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A how-to guide for amazing experiences

A how-to guide for amazing experiences
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A how-to guide for amazing experiences








:007 Cross Country Train Trip

Add a Cross Country Train Trip to Your Bucket List Taking a cross country train trip is not exactly the cheapest way to travel across the country, but taking a train across the US (or another country) will definitely be an experience you won't forget. You can kick back, look at a new landscape that you don't normally see on the road, and meet new people. In this podcast episode, I interviewed Luke Menasco on his experience from taking an Amtrak train across the country from Florida to...


EP:5 Water & Beach Cleanups & Using Less Plastic

Water & Beach Cleanups (and using less plastic) Everyone should experience participating in a water or beach cleanups and see the impact of plastic in the ocean and in our water. We live in a trash society and a one time use society and we throw so much away. Here in Oregon, even our recycling is becoming trash because China does not want to take our trash because most do not recycle properly. We are going to run out of places to throw away our trash and currently, plastics are being...


004 – Black Water Rafting in Glow Worm Caves in New Zealand

Experience a Glow Worm Cave in New Zealand via Black Water Rafting Experiences You Should Have Podcast - Episode 4 That's right, I said black water rafting in a glow worm cave in New Zealand. This is not white water rafting, and you're not in a raft, I know the name is deceiving. But you can experience rappelling (or abseiling as New Zealanders and Europeans call it) into a glow worm cave, then zip-lining in the cave as you see glow worms whizzing past you. The adventure does not end...


003: Self Drive Safari Adventure at Kruger National Park

How to Visit Kruger National Park with Simone Paddock What is a self-driving safari at Kruger National Park Like? Imagine driving on a lonely road in the morning mist through the African bush – and all of a sudden, there’s a baby elephant appearing in front of you. He’s tiny, swinging his little trunk around, and running to try and catch up with mom. Then you notice papa elephant munching away on a shrub right next to your car and realize he’s been there for a while already, keeping a...


002: Cycling from Jasper to Banff with Jim Simms

Cycling from Jasper National Park to Banff National Park Jim Simms talks about his trip when we cycled from Jasper to Banff. The trip took about 4 days and he and his group stayed in hostels along the way and even had a support car following them that the cyclist could get into if they got tired. You're on the bike about 8 hours a day and you can work on those butt muscles by practicing cycling at your local gym. You ascend between 2000-3000 meters but there are descents in this trip, but...


001: Kona Manta Ray Night Dive with Kevin Stewart

EP1: Experience The Manta Ray Night Dive & Kona Diving in Hawaii Diving in Kona, Hawaii and experiencing the Kona manta ray night dive is an experience to remember. Kevin Stewart with Kona Honu Divers shares a how-to guide on getting SCUBA certified and the best time to dive with the manta rays at night in Kona. Kona Honu Divers is my personal favorite dive shop and highly recommend booking the night dive with them. If you have non-divers with you, you can do see the mantas at night by...


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