NPR 015B: Bonus- News- Mexican finale and DBS Movie-logo

NPR 015B: Bonus- News- Mexican finale and DBS Movie


"Where we've come forth to grant your wish of covering the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, saga by saga... easy peasy lemon squeezey!"

"Where we've come forth to grant your wish of covering the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, saga by saga... easy peasy lemon squeezey!"


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"Where we've come forth to grant your wish of covering the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, saga by saga... easy peasy lemon squeezey!"




NPR 030B: Super Dragon Ball Heros - An Anime

In this Bonus episode Mike Hancho and Ol Kami Seth come forth to bring you coverage of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: An anime based on a video game based on an anime! Hope you're not a canon strict fan cuz this anime will trigger you, and trigger you hard. This limited run anime is to promote the upcoming new Super Dragon Ball Heroes game and we cover the first 2 episode just like we do with Super. There are all kinds of new characters including alternate versions of some existing main stays....


NPR 030: Post Future Trunks Saga Filler "Gohan and Krillin" - Dragon Ball Super

Told you we'd be back on the reg. Silly Namiacs. Mike Hancho and Seth (AKA Ol Kami) are holding YOU down with more Dragon Ball Super coverage. Filler, yes. Falling behind the English Dub, yes. A collection of inappropriate and insensitive humor, yes! But that's why we're here... and apparently you too. Making up for lost time! Today we cover episodes 73 through 76, so buckle up! No manga of course as its all filler. Lil Dende is still out on his military adventure. PooPoo from DBZ Amino has...


NPR 029: Post Future Trunks Saga Filler "Baseball and Hit" - Dragon Ball Super

Our summer break is over, so you can once again count on us at Namekian Public Radio for reliable and consistent episode releases. The quality however... Was it worth it? Let us work it. We put our thing down, flipped it and reversed it. Yeah we know the bonus episode came out before this one. So what!? And we know it's been over a month since our last episode. So, What. Here is our Dragon Ball Super filler coverage of eps 70, 71 and 72. No manga cuz... it's filler time! Mike Hancho...


NPR 029B: Lil Dende leaves, Broly Movie and the DB Tour!

Changes are inevitable and Namekians are no exception. Lil Dende has left us in sevice of the Namekian Army. You see, there is a dark force returned to our galaxy and many have been summoned. Don't worry too much as he'll surely be back every now any then. But until then, we salute you Robert in your adventures elsewhere. However, a new hero steps forward from the shadows as the former fades... the return of MIKE HANCHO!!! That's right, our game correspondent is filling in some large,...


NPR 028B: Our Late Night TFS's Deadzone Watching Party Thing

Yes yes. We've been away for a spell, I know. We're terribly sorry but you see, it's what we Namekians call "Summer Time on Namek!". And summer time is an especially fun time for us, and well, we've simply been having too much fun. Yes that's right, we've neglected you good Namiaks for debauchery and merriment. And frankly, thinking back on it now, I'm not so sure that we are sorry. In fact, we aren't sorry at all. So there, what do you think of that?! Anyway... here's Robert and Seth...


NPR 028: Post Future Trunks Saga Filler "Wishes and Arale" - Dragon Ball Super

Secondary Puberty is taking it's toll on Ol Kami during this filler show and Lil Dende won't let it go. We cover episodes 68 and 69! ... 69! ok. No manga comparison save that there is a Dr Slump character! We are still doing our Vegeta Bundle Pack Giveaway... so go do that... so you can win. So, Uhmm yeah. In this episode we see that Gregory is a doubting Tomas, Bulma makes for a pretty good Shenron, Roshi gets his perv on, Whis and Beerus crash the party, Oolong is pigscriminated against,...


NPR 027: Future Trunks Saga Finale - Dragon Ball Super

This is the end my friends, the end of the Goku Black Arc. Due to our break, this episode will come out after the English Dub's airing. But don't fret, we'll catch back up. Either way Ol Kami and Lil Dende are here to give you the grand finale of this arc, an hour and a half of our coverage of the anime and manga's end! What if the boys would have enlisted Buu,? the Kai killer! What if Zen-Oh wouldn't have taken kindly to Goku's creepy and informal violation of personal space? What do I do...


NPR 026: Future Trunks Saga Part 7: Dragon Ball Super

Weeeeeee're baaaaaaaack! After 25 episodes of go go go, mother nature was like "Slooooooooow Dooooooooown". So take a break and get some R and R is what we did. Thanks for stickin with us! Ep 65 and 66 of Dragon Ball Super is what Ol Kami and Lil Dende are bringin you this week, with corresponding manga chapters (23-26). And this is the penultimate Goku Black Arc episode coverage. Also don't forget about our Vegeta Bundle Pack giveaway, you can help us spread the Namekian love, while...


NPR 025: Future Trunks Saga Part 6 - Dragon Ball Super

Hello, welcome and thank you for tuning into our 25th episode extravaganza! We drop the official announcement for the Vegeta Bundle Pack Giveaway [Including a signed by Christopher Sabat sticker, button and Lego] as a "Thanks for showin' up!" prize. (Die hard listeners are already aware) TO WIN: Share our Vegeta Bundle Pack Giveaway Facebok post or send us proof that you expanded our listenership. pretty easy right?! Ol Kami and Lil Dende comin' at ya with another dope installment of the...


NPR 024B: Bonus - Dragon Ball Legends and Heroes gets an anime!

