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08/12/18 - HAVOC's Rafael Garza and Mark Chavez, New Disney App, Picard Is Back, Cavill Clickbait

Episode 113 - Rafael Garza and Mark Chavez from the Heroes and Villians Of Cosplay join Dave and Goose to talk thee origins of HAVOC, Cosplay, and so much more.... Disney annouced its new streaming app will be cheaper than Netflix and will contain the new live action Star Wars show. What will the show be about?...Patrick Stewart will be reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard in a new CBS All-Access show. Dave and Goose discuss....The world fell victim to some interesting click-bait...


08/05/18 - Alamo Drafthouse's Bridget Garraway, Snyder speaks out, Disney/Fox crossover ideas

Episode 112 - Bridget Garraway, Creative Manger for Alamo Drafthouse, stops by to talk ADH, her love of Star Wars, and an potential subscription service...Zack Snyder makes another comment regarding Batman v Superman...Dave, Goose, and Click-bait discuss the potential crossovers of the pending Disney/Fox merger


07/29/18 - Minion's SDCC Report, Titans Blacklash, Who Survivied Infinity War, The World Of DC

Episode 111 - Minion attended San Deigo Comic Con and talks about his experiences attending the con...The Titans trailer premiered and there has been some backlash regarding Starfire...We have learned two more Marvel characters survived "The Snap"...Will The World Of DC survive?


07/22/18 - Stephen Stanton Interview, Reactions to James Gunn's Firing, SDCC News and more

Episode 110 - We kick off the show is an interview with renowned voice actor, Stephen Stanton. Find him online at Dave, Click-Bait, and Goose react to the firing of James Gunn.. What trailers came out at San Deigo Comic Con?... Who are the winners and the losers?


07/15/18 - August Guest Lineup Announced, SDCC News, Is Lando in Episode IX, and more

Episode 109 - August will be San Antonio Month for guests and we announce the lineup. A special Star Wars voice actor will be a guest next week. We have a breaking Alamo City Comic Con announcement.. SDCC starts and we know what's coming up on Saturday and some of the exclusives...Rumors are Billy Dee Williams will reprise Lando in Episode IX....Keri Russell is also to be in the film...Do cons get too big?...Overwatch League is going mainstream...Gal Gadot is our Hero Of The Week...Will...


07/08/18 - Is a Howard The Duck Reboot In Sight, eSports Is A Real Thing, Gunn Fires at SW Whiners, & More

Episode 108 - Alex gets his nickname...Ant-Man And The Wasp *SPOILER-FREE* review.. A Howard The Duck reboot may be coming...World Electroinc Sports Games will have a 5.5 MILLION prize pool...IOC is hosting an "eSports Forum"...eSports will be a medal event in the 2022 Asian Games... James Gunn speaks out to Star Wars "fans" not happy about the currect direction.. The guys give the mid-year report card for DCEU, MCU, Star Wars, and Star Trek plus what they want to see in the second half


07/01/18 - MCU's Comfort Concern, Another Batamn Reboot?, Con Report, Star Wars Ranked, and more

Episode 106 - Evagiline Lily talks about her suit in Ant-Man And The Wasp...when will a Captain Marvel trailer be available... will Kevin Smith direct a Star Wars or Marvel movie...Rumor: the next Batman movie will be a reboot...Jeremy Irons cast in HBO's Watchmen...DC Universe announcement...Alex talks Corpus Christi Comic Con... Goose, Alex, and Dave rank the Star Wars movies.


06/23/18 - Fill-In Co-Host Announced, AT&T bought WB, Ant-Man & The Wasp Delayed In UK, New Trek, & more

Episode 106 - A Fill-In Co-host for Minion is announced...Do good movies really work better?.. AT&T finally purchased Time Warner, which includes Warner Bros... What does that mean for the DCEU...Ant-Man & The Wasp doesn't premiere until August in the UK and the cast is not happy about it...Incredibles 2 did incredible at the box office... Mike Quinn got to visit Star Wars Land.... Four, yes, four, new Star Trek series are in development and could be the return of Patrick Stewart.


