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Welcome, welcome to Super S an Anime podcast. Every other week hosts Dustin and Lindsay will share the shows and movies they've been watching from the world of anime. Join them and their guests as they keep up with the busy world of Japanese animation. Be sure to subscribe to the show and follow us on Twitter! @SuperSAnime

Welcome, welcome to Super S an Anime podcast. Every other week hosts Dustin and Lindsay will share the shows and movies they've been watching from the world of anime. Join them and their guests as they keep up with the busy world of Japanese animation. Be sure to subscribe to the show and follow us on Twitter! @SuperSAnime


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Welcome, welcome to Super S an Anime podcast. Every other week hosts Dustin and Lindsay will share the shows and movies they've been watching from the world of anime. Join them and their guests as they keep up with the busy world of Japanese animation. Be sure to subscribe to the show and follow us on Twitter! @SuperSAnime








Marbles Made Out of Chocolate

107 - Welcome, welcome! Today we're talking about nothing new! That's how fucking bad this season of anime is, we've taken to old shit! Okay, there's two new series we talk about, but that's about it. Dustin talks about Tokyo Marble Chocolate, I Couldn't Become a Hero So I Reluctantly Got A Job. While Lindsay covers Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Arte and Tower of God.


She Sounds Like A Business

106 - Welcome, welcome! On this episode we talk about the OVA swimsuit episode of our much despised Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? That's right, it's the return of "Do you wanna bang your Mom?" and as always, the answer is sadly, probably yes. Lindsay checks in with Woodpecker Detective's Office and makes sure you never watch Netflix's Revisions. While Dustin checks in with Gleipnir and catches everyone up on Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle. We also briefly...


Big Momma Rabbit

105 - Welcome, welcome! We're done with first episodes and hopefully you are too because this season of anime is going to be rough! Lindsay, the host with the most, quickly covers the live-action Bleach movie before diving into Woodpecker Detective's Office, Kabukichou Sherlock and a quick thought on Love is War season 2. Dustin on the other hand continues with BNA: Brand New Animal, Gleipnir and Tower of God. Join us on Instagram and Twitter (SuperSAnime) and let us know what you think of...


Spring Anime 2020 - First Episodes

104 - Welcome, welcome! It's our big ass Spring Anime first episodes, episode. Fuck we need to name this better. Anyway, there's a ton of shows covered. Did we love them all? Did we love any of them? Listen to this giant sized episode to find out!


Winter Anime 2020 - Wrap Up

103 - Welcome, welcome! It's our Winter Anime 2020 wrap up episode!! That's right, find out what made the cut as Dustin, Lindsay and special guest Sean finish one of the most interesting seasons of anime in recent years!


Living With The Sohmas

102 - Welcome, welcome! We're back after a brief hiatus! We've opted to skip our episode by episode coverage this episode and instead we're just talking about whatever we want! For Lindsay, that means Fruits Basket and Darwin's Game. For Dustin, it means The World God Only Knows, Seton Academy! Join The Pack! and Plunderer.


I Promise To Make You Miso Soup Every Single Morning

101 - Welcome, welcome! It's the start of season 2! Today we continue our coverage of In/Spectre. Lindsay is covering the Short Shorts with a mega short and a somewhat short. Dustin, on the other hand, is punishing himself by watching Plunderer and the new City Hunter movie. Lastly, Lindsay has a Sword Art Online surprise.


Episode 100 - Nuff Said

100 - Welcome, welcome! It's our 100th episode so let's go crazy! Dustin and Lindsay take a brief look back at the last 99 episodes before diving into their coverage of Dorohedoro, Seton Academy, Darwin's Game and ID: Invaded! Thank you for listening and here's to 100 more!


Lake Snake and the Meter Maid

099 - Welcome, welcome! We're on episode ninety-nine! Can you believe that shit? Probably not. Yes, we did say we were going back to bi-weekly, but then the recording weeks sucked, so we're switching it. From here on out, we'll be bi-weekly just moved a week. Today we're going to introduce our next episode by episode project, but I'll let the start music let you know what it is. We are going to cover two shows, but we're going to alternate them; you'll hear more about that on the podcast. As...


