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Justice – May 11, 1965

Sam leaps into Clyde (in a rare case, no last name is given), as he is being inducted into the KKK in 1965 Alabama. As Clyde, Sam must save the life of a civil rights activist. This episode of QL has several utterance of the “N word”. We spend a good portion of the first … Continue reading Justice – May 11, 1965 →


Hurricane – August 17, 1969

Sam leaps into Archie Necaise, a deputy sheriff in Jackson’s Point, Mississippi, as Hurricane Camille is about to hit. As Archie, Sam must prevent the death of his girlfriend, Cissy, who was originally was killed in the storm.


Play Ball – August 6, 1961

Sam leaps into Lester “Doc” Fuller, a minor league baseball player there to help both Doc’s fallen career, and that of an up-and-coming hotheaded pitcher (played by Neal McDonough). Dennis is kind ‘meh’ on the episode, while Sam thinks it’s one of the best of the fourth season.


The Leap Back – June 15, 1945 / September 18, 1999

Hello Leapers! We’re back with a new episode, talking about Season 4’s premiere, THE LEAP BACK. Sam leaps home! Al leaps into 1945! We finally meet Ziggy and the rest of Project Quantum Leap, and Sam is reunited with his forgotten wife. We are joined by guest, Karyn Saxon, to discuss the episode. We talk … Continue reading The Leap Back – June 15, 1945 / September 18, 1999 →


Revisiting THE LEAP HOME, PART 1 – NOVEMBER 25, 1969

Happy Tuesday, Leapers! Our next episode talking about the 4th season premiere will drop next week. In the meantime, let’s jump back to the season 3 premiere, THE LEAP HOME, PART 1. Laurence Brown of LOST IN THE POND joins us to discuss the episode.


Shock Theater – October 3, 1954

When Sam leaps into a mental institution and receives electroshock therapy moments after arriving, he is – as Al puts it – pushed over the line, and begins to take on the personalities of some of his previous leapees. If that isn’t disturbing enough, Sam’s mental state is making it difficult for Project Quantum Leap … Continue reading Shock Theater – October 3, 1954 →


Nuclear Family – October 26th, 1962

Sam leaps into Eddie Elroy, a college student who finds himself in the family business of selling bomb shelters, on the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis. As Eddie, Sam must prevent the murder of a neighbor who tries to enter the Elroy’s shelter during a false scare.


Heart of a Champion – July 23, 1955

Sam leaps into Terry Sammis, a.k.a. Nikolai Russkie, one-half of the tag team wresting duo The Battling Russkies. Shortly after Sam arrives, the duo get a shot for the title in a championship match. In the original history, Terry’s brother, Ronnie, die from cardiac arrest during the match. Sam must find a way to keep … Continue reading Heart of a Champion – July 23, 1955 →


Last Dance Before an Execution – May 12, 1971

Sam leaps into Jesus Ortega…just as he is being strapped into an electric chair and being told by a guard to “think of some place far away.” He receives a last-minute reprieve the governor, and 48 hours to prove Jesus’ innocence. Sam Fain and Dennis discuss the episode.


A Hunting We Will Go – June 18, 1976

Sam leaps into Gordon O’Reilly, a bounty hunter taking his latest catch, Diane Frost, to justice. Diane has been accused of forging $1 million worth of checks from her boss. She confesses to doing it, but swears she did it for a good cause: Her boss had swindled the money from elderly people, including her … Continue reading A Hunting We Will Go – June 18, 1976 →


Glitter Rock – April 12, 1974

Sam leaps into Jeffrey “Tonic” Mole, lead singer of the KISS-esque 70s band, King Thunder. In the original history, Tonic was originally killed by someone in the crowd as he was leaving after a concert in Detroit. Sam must figure out who is going to kill Tonic, and suspects abound! In the meantime, Sam gets … Continue reading Glitter Rock – April 12, 1974 →


Southern Comforts – August 4, 1961

Sam leaps into Gilbert LaBonte, the owner of a New Orleans bordello (AKA “The LaBonte Quilting and Sewing Academy”.) As LaBonte, Sam must prevent the disappearance and eventual murder of Gina, one of the women in the house. Ziggy says that whatever happened to her, it started at the bordello on this night.


Piano Man – November 10, 1985

Sam is Chuck Danner, lounge lizard extraordinaire. As Chuck, Sam is reunited with his ex, Lorraine, who’s life he disappeared from three years ago for mysterious reasons. Sam must…oh, come on! We’re all here for “Somewhere in the Night”, right??? Sam and Dennis discuss the episode, and try out a new, streamlined format. Let us … Continue reading Piano Man – November 10, 1985 →


Revisiting Honeymoon Express – April 27, 1960

Sam and Dennis are still on break, but here’s one from the archives, talking about the Season 2 premiere, “Honeymoon Express”. We’ll be back next week with a new episode, talking about Season 3’s “Piano Man”. *** Sam is Tom McBride, a New York police detective, starting his honeymoon with his new bride on the … Continue reading Revisiting Honeymoon Express – April 27, 1960 →


Revisiting Season 1’s “Color of Truth – August 8, 1955”

We’re taking a couple of weeks off for other events and to tweak our format. Here’s one from the archives! Sam leaps into Jesse Tyler, an elderly black chauffeur to Ms. Melny Trafford, an elderly white women. Sam is there to prevent Ms. Melny from driving her car into the path of an oncoming train … Continue reading Revisiting Season 1’s “Color of Truth – August 8, 1955” →


Private Dancer – October 6, 1979

Shake your booty! Sam leaps into Rod McCarty, aka “Rod the Bod”, a Chippendales dancer in New York City. As Rod, Sam must help Diana, a young waitress who originally fell into a life of prostitution before ultimately dying from complications from AIDS. Sam must prevent that, and he think he knows how: He wants … Continue reading Private Dancer – October 6, 1979 →


Future Boy – October 6, 1957

Sam leaps into Kenny Sharp, AKA Future Boy, the sidekick of Captain Galaxy, the star of the St. Louis-based kids show, Time Patrol. Sam is there to save the life of Moe Stein, the actor who plays Captain Galaxy. In two days, he will day attempting to jump a freight train (yeah, we have issues with … Continue reading Future Boy – October 6, 1957 →


8 1/2 Months – November 15, 1955

In the winter of 1991, Quantum Leap came this close to being cancelled. Luckily, a huge letter writing campaign with messages from over 50,000 fans brought the show back from the brink. On March 6th, the show returned with 8 1/2 Months. Sam leaps into Billie Jean Crockett, a 16-year-old pregnant teenager in Claremont, Oklahoma. In the original history, Billie … Continue reading 8 1/2 Months – November 15, 1955 →


Runaway – July 4, 1964

Sam leaps into Butchie Rickett, a 13-year-old kid on a cross country vacation with his family – Dad Hank, mother Emma and sister, Alexander. Al says Emma is going to disappear on the night of the 4th, never to be seen or heard from again. It is assumed she will abandon the family after running … Continue reading Runaway – July 4, 1964 →


PREVIEW EPISODE: Dad to the Future

Bonus episode this week! This is a preview episode of Dad to the Future, Dennis’ new podcast about fatherhood and marriage, through the lens of time travel nerdery. In the episode, Dennis has a conversation with Fate’s Wide Wheel co-host Sam Fain, who was just five days into fatherhood at time of the recording. Sam and Dennis … Continue reading PREVIEW EPISODE: Dad to the Future →