06/17/18 - New Time & Station, Brie Larson talks politics, Geoff Johns Leaves DCEU, E3, and more

Episode 105 - Get Your Geek On made some changes.... Brie Larson get political...Is Geoff Johns leaving the beginning of the end for DCEU...E3 Winners and Losers...Worst and Best Geeky Comic, TV, and Movie Dads


06/09/18 - Not So Good DCEU News, Cowards Lash Out, Possible Discovery Villiam, and More

Episode 104 - Ray Fisher may be done as Cybord... Green Latern Corp a buddy cop movie?...What REALLY happend with Joss Whedon and Batgirl?....Keywords Cowards lash out at both Kathleen Kennedy & Kelly Marie Tan. #NoMore....Star Trek Discovery may bring a villian from a different generation....Fan Theory Destruction: Padme Didn't Die Of A Broken Heart


06/02/18 - Ben Hart, UK paying big $$ for The Doctor, Fan Theory Debunked, and more

Episode 103 - Ben Hart from The Star Wars Underworlds joing Dave, Pete, and Goose to discuss why Solo: A Star Wars Story underperformed...Star Wars Celebration now has a 5-day pass....Two Doctors are going to cost UK fans more $$...UK fans are getting Ant-Man And The Wasp much later than the US... Dave debunks the theory that Boba Fett killed Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru


05/26/18 - Spoiler Free Solo Talk, Marvel TV, Dave and Goose Rant On The New Thundercats, and more

Episode 102 - Dave saw Solo: A Star Wars Story and gives his thoughts (spoiler-free)...There is a lot of Marvel on TV, but is it too much?...A new Thundercats show was announced. Both Dave and Goose have something to say about it.... Plus a Boba Fett movie was announced and we have the details


05/19/18 - Joe Corroney, A New Catwoman?, Solo Box Office Predictions and more

Episode 101 - Artist Joe Corroney calls in...Morena Baccarrin talks to CinePop about roles she would like to play in the DCEU...Solo Box Office predictions with consequences...Celebration 2019 news...Deadpool 2


05/12/18 - THE 100TH EPISODE - Attack Of The Callers

Episode 100 - Well, we made it to 100 episodes. Normally, the guys talk it up with no calls. This episode, though, belongs to the fans. Who called and how did that drive the discussion? Listen here to find out.


05/05/18 - Marvel Talk (96.7% Spoiler Free), Go Go Habro Rangers, DC Universe, and more

Episode 99 - In the wake of Avengers Infinity War, the trailer for Ant-Man And The Wasp debut. Who almost played Iron Man. 96.7% Spoiler Free IW talk... A giant toy maker bought Power Rangers from Saban...What is the DC Universe?... Kevin Fiege talk


04/28/18 - Paul Scanlan, Venom Trailer Talk, Discovery Tidbits, A Star Wars Series, and more

Episode 98 - Legion M Co-Founder and CEO Paul Scanlan calls in... The trailer for Venom debut and the guys have thoughts about it.... Star Trek Discovery brings on Captain Pike and Spock and, oh, Goose has thoughts on that.. Two new Star Trek movies may be on the horizon.. A new Star Wars series was announced. Will it be animated or live action?.... James Cameron wants "Avengers Fatigue." Do you the guys agree? Find out here.


04/21/18 - AllyCat Cosplay, Infinity War predections, Yoda issues, DCEU Girl Power and more

AllyCat Cosplay joins Dave and Goose... Infinity War predictions... Marvel movie preview...We're not done with Yoda yet...DCEU is all about Girl Power...


04/14/18 - Dan Jurgens, Chris Hoffman, Avengers Infinity, March Madness, and more

Dave, Goose, and guest co-host Chris Hoffman speak with Comic Book legend Dan Jurgens... Avengers Infinity War has a massice projected opening weekend. How big and how does it rate to the other films?...LFL finally released a good SOLO trailer. Does make the hype real?... The Geeky March Madness Champion is crowned...The Last Starfighter may just get a reboot.


04/07/18 - Shannon McRandle IS Mara Jade, No Flashpoint?, Final Four, & Kirk vs Solo

The MARA JADE, Shannon McRandle, calls in to the show....She gives her thoughts on Mara Jade, her thoughts on the new films, and more...DCEU Flash movie may be Flashpoint after all...Final Four get whittled down...Goose and Minion debate Kirk vs Solo.


03/31/18 - Is Animated Deadpool Dead, Who Will Take Silver Surfer's Place In Infinity War, The Final Four Announced, OWL, & YOU BE THE JUDGE

Why did the Deadpool animated series get canceled?... Is the Silver Surfer in Infinity War...If not, who takes his place... The Final Four is determined... Overleague Stage 2 is done... How many views did the latest games get?... Dave and Goose debate Star Trek Insurrection in a new segment: YOU BE THE JUDGE!!