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The End of the Year and of an Era

It's an emotional Geddie Dunn Show podcast. Bill and Troy discuss the passing of the former President of the United States George H.W. Bush. They talk about their memories of him, some of the politics that surround this day and the passing on of The Greatest Generation. Plus, with the end of the year comes the memories of all the people that have passed throughout the year and the impact each has made on our society. What do YOU think of when you hear their names. It's a podcast you do not...


Tingles of a Positive Nature

When you have tingles of a positive nature, how could it NOT be a perfect show!... Troy explains... We start the tingles with some Turkey talk...Thanksgiving Turkey to be exact. Soon we leap to Facebook Messenger and the annoying text everyone's getting. Did you get one? Next, it's possibly the worst new Christmas movie ever! What is it? You'll find out...Plus a little TV insider talk and...Immigration! Why not! It's all here on today's episode!


The Relaxing Sound Of Deviled Eggs

Ever wonder what two podcast studs do on Thanksgiving? At least you'll find out what Bill and Troy do on today's show! What is Troy's wife's magic Deviled Egg recipe? Does Troy even eat food with the word "Devil" in it? Bill talks about a Lake in Tulsa that no one can pronounce...Does he eat Deviled Eggs? Plus Dan Crenshaw as Presidential material, news people you don't trust, TV and Movie updates and ASMR? You know, that creepy fad that will be over's over! Right now on The Geddie...


Hot Toddy That's A Good Show!

It's a political show for the ages on today's podcast! First, the guys talk about the after-effects of the Mid Term Elections...What do they really think about the results? Donald Trump is still the President, right?...and who doesn't want more Nancy Pelosi? Is there one single celebrity that actually HELPS a candidate win? Plus, Troy can't stop talking about The Walking Dead even though Bill wants none of it...Ready for spoilers?...they're coming...and all the new movie reviews fit to...


'Doin the Airline Bathroom Limbo'

Come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away on today's podcast. First, Troy contributes to the Megyn Kelly 'Blackface' controversy...wait till you hear how...Bill talks about the political state we are in it all Trumps fault?'ll find out...Plus a little Kanye and those daggum Kardashians because...well why not...Throw in germophobic airline trips, Halloween Candy to die for and dirty feeling 'Breaking Bad' stories and you have this edition of the Geddie Dunn Show!


A Hobo Is A No Go

It's a Pre-Halloween Party! And what party is complete without Troy dressed as a Hobo?... He explains...Bill describes Halloween as a child and being pushed around in carts?... He explains as well. Plus the tough discussions about the migrant caravan, pipe bombs being mailed and the current state of politics, Megyn Kelly and her "blackface" comments and a popular celebrity admits being addicted to opioids. Find out what the guys think on this episode of The Geddie Dunn Podcast.


A Hobo Is A No Go

It's a Pre-Halloween Party! And what party is complete without Troy dressed as a Hobo?... He explains...Bill describes Halloween as a child and being pushed around in carts?... He explains as well. Plus the tough discussions about the migrant caravan, pipe bombs being mailed and the current state of politics, Megyn Kelly and her "blackface" comments and a popular celebrity admits being addicted to opioids. Find out what the guys think on this episode of The Geddie Dunn Podcast.

Two Unapologetic White Males...The Musical

Critics are raving over Two Apologetic White Males! The first act opens with the joys of Roseanne and the pain of The Walking Dead. Stage left brings us Troy on The Dr. Phil Show, but not for the reasons you think! Dramatic music plays as we swing stage right to Bill in...prison? Now back to center stage to enjoy talks of Hillary Clinton, prostitution, Diet Coke and Mormons. The curtain falls and we ask our selves "what just happened"? You'll find out...but only by tuning in to today's...


Discovering K-POP Is Not A New Dessert

We go Gingham Style on today's podcast! Bill and Troy talk about their love for K-POP (sort of), Taylor Swift's love for the GOP (not really), Troy's visit to Dr. Phil and his love of all things L.A. (well....), Bill's thoughts on bothering people in restaurants (no bueno), Sicilian toilet jokes , Ronald Reagan as a hologram and who doesn't love movie reviews! All on this edition without repetition of The Geddie Dunn Show!


I Like Beer and Tighty Whiteys

It's the serious and not so serious...and beer...on today's show. First, the guys analyze the biggest story of the week. The Ford/Kavanaugh Saga. Will we finally have closure this week? Next, they talk about the boys who got stuck in a cave. They are making their way to the U.S on a speaking tour! Plus, we accidentally find out a Rambo secret, Ted Koppel as Prince Charles, The Top 5 Wealthiest Americans (It's not them) and we work in a discussion about underwear...why? Because they can!...


