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Project Daedalus - Star Trek Discovery 02x09 - Disco Night 029

Even though Discovery went rogue just last week, "Project Daedalus" has them teaming up with a Starfleet admiral to cause a ruckus. This time they're heading over to that troublesome Section 31 to depose the Logic Extremist at the top. As happens from time to time in the Star Trek universe, things don't turn out to be exactly as they seem. Directed by Star Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes, and written by newcomer to the franchise Michelle Paradise. She's written a bunch of episodes of CW's "The...


If Memory Serves - Star Trek Discovery 02x08 - Disco Night 028

The Talosians throw Burnham and Spock a solid and use their powers to get Spock's brain right and maybe get the healing started on their broken relationship. Captain Pike gets a visit from a long lost love, and Dr. Culber gives Ash Tyler whatfor. Directed by TJ Scott, written by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie. Featuring Melissa George as Vina. http://disconightpodcast.com/


Light and Shadows - Star Trek Discovery 02x07 - Disco Night 027

In which Joe and Jason both gradually convince each other that Star Trek Discovery is picking up the unresolved thread of the Temporal Cold War from Star Trek: Enterprise. The Discovery encounters a time rift above Kaminar, so Captain Pike and our man Voq decide to fly into it. This yields mixed results. They don't die, but they are attacked by a Sentinel from 1999's The Matrix. Burnham misses it all because she's home on Vulcan in the middle of some serious family drama, where Amanda has...


The Sound of Thunder - Star Trek Discovery 02x06 - Disco Night 026

Another signal appears, this time over Saru's home planet, Kaminar. Discovery immediately gets caught between the plight of the Kelpiens and the seemingly predatory species, the Ba'ul. But like most things, there's more going on than meets the eye. Hannah Spear returns as Siranna, Javier Botet plays the Baul, and David Benjamin Tomlinson returns as Linus and as a random Kelpien. The Sound of Thunder was directed by Douglas Aarniokoski and written by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lipoldt.


Saints of Imperfection - Star Trek Discovery 02x05 - Disco Night 025

Launching a bold rescue attempt that gets the Discovery stuck in fungus mud, the away team finds a bit more than they expected in the mycelial network (Hint: It's Hugh). Georgiou swings by and brings her new buddy Ash Tyler, and some real crazy hijinks ensue. Directed by David Barrett, written by Kirsten Beyer, "Saints of Imperfection stars Michelle Yeoh, Jayne Brook, Alan Van Sprang, Rachael Ancheril and Bahia Watson.


An Obol for Charon - Star Trek Discovery 02x04 - Disco Night 024

Hot on the trail of Spock's shuttle, Discovery is ripped back into realspace by what turns out to be a 100,000 year old life form on its death bed. Speaking of death beds, Saru's not feeling so well and makes a few difficult requests of Burnham. Tig Notaro returns as Jet Reno and Rebecca Romijn makes her first appearance as Number One. An Obol for Charon was directed by Lee Rose and written by Andrew Colville and Alan McElroy, story by Gretchen Berg, Aaron Harberts and Jordon Nardino.


Point of Light - Star Trek Discovery 02x03 - Disco Night 023

Michael Burnham and Sylvia Tilly's friendship continues to soar to new heights, and as they so often do, the arrival of a child has complicated Tyler and L'Rell's relationship. This episode includes references to zombie ants, Commander Tucker from Enterprise's undercover work on Romulus, Tasha Yar's death, and many celebrations of both Tilly and Mary Wiseman. Point of Light was directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and written by Andrew Colville.


New Eden - Star Trek Discovery 02x02 - Disco Night 022

Things get weird when Discovery is lead to an incredibly remote human settlement established over 200 years ago. Directed by Jonathan Frakes and written by Sean Cochran, Akiva Goldsman, and Vaun Wilmott.


Brother - Star Trek Discovery 02x01 - Disco Night 021

Season two of Star Trek Discovery has finally arrived with "Brother," a clear reference to one of our favorite pointy-eared aliens. Directed by showrunner Alex Kurtzman, and written by Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts and Ted Sullivan.


