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Hockey blogger Steve "Dangle" Glynn and KiSS 92.5's Adam Wylde talk about hockey and silly things.

Hockey blogger Steve "Dangle" Glynn and KiSS 92.5's Adam Wylde talk about hockey and silly things.
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Hockey blogger Steve "Dangle" Glynn and KiSS 92.5's Adam Wylde talk about hockey and silly things.




Bonkers Week | April 17, 2018

On this episode, Steve sat in between the benches at Game 3 of the Leafs v Bruins and met Auston Matthews' parents (00:00), more game 3 talk: the Leafs looked a lot better (28:00), the three of us took a trip to Boston and watched Game 2 at TD Gardens (39:00), L.A. & LGK, ANA & SJ (55:00), dirty plays from Perry, Subban, Gudas, and Morrissey (1:01:00), the Flames have fired Glen Gulutzan (1:16:00), and the press conference (1:30:00).


Savvy | April 11, 2018

On this episode, a bad Leafs / Raptors lawsuit (also Jesse's mic isn't working properly for the beginning portion of the show) (00:00), Steve, Adam, and Jesse make their Stanley Cup Playoff predictions (10:00), Marc Savard joins the show! (43:00), and the management of the Sens, Canadiens, Islanders, and Sabres LOVE to say things to the media (1:02:00).


Live from The Rec Room Presented by Puck Talks | April 8, 2018

The Steve Dangle Podcast Live! From the Rec Room in downtown Toronto, presented by Puck Talks. Watch the episode here:


Present & Future | April 6, 2018

Please donate if you can to honour the legacy of Jonathan Pitre: On this episode, UFC 223 / Conor McGregor (02:00), we could get a one game NHL Playoffs play-in game (16:00), the Caps can't actually fire Barry Trotz (29:00), the Blackhawks and Flames might overreact (33:30), goodbye Henrik and Daniel and Derek (1:10:00), Taylor Hall is gonna win the Hart (1:32:00), the most amazing baseball names ever (1:41:00).


ShwahGod91 | April 3, 2018

On this episode, did the Sedins save the Canucks season (00:00), Leafs won last night! (07:00), Don Cherry has a problem with hot dogs (25:00), Steve has a problem with John Tavares (35:00), is Erik Karlsson done in Ottawa? (51:30), the Hart trophy conversation AGAIN (1:03:00), JVR briefly (1:17:00), Hellebuyck is gonna make Hellebucks (1:23:00), and the press conference! (1:31:00).


Hope in the Tunnel | March 27, 2018

On this episode, Dimitri Filipovic is HERE (00:00), what's up with the Canucks? (06:00), Detroit is bringing the band back (23:00), Toronto vs Boston vs Tampa (28:00), the Western Conference playoffs (43:00), Shea Weber played a quarter of a season with a broken foot (52:00), George Laraque said bad things (60:00), Brad Marchand is the best (1:14:00), the Golden Knights are still going (1:20:00), and the press conference; No trade lists and weird house things (1:44:00).


Yellow | March 20, 2018

On this episode, Erik Karlsson (00:00), Steve does math! (01:00), news from GM meeting (09:30), NHL terams may have to pay taxes on trades because of the U.S. government (17:30), Oilers are doing Oilers things (20:30), the Bruins and the East playoff picture (28:00), Flames, Islanders, and Candiens chatter (32:30) Auston Matthews is poor because he's not playing (49:00), and the press conference: playoff predictions and tennis balls [don't listen to this part, it's terrible] (53:00).


McElovely | March 18, 2018

On this episode, does the Hart Trophy mean anything anymore? (00:00), how are the New York Islanders not in a playoff spot rn? (11:30), the Montreal Canadiens are in a good quick re-build position (19:00), revisiting the Tyler Seguin trade and more Canadiens talk (34:00), CURTIS MCELHINNEY FOR PRIME MINISTER (55:00), the Caroline Hurricanes GM search is a mess (1:20:00), and the press conference; the 2006 Olympics and Steve does math (1:40:00).


Dumb Sport | March 15, 2018

On this episode, Puck Talks! April 7th! (00:00), the Carolina Hurricanes GM situation (05:00), Klefbom is injured ans still playing and the Oilers are still crazy (28:30), the Leafs last night; Polak, Andersen, Mitchym, and Gardiner (55:00), will Matt Martin be a Leaf next year (1:10:00), and the press conference; Pokemon and Reimer (1:24:00).


Cou16a H4difin | March 3, 2018

On this episode, come see us live at Puck Talks on April 7th (00:00), Melnyk, Karlsson and the Sens (03:00), the Canucks, Jim Benning, and Elliotte Friedman (18:00), the Oilers and Bobby Nicks (38:00), will Kyle Dubas be GM of the Leafs next year? (44:00), the Leafs v Caps outdoor game (54:00), Drew Doughty is in trouble (1:06:00), a really, really, really, big poutine (1:17:00), the worse song you will ever hear, IF YOU ARE WATCHING ON YOUTUBE, YOU CAN FIND THE SONG HERE:...