Strap in Namiacs, this episode is a long, hard, thicc, substance fueled ride of debaucherous Dragon Ball bonus content. Ol Kami (Seth) and lil Dende (Robert) get happy while telling you all about, well mostly about Dragon Ball Legends, new Dragon Ball Heroes anime and way way more... Just like we said in the title. Get a load of Lil Dende Vs Ol Kami in Legends on our Youtube page. Our Amino page grew to 500 Followers!, so thanks for that, and we cover some of the polls from there too. We...


NPR 024: Future Trunks Saga Part 5 - Dragon Ball Super

Robert (AKA lil Dende) and Seth (AKA ol Kami) are back once again, dishing out the hottest Namekian News in the galaxy and covering Dragon Ball Super episodes 59, 60 and 61, starting with "Destroy Zamasu!". We Namekians, give you the full spectrum experience of DBS, including the Manga. Wherein Supreme Kai, Beerus, Whis and Goku hatch a plan to catch Zamasu in any possible evil acts, while Yajarobi gets his cookies stolen, Trunks fights himself, and Gowasu loves buns but Zamasu gives him the...


NPR 023: Future Trunks Saga Part 4 - Dragon Ball Super

Seth and Robert get back into the Goku Black Arc ... and yes, that is Chris Sabat's voice as Piccolo at the opening of the show! Tell hyou hwhat! Today we're starting of with Dragon Ball Super episode 56 (through 58) and chapter 18 of the manga. "Don't shoot, this man isn't Black!" is it that funny? Is Vegeta doomed to an evil plight due to his FACE?! Are Trunks and Mai in love? Will we ever stop referencing Will Ferrell material? ... find out this time on Namekian Public Radio! Goku and...


NPR 022B: Bonus - Kameha Con 2018!

Chip returns from Kameha Con 2018 to give Namekian Public Radio's full report of fun and frivolity. He tells Robert all about the fun Roboito missed showing him pictures y'all didnt see (Go to our FB page to see). It was amazing as you might expect but you might just wan to listen... because after our Con breakdown we start off our recordings directly from said Con with an interview with TEAM FOUR STAR! Featuring Lawrence Simpson AKA MasakoX voice of Goku for TFS, Scott Frerichs AKA...


NPR 022: Future Trunks Saga Part 3 - Dragon Ball Super

Seth and Robert go straight from watching Avengers Infinity War to recording this episode but don't worry though, no spoilers. We try and succeed in sticking to the Goku Black arc, moving from episode 53 to 55 of the anime and chapters 16 and 17 in the manga. Zamasu and Gowasu are introduced to a fight happy Goku, and it goes great! These episodes delve deep into issues like justice and punishment. They also get a bit confusing with multiple universes and timelines, and when you add in the...


NPR 021B: Bonus - Article Review (spoiler warning)

Hey there Namiacs! It's Chip and Grilled Cheese coming at you with a bonus episode covering some articles, and their errors? Click bait? Well, we'll see about all these supposed facts; says there's a "gaping plot hole in Dragon Ball Super that nobody noticed"! while tryed to rank "15 levels of Super Saiyans" and had "17 interesting fact about Namekians" ... ABOUT US! Tune in to hear what we think, and let us know what you think. Why didn't Vegeta get...


NPR 021: Future Trunks Saga Part 2 - Dragon Ball Super

We made it past 20 episodes, thanks for the support Namiacs! There's more great content coming your way all the time. Chip's DBZ Amino account is pumpin' out polls and articles like "Goku the Innocent?" a comparison with Enkidu from the Epic of Gilgamesh. Our next Patreon release will be CSPN coverage, super cereal. As for Dragon Ball Super's anime, we cover eps 50, 51 and 52 (and corresponding Manga chapters, but that's not much) of the Goku Black Arc. Per usual, Goku could take out the...


NPR 020B: Bonus - Marvel (MCU) Ramp up for Infinity War

This week's bonus episode is our longest yet! Can you fee it?! We expose you to our other passion, Marvel's Cinematic Universe. And with Infinity War coming out on the 27th of April, we thought we'd do our part to inform and or catch up some of our listenership. Robert and Seth chat it up about most of the newer MCU installments, like Thor: Ragnarok. We rumor mill a bit, but just a bit. Our real focus is the location of the Infinity Stones and hypothesizing the location of the last and...


NPR 020: Future Trunks Saga Part 1 - Dragon Ball Super

Hello, welcome and thank you for joining ol Chip and Grilled Cheese! This week we are starting off the Goku Black arc, woot woot! Dragon Ball Super's anime episode 47 and manga chapter 14 is where this saga starts, and we'll compare and contrast the two for our official school report. Bulma dies?! OMG!!! Piccolo gets tricked into chores, and so does Krillin, while Goku joins Vegeta on Lord Beerus' planet for more training. Trunks and Mai's story develops and deepens. We also learn about some...


NPR 019: Super Human Water - Dragon Ball Super

Have you heard of the Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018 ( )?! Now you have/ will, cuz Seth and Robert always bring you the best DBZ news... also don't forget about Kameha Con. Robert earns his newest nick name "Grilled Cheese", we ask Amino "how stupid is Goku?", tease at an upcoming bonus episode cataloging the varieties of sexual tension in the DBZ world, and most importantly we cover the post Universe 6 mini arc/ episodes 44, 45 and 46. There is no manga as this is...


NPR 018B: Bonus - Interview with David Vincent at COAF2018

We attended Colorado Anime Fest 2018 on March 24th as press and got an interview with the one and only David Vincent (AKA Grimmjow from Bleach, Van from Gun Sword, Robin from Super Smash Bros., and both parts of Kibito Kai as well as the Narrator from Dragon Ball Super's Asia Dub)!!! We find out what all David Vincent is up to lately including some super secret directorial projects... find out more @DavidVincentVA on twitter. Did you know about his new App "Unlocked"