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Anything Jurassic and I am there!!!

Troy returns from his vacay in Hawaii... did he find a wooden idol on the beach? But wait till you hear what he got to see up close! Bill fights a cold but powers through the show with a play by play of his health care and an update on his dog's health. Plus a thumbs up and down on the latest movies in theatres, their personal feelings about John McCain and how he apologized for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, the great Yanny/Laurel debate exposed and Bill admits to a childhood...


A Show with a Freshly Stretched Face

On today's episode, we get an update on Bill's sick dog who seems to have more than 9 lives. Plus the animal tales of Bill and Troy that you can't un-hear. Troy says something he can't say in front of his wife. The guys talk behind-the-scenes at the Daytime Emmys and realize...they both forgot they were recently on TV! Also, Tom Brokaw the mumbler, Susan Lucci, #Metoo, Kathy Griffin, Michelle Wolf, Boy Scouts of America, Cheers, Salt Lake City "whiteness" and Troy's color Neutral?


German Dogs Have No Sense Of Humor

Bill and Troy start this episode with the riveting topic of...humorous dogs?...Troy wonders what exactly happened to Megyn Kelly's show? Do the networks WANT her to fail?...Also, Bill spent some time with Barbara Walters the other day. Is she as bad off as the tabloids would have you believe?...You'll find out. Plus paying for your own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, The Talk, Fox News, Melania Trump, Beyonce, Tom Brokaw, Barbara Bush, Bill Cosby and forget Kanye 2020...get ready for Montel...


What's That Rectangular Box On The Wall?

It's a shorter show than usual for the guys, but still packed with...well...stuff! It's official! Bill is completely DONE with The Walking Dead. But why? It's not like Negan...well...nevermind. Troy talks about his lack of confidence in talking about...the new Lost In Space? And can he go just one episode without mentioning Roseanne's name?...Nope...Plus Country Music, TV sets, Top 10 Thursday and the poet that is...Bill Geddie


If he's not dead by Sunday, I'm Out!

On today's episode, Bill finally does something that Troy has been asking him to do for a while! He also discovers he likes to be kicked in theatres. Are you frustrated with Walking Dead? So are they. How is it that Paula Jones follows Bill on Facebook? Troy proves that TV isn't dead after all AND makes the case for being a germaphobe. Plus A Quiet Place, Necco Wafers, Les Moonves, Homeland, Fred Silverman, Mark Zuckerberg and "Things that are no longer a thing"!


Antman and Unnatural Love

Are you creeped out about Alexa in your house? So is Bill...your not alone. Troy did something he hasn't done since he was a kid and asks the question "Can you be a Racist or a Sexist if you DON'T watch certain movies"? Troy spent the week with Dr. Phil. Wait till you hear why! The discussion turns to Roseanne. Did she save TV? Plus Black Panther, Ready Player One, A Quiet Place, James Corden, Antman, Power Rangers, Black Mirror, Emily Blount, John Krasinski and the Power Sponsor of the...


Are the Daytime Emmys Fake News?

Who's ready for the Bill and Troy Cruise! Well, there's no cruise, but Troy dreams of cruising with Bill...don't ask...Troy talks about his TEDx event and the longest speech in history. Bill describes the inner workings of the Daytime Emmys and how the nomination process works. Why is Susan Lucci's face in a seat? Plus their take on Facebook, The View, Megyn Kelly, Today Show, The Chew, Steve Harvey, Ellen, Dr. Phil, Facebook, Ho Ho The Clown, Bozo The Clown, Byron Allen plus things that...


A Planet of Crazy Gingers

Everything you wanted to know about Mormons but were afraid to ask...sort of. Troy talks about the process of Mormons going on Missions. He describes the different locations around the globe his children lived in, including Russia. Bill picks his ideal location for his Mission... which he's not taking. Bet you can't find it on a map! Bill also has one of the most insightful thoughts about Stephen Hawking that you will ever hear...seriously. Have you ever asked yourself what Bill and Troy...


True Lies and Weenie Dogs

Can Troy predict the future? He thinks so. So how much of what was predicted about the Oscars did the guys get right? Bill talks about why he thinks there are not as many minorities working behind the scenes on TV and Film. Troy talks about his frustration with the media and how they put out headlines that really are NOT headlining stories. He also tells the story of his Heroic Hollywood deed. Plus The Shape of Water, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Aziz Ansari, Michael B. Jordan,...


The Oscars: A sea of seething hate speech

Bill and Troy talk about what pictures will win at the Oscars and how political it will be. Troy wonders if Hollywood will have a problem talking to Ryan Seacrest after the recent sexual harassment allegations. The guys also talk a little more about the latest gun control news. Will people start voting with their dollars? Plus Donald Trump, Hope Hicks, Jennifer Lawrence, The NRA, Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Ross Perot and Bill would like to decide who in the world is crazy. Can he have...


