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TV producer and executive, Noah Pollack, brings together the creators of your favorite shows for a deep dive into how they turned their ideas into hits.

TV producer and executive, Noah Pollack, brings together the creators of your favorite shows for a deep dive into how they turned their ideas into hits.


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TV producer and executive, Noah Pollack, brings together the creators of your favorite shows for a deep dive into how they turned their ideas into hits.








Boardwalk Pictures - Andrew Fried & Dane Lillegard

Andrew Fried founded Boardwalk Pictures with a goal of making premium unscripted programming at a time when the market for that type of content simply did not exist. Shortly thereafter, Dane Lillegard joined the team...and the market for their preferred type of content still did not exist. Throughout it all, they kept their heads down and stayed true to their mission, their hard work begat more hard work until finally, the winds began to blow with heavy force from behind. Today they find...


State Of The Industry In The Time COVID-19

My old friend, Ari Ingel, is the Director of the Creative Community For Peace, an entertainment industry non-profit which aims to promote music and the arts as a bridge for cultural peace. Ari and the CCFP organized a zoom panel this week for their members about COVID's impact on the entertainment business and asked me to moderate - and I am now sharing a recording of the panel in podcast form. This episode is a bit different from our previous episodes (and please excuse any zoom related...


Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Cara Dellaverson & Austin Winsberg

Today, we discuss one of the most acclaimed new shows of the current television season, NBC's ZOEY'S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST. Extraordinary is the perfect adjective to describe this series and its multiple Broadway caliber song and dance numbers performed to mega-hit music each episode (to say nothing of its exceptional balance of both comedy and drama.) There is no show on television quite like this one and it was my absolute honor to discuss it's fantastic and personal origin story with...


Miz & Mrs. - Mike Mizanin, Maryse Mizanin & Russell Jay Staglik

Our season 4 premiere features MIZ & MRS., a hilarious series which was 20 years in the making! The show itself didn't take 2 decades to develop, but the relationships at its core most certainly did. Driving the show are married WWE Superstars Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and Maryse Mizanin. Mike introduced his wrestling persona in 2001 as a breakout cast member on MTV's THE REAL WORLD and has subsequently willed himself into becoming one of the greatest WWE superstars of his generation. Maryse's...


Path Content Group - Andrew Jameson & Ben Mankiewicz

I am thrilled to conclude our third season with the story of Path Content Group and two of its founders, veteran television producer, Andrew Jameson, and Turner Classic Movie host, Ben Mankiewicz. Path Content's model is to create broadcast quality legacy videos for anyone looking to document the story of their life. With Andrew in the producer's chair and Ben is the hosting seat, Path provides a modern day video memoir for those who can afford it. In a world where the traditional rules of...


Magical Elves - Casey Kriley & Jo Sharon

Casey Kriley & Jo Sharon are the dynamic new leaders of one of the leading names in the history of unscripted television, the Magical Elves. Longtime lieutenants who took over after the departure of the company co-founders, Casey & Jo share their thoughts on leadership, maintaining the company culture and how to continue to grow a successful business in a climate that isn't nearly as open as it was even a few years ago. These two fantastic producers are just beginning their story as the...


The Hollywood Reporter - Matt Belloni

Matt Belloni was an up and coming entertainment attorney who chose the road less traveled by ditching his law career at age 30 for the riskier path - but his true passion - journalism. That move paid off, as Matt methodically rose through the ranks and now finds himself as the Editorial Director for the most important news source in all of entertainment, The Hollywood Reporter. We discuss so much of what has changed in the media landscape since Matt made his move 13 years ago, including the...


Malibu Rescue - Scott Thomas & Jed Elinoff

Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas are the dynamic writing and producing team at the core of Netflix's summer smash, MALIBU RESCUE. As industry forces continue to box creators into one specific genre/lane, Jed & Scott continue to defy those trends and labels. They've written both comedy & horror, created unscripted formats and now are go to creators in the world of kids and family. I've known and worked with and admired these 2 great talents for many years and am excited to share their wisdom with...


Descendants - Josann McGibbon & Corey Marsh

DESCENDANTS started as a mere notion about the progeny of the most famous Disney villains only to become the Disney Channel's most successful film of the decade. In anticipation of next week's 8/2 premiere of DESCENDANTS 3, I sat down with the movie's co-writer and producer, Josann McGibbon, as well as the executive who championed it, Wonderland Sound and Vision's Corey Marsh, to discuss the many twists and turns which eventually produced this mega hit franchise and Halloween costume...


Signature Tracks - David Lasman, Adam Malka & Russell Howard

Today's episode covers more than a show, it covers a business. More specifically, I sat down with the three founders of SIGNATURE TRACKS, one of the premiere TV & Film music companies working today. Russell Howard, David Lasman and Adam Malka are childhood best friends who in 2008, at the height of the economic downturn, went all in together on this business venture. Spoiler alert, but over a decade later, they're still going strong and were gracious enough to offer up some of their secrets...


