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027 Is Our Wireless Environment Giving You Headaches, Brain Fog, or Even Cancer? Neil Steven Cohen of EMF Safety Zone

I think this is an important episode that I encourage you to listen to and make your own rational judgement. Look into the issue of EMF radiation for yourself and make a judgement call on something that may or may not be harmful to your health. Neil is an intelligent guy who explains the potential dangers of EMF radiation that comes from every device in our wireless environment. That means this radiation is coming from your phone, your smart home devices, your wifi internet router, and...


026 Orphan Cars That Just Couldn’t Make It, Mal Pearson of Makes That Didn't Make It

Ever wondered about all the automobile startups that never made it? Makes like Delorean, Bricklin, Tucker and much more. Mal Pearson writes the stories about these makes and the entrepreneurs who started them. This was a super fun conversation where we talk about the fun, unusual, and crazy car brands that were started over the years. Car brands that inevitably didn’t make it and only exist in history books and in a few rare garages. Check out Mal’s site at...


025 Silent Film History and Behind the Scenes at the Oscars, Kay Shackleton aka The Movie Gal

If you have any interest in the history of the film industry or what it’s like behind the scenes at the Oscars, you’re going to love this episode! Kay Shackleton is the owner of and is also known as the Movie Gal. Her background in silent film began with her father who was an extra in silent films. Now, Kay documents and preserves silent film era history and stories. In this episode we talk about how the film industry got started, silent film technology, combustable...


024 Brand Builders and Designers Living the VanLife, Nat Tingley and Martha Main of Mainland Studio

Nat and Martha are a blast to talk to! They are designers and naturalists who build brands and experiences through their business, Mainland Studio. Plus, they're also in the process of converting a van to live on the road full-time! Check out their website at Find them on Instagram @mainlandstudio Find Nat on Instagram @nattingley Find Martha on Instagram @marthamain Connect with Curiosityness... Instagram:@curiositynesspodcast Website:...


023 The King of Ice Cream, Daniel Zimmerman

Daniel is definitely the king of ice cream! His qualifications include having eaten over 500 different flavors, visiting more than 250 different ice creams shops, apprenticing at an ice cream shop, traveling to all 50 states in the U.S. in search of the best ice cream, and even doing an ice cream cleanse. This is a super fun episode where we dive into everything ice cream including the history, best flavors, worst flavors, where to find good quality ice cream, and so much more! Find...


022 From Lego Art to Visual Film Effects with Tommy Williamson of Brick Nerd

Tommy has a career in visual effects for the film industry, a business creating stop-motion animations and showcasing lego art, and is a maker of movie props and other cool stuff! So needless to say he was super interesting to talk to! We get into the history of lego, building the lego millennium falcon with Adam Savage, his work on the film “The Blob”, the transition from practical to CG special effects, how stop motion animation works, and much more! Connect with Tommy at his site...


021 If you Like Soda, You’ll Love This Episode with Aaron of The Soda Jerks

Aaron has been tasting and reviewing sodas since 2008 on his site Aaron and I talked about the best and worst sodas, sodas flavors from the around the world, the soda wars, the best soda combinations, and much much more! Find Aaron at On Instagram @thesodajerks Or on YouTube as TheSodaJerks Connect with Curiosityness... Instagram:@curiositynesspodcast Website: Facebook: @curiosityness Twitter: @curiositynesstv


020 If You Like Breakfast Cereal, You’ll Love This Episode, with Dan of

Dan knows more than you or I could ever imagine about breakfast cereal. Along with being a self-professed cereal addict, Dan is the creator of where he offers reviews of cereals new and old, news and rumors about the latest cereal happenings, history lessons on retro characters and promos, and reports on special cereal and breakfast events. This episode was a lot of fun to record. We talk about the best breakfast cereals, the most and least popular cereals, cereal history,...


019 Cave Diving in Icebergs, Lava Tubes & Other Crazy Stuff, Jill Heinerth of Into The Planet

Jill is freaking awesome and was so fun to talk to! She’s been cave diving in some of the most incredible places on earth. We talk about her explorations, the future of 3D mapping and AR, finding new animals hidden in underwater caves, the dangers of cave diving, and so much more! Here’s what her about page says about Jill: "More people have walked on the moon than have been to some of the places Jill Heinerth has explored right here on earth. She is a veteran of over thirty years of...


018 The Cheese Expert with Tenaya Darlington of Madame Fromage

Tenaya knows everything you could possible want to know about cheese! And she was kind enough to indulge me in every question I had about cheese and the world of cheese lovers. On her blog,, Tenaya has been blogging for 9 years and shares pairing ideas, spotlights mostly hand-crafted cheeses, and records her cheese travels. If you’ve ever had any interest in cheese but didn’t know where to start, I highly recommend this episode! Follow Madame Fromage at:...


