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Live PD - Shelly Tatro & Dan Cesareo

For Season 2 finale of EXEC/PRODUCER, I am pleased to bring you one of the only true breakouts of recent memory, LIVE PD. Created and produced by Dan Cesareo of Big Fish and launched/overseen by A&E's Shelly Tatro, LIVE PD takes the tried and true police show format and eventizes it by adding in the thrill of live TV. The logline may sound simple, but the production is anything but, as was the run up of bringing the concept to air. Shelly and Dan are both best in class creatives who I am...


Basketball Wives - Tom Huffman & Sean Rankine

I've returned to my own vault of shows to bring you BASKETBALL WIVES, a show which I launched and oversaw during my time at Vh1. Sold to us by Tom Huffman, then of Shed Media, and produced since the beginning of its nearly 200 episode run by Sean Rankine, BASKETBALL WIVES survived a few near death experiences before becoming the network's #1 show earlier this decade. It hasn't been easy, but success never is and BASKETBALL WIVES is a prime example of that. This series has survived many cast...


Genius - Sam Sokolow

Joining me for my first one-on-one conversation is Sam Sokolow, President of EUE/Sokolow, and Executive Producer of Nat Geo's breakout series, GENIUS. Sam and his partners labored for years to bring Walter Isaacson's acclaimed biography of Albert Einstein to the screen, first as a feature and ultimately as a series. Not only did they hit paydirt with Nat Geo, but they created a format where different geniuses would be featured in subsequent seasons, following up with Picasso and currently...


The Profit - Marcus Lemonis & Amber Mazzola

The business shows keep coming with this week's episode, CNBC's flagship show, THE PROFIT. Joining me are Executive Producer, Amber Mazzola, and the star of the show, The Profit himself, Marcus Lemonis. Amber entered the series as its Season 1 showrunner and her drive and comittment catapulted her to become the production company of record for the series. She now owns and operates her own company, Machete, built quite significantly on the strength of this show and her partnership with...


Shark Tank - Corie Henson & David Eilenberg

SHARK TANK originated as a hit overseas, but it struggled to find an American home and languished for some time as a format in the Sony catalogue. Mark Burnett Productions eventually caught wind of the idea and partnered with Sony to eek out a six episode order for the show on ABC. After surviving a near cancellation prior to premiere and an abysmal first week of ratings, the show ultimately found its footing and fought for and earned a second season before finally cementing its place as an...


Cobra Kai - Dustin Davis & Jon Hurwitz

You asked, I listened and today, I am proud to bring you COBRA KAI, the first scripted series discussed on our show. What began as a wild hair idea from 3 KARATE KID obsessed feature comedy writers became the signature series for Youtube's premium streaming service, Youtube Red. Today I welcome one of those creators, Jon Hurwitz, as well as Youtube Red's Head of Comedy development, Dustin Davis, for a incredible discussion of how they convinced various rights holders, wined and dined...


Scientology And The Aftermath - Devon Graham Hammonds & Aaron Saidman

LEAH REMINI: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH kicks off season 2 of EXEC/PRODUCER. This remarkable series showcases actress and former Scientologist, Leah Remini, in her journey to meet with other former members of the church and bring light to their heartbreaking stories. It has been no small feat for producer, Aaron Saidman and A&E executive, Devon Graham Hammonds, to successfully produce this series given all of its legal and procedural challenges, but they've not only walked the tightrope,...


EXEC/PRODUCER Season 2 Trailer

EXEC/PRODUCER is back for season 2! I took your thoughts and feedback to heart and am proud to bring you 8 new and exciting episodes. I sit down with Emmy winners, network presidents, production company owners and even the stars themselves. I'll continue to discuss your favorite reality formats and also feature some exciting scripted series. Putting these episodes together was quite a ride and I hope you all enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them. The first episode of...


Born This Way - Drew Tappon & Jon Murray

BORN THIS WAY's journey from passed pilot to Emmy gold was years in the making. Produced for A&E by the legendary Jon Murray, AKA the Godfather of the industry, BTW masterfully tackled the tricky subject matter of Down Syndrome with a series that is both incredibly informative AND entertaining. Overseen by Jon's longtime friend and colleague, Drew Tappon, the story of BTW is one of passion, persistence, good fortune and so much more. I started my career answering Jon's phone and often found...


Celebrity Rehab - Bob Forrest & John Irwin

This episode is dear to my heart because we're covering CELEBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW, a show which I oversaw during my time at VH1. Produced by my close friend, John Irwin, CELEBRITY REHAB was an monumental team effort which translated into countless saved lives, in addition to multiple seasons, spin-offs and ratings success. Much of the soul of this series can be attributed to the efforts of our second guest, Dr. Drew's right hand man, Bob Forrest. A recovering addict himself, Bob lived a...


I Am Cait - Jeff Olde & Jeff Jenkins

Bruce Jenner's transformation to Caitlyn dominated the headlines like few other stories have before or since. From Diane Sawyer and the ESPY Awards to the tabloids and KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, Bruce/Caitlyn's journey was EVERYWHERE for the better part of 2015. Bruce/Caitlyn ultimately decided to document the transition from him to her in the groundbreaking docuseries, I AM CAIT, a show which walked the very delicate tightrope of entertaining while informing. Produced by Jeff...


True Tori - Eli Lehrer & Greg Goldman

Most celebrities on reality television set strong boundaries as to what they will allow the cameras to capture. In addition, most shows have a multi-month post-production window, so by the time this already controlled content premieres, the show runs the risk of being dated. TRUE TORI was neither of these things, featuring Tori Spelling and her family at their most real and honest and doing it in real time, with a one week production turn around between the filming and the premiere of each...


Chrisley Knows Best - Heather Olander & Adam Greener

Adam Greener spent all of his remaining development money on a self funded pilot, only to see it go up in smoke. Months later, after being left for dead, Adam resurrected the project and his persistence paid off with an incredible 8 network offers! One of those offers came from Heather Olander at the USA Network who shared his vision and went straight to series on a show which would come to be known as CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST. I have known and worked with these 2 talented friends for many years...


The Surreal Life - Brian Graden & Cris Abrego

I'm thrilled to welcome both the smartest and hardest working people in unscripted tv. Brian Graden co-created SOUTH PARK before embarking on a legendary 13 year run as the President of Entertainment for MTV, VH1 and Logo. Cris Abrego co-founded the wildly prolific company, 51 Minds, before selling it to Endemol Shine, where he now serves as CEO of their North American operation. These two wonderful talents and colleagues joined me to discuss THE SURREAL LIFE, a show which Cris co-created...


Vanderpump Rules - Lisa Vanderpump & Alex Baskin

Lisa Vanderpump burst onto the scene as a breakout star on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS, but as a mega successful restranteur, she wanted more. One of her HOUSEWIFE producers, Alex Baskin, emailed a screen grab to Bravo from the website of one of Lisa's restaurants, Sur, and what was an immediate "yes" turned into a nearly year long adventure until officially being greenlit. The rest is television history and with over 100 episode produced, VANDERPUMP RULES shows no signs of...


Keeping Up With The Kardashians - Damla Dogan & Farnaz Farjam

Damla Dogan walked into the halls of E! over a decade ago and her VERY FIRST PROJECT was KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS!!! The channel quickly ordered a show about this little known family, but with one caveat, it had to be produced and on the air in only 8 weeks. Enter Farnaz Farjam, showrunner extradorinare, who returned from her honeymoon to launch the series and to this day, hundreds of episodes later, hasn't stopped hustling. I've worked with both of these incredible women multiple...