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009 50 States. 6 Months. Maybe. Matt and Megan aka The Dirty Darlings

On their first date, Matt laid it all out and explained to Megan that he wanted to travel the country in his van. Nine months later, they were on the road together! Megan and Matt started their journey with the goal of visiting all 50 states in 6 months. Along the way, they realized their trip had become a checklist. Instead of crossing things off a list and rushing ahead, they decided to slow down and enjoy the journey. This episode was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed talking to The...


008 A Mobile Soap Factory, Christianna of Mes Amies Soaps

Christianna started her business, Mes Amies Soaps, while she was still on active duty in the Navy. Now, she lives in her van and is equipped to make her all-natural soaps on the road! She’s managed to build and prosper a business with physical products on the road. She actually creates her soap in micro batches from her van! Something most digital entrepreneurs don’t think much about. Her products have been featured in over 17 subscription boxes and are currently in 5 stores but that...


007 How To Work From Wherever, Lexi and Cody of Dynamo Ultima

This episode is all about how to work remotely and make money on the road - That’s exactly what Lexi and Cody help folks do! On top of that, they also own their own agency creating videos for outdoor and adventure brands. Cody and Lexi live full-time in their converted Sprinter van. They converted it themselves with little to no knowledge of how to even do that. We talk about how Google and YouTube was their best resource to find help and tutorials for everything they needed to...


006 Solar Experts for VanLife, Wes and Savana of Tiny Watts Solar

Wesley and Savana own Tiny Watts Solar, a company devoted to helping design and install solar systems for all things tiny. They might be the most qualified people in the world to do this: Savana grew up living tiny on a sailboat, Wes has a Renewable Energy Engineering degree, they live full-time in their decked out Sprinter van and to top it off, Wesley’s last name is Watts! Savana and Wes have an incredible Sprinter van conversion - They have a recirculating shower! That means 15...


005 Master Bus Builder and #1 Airbnb Host, Willbillys

Will describes himself as a fun-loving West Virginia hillbilly hippie. He has converted 2 buses and is in the process of converting a third. His bus is the #1 Airbnb in the state of West Virginia. Plus, his bus build has been featured in Popular Mechanics. Now, he is working on a comprehensive skoolie conversion book. This is a very practical and actionable episode full of specific advice. We talk about why Will decided to convert school buses as opposed to vans or RV's. Why the hardest...


004 Do What You Love with Adam Sauerwein

Adam Sauerwein joins us for this episode of Campers In Vans Getting Coffee. We discuss the importance of finding something that you love to do and how to get out and do it. Plus, how to make yourself valuable to sponsors and how to get an amazing deal when buying a bus. Follow Adam on Instagram: @mradamx or on Facebook: @mradamx Connect with Campers In Vans: Instagram: @campersinvansgettingcoffee Website: Facebook:...


003 Testing Out the VanLife with Katie and Evan

In this episode of Campers In Vans, Katie and Evan join me to discuss their vanlife experience. Learn why they decided to purchase a new Sprinter van and the benefits that go along with that. Plus we'll talk about some of their favorite apps to use on the road and how they find spots to camp every night. Connect with Katie and Evan on Instagram: @s0weboughtavan Connect with Campers In Vans: Instagram: @campersinvansgettingcoffee Website:...


002 Full-Time on the Road with Full-Time Jobs - Aubry and Christian

On this episode I have Aubry and Christian of @mnmlmillennials join me. Both Aubry and Christian are extremely honest and open about their vanlife experience. Remarkably, they also both hold down full-time jobs working remotely in coffee shops and such. We discuss their working philosophy, the importance of choosing the right vehicle, and how to sustain friendships when traveling full-time. Follow Aubry and Christian on Instagram: @mnmlmillennials Connect with Campers In...


001 A Converted GMC Short Bus with Patrick of d_bus_life

For the very first episode of Campers In Vans Getting Coffee, Patrick of @d_bus_life was kind enough to join me. Patrick and his partner Catherine bought and converted a GMC short bus. They live and travel in it full time. Patrick and I discuss his bus, the build process, finding camping spots, traveling on a budget, and the most important things to have in your camper. Follow Pat & Cat on Instagram: @d_bus_life Connect with Campers In Vans: Instagram:...


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