017 Mobile Internet: Everything You Need to Know to Get Online, Chris and Cherie of Technomadia

Cherie met Chris online after he was already full-time on the road and decided to sell her house to join him. They’ve been together on the road since 2006 evolving from a 16-foot trailer to a 17-foot trailer to currently a 35-foot vintage bus conversion and a 47-foot motor yacht! Both Chris and Cherie have backgrounds in tech so they were able to continue working on the road as long as they had an internet connection. As they shared their adventures and travels, they kept getting the same...


016 A Family of 3 with a Job Perfect for Life on the Road, Lamar and Ashley of Fite Travels

Life on the road for Ashley and Lamar began with an 11 week road trip to visit all 48 contiguous states in their Honda Civic. At the end of the trip, it became clear that they both wanted to make traveling a full-time deal. Eventually, they found themselves purchasing a Ford Transit van and being featured on the HGTV show Tiny House, Big Living. The show actually encouraged them to speed up their build timeline and led to an awesome pullout deck in the back of their van along with a loft...


015 From Hiking the PCT to Finding Meaningful Work, Liz Bryant of Wild by the Mile

Liz is a former NBC news reporter who quit her job to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. After her hike, she went back to work only to realize this wasn’t the life she truly wanted. That began the late nights of scrolling through #vanlife on Instagram. Flash forward, Liz has been on the road for a year in her converted Sprinter van. Plus, she’s doing the work she cares about by sharing inspiring and important stories. This is a fun episode where we talk about finding routine and schedule on...


014 The Solo Traveler Who’s Never Alone, Michael Fuehrer of NavigationNowhere

Michael Fuehrer lives full-time in a 35 foot converted school bus. Although he lives by himself, Michael is rarely alone due to the fact that his bus sleeps six people and has the capacity to seat 8 people for dinner! Social interaction and community was Michael’s main intention when he renovated his bus allowing him to bring along his friends and the new acquaintances he meets on the road. After college, Michael discovered that he actually preferred living in a smaller space. He enjoyed...


013 Traveling Solo for Clarity and Confidence, Laura Austin

Laura’s first solo trip began as a planned trip with her boyfriend to White Sands, New Mexico. After a swift breakup she decided to go on the trip anyways which lead to a new clarity and self confidence. In fact, the trip was so powerful and healing for Laura that she decided to take a trip by herself every New Year’s. Laura is also the author of SOLO: A Guidebook to Traveling Alone to help folks learn and understand the benefits of traveling solo. On top of that, she is currently on a...


012 The Toyota RV with a Skateboard Workshop, Danielle and Tommy of Slow Car Fast Home

Danielle and Tommy live full-time in their renovated 1991 Toyota Odyssey Class C RV. They are also the owners of Low Tide Skateboards, making and selling longboards from their RV. After living in Denver for 2 years and traveling a bit in their conversion van, Tommy and Danielle decided they wanted to travel full-time. In this episode we talk about why they chose their particular model Toyota RV. We discuss their renovation of their RV which went from 2 months and $2,000 to 8 months and...


011 Building A Vanlife Business from Scratch, Adam and Vanessa of Create Wondr

Adam and Vanessa live full-time in their self converted 2008 Dodge Sprinter 170” Wheelbase. They are also the creative minds behind Create Wondr. Vanessa and Adam started Create Wondr to document and share their life and VanLife experiences. Their goal is to help folks live authentically by focusing their energy on what’s important to gain more time, money, and happiness. In this episode we talk about how it’s possible to create an income by sharing your VanLife experiences in conjunction...


010 Tips for the Transition to Vanlife, John and Jayme of Gnomad Home

John and Jayme found they got caught up in the trap of having a 9-5 job, buying a house, and settling down in suburbia - something they had promised themselves they would never do. So after a year of struggling to downsize their possessions and let go of their 3 bedroom house, they’ve finally made the complete shift to vanlife and travel full-time with their 3 dogs! Jayme and John have also created an incredible resource to help you build your van that's completely free! You can check...


009 50 States. 6 Months. Maybe. Matt and Megan aka The Dirty Darlings

On their first date, Matt laid it all out and explained to Megan that he wanted to travel the country in his van. Nine months later, they were on the road together! Megan and Matt started their journey with the goal of visiting all 50 states in 6 months. Along the way, they realized their trip had become a checklist. Instead of crossing things off a list and rushing ahead, they decided to slow down and enjoy the journey. This episode was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed talking to...


008 A Mobile Soap Factory, Christianna of Mes Amies Soaps

Christianna started her business, Mes Amies Soaps, while she was still on active duty in the Navy. Now, she lives in her van and is equipped to make her all-natural soaps on the road! She’s managed to build and prosper a business with physical products on the road. She actually creates her soap in micro batches from her van! Something most digital entrepreneurs don’t think much about. Her products have been featured in over 17 subscription boxes and are currently in 5 stores but that...