Winter Anime 2020 - First Episodes - Part 2

098 - Welcome, welcome to the second part of our Winter 2020 first episode coverage. Let me tell you; the shows are much better this time around! This is our last weekly episode; after this, we'll be returning to our bi-weekly routine so that we have time to watch shows, so enjoy! Shows talked about on this episode: ARP Backstage Pass, Asteroid in Love, Breakers, A Destructive God Sits Next To Me, Dorohedoro, Hatena Illusion, ID: Invaded, In/Spectre, Interspecies Reviewers, Natsunagu! Oda...


Fall Anime 2019 - Wrap-Up

096 - Welcome, welcome to the future! It's our first episode of 2020, and we're talking about Fall 2019... just can't stop living in the past. It's our wrap-up show! We're going to talk about the shows that we managed to finish from the Fall 2019 anime season. Join us.


Winter Anime 2020 - First Episodes - Part 1

097 - Welcome, welcome! As we've become fond of doing, it's our first episodes only show covering the new anime season. By "new," I'm referring to Winter Anime 2020! Lindsay and Dustin are going to cover what they've seen so far, and we'll just let the rest be a surprise!


Best and Worst of 2019

094 - It's a list show! That's right; we're kicking 2019 out of bed and embracing the future that is 2020. In order to do that, we need to name the best and the worst in anime from 2019. We bring in Sean to help make that happen, which is a weird way to end this description, but that's how it goes sometimes... yup.


The Best and Worst of the Decade!

095 - What? You thought we were only going to do one list show? Nope. I'm sure you're expecting the top whatever of the decade, but that's not our style. Instead, Lindsay and Dustin go year by year, picking the best and worst along with a few honorable mentions. Are there any surprises? Maybe, how many episodes have you listened to? The more you've listened to the more boring this episode gets... probably. Happy New Year and shit. You can read the full list here:...


Episode 94 and 95 - Best and Worst of 2019 and the Decade!

094/095 - In case you just want to listen to one lengthy episode, here's both of our end of the year/decade list shows in one convenient spot. The only difference is that it's longer and has different music! Why? Because we care. We'll see you in 2020! You can read the full list for the decade here:


I Want This Rage To Fester and Stew

093 - Welcome, welcome! This is our last regular episode of the year. Don't worry, we'll get you to 2020 in style, but we're going to take a break from the usual format. Enjoy three episodes of Beastars with us which is most of the episode. We finish covering XL Joushi, but I'll never regain my family's honor. Thankfully, there's only one episode of Oresuki to cover this week. Lindsay catches up on Vinland Saga, while Dustin talks about Rascal Does Not Dream of Dreaming Girl... aka the...


Could Have Had Dirty Bum Fingers In My Mouth

092 - Welcome, welcome! Today on the show, we continue our coverage of Oresuki: Are You The Only One That Loves Me? Followed by Beastars... why did we pick these shows? Well, we didn't, you chose them for us! Lindsay covers some of the new Psycho-Pass season and one of the mini-movies because there's just too much damn Psycho-Pass going on. Dustin covers the entire second season of Kengan Ashura, and we wrap up the episode with everyone's favorite condom testing show XL Joushi.


As He Do

091 - Howdy, howdy! We start the show off in a big way... XL Joushi big... XL big. Battle of the XL bigs! Yeah, Lindsay's hentai show makes another appearance. After that, we dive into the equally weird Beastars. Are you watching this shit? It's fucking weird. After that Lindsay surprises, everyone with a new show Kabukichou Sherlock. Dustin checks in with Blade of the Immortal, and we wrap with Oresuki. Yes, the bench is still the best character.


A Crippling Addiction To Hentai

090 - Today, we reveal the results of the poll in which the listeners decided our next shows to cover episode by episode. In case you need that info going in, it's Beastars and Oresuki! We have a surprise third show we'll be covering... XL Joushi. Aside from that, Lindsay keeps up with Sword Art Online fill in the rest of the title yourself while Dustin covers Kengan Ashura's first season.


Fall Anime 2019 - First Episodes

089 - Welcome, welcome! If you've listened to the podcast before, then you may have expected this episode. It's our coverage of the first episodes from the new Fall season of anime! If you're new to the show, here's how it works. Dustin and Lindsay are going to go through and talk about the first episodes they've watched. It's a surprise to each of them, and so sometimes there's overlap, and obviously most of the time there's not. We hope you enjoy it as we lead you towards new shows to...