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Episode 9 - Be a Clown (Featuring WVOS-FM's Eddie Wilson)

On this week’s episode of FanboysInc’s Inside the Batcave brought to you by Death Wish Coffee, we are joined with special guest host, WVOS-FM’s Eddie Wilson to talk about the episode “Be a Clown.” In this episode, Joker gets a protege in the form of the Mayor of Gotham’s son. Can Batman save him in time? Today's show is sponsored by Death Wish Coffee! Go to and use the promo code FANBOYSINC at checkout and save 15%! Find us on social media! Twitter: @InsideBatcave...


Episode 3 - Nothing to Fear

On this week's episode, we journey into the mind of Dr. Jonathan Crane aka the Scarecrow as he does battle with Bat of Gotham (you can't deny that's a great nickname from Batman V Superman). In an attempt to get his revenge on the college that fired him, Scarecrow hopes to burn the place to the ground. Will Batman stop him? Will Scarecrow turn the university into cinders? Find out next time on Dragon Ba-- Batman: The Animated Series. Or you could just listen to this week's episode of...