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Episode 36: Seek and Ye Shall Find (Or Maybe Not)

The gents talk via Skype about their personal fitness regimens, post-spring bird action, appreciating nesting birds, a booby in Maine, jinx birds for 2018, the upcoming Colorado Reader Rendezvous, legalized marijuana and the implications for bird feeding, birds you cannot find by seeking them, their first-ever trip to the Outdoor Retailer Show, and whether or not high-end optics are worth it. Oh, and Ben finally saw a peregrine falcon, but Bill still needs a great horned owl for the OTWTB...


Episode 35: From Alaska to Maine and Everything in Between

Ben is back from Alaska and is headed to Maine for birding festivals. The guys chat about their upcoming travels, the advantages of spotting scopes and when to carry them, carbon-fiber tripods, missed birds and bonus birds, and the joy of having kids smarter than they are. They reveal their species totals in the OTWTB Global Big Year Challenge™. Spoiler alert: One of them is WAY ahead.


Episode 34: Live at New River, Spring 2018

Recorded outside in the bucolic setting at Opossum Creek Retreat during the New River Birding and Nature Festival in Fayetteville, West Virginia, this episode finds the boys talking about this spring's slow migration, the amazing birder/naturalist Mark Garland, the hottub origin story of Redstart Birding, birding etiquette, dealing with SOBs (Spouses of Birders), hot toad action, and paying it forward as a birder and human.


Episode 33: Spring Birding Festivals Overview

This episode is a crazy quilt of topics including an overview of spring birding festivals, a review of the guys' travel plans, the technological challenges of list keeping, the humor of Al Batt, Audubon's Elephant Folio, loud rock concerts, choosing the best optics, and a special musical interlude from a podcast listener. And a sort-of update on the OTWTB Global Big Year Challenge™.


Episode 32: Meet the LeBron James of Birding Optics

Back in the USA, the boys are excited about waterfowl watching season. Ben talks about his bout with Duck Eye and how the Swarovski BTX scope cured him. Bill talks about #TamronTuesday and the opening day of the new baseball season. They also chat about the challenges of the Global Big Year Challenge™ and their struggles with eBird. Bill shares a new musical recommendation: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit's new record "The Nashville Sound."


Episode 31: Live from Pico Bonito, Honduras

Los dos pajareros recorded this episode in two segments from the porch of their rustic accommodation at The Lodge at Pico Bonito. In part one they chat about the wonders of birding in the tropics. In part two they discuss the proposed closing of the Pico Bonito Lodge and what a sad possibility that would be. They have no solid update on the OTWTB Global Big Year Challenge because they haven't counted recently.


Episode 30: All Hail the Timberdoodle

Spring birds and birding are on the minds of the lads in this episode. Bill waxes rhapsodic about seeing a timberdoodle and shares some tips for getting ready for spring migration. Ben is preparing for a XC skiing race and bragging about closing the gap in the OTWTB Global Big Year Challenge™. Then the guys confess their musical love and admiration for Edie Brickell.


Episode 29: A Winter Birding Postcard from Florida

Fresh from the Space Coast Birding Festival, Bill and Ben welcome special guest Clay Taylor from Swarovski Optik to talk about his start in the bird biz, birding festivals, bird photography, and why Corpus Christi, Texas, is the continent's birdiest city. Ben and Bill reconvene after the Reader Rendezvous to discuss the glamor birds of Florida, Ben's gull resolution, bus engine trouble, great birding guides Adam and Gina Kent, and playing darts under the unwavering gaze of Mel Gibson. Then...


Episode 28: Bill and Ben's Global Big Year Challenge

Bill and Ben launch their OTWTB Global Big Year Challenge to see which of them can see the most birds in 2018. They discuss the Polar Bear Club, favorite birding gear for travel, high-end compact binoculars, the wonders of Merino wool, and they welcome two new sponsors: Swarovski Optik and Redstart Birding.


Episode 27: Happy New Birding Year!

The lads gab about a huge array of topics, including their first birds of the year, their birding resolutions, planning the (bird) garden, gearing up for 2018 birding events, seeking the chalk-dusted barley hopper, and some wildly disparate music recommendations.


Episode 26: Winter Birding Rocks SO Hard!

As they pass the quarter-century mark for episodes, the fellas sit inside on a snowy day and chat about winter birding, the recent Rock & Roll Reader Rendezvous in Cleveland, Jen Brumfield's record-setting county Big Year, the treasures held by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, snowy owls, spark birds and spark jobs, Balto the wonder dog, and Audubon's cackling goose. Bill's RockHall music recommedation is to listen to Prince's guitar solo on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." And, as...


Episode 25: Live From Whipple, Ohio

Ben and Bill recorded this episode while sitting outside in southeastern Ohio. They chat about Ben's recent experiences at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival in Texas, and the upcoming events at the Space Coast Birding Festival in Florida. Nemesis birds, missed rarities, hoped-for sightings, smelly vans, dump birding, birding skill-building and field-sketching workshops, Tamulipas and Rain Crows, and shooting video versus recording an audio podcast are all topics that arise in this...


Episode 12: Live From New River

The boys recorded this one sitting on the back porch at Opossum Creek Retreat in Fayetteville, West Virginia, following the fabulous New River Birding & Nature Festival. This episode features an interview with Debbie Sturdivant Jordan of Holbrook Travel, one of our podcast sponsors. The fellows talk about learning bird songs, being in birding guide mode, and a great book, The Warbler Guide.


Episode 11: Live From Portugal

Recorded live during the first international Reader Rendezvous for Bird Watcher's Digest in southern Portugal. The guys talk about birding in this ancient land, and the wonderful food, wine, landscapes, culture, people, and, oh yeah, birds they've encountered. They also talk about upcoming spring birding events and the famous osprey cam on Hog Island, Maine.


Episode 10: Traveling Birders and Bad TV Bird Sounds

The guys share pro tips for traveling birders, especially for optics and carry-on luggage. They also discuss the often hilariously wrong use of bird sounds on TV and in the movies.


Episode 9: Birding Mentors Like Chan Robbins

Bill and Ben talk about the importance of birding mentors, including the late, great Chan Robbins, who banded Wisdom the albatross in 1956. They talk about opportunities for young birders, and how Bill's daughter, Phoebe, recently added a new species to the home farm bird list.


Episode 8: Big Days, Big Sits, and Musical Birds

Ben and Bill yak about birding Big Days, The Big Sit!, tips for a successful Big Sit!, musicality in birds, spring bird song, and the Rock & Roll Rendezvous. Plus Bill has another music recommendation.


Episode 7: Signs of Spring

Bill and Ben discuss a mind-numbing array of topics including taking care of backyard birds, signs of spring, the NFL's concussion protocol, roadrunner vs. hummingbird, and how birding is good for mental health.


Episode 6: Live From Tybee Island, Georgia

Bill and Ben enjoy and in-person chat from a hotel balcony overlooking the beach in Tybee Island, Georgia. Topics range from beach-nesting birds and rarities to skimmer bills and rusty blackbirds. Bill also offers some new music suggestions.


Episode 5: Live From Florida's Space Coast!

The fellas recorded this episode while sitting in a rental car in the rain in fabulous birding habitat along the St. John's River near Titusville, Florida. They talk about birding in Florida, limpkin bills, limpkin calls, seeing both bitterns, travel must-haves, and more.