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Episode 131 - Endgame Trailer, The Game Awards, Elseworlds, & More

Episode 131 - The first trailer for Avengers Endgame debuted..What do the guys think about it?...Who is Ronin?...Who took home The Game Awards?..We have the answers...The annual CW DC crossover came and went. Get a 66.67% spoiler-free review from Goose and Puple Rain...An Musical Secret of San Antonio get unlocked...The Overwatch League will be in Dallas on April 27 & 28... The guys call their shots on, not one, but 3 different movies in a Get Your Geek On Box Office Bonanza!! Find...


Episode 130 - Dave's Not (Physically) Here, New Marvel Trailer, and more

Episode 130 - Dave joins us from the East Coast this week...New Captain Marvel trailer is out...The Russo Brothers belive new character will be in the MCU...Variety has an idea of Star Wars gifts...A new "classic" system is coming...The Victoria Black Swan Inn has a great event coming up. Get tickets at Several Geeky movies are coming out. Find us: Facebook: Twiter: Instagram:...


Episode 129 - Natalia Cordova-Buckley, 2019 Marvel & DC Movie First Look and more

Episode 129 - Natalia Cordova-Buckley, Yo-Yo from Agenets of S.H.I.E.L.D, calls in...The guys discuss the Q&A the Russo Brothers did with Collider..Early reviews of Aquaman are in...Our first look at Marvel and DC movies for 2019. Find us: Facebook: Twiter: Instagram: Subscribe to the podcast: iOS | Google | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify


Episode 128 - Star Wars Land, AoS Renewal, Golden Joysticks, Fallout

Episode 128 - Finally, we have some news on Star Wars Land... Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D gets renewed for another seaon, plus we have a guest announcement for next week's show...We have the results of the our Fantasic Beasts Box Office Bet... The Golden Joysticks were given out and we have a problem...There is even more fallout over Fallout 76. Find us: Facebook: Twiter: Instagram: Subscribe...


Episode 127 - Bob Wills from CFF, Stan Lee Tribute, Superhero TV Glut?

Episode 127 - Bob Wills from Celebrity Fan Fest returns to talk about the event and the FANRAISER to help those affected by the California Wildfires....Dave and Goose talk about the impact of Stan Lee's passing...Is Superhero TV burnout actually happening? Find us: Facebook: Twiter: Instagram: Subscribe to the podcast: iOS | Google | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify


Episode 126 - Marvel, Disney, & Star Wars New Galore, Diablo Reaction, eSports Growth

Episode 126 - Daredevil is reportedly down for Season 3. Is yet another show on the Netflix chopping block?...Disney+ is named, but more questions abound... A new Star Wars live-action series is announced for Disney+, and the hero is someone we have met before....Weekly Poll Results...The guys predict where Fantasic Beasts 2 will fall in the opening box office totals... The news regarding Diablo was not received well at all....eSports has truly grown to be a force. How big is it? Find out...


Episode 125 - Celebrity Fan Fest, Boba Fett Movie, Witcher TV, ACCC Fallout

Episode 125 - Bob Wills, founder and CEO of PMX Events, comes to the studio to talk Celebrity Fan Fest, which is Nov 10-11, 2018 in San Antonio...Weekly Poll results regarding the Worlds Of DC...We annoucne the First Annual Lonestar Cosplay Contest presented by Get Your Geek On, proceeds benefiting the El Rey Feo Educational Foundation...Is the Boba Fett movie dead? A pic showing Henry Cavill as The Withcer was released. How do the guys react?....After the events of Alamo City Comic Con, we...


Episode 124 - Dave Calls Out Mark Hamill, Heroes Get Fired, New Trek, and more

Episode 124 - Mark Hamill commented on the death of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi and Dave calls him out....Weekly Poll Results...What can we NOW expect from Marvel shows on Netflix?...Star Trek is going back to animation... We have the details.... Social Media has become a new ratings system...The guys discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. Find us: Facebook: Twiter: Instagram:...


Episode 123 - Doctor Who, New Superman TV?, New SA Con, Decade of Geeky Greatness

Episode 123 - A new female Doctor debuted on Doctor Who. How did the first two episodes do?...A new Superman TV series is rumored to be in development. Dave and Goose have VERY different views about it.... Marvel cancelled one of it's Netflix shows. Is a CW show on the bubble?....The Celebrity Fan Fest is coming to San Antonio. Who's coming and what are the prices? We have the answers... 2008 began a decade of Geeky Greatness. Dave explains what has happened over the last 10 years. Find...


Episode 122 - Venom Recap, Meet The New Guy, Call Of Duty Update, and more

Episode 122 - Dave, Goose, and Aaron give their thought on Venom... What Geeky movies are left in 2018....Aaron shares his geeky creds... Call of Duty has a massive update coming...Is Brie Larson REALLY doing 7 movies as Captain Marvel...James Gunn goes to DC..and more Find us: Facebook: Twiter: Instagram: Subscribe to the podcast: iOS | Google | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify YouTube:...