The Political Battle over Guns

The morning after the horrible tragedy in Parkland Florida, Bill and Troy have the tough but incredibly honest discussion about Gun Control. The two have never been more divided on an issue but you may be surprised to find out who's on what side! Why does Bill say that people in Hollywood are the biggest hypocrites? Also, wait till you hear the story of Troy's visit to one A-list celebrity that left him shocked! Plus the guys talk Chris Rock, Bill's incredible Andy Rooney impersonation,...


Don't you ever call me Billy

In the spirit of snobby Hollywood stuff... Troy talks about how he brought a little L.A. to Salt Lake City. What exactly happened with the guys at the Four Seasons in L.A? Also, Bill describes Hollywood hotels, his thoughts on the Stock Market and waxing philosophic, plus discussions on James Dashner, The Kardashians, Hellen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, Dudley Moore, This Is Us, Jimmy Buffet, The Spice Girls and Bill's gift of naming every human being that lives in Oklahoma!


The least interesting man on Facebook

Many of the worlds unsolved questions are answered on today's podcast! Who is the least interesting man on Facebook? Here's a hint...It's Bill. What is the #1 most watched R Rated movie ever? Here's a hint...Bill never saw it. Which one of the Arts would need to stay if all else were taken away? Here's a hint...Music. Plus, Troy opens up the Mormon box, Bill revives talk of his first band "Opus and Andy", The Grammys, Kathy Griffin, Mel Gibson, Patton Oswald, SOTU, The Death of Natalie...


Stretched tighter than a summer lizard

Bill and Troy talk about the Megyn Kelly Jane Fonda dust-up. Was NBC stunned by how far Megyn went? Or did Jane just snap? Bill talks about his experience with the stars. Also, has #metoo become #nother? Troy believes that woman are starting to rip themselves apart, explaining how Cher going after Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes his point. Plus, it was big before the internet, so what is going on with TV and the return of classic shows? With shows like Roseanne, Fuller House, Will and Grace,...


Bless their Fake News hearts

It's award season! The Presidents 2017 "Fake News Awards" that is. Troy asks why we can't hold the media accountable? Plus, cranking up the conspiracy theories on the Hawaiin missile launch alert, the Ashley Banfield interview of the Aziz Ansari story and the concern about #metoo diluting into everybody's bad dates of the past. Also, the Olympics, Harry Connick Jr, Mitt Romney, "what's hot", where is scripted going in the TV world, and is there a level of Government intervention Bill can...


A Protein-y and Carb-y Ketosis

Troy talks about his euphoric state of ketosis along with his love for sandwiches. Bill discusses the topic of "your truth" and how Oprah has it all wrong. Plus, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Michael Douglas, The Golden Globes, the truth according to Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein, Natalie Portman and blocking entire genders, and Ivanka Trump pays the price for saying something nice.


A no Coke Zero, Country Bill kinda show!

On this episode, Troy freaks without Coke Zero and Bill's "country side" comes out at the Apple Store. Plus the Logan Paul disaster, John Lithgow vs. Gary Oldman, Siri vs. Alexa, must see movies, Xbox Live, Audi, Lexus and the best diets of the year including the one Bill is on which is Intermittent fasting and it's not making him angry so stop asking him!!!


Bill and Troy's Excellent Year in Review!

It's Bill and Troy's 2017 year in review podcast! The guys talk about some of the best and worst movies of the year along with some of the people we lost. Plus, Troy admits to something he never has admitted to before, the true horrors of Facebook, Paul Newman's secrets, and why this was a bad year for Hugh Hefner to die?


Eating Dixie Chips at the Mormon Wash

It's the Christmas edition of The Geddie Dunn Podcast! Bill Geddie and Troy Dunn talk about the awfulness of "A Christmas Story Live", Bill's love of everything Pitch Perfect, Gary Oldman, Vanderpump Rules and channeling your inner gay? Also, the guys discuss Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Hugh Jackman, the lost NFL season, Donald Trump and what are the shows that we quit?


The Geddie Dunn Show Podcast Ep. 9

The latest from Geddie Dunn! On this podcast, Bill Geddie and Troy Dunn talk about the latest films and Bill's love for "Lady Bird" and "I Tanya". Plus the terrible fires in California, Al Franken, Chelsea Handler, Matt Lauer, Billy Bush, David Foster, their unusual sock collection and why does Troy still call people "Grodie"? Sponsor: Foresight Wealth Management


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