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Moms Abroad

The moms are back in town FOR EPISODE 10. Listen to this week’s episode to learn about how Audrey really feels about “the nice things” and what kind of mother she will be. ALSO, Edward is finally aggravated about something other than the weather!! -Follow us on insta: @aggro_abroad -Follow Edward on insta: @wwojoo / @e.woajo -Follow Audrey on insta: @ardoardanaz / @foonmool [Music: | Episode Art:


TAPIF? Or TAPIF? …TAPIF. with AlysonAbroad - Part 2

Part 2 has arrived!! We know you have all been waiting anxiously. Alyson and Edward ramble for another half hour and honestly, you’re welcome. Keep it aggravated, s’il vous plaît. Check out Alyson’s blog: AlysonAbroad. -Follow us on insta: @aggro_abroad -Follow Edward on insta: @wwojoo / @e.woajo -Follow Audrey on insta: @ardoardanaz / @foonmool [Music:]


TAPIF? Or TAPIF? …TAPIF. with AlysonAbroad - Part 1

Today’s episode is a two-parter! We’re not sure how excited you’ll be about that. However, Edward got on Skype and hit up Ms. Alyson Bove to discuss (mostly) shenanigans and (a few) tips for teaching English in France. Also, Alyson really loves a detailed story. Keep it aggravated, s’il vous plaît. Check out Alyson’s blog: AlysonAbroad. -Follow us on insta: @aggro_abroad -Follow Edward on insta: @wwojoo / @e.woajo -Follow Audrey on insta: @ardoardanaz / @foonmool.2.0 [Music:...


Teaching The Youths, For Better Or For Worse

Storytime: Teaching Moments Edition. Audrey threw a child out a window. Edward hosted an ABBA themed hair salon. Take a listen to see if these are dramatic sentences or not! Keep it aggravated, YINZ. -Follow us on insta: @aggro_abroad -Follow Edward on insta: @wwojoo / @e.woajo -Follow Audrey on insta: @ardoardanaz / @foonmool.2.0 [Music: | Episode Art:


All Aboard! This Eurovision Recap

Last Saturday was the Grand Final of the best time of the year: EUROVISION. Hosted in Lisbon, aka close to Madrid, we didn’t go. But, we did take a train to watch it. And THANK GOD we did. Get all the unsolicited opinions, judgment, and bickering you usually come here for, but themed around campy European sh*t that Edward is really obsessed with. Also, someone send Audrey some elote. Keep it aggravated, ‘all. [Music: | Episode Art:


Are You Smarter Than a Spaniard?

The answer is “probably not.” Why? Edward gets confused about how many autonomous communities he’s been to. Audrey forgets what we’ve even talked about on this podcast. Edward doesn’t even know how many autonomous communities there are! Audrey forgets to lock bathroom doors. BUT, Edward apparently does know how to guess questions about Spain correctly. As always, keep it aggravated, ‘all. [Music: | Episode Art:


Chueca Es Genial

It’s about to get even gayer in here than it usually is. This week, we’ve kicked off our city neighborhood series and discussed Madrid’s gayborhood, Chueca. Highlights include Audrey and Edward arguing, tapas bars, shirtless bartenders, and Audrey punching a small man in the face (or something like that). If we missed anything, you can be sure we couldn’t care less! But let us know so we can shout you out on the podcast in the nicest way possible. As always, keep it aggravated,...


Get a “Real” Job

This episode is dedicated to our mothers who won’t leave either of us alone until we get “real” jobs. We’re here to talk about that residency struggle bus, RyanAir customer service social media representatives, and our dream jobs thanks to Buzzfeed. Subscribe!! Share with your friends!! Leave a (NICE) review!! Follow us on the social meads!! Keep it aggravated, y’all. [Music: | Episode Art:]


How to Lose 5 Phones in Europe

We’re back!! And honestly, we are just as shocked as you are that we have kept it consistent thus far. Good news: Audrey has gotten better at audio. She no longer sounds like I’ve called her up via ouija board. Meh news: She’s not at perfect yet so if she yells, I’ve warned you already. Anyway, Audrey recently lost yet another phone, so we broke down the amount of times she broke down (phone-wise) while living abroad, so far. Enjoy!! Also, subscribe, leave us a review, and share with...


Literally, What Are We Doing

Wow wow! It only took us like 7 months to get this out! After many kinks, laziness, and general lack of knowledge/vision, Audrey and Edward are happy to bring to your earholes the first episode of Aggravated Abroad! Please excuse a few things: Hope you enjoy!! [Music:]