work promoting OSMI and Noelle’s talk she gave at OSBridge in Portland. Do these things! sponsorsWonderNetworkGrumpy Learningdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes Noelle on TwitterHackBrightNew Relic APMNew Relictalked about his work on OSMIPHP...


Episode 78: Who Leaves Velveeta and No Beer In A Fridge?

It’s rare that we have some folks who work for the same employer back-to-back on the show, but this time out we spoke with Jessica Rose. Jessica is Tracy Osborne’s boss (Tracy was on the show in Episode 77) and talked about her own experiences creating a different kind of developer relations team at Dream Factory. Along the way we found out how much better Chris handled jet lag at the same Australian conference Jessica was at and how thankful she is her husband pays zero attention to...


Episode 77: Escaping To The Canadian Hellscape

On the 77th episode of you favourite comedy podcast about technology and aging programmers, Chris and Ed spoke with Tracy Osborn about her new job in developer relations, living the sweet rent-free life in the Bay Area and how she is making the smart move of relocating with her Kanuckistanian husband to Toronto. Do these things! sponsorsBackup ProRoaveWonderNetworkdevhell.info/shopTwitterhereRate ushere Listen Download now (MP3) Links and Notes TwitterDreamFactorywedding startup500...