Karlsstay | February 27, 2018

On this episode, the winners and losers from trade deadline day (00:00), the Ryan McDonagh deal (08:00), Detroit (17:00), THE LEAFS (27:00), Vegas is unfair (35:00), what are the Canucks (42:00), Pierre Dorian and Erik Karlsson are best friends (55:00), is Tampa actually better? (1:08:00), and the press conference: Moore and bad tweets. (1:15:00). Originally aired: February 27, 2018 Watch the full episode here: Merch:...


A Trade Finally Happened Before the Podcast, Wow | February 25, 2018

On this episode, HOLY CRAP, the Leafs got a nice Tomas Turtleneck (00:00), Eric Engels joins the show to talk about this trade impacts the Montreal Canadiens (10:00), the Leafs shouldn't be worried about what they gave up in the trade (49:00), the Rick Nash trade (59:00), the Brassard trade (1:08:00), what the hell is going on in Ottawa geez (1:15:00), how will the Leafs down the stretch? (1:27:00), and the press conference: the NHL standings and the Olympics (1:48:00).


Gunbrandsome | February 21, 2018

On this episode, a terrible trade deadline tweet (00:00), JVR beat Luongo last night and is he being trade? (7:00), is Erik Karlsson going to Tampa? (20:30), the Eric Fehr trade (32:00), WOW why did the Canucks sign Gudbranson?!? (35:00), Patty Maroon is on the market (53:00), and the press conference: a regular Olympian and trading Bozak. (1:09:00).


The Longest Ever Show That We Ever Did Ever | February 19, 2018

On this episode, a Reddit shoutout (00:00), The Olympic Games are on apparently (02:00), the Detroit Red Wings have serious cap troubles (12:00), the future of trusted hockey men, Sheldon Keefe, Mark Hunter, and Kyle Dubas (27:00), the Leafs lose to Pittsburgh on Saturday (44:00), the DSP incident in Chicago (1:07:00), HOW THE HELL IS VEGAS DOING THIS (1:33:00), a Russian curler was caught taken steroids lmao (1:55:00), there's a DET TOR trade rumour (2:08:00), the worst National Anthem of...


Kadthree | February 15, 2018

On this episode, Olympic hockey!(00:00), the Leafs win! (18:00), JVR played 10 minutes (30:00), Islanders fans want to get rid of Garth Snow (40:00), Dion Phaneuf was traded to the Kings (55:00), players that should be traded (1:11:00), and the press conference (1:19:00). Originally aired: February 15, 2018 Watch the full episode here: Merch: Follow us on Twitter: @Steve_Dangle, @AdamWylde, & @JesseBlake...


Dangle's Engels | February 13, 2018

On this episode, Adam's back! (00:00), could Freddy win the Veznia? (02:30), thoughts on the game last night (08:00), the Leafs are playing for first place (17:00), Eric Engels on P.K. v Gallagher, Montreal, and the trade deadline (22:00), Soshnikov and Leivo (39:00), who's going on trade deadline day? (54:00), and Adam Wylde's honeymoon stories! (1:14:00). Originally aired: February 13, 2018 Merch: Follow us on Twitter: @Steve_Dangle,...


LukeFoxJukeBox | February 8, 2018

On this episode, LOGAN PAUL (00:00), we were at the game last night! (12:30), Luke Fox (@LukeFoxJukeBox) joins the show to talk about the Leafs' dressing room, Leivo, and the trade deadline (32:00), the press conference: the Rangers, the playoffs, and the NBA (1:04:00).


WHO MEEE?!?!?! | February 6, 2018

On this episode, Adam's on his honeymoon (00:00), Kapanen, Martin, and the Leafs' fourth line (05:00), the Leafs have too much goaltending (14:30), poor Josh Leivo (21:00), Leafs vs Ducks & the case of Jake (32:00), Gudas gets no games (47:00), Joffrey Lupul is retired (49:00), Edmonton vs Tampa (59:00), Is Montreal trading Plekanec (1:04:00), Steve's favourite YouTubers (1:16:30), the Edmonton Media is UPSET (1:22:30), the greatest announcer of all time (1:30:00), and Steve's book, merch,...


Midway with CJ | February 1, 2018

On this episode, Chris Johnston is on the show! (00:00), Mike Fisher is un-retired (3:00), does Calle Rosen stick around (13:00), Leafs v Islanders (22:00), Matt Martin, JVR, and the Leafs' future (38:00), quick notes on the Oilers and Canucks (54:00), and a little more Leafs (58:00).


Wylde Wedding | January 29, 2018

On this episode, a cop took some edibles (00:00), the All Star Game and Brock Boeser the GOD (07:30), Gary and Ron at the ASG (18:00), the strange Dubinsky story (30:00), Jagr cleared waivers :( (44:00), Leafs practice lines (52:00), and the story of Adam Wylde's Wedding Day! (1:05:00).


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