Season 2 Trailer - Hopes and Dreams - Disco Night 020

Time to take one last look back at the Star Trek Discovery season two trailer and try to glean whatever small details we can in advance of the premiere, make predictions, and talk about our hopes and dreams for Disco.


The Escape Artist - Star Trek Short Treks 04 - Disco Night 019

Directed by Rainn Wilson and written by Michael McMahan, the fourth episode of Short Treks features notorious pseudo-villain Harcourt "Harry" Fenton Mudd pining over sipping jippers on a beach somewhere. Featuring Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd, Harry Judge as the Tellarite, Barbara Mamabolo as our new favorite bounty hunter, and Dan Abramovici as the Orion Guard. www.disconightpodcast.com


The Brightest Star - Star Trek Short Treks 03 - Disco Night 018

Directed by Douglas Aarniokoski and written by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt, the third episode of Short Treks has our favorite Kelpien facing the hard reality behind the expression "You can't go home again." But in his case it's literal. The military told him he's not allowed to go there anymore. Featuring Doug Jones as Saru, and introducing Hannah Spear as Siranna and Robert Verlaque as Aradar, who may or may not play a role in the upcoming second season of Star Trek: Discovery. The...


Calypso - Star Trek Short Treks 02 - Disco Night 017

Written Michael Chabon, Sean Cochran, and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, the second episode of Short Treks teaches that the truest expression of love is letting go of the little man that walks around inside you. Calypso stars Aldis Hodge as Craft and Annabelle Wallis as the voice of Zora, with Sash Striga playing Zora's holo-depiction.


Runaway - Star Trek Short Treks 01 - Disco Night 016

Disco Night AND Star Trek Discovery are back with the first of four Short Treks! The first episode of Short Treks, written by showrunner Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, was directed by Maja Vrvilo and has Tilly making a new and unexpected friend. Runaway stars Mary Wiseman reprising her role as Cadet Sylvia Tilly and Yadira Guevara-Prip as Me hani Ika Hali Ka Po.


Will You Take My Hand? - Star Trek Discovery 01x15 - Disco Night 015

The season one finale for Discovery starts with the stakes as high as they could be, as Starfleet has apparently sanctioned the genocide of the Klingon race. Listen in as your hosts, Jason and Joe, review the happenings of each episode of Star Trek Discovery. Released every Monday after Discovery's release!


The War Without, The War Within - Star Trek Discovery 01x14 - Disco Night 014

We get some time to breathe this episode as we spend much of our time getting caught up on the last 9 months and preparing for Starfleet's next steps to stem the Klingon advance. We also get a chance to refamiliarize ourselves with the changing relationships of the Discovery crew. Listen in as your hosts, Jason and Joe, review the happenings of each episode of Star Trek Discovery. Released every Monday after Discovery's release!


What's Past is Prologue - Star Trek Discovery 01x13 - Disco Night 013

Whoa. Lorca takes control of the Charon, ousting Georgiou as Emperor of the Terran Empire. Her sudden drop in station makes her a bit more amenable to working with Burnham. Meanwhile, Saru shows us what captaining a Starfleet vessel should look like. Listen in as your hosts, Jason and Joe, review the happenings of each episode of Star Trek Discovery. Released every Monday after Discovery's release!


Vaulting Ambition - Star Trek Discovery 01x12 - Disco Night 012

Who called it? Raise your hands. This episode crammed a lot of developments into 40 minutes. VoqTyler/L'Rell, Stamets/Stamets/Culber, Lorca/Lorca, Georgiou/Burnham, Dinner/Kelpian. It's hard to know where to begin! Listen in as your hosts, Jason and Joe, review the happenings of each episode of Star Trek Discovery. Released every Monday after Discovery's release!


The Wolf Inside - Star Trek Discovery 01x11 - Disco Night 011

Discovery continues to push the plot along at an unrelenting pace. Burnham finds unexpected allies and enemies in the Mirror Universe, while Tilly holds out hope that Stamets might recover. Disco Night is a Star Trek Discovery Podcast, release every Monday.


Despite Yourself - Star Trek Discovery 01x10 - Disco Night 010

The crew of the USS Discovery finds itself on the wrong side of the Mirror with no way to get back to their own universe. Disco Night is a Star Trek Discovery Podcast, release every Monday.