Episode 121 - ACCC's Apple de la Fuente, A Female Doctor, Venom Bet, and more

Episode 121- Apple de la Fuente from the Alamo City Comic Con returns to the the GYGO studios to talk all things ACCC, plus he weighs in on the news that Arnold, a guest at ACCC this year, turned a cameo role in The Predator...The newest Doctor makes her, yes HER, debut on Doctor Who...Dave, Goose, and our newest co-host, Aaron J. Shapiro, make their predictions on the opening weekend of VENOM...Is Dave a fan of the pics shown of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker? Find out here... Plus, Jon...


Episode 120 - Trailer Talk: Bumblebe and Dark Phoenix, Picard BTS Pic, Best Trilogy Ever

Episdoe 120 - For the second time in show history, Dave's not here. Goose and Click-bait discuss the new trailers of Bumblebee (oh, the G1 Transformers designs look soooo good) & the newest X-Men film, Dark Pheonix...The new Star Trek series about Jean-Luc Picard is real and CBS released a BTS pic, plus SOMEONE offered to play younger Picard in flashbacks...The New York Post had a story about the BEST TRILOGY EVER. Do we agree with their assesment? What makes a good trilogy? Find...


Episode 119 - Captain Marvel Trailer Talk, Live Action Last Airbender, and more

Episode 119 - The first trailer for Captain Marvel came out. What do Dave, Goose, and Click-bait think about it? Is it better than the Shazam Trailer?...Netflix is going to produce a live action version of The Last Airbender with original creators involved.... Online gamer Ninja make the cover of ESPN Magazine. Dave, Goose, and Click-bait look at why that is...Disney CEO Bob Iger says that Star Wars will slow down after Episode IX. Is that a good thing? How has Star Wars been under...


Episode 118 - The #1 Blu-Ray of 2018 (so far), Silly YouTubers, Cavill Breaks The 'Net, & more

Episode 118 - What is the best selling Blu-Ray title, so far, in 2018? Is that a loved or hated movie?..Some YouTubers can't turn thier critical eye off...Is Henry Cavill out as Superman?.. Knightfall - 25 years later...Where would DC be with Batman? Find us: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Podcast:


Episode 117 - Jerry Milani (Wizard World), Captain Marvel Debut, Major Star War Discussions

Episode 117 - Wizard World's PR Guru Jerry Milani joins Dave & Goose to discuss all aspects of upcoming events...Brie Larson got bored and wanted to break the internet. Did she succeed?..Star Wars Resistance will premiere at 10pm ET, which seem late. Dave has an exclusive quote...Rian Johnson responded to a YouTuber. Should he have?.. Ethan Hawke, apparently, doesn't like Superhero movies.


Episode 116 - Kim Rabago - Moprhinominal Expo, Star Wars Casting, eSports News, & more

Episode 116 - Kim Rabago from the Morphinominal Expo joins us. The Expo is September 8th & 9th at the Wonderland Of The Americas Mall. Kim, Dave, and Goose talk a lot of Power Rangers, including the 25th Anniversary Episdoe, the new movie, & more. Click-Bait comes in at the 2nd half and the guys discuss Matt Smith being cast in Star Wars. Also, we react to the tragic shooting in Jacksonville, FL and we have statements from several different conventions concerning security and what this means...


Episode 115 - Laurie Gonzales, Power Rangers 25th, Clearing The Air, and More

Episode 115 - Laurie Gonzales wraps up our Month Of San Antonio. Laurie puts together 17 different conventions thorughout the year at Wonderland of the Amercias.... Power Rangers celebrates 25 years and Goose runs down who is returning for the anniversay episode...Dave clears the air on Alamo City Comics, reaching to celebraties and more... DOTA 2's prize pool is HUGE!!!....The guys discuss the trailer for Star Wars Resistance.


Episode 114 - Alter Ego Gym's Juan Gonzalez, Star Wars news, Twiter lost another celeb

Episode 114 - Juan Gonzalez from Alter Ego Gym joins Dave, Click-bait, and Goose to discuss Alter Ego Gym, his love of cosplay, and the latest Star Wars news... Will a Kenobi movie be happening at all?...Marvel is the current hot property, but can Star Wars make a comeback...Keyboard Cowards strike again: This time, Ruby Rose leaves Twitter...Are these attacks ok?


Episode 113 - HAVOC's Rafael Garza and Mark Chavez, New Disney App, Picard Is Back, Cavill Clickbait

Episode 113 - Rafael Garza and Mark Chavez from the Heroes and Villians Of Cosplay join Dave and Goose to talk thee origins of HAVOC, Cosplay, and so much more.... Disney annouced its new streaming app will be cheaper than Netflix and will contain the new live action Star Wars show. What will the show be about?...Patrick Stewart will be reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard in a new CBS All-Access show. Dave and Goose discuss....The world fell victim to some interesting click-bait...


Episdoe 112 - Alamo Drafthouse's Bridget Garraway, Snyder speaks out, Disney/Fox crossover ideas

Episode 112 - Bridget Garraway, Creative Manger for Alamo Drafthouse, stops by to talk ADH, her love of Star Wars, and an potential subscription service...Zack Snyder makes another comment regarding Batman v Superman...Dave, Goose, and Click-bait discuss the potential crossovers of the pending Disney/Fox merger