Pour Some Sugar On Troy

Just like Crazy Eddie, today's episode is...INSANE! (or at least mildly entertaining). We start with The Greatest Show in D.C. the Brett Kavanaugh Circus. When and how does it all end? Troy shifts the conversation to White Privilege. Why? Hey, why not! Bill quickly counters that with a lady who spills bleach on men's crotches because they...manspread? Troy uses naughty words, Bill hears imaginary phone calls, a Barbara Walters shout out and every 80's Rock Band is mentioned in detail.. all...


Dreaming of Hai Karate and a Bacon Egg Pill

It's a 70's smelling show on the Geddie Dunn Podcast! Bill educates us on another obscure name from history (or is it?). Troy describes his one REAL fight as a kid (how many fake ones were there?). Next, the guys talk about the new #metoo mess that is Les Moonves. What and Who is next? Plus the implosion of the NFL, the Midterm Election mess, the latest incarnation of "A Star Is Born" and a serious and thought-provoking look back at a day no one will ever forget...9/11... all on today's...


Who is Willie The Pooh?

It's an Archies/Sugar Sugar kinda show and the guys are pumped!... First, we start with Facebook. It's turned into "The He-Man Conservative Haters Club"! Can't we all get along? Speaking of getting along, how is "The View" getting along these days? Next, somehow the discussion turns to Family Feud and Richard Dawson. I'll take obscure for 200...wrong show. Plus, Beatles songs Bill hates, Grunge music Troy likes, fake Michael Jackson songs and more on The Geddie Dunn Podcast!


Real Men Buy Mulch

Troy goes out and buys Mulch in bulk for his home...Just one of the many Unicorns you will hear about on today's episode! Bill laments that life is a podcast while letting the world know of his fondness for Jennifer Garner. The guys search for Louis CK. Where is he? Plus, an open letter to Animal Crackers, Facebook fun, Broadway shows, and we "Walk This Way" all on your Geddie Dunn Podcast!


A World Filled With British Crime TV

On this episode of The Geddie Dunn Podcast, we learn that life is better with...British Crime TV?...Bill explains...Plus the guys remember Aretha Franklin, try to forget the troubles with the NFL, Whoopi's fear of flying, Barbara Walter's beautiful apartment, Michelle Wolff's canceled program (who is she again?) and Troy has a fantastic business idea for someone who's rich and listens to this show! it may not happen... all on this blistering hot summer podcast!


Watching sports out of desperation

Have you ever heard of watching sports...out of desperation? Bill coins a new phrase today on the podcast! Troy simultaneously goes from good parent/teaching habits to the Black Hat Hackers (look them up and you'll get it). Plus a country music star who won't do Daytime TV, Hollywood stars that have no money, Mormon trips to Russia and a new game that falls apart before it can you go wrong with today's episode!


The Bill and Troy Comedy Troupe Tour

"That's what she said!"...just one of the original hilarious jokes brought to you by Bill and Troy on today's episode. We start with the whimsical musings of Troy's unhealthy love for football. We then switch to the real laugh at SNL and the time Barbara Walters was on the we move on to Troy's secret life of...Stand Up Comedy? You betcha! And what quality podcast doesn't end on...3D printers? Definitely not this one. Get ready for true belly laughs and more on this episode!


The Tale of Bill, Troy and The Eunuch?

It's the adventures of Bill and Troy! On this episode, Troy talks about his trip to Hawaii and Pearl Harbor. Both times he could not see the U.S.S. Arizona because it was....closed? Conspiracy you say... well it is Troy we are talking about here... Somehow we spin into competitive...Tetherball? If that wasn't enough, Troy accuses Bill of being a Eunuch and somewhere along the line we end up with George Clooney? Trying to figure out how all of this is possible? There's only one way to find...


Psychics, Gossip and Dieting with the Stars!

The guys start out with a discussion about the Thai boys and their rescue from a cave. Will this be the next big blockbuster movie? They soon switch to the tragic story of former NBA player Billy Knight. Is there any silver lining here at all? Plus Bill gets dieting tips from George Lopez, Troy debunks psychics, a list of the Emmy stars and snubs and Bill channels his inner Carol Burnett on this jam-packed episode!


You Are More Valuable To This World Than You Know

Bill and Troy tackle some pretty tough topics on today's show. We begin with a "Tuesday's with Troy" Facebook episode on the suicide epidemic in the country. When IS the right time to talk to your kids about it? They then talk about the incivility in the country and some of the celebrity tweets put out on the 4th of July. Were they helpful? You judge...There are some light-hearted moments though... Who knew that Bill and Mickey Mouse had so much in common!... plus, does Troy say a naughty...