You vs. Wild - Del Shoopman & Rob Buchta

Today's episode covers one of TV's greatest new trends, interactive storytelling. With streaming, viewers now have the ability to do more than simply watch a show, they can also "play" it and no show does a better job of that than Netflix's YOU VS. WILD. Produced by long time Bear Grylls' collaborators Del Shoopman and Rob Buchta, YVW takes Bear and the viewer on a "choose your own adventure" like never before. Enjoy!


Reject Average - Brant Pinvidic

Today's episode features a philosophy and not just a show. Producer, Author, corporate speaker, philanthropist, podcast host and so much more, Brant Pinvidic took his sales acumen and philosophy towards living and created a brand, REJECT AVERAGE, which aims to thrust all of us out of our safe spaces and into the great big world. Your life, goals and career are so much broader than you believe them to be, if you simply open up your eyes and Reject Average. Brant's methodology most certainly...


Wahlburgers - Stephanie & Rasha Drachkovitch

WAHLBURGERS is a ostensibly a comedy about a budding restaurant empire, but at its heart, it's a show about family...and it's no surprise that this family show is produced by a family company, 44 Blue. One of the pioneers of unscripted TV, 44 Blue is owned and operated by today's guests, the wife and husband duo, Stephanie and Rasha Drachkovitch. Business partners before they were even partners in life, these two producing legends are evidence that love and continued hard work pays off in...


American Ninja Warrior - Matt Iseman & Arthur Smith

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR is the little show that could. What started as a series of subtitled specials on the since departed G4 network is now a massive hit on NBC, entering its recently announced 8th season. Produced by sports producer turned unscripted titan, Arthur Smith and hosted by Doctor turned comedian, Matt Iseman, NINJA WARRIOR is not just a franchise, but the center of a global movement inspiring people of all ages, shapes and sizes that ANYTHING is possible. Enjoy!


The Voice - Meredith Ahr & Audrey Morrissey

For the Season 3 premiere of EXEC/PRODUCER, I am proud to bring you one of the most iconic shows of the decade, THE VOICE. Both a critical darling and ratings juggernaut, THE VOICE exploded out of the gate in 2011 and hasn't missed a beat as it approaches its 16th season and 400th episode. Produced for the entirety of its run by Audrey Morrissey and launched/overseen by NBC's Meredith Ahr, their fantastic story of both trust and risk taking made television history has changed the...


Live PD - Shelly Tatro & Dan Cesareo

For Season 2 finale of EXEC/PRODUCER, I am pleased to bring you one of the only true breakouts of recent memory, LIVE PD. Created and produced by Dan Cesareo of Big Fish and launched/overseen by A&E's Shelly Tatro, LIVE PD takes the tried and true police show format and eventizes it by adding in the thrill of live TV. The logline may sound simple, but the production is anything but, as was the run up of bringing the concept to air. Shelly and Dan are both best in class creatives who I am...


Basketball Wives - Tom Huffman & Sean Rankine

I've returned to my own vault of shows to bring you BASKETBALL WIVES, a show which I launched and oversaw during my time at Vh1. Sold to us by Tom Huffman, then of Shed Media, and produced since the beginning of its nearly 200 episode run by Sean Rankine, BASKETBALL WIVES survived a few near death experiences before becoming the network's #1 show earlier this decade. It hasn't been easy, but success never is and BASKETBALL WIVES is a prime example of that. This series has survived many cast...


Genius - Sam Sokolow

Joining me for my first one-on-one conversation is Sam Sokolow, President of EUE/Sokolow, and Executive Producer of Nat Geo's breakout series, GENIUS. Sam and his partners labored for years to bring Walter Isaacson's acclaimed biography of Albert Einstein to the screen, first as a feature and ultimately as a series. Not only did they hit paydirt with Nat Geo, but they created a format where different geniuses would be featured in subsequent seasons, following up with Picasso and currently...


The Profit - Marcus Lemonis & Amber Mazzola

The business shows keep coming with this week's episode, CNBC's flagship show, THE PROFIT. Joining me are Executive Producer, Amber Mazzola, and the star of the show, The Profit himself, Marcus Lemonis. Amber entered the series as its Season 1 showrunner and her drive and comittment catapulted her to become the production company of record for the series. She now owns and operates her own company, Machete, built quite significantly on the strength of this show and her partnership with...


Shark Tank - Corie Henson & David Eilenberg

SHARK TANK originated as a hit overseas, but it struggled to find an American home and languished for some time as a format in the Sony catalogue. Mark Burnett Productions eventually caught wind of the idea and partnered with Sony to eek out a six episode order for the show on ABC. After surviving a near cancellation prior to premiere and an abysmal first week of ratings, the show ultimately found its footing and fought for and earned a second season before finally cementing its place as an...